Roulette is one of the “coolest-looking” casino games you can play and it is also one of the rare table games with etiquette of its own: In most casinos, this game has a “dress code”.

This is because roulette was the choice of aristocrats since its invention, and unlike card games, it was born in casinos, not on the streets.

Playing roulette may look challenging at first glance, due to the number of betting options and the complex look of the roulette table.

However, it is actually quite easy, if you know the main principles of the game.

And this is what our goal will be in this roulette guide: We will show you how to play roulette, explain the rules, the roulette terms and list the best roulette strategies that work (including European roulette strategies), and analyze them one by one and maybe after that you will beat longest roulette streak.

Moreover, we will recommend some online casinos to play this game, also available at Bitcoin roulette casinos (or Dogecoin roulette casinos), where you can also play Bitcoin high limit casino games and alternative roulette.

Once you are done with reading this online roulette guide, you will learn everything you need to know to become the ultimate roulette player.

Let’s start and find out how to beat roulette!

Top 10 Online Casinos Where You Can Play Roulette [2023] - Updated List



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What Is Roulette And Who Invented It

Ever heard of the name Blaise Pascal? He was a famous French mathematician in the 17th century, and he invented roulette game “accidentally” while trying to design the perpetual motion machine. But he did not know that his invention would turn into a very famous casino game in the future and also one of the best online casino games to win money.

In any case, you are reading this roulette guide because of him: If Pascal did not try to invent the perpetual motion machine, there would be no roulette game (and roulette bonuses, of course).

At the end of the 17th century, a nameless hero used the “wheel” of Pascal and combined it with an Italian game called “Biribi”. He tried to sell this game to the French casinos but only one of them was interested: The Monte Carlo Casino.

After purchasing the game from this nameless hero, Monte Carlo Casino started a “campaign” to promote roulette and targeted the aristocrats of that era.

Unlike card games and craps, which are played by “low-class” gamblers too, roulette was promoted as a “high-class” game right from the start. And this still applies today: There are some strict casino roulette etiquettes which every player should know and act accordingly.

The Americans “adopted” roulette during the 19th century, but noticed a flaw in the game’s design: The house edge was too low. In order to increase the casino edge, they added another “zero” on to the wheel.

And this is how American roulette was born: Today, there are two main variants of roulette, European roulette (including free European roulette), and American roulette. We will explain below what is the difference between American and European roulette and why European roulette is the “better” version. But for more information or if you want to know how to play American Roulette, you can check our updated guide.

But we have wondered too far, right? Let’s answer the main question before continuing: What is roulette? This is a table game that contains a wheel, a ball, and lots of betting options.

The croupier spins the wheel, throws the ball on it, and the players try to predict the outcome of the ball. All betting options have different payouts and probabilities. And as you can guess, some roulette bets are better than others.

We will continue by showing you how to play online roulette, but before that, we need to make a disclaimer: The information in this guide is prepared according to the European roulette.

While the main rules are the same, other variants of this game, like Pinball Roulette, contain additional betting options and different payouts. We will mention these whenever necessary, but the majority of the information in this guide applies to the European variant.

Roulette Gaming Rules: How Do You Play Roulette?

To explain how to win roulette, we need to take a look at the table first. The roulette table is a big one, and one side contains a wheel. The other side contains all of the possible betting options.

To place a bet, you simply put your chips on to the appropriate spot on the table. For example, if you place your chips on red 7, this means you have placed a bet on this outcome. So far so good, right?

Now, the European roulette wheel contains 37 numbers in total (38 in the American roulette and 39 in the Triple Zero roulette). “0” is the number of the casino itself. This means if the ball stops at zero, the casino wins.

This is also why American roulette contains higher house edge rates: The wheel of this variant contains two zeros (“0” and “00”), which means the odds of the casino are increased.

No matter which variant you are playing, you have red and black numbers and 0 is in green. You can place a bet until the croupier throws the ball (it is still possible to place a bet before the throw, even if the wheel is spinning).

You will be paid according to the payout table if you manage to correctly predict where the ball will stop.

Now, these are the European roulette rules but they apply all of the other variants too. Roulette games rules do not change drastically; they just offer different kinds of betting options.

For example, the American roulette table contains two more bets when compared to the European variant, but the main roulette rules are the same: Your goal is trying to predict where the ball will stop.

And each possibility pays a different amount, so let’s take a look at them now, shall we?

Roulette Betting Table: How To Bet On Roulette

We talked about how to play roulette at a casino, so let’s gather around the roulette table once again to see how to place a bet, because that table contains all of the betting options we can use. Now, let’s take a quick reminder about the numbers on the wheel, the same for online roulette and 3D roulette:

This list also shows the roulette betting rules. In roulette, you can place a bet on:

  • A single number (for example, black 15)
  • A range of numbers (for example, 10, 11, 13, 14)
  • Whether the outcome will be an odd or even number
  • Whether the outcome will be in red or black color

Roulette betting does not seem that complex when listed like this, right? Now, all of these possibilities have a couple of variants and special names. Let’s see online roulette betting options one by one and explain each of them:

  • Single Bet: Also known as straight up bet, this one means betting on a single number, i.e. red 32.
  • Split Bet: This one means betting on two numbers that are near each other, i.e. 14 and 17 (horizontally, these numbers are next to each other on a roulette table). You could also use them in a roulette split bet strategy, where split bets are involved.
  • Street Bet: Same as the split bet, but with the street bet roulette you are betting on three numbers, i.e. 4, 5, 6
  • Corner Bet: Also known as square bet, this one means betting on four numbers that meet in a square on the roulette table, i.e. 16, 17, 19, 20
  • Line Bet: Betting on six numbers that follow each other on two horizontal lines, i.e. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Now, these roulette bet types are called “roulette inside bets”, because they are all located “inside” section of the roulette table. However, there are other options that are located “outside” section of the table too, which are known as “outside bets”:

  • Low/High Bet: Betting on all of the numbers in one of these ranges: 1 – 18 and 19 – 36
  • Dozen Bet: Betting on a dozen numbers in one of these ranges: 1 – 12, 13 – 24, 25 – 36
  • Column Bet: Betting on all 12 numbers on a horizontal column, i.e. 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34
  • Odd/Even Bet: Betting on whether the outcome will be an odd or even number
  • Red/Black Bet: Betting on whether the outcome will be red or black color (the number is not important). Find here how to win at roulette red and black.

Once again, these are the betting options for European roulette online, and some variants may offer additional options. For example, there is a bet called “five numbers” in American roulette online, which means betting on 5 numbers that follow each other.

You may also see bet types such as “trio”, “basket”, and “first four”, which some of the rare roulette variants use.  But overall, these will be most common roulette betting types you will see, even in rare games like online roulette Canada.

Since you learned which options you can put your money on, let’s see how much you can really win for each of these bets.

Roulette Payouts Table

The roulette payouts chart below shows how much money each betting option pays:


These payout rates also show which ones are the best roulette bets, which we will explain in detail below. Now, as you can see, the single bet seems to be the best roulette bet at first sight, because it pays really big.

However, this is not entirely true: In order to find out the best bets in roulette and create a roulette betting strategy, we also must take a look at the probabilities of these options. In other words, which roulette bet types offer better odds?

Best Odds In Roulette: The Probability Table

Online roulette game is based on mathematical principles, so it is possible to calculate the odds of a result. And these will give us an idea about which are the best numbers to play in roulette.

Let’s take a look at the odds of roulette games first, then we will continue this topic, starting with the European roulette. For more information read our European roulette odds guide.


Once again, this table shows the probabilities of online European roulette. So, what is the roulette probability for the American variant? Take a look at the table below, you will see why we recommend playing the European version of roulette.


Now, we can reach some decisions by using the data in these tables:

  • Online roulette USA games really offer the worst odds. The additional “00” on the online roulette wheel favors the casino, not the player. Do not play this variant, as long as possible. Play roulette only by using the European (or French, as will be explained below) variant.
  • There are three betting options that offer quite high odds.
  • The possibility of winning the highest paying bets in roulette game online is very low. In fact, the possibility of getting hit by lightning offers better odds than winning a single bet.
  • As a general rule, payout values lower when the possibilities increase. This is expected and normal.
  • But the most important result we can gather from these tables is that it is possible to win a low but constant income by betting on the right options. Roulette odds may be low for the highest paying bets, but there are options that offer quite good winning chances too.


Basic Roulette Tips And Tricks

We explained how to play roulette online, so let’s take a look at what will be the best way to play roulette? Which roulette strategy and betting options should you use?

We will cover the roulette betting strategy topic below, but we can still give some basic roulette tricks and online roulette tips for beginners. Here they are:

If you don’t like to take risks, always place your money on one of these options: Odd/Even, Red/Black, Low/High. This is the best way to play roulette because your winning chance is nearly 50% for these bets, and this means they will be your best option for low-risk gameplay.

Dozen and Column bets can be considered too if you like to take little risk. The payout is doubled and you still have a good winning chance. Also consider column strategies or roulette dozens strategies.
Roulette line bet should be the “maximum risk” you can take. Single, split, corner and street bets offer very low probabilities and never be preferred. In general, try to stay away from inside bets and try your chances on outside bets.

Play the French roulette variant, as long as possible. Prefer French roulette low limit games if you are a beginner, in order to avoid taking big risks. For example, French roulette VIP limit can be as high as 500 EUR per round, and such limits may result in heavy losses. The European roulette variant is the next best thing. Stay away from American roulette. (We explain why you should play roulette online with the French rules below.)

Never fall into gambler’s fallacy. This means “a hopeful idea without any basis”. For example, if you have lost the last 10 rounds, you normally believe that your luck is about to “turn” and keep playing. You can’t lose all the time, right?

Thing is, you actually can – we will explain this topic in detail below. For now, let’s say that know when to move away from the roulette table and stick with low stakes roulette to avoid taking big risks.

Best Casino Roulette Strategy: How To Win Big In Roulette

Ok, let’s continue with a “juicy” topic: Roulette casino strategies. You have learned a couple of roulette tips, but there are also “systems”.

Since it is based on mathematical principles, there are lots of strategies and systems for this game, and each one claims to be the best roulette strategy to win big.

Is this actually true? Is there a best roulette strategy? Do they really work at online roulette? Let’s find out and start by listing these roulette casino online strategies and explaining them shortly.

  • Martingale Roulette Strategy: The grandfather of all roulette online strategies. It asks you to double the wager amount after every loss. If you bet 2 units and lose, bet 4 units in the next spin. And if you lose it too, bet 8 units. After that, continue by betting 16, 32, 64… You get the idea. You should always bet on one of the outside bets, and the idea is “you will win sooner or later, and when that happens, the prize amount will be big enough to cover all of your losses”.
  • Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy: Also known as the Anti-Martingale Roulette strategy, this one is, pretty much, one of the most popular roulette strategies. Used by players for roulette money management, Reverse Martingale promises big winning opportunities by also limiting the risks.
  • Labouchere Roulette Strategy: An advanced version of the Martingale system. Basically, you will take notes of the winning numbers and change your bet values accordingly. You will increase the bet amount when you win, decrease it when you lose.
  • D’Alembert Roulette Strategy: This is a pyramid system which asks you to add only one unit to your bet after losing. If you win, you will deduct one unit. If you start playing with 1 unit and lose, your next bet will be 2 units, for example. And if you win, it will stay as 1 unit.
  • Fibonacci Roulette Strategy: This one asks you to bet on the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence. These are real numbers, which can be seen in every perfect creation. However, the system does not explain how it can increase your winning chances, other than “Fibonacci numbers look good”.
  • James Bond Strategy American Roulette: This one asks you to place a dozen bet, a column bet, and a single bet at the same time. The idea is to cover as much of the roulette wheel as possible. Basically, you are placing a bet on every possible outcome other than 1 – 12. So it is actually a roulette wheel strategy.
  • Fisher Roulette Strategy: Drawn from a book that indicates hidden secrets of how players can win against the house, the Fisher Roulette Strategy can be used at either as an American roulette strategy or a European roulette strategy, on multiple types of bets, promising to highly increase the odds of winning. Try it!
  • Fastbet coin trick: This is a sleight of hands move that requires stacking two chips on top of each other. The chip with the low numbers will be on top, so the croupier can see it. The one with the big numbers will be at the bottom. You will place an outside bet and if you win, you will quickly change the low chip with the high chip. If you lose, you will leave the low chip on the table. Do not use this “tactic”: This is not how you play roulette. Moreover, it only works at land-based casinos and this is an online roulette guide – just forget about that “trick”.

So, which one is the best to play online roulette real money games? Which one allows you to win online roulette?

Sadly, the answer is none. None of these systems work and give you an advantage in a roulette table game. On the contrary, some of them may be harmful to your budget and result in a quick bankruptcy.

The reason is very simple: All of these tactics and systems are based on the gambler’s fallacy. In other words, they make this statement: “If you bet on an outcome and keep betting on that outcome, you will win sooner or later”.

That is actually true, you will really win sooner or later if you keep betting on Red, for example.

Thing is, nobody can say when this will be going to happen. If you don’t have enough budget that will back you up until you score a winning, this will be a very sad adventure.

Here is an example: If the result is “Black” 10 times in a row, the possibility of “Red” is not increased in the 11th spin. It is still the same. And since you will be increasing the total wager with every spin, there is a real possibility of going bankrupt.

Do not use any systems to play roulette games – they never work. Just stick with our roulette tips and learn all the roulette casino rules.


Cheating In Roulette: Is It Really Possible?

Cheating on roulette is a popular topic, so we will be discussing it as a separate header in this guide. Is cheating possible in roulette? Many people believe so because of a simple reason, or, shall we say a man? In 1891, a man named Charles Wells walked into the famous Monte Carlo Casino, played roulette wheel game all night long, and broke the bank. “Breaking the bank” is a term that means the casino itself went bankrupt – when this happens, all tables are covered in black sheets and the guests are asked to leave. This really happened and the tale of Charles Wells encouraged a lot of players. So, how did Mr. Wells win that much at roulette?
He cheated.
Roulette wheels were not fabricated up until the 20th century. They were made by hand and each one contained a physical flaw. Charles Wells bought dozens of wheels, analyzed them all, and noted these flaws – they helped him to correctly predict where the ball will stop. He was successful and won millions of Francs that night.
Thing is, this is not the case anymore. Roulette wheels are fabricated nowadays and none of them contain a flaw. In fact, some academics tried to predict where the ball will stop by using lasers and calculating the speed and velocity of the ball, but even they were not successful. You cannot cheat at a roulette board game or online roulette anymore: It is simply not possible.

How To Find An Online Casino To Play Roulette Online For Money

Almost all the best online casino websites out there offer you the chance to play online roulette. While trying to find the best one among these options, make sure to check for the following:

  • Play only at licensed casino sites. The thing that makes online casinos legal is the license – if you are playing at an unlicensed casino site, you are taking a huge security risk. Unlicensed casinos can close up shop suddenly and there is nothing you can do if this happens. Check the main page of the online casino and look for the seal of a licensing agency, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority.
  • Play fair online roulette games. Try to pick online casinos that work with an independent auditor, such as eCOGRA. That way, you can always be sure that roulette table online games are fair.
  • Get the best bonuses. Promotions that target the table games are rare, but they still exist. Prefer casino sites that offer a bonus specifically for roulette online games, as long as possible. And make sure that the wagering rates are realistic. Carefully read the terms and conditions for claiming a bonus, as many times roulette games will contribute to wagering requirements only with 10%. Read our how to make money from online casino bonuses guide to help you choose the best strategy.
  • Check the “additional” services. The online casino should be able to offer you the chance to play real roulette online against live dealers. Live roulette games are a different kind of experience and you should definitely try it. In addition, the casino site must support all mobile platforms so you can play with any device you want.

Checking for all of these can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner. Instead, you can pick one of our recommended online roulette casinos: We already reviewed all of them and found out which ones are the best.

So, there is no need to waste time and money – pick one of the online casino sites mentioned in this website and article, and start playing roulette wheel online today!

How To Manage Your Bankroll In Roulette Numbers Payout

Roulette money management is vital for any player who chooses to play at the roulette tables. Why is this so? There are different types of roulette and each has its own payout as well as the require stake that should be placed for each of the rounds.

Knowing how much does a number pay in roulette will therefore help you estimate how much of your bankroll you are going to use.

For example, a player who loves playing Gold roulette should be aware that this is high stakes roulette and therefore, a big wager will be required. If you do not have enough in your bankroll, you will have to settle for other types of the game that require low wagers. Make sure you have a clear picture of the roulette 19-36 payout or the roulette number payout.

Studying what does a number payout in roulette will help you calculate how much you need for the gambling sessions at the tables. Find out the best way to bet on the highest number on roulette wheel in this guide.

Variances At The Roulette Tables Based On The Payouts

To clearly understand the best numbers to play in roulette, it is vital that the players understand how roulette numbers payout. Depending on the numbers you choose at the tables, you will notice that the payouts will vary.

The roulette 19-36 payout will be different from the roulette single number payout. Understand what does one number in roulette pay before you start playing.

What Is High Stakes Roulette In Roulette Table Games?

Popular amongst high roller players, this type of roulette is available for players who love gambling big at the tables. Their bankrolls are not limited and they can place 10x what an average player places on any round. Roulette payouts are bigger here compared to any other types of the table game.

Bonuses That Players Receive At The Tables

  • French Roulette Low Limit Free Spins – Low limit players or low bettors at roulette table are treated to freebies. Some of the bonuses received include free spins that can be used at the tables for extra spins of the roulette wheel regardless of the type of roulette you are playing. If you run out of bankroll, you can use the free spins to keep you going.
  • French Roulette Low Limit Bonus – low bettors are also given bonuses that are in form of cash rewards. The bonus received can be used at the tables to place stakes. Check if the bonus is subject to any wagering terms or can be cashed out.

Playing Online Roulette Variants: Which One Is Best?

We are close to the end of our roulette for beginner’s guide, so let’s talk about variants of this game too. There are a couple of online roulette variants, and they all offer additional bet types.

Some of them contain rules that favor the players too – so, choosing the right variant can really increase your winning odds. Likewise, it can decrease them too, so you should know which roulette online variant is the best. First, let’s list them all.

  • European Roulette: The wheel contains 37 numbers and one 0. This guide is dedicated to this variant, so we won’t repeat ourselves. This is the most common variant that can be found at online casinos, and it should be your default choice.
  • American Roulette: The wheel contains 38 numbers and two 0s. We explained why: Do not play this variant, as long as possible.
  • French Roulette: Now, this is the variant you should be playing. French roulette is rare and based on a different ruleset called “En Prison” and “La Partage”. This is the roulette game that is still played at Monte Carlo Casino. These new rules return half of the player’s bet even if the ball lands on 0. So, you won’t be losing all of your money even the casino wins that spin, you will still get back half of it. (This applies only to outside bets.) The French variant of roulette has the lowest house edge: 1.35%. It is nearly as advantageous as playing poker or blackjack. In other words, French roulette online offers the best odds and it is even better than the European version.
  • Mini Roulette: This is a common name of internet roulette games designed for mobile devices. The wheel has fewer numbers and the game offers less betting options. It is not an actual online roulette game and should be played only for casual gambling experience.
  • Lightning Roulette: This variant is usually seen as a live casino roulette game. It is the same as European roulette, but selects a random number with every spin and increases the payout for that number up to 500x total bet. This variant can be seen in the online roulette collection of Evolution Gaming and Netent Live.

In short, always prefer to play French roulette. Your second choice should be the European roulette. And stay away from the American variant. That’s all you need to know.

Roulette Online Game FAQ

Yes, casino game online roulette can be played from mobile devices, via an app or a mobile casino website. We have specific lists for mobile players where they can choose to play roulette on the go, on mobile devices. Mobile roulette games are exactly the same as their desktop counterparts.
Live roulette online can be played against real dealers. All you need is join an online live roulette casino, and make a deposit. The roulette rules are the same for these live games, and your winning chances do not change.
The house edge rates of roulette online are different for every variant: European roulette (2.70%), American roulette (5.26%), French roulette (1.35%). There are weird variants out there that contain three zeros on the wheel (such as Venetian roulette) and you should absolutely stay away from them. More zeros mean higher house edge rates.
Find a free online roulette, so you can practice with a virtual balance. Place a bet on any of the options: click on the chip and then click on the table, where you will place the bet. Click the “spin” button and wait for the wheel to turn.
Odd/Even, Red/Black and Low/High are the best roulette betting options because they offer the highest probability. If you are a casual gambler, always stick with these options. You can also consider column and dozen bets. In any case, outside bets offer the highest odds in roulette.
There are 37 numbers on the wheel if you are playing European roulette. This variant is also known as “single zero roulette”. If you are playing the American version, there will be 38 numbers. The difference is due to zeros: the European version contains only one 0, but the American version has two zeros.
Playing roulette at a brick-and-mortar casino is no different than playing online roulette: The rules and the gameplay are the same. Place your chips on the table before the croupier throws the ball. If you win, the croupier will make your payment, immediately. If you lose, you get to try again.
In terms of winning chances, there is no difference between online roulette and land-based roulette. However, by choosing roulette online, you get to play anywhere and anytime you want. Plus, you will be finding a lot of online roulette variants. For example, brick-and-mortar casinos usually do not offer French roulette.
Rules for roulette table apply only for brick-and-mortar casinos: • Don't shout • Don't touch your chips after the croupier says “no more bets” • Don't give cash directly to the croupier • Don't use mobile phones and cameras • Don't place anything on the roulette table • Don't toss your chips
This strategy covers more than half of the wheel, so at first glance, you may think that it offers increased winning chances. However, by placing multiple bets, you will lose some of them even if you win one. In the long run, the lost bets will be higher than the ones you win.

Play Roulette Now And Start Spinning The Wheel!

After reading this online roulette review, we are sure that you are ready to try your chances at the roulette table. This guide includes everything you need to know: Rules of the game, best bets in roulette, and the probabilities of each betting option.

Now, you can start playing roulette and make informed decisions. If you feel that you are prepared, but you are just at the very beginning of your adventure as a gambler, our low stakes roulette guide will definitely strengthen your roulette knowledge.

Although, by learning everything that we stated in our complete roulette guide, you will surely be able, step by step, to become a pro and play high stakes roulette.

The only thing left is to find an online casino, and we can help you in that regard too: Just pick any of our recommended online casinos and create an account.

We reviewed each and every one of them and made sure they offer you the best roulette games, with advantageous bonuses. Make sure to visit our website often, as we plan to update this roulette guide on a frequent basis, with more casino sites and strategies.

We wish you good luck and may the ball lands exactly where you want it!

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