Cryptocurrencies have the potential to re-shape the gambling industry once again and change the rules forever.

You should join this revolution today and start playing at best Bitcoin casino sites: This is the whole purpose of this guide.

We will show you how to gamble with BTC, explain how Bitcoin casino sites (including Bitcoin casino – Canada based sites) work, and show you the ways of finding the best Bitcoin gambling sites.

Ready or not, the gambling revolution is about to start: Join us to be a part of it and learn how to gamble with cryptocurrencies at Bitcoin casino legit sites that can be found in our 100 best online casinos list. Let’s start!

Top 10 Bitcoin Online Casinos [2023] - Updated List



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Definition Of A Bitcoin Casino: What Is It?

In the 90s, online casinos were a “modern” thing and nobody expected them to be successful: After all, who would send money to a website? And since we have brick-and-mortar casinos, who would gamble in an “online casino”?

Today people are asking similar questions and wonder if it is worth taking a leap of faith with a Blockchain casino, when they have traditional alternatives.

Even the internet was a new thing back then and nobody was expecting it would become this big. But as we all know, online casinos re-defined the gambling industry and easily surpassed brick-and-mortar casinos, everybody is gambling at “websites” nowadays. But, the iGaming industry is ready for another revolution now: Bitcoin casinos.

An online casino Bitcoin site looks like an ordinary online casino at first sight. Once you understand how do Bitcoin casinos work, you’ll be even more inclined to give it a chance.

There are also Bitcoin high limit casino games (here you can find our “Types of casino games” list) , bonuses, customer support, the best casino payment methods, and all other features you are used to seeing at the best online casino websites.

However, you will keep seeing the same symbol over and over: BTC (Ƀ). This is short for Bitcoin and used for showing that the casino site supports this cryptocurrency, both for deposits and withdrawals. So, simply put, Bitcoin casinos are online casino sites that accept BTC as a currency.

There are also expected instant withdrawal casino sites operating with Bitcoin, so transactions are not only anonymous but also fast. Another good alternative is the fastest online casino NZ – based or a same day payout online casino. We have also prepared a detailed guide about how much can you cash out at a casino without taxes.

However, explaining them like this may be too simple. Due to their blockchain support (more info about this is available below), they offer lots of different advantages. But these are defined according to the type of the Bitcoin casino. We can say that there are two main Bitcoin casino types:

  • Bitcoin casinos that support BTC as well as other currencies
  • Bitcoin casinos that accept only BTC

The first includes regular online casinos, that accept BTC only as a currency. You can still use Fiat currencies (USD, EUR, etc.) at these casino sites, BTC is just another one they support. Such casinos are licensed and do not offer the full benefits of blockchain technology.

They are popular in countries that regulate online gambling and it’s one type of Bitcoin casino Italy has to offer.

For example, you cannot play completely anonymous – your personal and financial information will still be stored. These type of Bitcoin casino sites are suitable for beginners, but they are not a “revolution” in any way.

Due to their licenses, they must verify the identity of their members, and this eliminates the biggest advantage of Bitcoin, which is being anonymous.

This goes beyond the best online slots, table games and video pokers, as an anonymous Bitcoin poker parlor is also sought after by those who appreciate anonymity.

The second type of casinos, however, are the true Bitcoin casinos. Since they do not support Fiat currencies, they can stay out of the traditional banking system. Moreover, they won’t need a license so there is no need to verify the identity of members.

These are not necessarily Bitcoin-exclusive and a Bitcoin casino can be an Ethereum casino or a Litecoin casino at the same time and are likely to accept other types of cryptocurrencies casino too.

You can join, play, deposit, and withdraw completely anonymously at these Bitcoin casino sites, unlike when using the online casino withdraw to bank account method where the source of your income will be shown on the banking statement. They offer the full advantages of blockchain technology and have the potential to change the iGaming industry. We will explain what these truly anonymous Bitcoin casinos are below, don’t worry.

Top 5 Bitcoin Online Casinos [2023]



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How Do Bitcoin Casinos Work?

To explain how an online casino that uses Bitcoin works, we must talk about blockchain technology first. This is because Bitcoin is a digital currency and does not use the traditional banking system to work.

Think blockchain like a digital database, which stores and keeps all transaction records that are based on a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. This database is also able to transfer funds between users and keeps all records encrypted. An Italian online casino goes beyond the standard privacy limits and provides its online casino Italian members with enhanced anonymity.

So, when you “move” Bitcoin from record to another, third parties can only see the transaction amount (for example, 3 BTC) but unable to see the recipient and sender information.

In other words, you are anonymous – nobody, including the government and tax offices, is able to see your “account balance” and what you are doing with it.

When someone looks at this database (blockchain), all he can see will be funds moving between accounts, but never the identity of senders and recipients.

This is a simple explanation but it gives you an idea about how all Bitcoin casino sites work. In this blockchain, Bitcoin casinos are “users” too – they can be senders or recipients. So when you send money to a Bitcoin casino, for example, they become the recipient.

And when you make a withdrawal, they become the sender – simple. In order to become a blockchain user, all you need is a blockchain address. This is a series of numbers and letters and you can think of it like an IBAN number.

The technology behind a Blockchain casino is complex and impossible to exploit by cybercriminals, but users don’t have to worry about its intricacies and simply enjoy the experience.

Every user on the blockchain has one. Unlike IBAN, however, it is impossible to connect a blockchain address to a specific user, only the blockchain itself knows this information, and it is heavily encrypted. We will explain how to get a blockchain address below, don’t worry.

This is the defining feature of all Bitcoin casinos: You can make payments (and withdraw money) completely anonymously. In regards to gaming, however, there are not many differences: You still play the same games and of course, the rules of the games are still the same.

In fact, at first look, Bitcoin casinos look like any other online casino, as mentioned above. They just handle payments differently and offer a couple of other advantages, which we will explain below. The main advantage is that a Bitcoin casino instant withdrawal provides players with faster access to funds.


Due to the nature of blockchain transfers, it is impossible to issue a chargeback. This is the nature of Bitcoin transfers and they affect Bitcoin casino sites too. Once you send the money, you cannot take it back. Transfers cannot be canceled. Same goes for you too, once the Bitcoin casino sends the money, it cannot claim that “there was a mistake”. All transfers are final on the blockchain because everybody is anonymous. Make sure to double check how much money you are sending to Bitcoin casinos – you cannot make a “mistake”.

What Kind Of Bitcoin Casino Games Are Available?

Bitcoin casino game categories are the same as regular online casinos. Best Bitcoin casinos offer hundreds of games in different categories, and the rules are completely the same.

In other words, if you have played slot machines in a regular online casino, you are ready to play them at Bitcoin casinos too: They are the same games. You can also use various Bitcoin slots tips to improve your performance and odds of winning in the long run.

In this regard, you can expect to see the following game categories at Bitcoin casino sites:

Sounds very familiar, right? In fact, Bitcoin casinos do not require any “familiarization” process: If you are a member of a regular online casino site, you will feel right at home at Bitcoin casinos too.

The main software developers provide their best games to these operators and they are all mobile friendly. You can try them all on free money and use Bitcoin casinos tips when you make the transition to real money gambling. We also recommend trying Bitcoin roulette sites and even Dogecoin roulette sites. In addition to the above, you can expect to see “dice” games too.

Bitcoin dice games are pretty popular and quite basic. They are not like craps though: You bet on whether the outcome will be higher or lower than a specific figure.  May sound simple and it really is, but this game, like all other games, has an advantageous feature.

The house edge is very low (lower than 1%) and the results are provably fair. In other words, you have a better chance of winning in the long run. Below, we will explain what house edge and Bitcoin casino provably fair are – they are the distinctive features of Bitcoin casinos.

Using A Bitcoin Casino: What Do You Need To Start Playing

So, how to play Bitcoin casino? Before you start looking for the best online Bitcoin casino, you should “purchase” some BTC first. Like Fiat currencies (USD, EUR, etc.) Bitcoin can be bought and sold, and more importantly, exchanged.

We explain the BTC purchase process in the FAQ section in detail, but for now, let’s say that you can purchase Bitcoin from exchange sites, like Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitstamp with credit cards, debit cards, and any other traditional payment method. Another great alternative is CryptoPay – check our CryptoPay casino guide for further details.

To start, you can purchase 0.5 BTC. This is just a recommendation of course; you can choose to buy less or more. 0.5 may sound like a ridiculous figure, but at the time of this guide, 0.5 BTC was worth 6.893 EUR. So yeah, it is actually quite high.

The next thing you must do is installing a digital wallet. BTC is a digital currency and can be stored in a digital wallet. This little software will be your main method to send and receive BTC to and from Bitcoin casinos, because it will also give you a blockchain address.

There are dozens of free Bitcoin wallets available on the internet, just pick one. (We recommend mobile wallets for practicality but you can choose desktop wallets too.) Once you install it, the wallet will give you a different blockchain address for each transaction.

Do not try to remember these addresses: They are quite long and will change with every transaction, they are not “fixed” figures.

Since you have a blockchain address now, switch back to the exchange site and transfer your purchased BTCs to your wallet. Congratulations, you are ready to make a deposit (and a withdraw) now – it is time to start playing at top Bitcoin casinos.

Check the Bitcoin casino list, find one (use our best Bitcoin casino list), and become a member like any other online casino. And to learn how to make a deposit and withdraw to and from Bitcoin casino sites, keep reading: We are explaining it below.

How To Make A Bitcoin Casino Deposit And Withdrawal: Step By Step

Online casino Bitcoin transfers are actually easy, once you learn how the system works. In fact, they are as easy as using an e-wallet service, in our opinion. So far, you have learned that everybody on the Bitcoin blockchain has an “address” and by installing a wallet, you can get an address too.

All transfers, whether they are deposits or withdrawals, happen between these addresses. If you want to send money to a Bitcoin casino, you must know its blockchain address. And in order to receive Bitcoin, you should give your own address to a Bitcoin casino. Let’s see how this works and explain the process step by step:

  • Log in to the Bitcoin casino and open your profile page. Look for an option that says “deposit”.
  • Click on it and choose Bitcoin among the offered options.
  • The Bitcoin casino will show you its blockchain address.
  • Switch to your wallet and send the desired amount of BTC to that address.

That’s it. No need to give any information to the casino, and no need to use any banking method. The transfer will be finalized in 1 – 3 hours, but the Bitcoin casino can send the transferred amount instantly after you press the “send” button.

The withdrawal process is the same. However, this time you will provide your own blockchain address to the Bitcoin casino (you can find it in your wallet).

Enter your address, specify the amount you want to withdraw, and finalize the transaction. Your funds will receive to your wallet. After that, you can convert them to Fiat currencies via exchanges or keep them as Bitcoin, the choice is up to you.

Mobile Bitcoin Casino Site: Is It Possible?

Oh yes. In fact, some of the best Bitcoin casinos work entirely on mobile platforms. You should remember that these are still online casino websites, which mean they can work on mobile operating systems too, via apps or mobile versions of their sites.

And since you can use mobile wallets to make payments and withdrawals, there is no reason why mobile Bitcoin casino sites should not work. The only real challenge is finding the best mobile bitcoin casino, since there are so many worthy options out there and they all look very similar to the untrained eye.

The only missing feature will be the “provably fair” games, since they require add-ons/extensions to run, and these are not available on mobile browsers. But other than that, you can become a member, play games, send and receive Bitcoin from your mobile device too.

Advantages Of Playing At A Bitcoin Casino

We are talking about a revolution and advantages of Bitcoin casinos since the beginning of this article, so what are they, really? Why Bitcoin casino sites have the potential to change the iGaming industry? Well, here are the reasons, one by one.

  • Bitcoin casino sites bypass restrictions. Let’s start from the beginning: We explained how you can gain anonymity by using Bitcoin below. This means Bitcoin casino sites have no geographical limitations, as they cannot really see where their members are located. No matter where you live in the world, you can join a Bitcoin casino. Moreover, if your country of residence has banned local banks from accepting casino transactions, this won’t affect you at all. You can send and receive BTC via blockchain and your government won’t even be able to see it. Bitcoin casinos offer true freedom and gambling opportunities for everybody, no matter what your gambling laws of your country are.
  • Bitcoin casino games are provably fair. Even the best Bitcoin casino sites do not work with an independent audition agency such as eCOGRA, because there is no need for it. Game fairness can be checked by every member in real time, thanks to a feature called provably fair. To simply explain, the Bitcoin casino sends the result of a roll in advance to your PC, in encrypted form. Once the roll happens, you can check this result and confirm that it is truly fair and random. (Provably fair feature requires using desktop browsers and requires an extension to run.) Game fairness is not a problem for you, because you can check each and every game for fairness whenever you want.
  • Bitcoin casino sites have a very low house edge. House edge is a figure that shows how much money the casino operator will make from your bets, in the long run. For example, if this figure is 8%, the casino will win 8 EUR from every 100 EUR bet you make. The overall house edge rate of regular online casinos is 5%. (and if you are wondering nearly 15% for brick-and-mortar casinos.) However, this rate is only 1% and below at Bitcoin casinos. This means that they have an overall RTP rate of 99%, which is an amazing percentage. You will win more often at Bitcoin casinos, simple as that.

Now, do you see how Bitcoin casinos can change the iGaming industry? They can eliminate the need for independent audition agencies. They can make electronic gaming license issuers obsolete.

You can even think about checking Bitcoin casino for sale ads, because they will be a quite good investment!

Important Bitcoin Casino Tips & Tricks

While Bitcoin transfer fees are lower than traditional methods, know that different cryptocurrencies have different fees too. In this regard, the general rule is, the popular a cryptocurrency is, the higher its fees. Bitcoin has one of the highest transfer fees among the cryptocurrencies, due to its popularity.

If the Bitcoin casino supports them, consider using alternative cryptocurrencies – they work the same as BTC. We can recommend a DogeCoin casino ( where Dogecoin blackjack games and Dogecoin slots can be played) in this regard: It has literally “zero” transfer fees and can be divided into smaller segments much easily, so if you are low roller, DGC will be a better choice.

Pros And Cons Of Bitcoin Casinos:

  • Bypass many restrictions
  • Play anonymously
  • High RTP, low house edge rates
  • Real-time fairness check
  • Real-time fairness check
  • Complete financial security
  • Payment procedure is not very simple
  • No chargeback

Staying Anonymous At Bitcoin Casino Sites

If you are serious about anonymity, you can use the following methods while making a transfer to and from Bitcoin casino sites:

  • Use a VPN. Purchase a paid VPN service (not free ones) and make sure it does not record any logs. This way, you can hide your IP address too and eliminate the only thing that can tie you a Bitcoin transfer.
  • Generate a new address for every transaction. You can use the same blockchain address for every transaction if you want to, but doing so is not recommended: Someone can geo-tag you easily. Generate new blockchain addresses via your wallet for every transaction.
  • Switch to a privacy-oriented currency. If the Bitcoin casino supports other cryptocurrencies, you can use privacy oriented ones such as Zcash, ETH, and Monero These currencies use advanced encryption algorithms that are impossible to crack.

How To Pick The Best Bitcoin Casinos

In order to find the best Bitcoin casino, you should look for the following features:

  • Positive reputation. Check the member comments and make sure that most of them are positive. Reputation is more important for Bitcoin casinos, as they are audited by members themselves, instead of independent agencies.
  • Game collection. The game collection must be big enough and offer different categories. Do not settle for less than 500 games.
  • Fast and professional customer support. Telephone support is usually not available at Bitcoin casino sites, as they have a low budget, but there must be a live chat, social media, and email support.
  • Support for additional blockchain features. Provably fair, anonymous gambling and instant withdrawals are the definitive features of Bitcoin casinos – make sure you are getting some of them, all if possible. If you are a UK player and are interested in the fastest withdrawal online casino UK sites always choose to make payments with Bitcoin. You can check here our guide to Bitcoin casino UK sites.
  • Bonus offers. And of course at Bitcoin casino sites you can find the best online casino bonus offers too, such as the best casino welcome bonus, the best online casino reload bonus and cashback bonus. The more the merrier.

And of course, you can read our Bitcoin casino reviews too: We analyze and review dozens of new Bitcoin casinos on a regular basis, and find out how good they really are.

Online Casino Bitcoin FAQ: Everything You Need To Know

First, you must find an exchange website, like Kraken and Bitstamp. After that (or before that) you should also get a digital wallet, to transfer your recently purchased Bitcoins. Take a look at the relevant section above to learn how to do this. Now, you are ready to play at top 10 Bitcoin casino sites.
The best Bitcoin casino is the one that suits your gaming needs. It is impossible for a Bitcoin casino to be best at everything. You should try a couple of Bitcoin casinos and find out which one works better for you. Start with our best Bitcoin casinos list and see for yourself.
No. The provider itself must support this feature too. For example, you cannot use provably fair on Netent slot collection because this provider develops games only for regular casino sites. SoftSwiss, on the other hand, supports the provably fair feature on all its games. In other words, this feature is not just about Bitcoin casinos.
Yes. Crypto casino is a general term that covers Bitcoin casinos too. In fact, they are much more advanced than Bitcoin casinos as they work entirely on the blockchain and support instant withdrawals. In other words, these casino sites do not have physical servers – they run on the blockchain and cannot be censored.
They are actually in a “grey” area in terms of legality. Bitcoin is not recognized as an official currency, so they cannot be legal. However, they are not illegal too, as Bitcoin can be used freely as a digital exchange tool. If you play at reputable Bitcoin casinos, this won’t be a problem for you.
All transactions (deposits & withdrawals) on Bitcoin blockchain finalize in 1 – 3 hours. It depends on how busy th3e blockchain is: Sometimes, they complete less than 30 minutes. You can keep track of the transaction and get real-time updates if you want.
Yes, and they are determined by the blockchain itself. Bitcoin transfers do not have fixed fees, and their amount changes according to how busy the blockchain is. Overall, we can say that the fees change between 0.20 and 1.50 USD per transaction. In any case, they are lower than the traditional payment methods.
They are probably the safest option in regards to online gambling, as all of the data is heavily encrypted and impossible to crack. You never share any personal or financial information with Bitcoin casinos, and nobody can track your transactions – none of the other payment methods can offer this type of security.
Depends on the taxing laws of your country. If you keep your funds on the blockchain, the government won’t know how much money you have and won’t be able to tax you. If you convert your BTCs to Fiat currency and transfer them to a bank account, you must explain the source of this profit.
Most of the Bitcoin casinos support other cryptocurrencies too, such as DogeCoin, Ethereum, and DASH. This entirely depends on how advanced the Bitcoin casino really is. You should check how many cryptocurrencies are supported before making a payment and switch to another currency if needed – we gave some examples above.

Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites Are Waiting For You – Pick One and Get Started Today!

Well, now you know what Bitcoin casinos are and how do they work: It is time to join this revolution. Check our best Bitcoin casinos list, pick one, and start playing, even if you want to try some exotic countries like Online Casino Slovakia. Bitcoin gambling offers many opportunities and regular online casinos may be a thing of the past pretty soon.

Day by day, a new Bitcoin casino launches and offers truly free gambling for everybody. We believe that Bitcoin casino sites represent the future of iGaming industry and highly encourage our visitors to hop on this wagon early.

Bitcoin casinos have the potential to unite gamblers of the world. We will be happy to guide you along this new adventure: Good luck!


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