How to make money from online casino bonuses is now a common practice in the gaming world. It is one of the popular activities that betting enthusiasts have embraced. Some are in for the entertainment bit, but most players are interested in chasing some cash rewards. 

Thus, before you select a casino, ensure that it has the best set of bonuses that you desire. The advantage of amassing some significant bonuses is that you will enrich your deposit with enough money to place as wagers. Definitely, you will enjoy the best online casino games to win money.

Is matched betting a sure way to make money from online casinos?

Matched betting refers to a form of gambling where gamers are guaranteed profits. Essentially, you are protected from any kinds of risks. This type of betting is a preserve of sporting events, and it is a popular strategy of how to make risk free money from casino bonuses. When you subscribe to matched bets, you basically shield yourself against any losses. 

Casino offers can be used in matched betting. This is why the player enjoys the privilege of not incurring any loss. Some of the offers include free bets and promotions which are the basic incentives for gamers. Through the back and lay method, you will use the money belonging to the bookmaker to place the bets. It is a simple way of how to take advantage of online casino bonuses, meaning you can make it a habit to go for free bets whenever they are available.

The ultimate goal of every player is to learn how to successfully get paid from online casino bonuses. There is no other better method other than going for casinos that offer the best bonuses in the market. This means that you avoid subpar casinos. It is quite logical that you select a casino that matches your deposit by 500% (also called deposit 10 play with 60) instead of a 100% matched deposit.

The point is that players have to study the terms and conditions of various casinos to establish the ones with the most competitive promotions, featuring lucrative rollover terms as well as the highest cashback for player points. If you want to earn good rewards out of the promotions, you must be alert to the fact that awesome bonuses only last for a limited time. It is upon you to step up the bonus hunting game as soon as you set an eye on a money-spinning deal.

Below is a list of safe online casinos with some of the best online casino bonus offers on the market:

🥇 Top online casinos with the most profitable bonuses in 2023

Rating 9.97 out of 10


➤Welcome bonus: Up to €1000
➤2nd deposit bonus: 100% up to €500 ➤Bitcoin deposit bonus: 170% up to €600
➤Welcome bonus: 1 Euro = 1 Free Spin
Rating 9.95 out of 10

Boomerang Casino

➤Welcome bonus: 100% up to €500 + 200 FS
➤Weekly reload bonus: Deposit 10 and get 50 Free Spins
➤Weekly reload bonus: up to €700 + 50 FS
➤Weekly cashback bonus: 15% up to €700
➤Live cashback bonus: 10% up to €150
Rating 9.81 out of 10


➤Welcome package: Up to €3500 + 100 Free Spins
➤Up to 250% Crypto Bonus
Rating 9.72 out of 10


➤Exclusive welcome package: Up to €350 + 50 Free Spins
➤High rollers welcome package: Up to €350 / 0.21 BTC
➤Wednesday reload bonus: 30% up to €100 / 0.008 BTC
➤Wednesday reload bonus for high rollers: 50% up to €1,000 / 0.08 BTC
Rating 9.63 out of 10


➤Welcome bonus: Up to €200 + 200 Free Spins
➤Friday 55% up to € 300 on every deposit
➤150 Free Spins Pack on every Sunday deposit
Rating 9.54 out of 10


➤Welcome package: Up To €1300 + 250 Free Spins
➤Up to 10% Cash Back bonus
➤20 bonus spins on Gonzo's Quest on Mondays
➤20% match bonus up to € 25 per deposit on Tuesdays
➤20% match bonus up to € 25 and 20 bonus spins on Wednesdays
➤Win up to 75 bonus spins on Thursdays
Rating 9.45 out of 10

Premier Casino

➤Welcome bonus: Up to €600 + 100 Free Spins
➤High roller 1st deposit bonus: 50% up to 1000 EUR
➤Birthday bonus: 100% up to €150
➤50 free spins (Bgaming: Deep Sea) on Sundays
Rating 9.40 out of 10
winota small logo

Winota Casino

➤Welcome bonus #1: 100% up to €500 + 100 FS
➤Weekly 15% Cash Back of up to €3,000
➤Weekly Reload Bonus of up to €700 + 50 Bonus Spins
➤Weekly Reload Bonus of 50 Free Spins
➤Live Show Cashback of 10% up to €150
Rating 9.35 out of 10
cobracasino small logo

Cobra Casino

➤Welcome bonus: 100% up to €500 + 250 FS
➤Up to 100 Free Spins on Tuesdays
➤Highroller Bonus of 30% up to €500
➤Birthday Bonus of 100% bonus up to €150
Rating 9.33 out of 10


➤Welcome bonus: 100% up to €500 + 200 Free Spins
➤Weekly Reload Bonus of 50 FS
➤Weekend Reload Bonus of 50% up to €700 + 50 FS
➤Weekly cashback of 15% up to €3000
➤Live cashback of 10% up to €150

How do online casinos profit?

Further Information

The casino is considered as the ‘house’ thus the house edge is a critical component from which legit online casinos earn their income. For instance, for every hand playing online roulette at a given table, the casino has computed a house edge. Every casino has two sets of odds which include true odds and the actual odds. True odds represent the winning conditions of the casino. Actual odds are the ones that are used to compute payments for the players. The difference between true odds and actual odds is what constitutes the house edge.

This means that the casino does not respect the break-even rule to allow players to earn their full amount. Instead, it will reduce the payout by a little percentage, say 5%. In the long run, all players will lose 5% of their money to the casino which pays winners 95% as cashback. Although this house edge appears to be small, the cumulative amount is massive, considering the hefty wagers that individual players exchange in the high stakes casinos.

A specific example is a player who places a wager with a 2:1 winning chance. This player is likely to win back $2 if the bet amount was $1. Therefore they break even, no matter the side which he has chosen. For a casino that has placed a house edge at 5%, it means that the house will collect $0.10 for every round of play. The player will earn $1.90 for each turn of play.

The expected value (EV) is the average amount that a player expects to win. The eventual figure could be more or less. The difference in the expected value is what the casino gains. An example is while tossing a coin, a player can expect to make correct guesses for 50% of the total time. Some 10 guesses may be wrong but in the long run, the result will average to 50%. You may also wonder: “Can a casino ask for winning back if mispaid?” – find out here.

Popular types of casino bonuses and how they work

The most common types of casino bonuses include:


Cashable vs. non-cashable casino bonus, which one is better?

Cashable bonuses are the most common bonuses where you can win real money from online casino bonuses. As long as the player fulfills the betting requirements, they are allowed to cash the bonus and the initial deposit. Among the cashable bonuses you can find the best casino bonus low wagering one.

A specific example to demonstrate the workability of this bonus is that of a player who signs up for a casino that offers a 100% bonus up to $200. If the player deposits $200, the casino will reward him $200, making the total of $400 to play with. After the wagering requirements are met he can withdraw the whole amount left in his account, $150 for example.

On the contrary, the non-cashable “sticky” bonus cannot be withdrawn with the winnings, as it “sticks” with the casino. But it has the advantage of being higher than a cashable bonus (hence a bigger playing bankroll) although also the wagering requirements will be higher.

For example if you deposit $50 and get a $50 non-cashable bonus you can play with $100. After you meet the wagering requirements and you have left $150 in your account, when you request a withdrawal the bonus amount will be deducted, leaving you with $100. 

If you can stick with the wagering requirements and respect all the other bonus terms and conditions the cashable bonus is preferable. But be aware also if there is a maximum limit for withdrawing funds.

Be careful to always read the terms and conditions to understand which kind of bonus are you dealing with, because most of the times you cannot tell the difference so easily.

How to profit from casino bonuses with online slots

💠 One of the tips on how to make money from online casino bonuses is to go for the best payout slots which have a RTP of over 96% with medium to high variance.

A high RTP means that the casino has a lower house edge, guaranteeing more winnings to gamers. Medium to high variance slots will reward you with some regular amounts and occasionally serve you with massive payments.

💠 Look out for popular casino slot machines with high-value symbols and special features. A combination of high-value symbols will accumulate huge payouts whereas special features carry multipliers that expand your winnings. We recommend trying the $5 minimum deposit slots sites.

💠 For every spin, strive to get the maximum reward. This means that your gameplay should be focused on creating combinations that have the highest payout, including multipliers.

💠 The best online slots bear a gamble feature, therefore, do not hesitate to use it. The gamble feature allows you to use part of your winnings to create more opportunities for landing greater rewards.

💠 Run the free mode to learn the rules of the game before placing real money bets. It gives you an idea of how to make money from online casino bonuses.

Bonus Wagering Requirements Example
As a new player at Cobra Casino you get a first deposit bonus of 100% up to €500 + 250 Free Spins. When reading the terms and conditions you find out that the bonus is a “non-sticky” one and comes with a 40x wagering requirement.

➤ If you make a deposit of $500 you will get a matched $500 meaning you will have to make bets of at least $40,000 ($500+$500=$1,000/ $1,000 x 40=$40,000) to clear the bonus.

➤ Also from the terms and conditions you find that different games contribute differently to the wagering requirements: 100% for slots, all table games, roulette– 10%, Video poker – 20% and Craps 5%. Note there is a maximum limit of $5 per bet during wagering.

➤ With this in mind if you play slots at $1 per spin you will need to play 40,000 spins but if you play with the maximum bet of $5 per spin you will need to play 8,000 spins.

➤ But if you would want to play only blackjack online (which contributes only with 10%) you would have to wager $400,000 to clear the bonus. Even if you would play the maximum bet of $5 you would still have to play 80,000 hands.

Apply the above tips on how to profit from casino bonuses. Choose from the hundreds of best bonus slots from more than 20 software providers at Cobra Casino and get the highest winnings!

Grab the amazing welcome package from Cobra Casino and start playing!
Rating 9.98 out of 10
cobracasino small logo
🔴 1st deposit: 100% up to €500 + 250 FS. Code: ‘COBRA100’.

⚫ 2nd deposit: 50% up to €150 + 50 FS. Code: ‘COBRA50’.

🔴 3rd deposit: 125% up to €400. Code: ‘COBRA125’.

Get bonus

Important tips to help you make money from online casino bonuses

👉 The main strategy of how to make money at a casino from bonuses is to check the offer and ensure that the amount is substantial enough to give you worthy returns.

👉 Ensure you have learnt about the game restrictions and the bet limits by reading carefully the terms and conditions. Like in the above example, but this is the case with most casinos, there is a maximum limit on bets of $5 and different games contribute differently towards the wagering requirements (slots 100%, all table games and roulette – 10%, video poker – 20% and craps 5%). Also pay attention that some games are excluded from the bonus wagering.

👉 Estimated value computations are there to attract you to the casino but remember that they are not always accurate. Therefore, do not trust them.

👉 You need to keep track of your rewards. This means that you prioritize casinos that have windows where you can see the progress on how to exploit online casino bonuses.

👉 Sharpen your bankroll management skills. Always play the free option first and follow your wins and losses and then decide if it’s worth to invest your money in that game. After that we recommend to start small and then pass to higher stakes. And the most important tip is to quit while you’re ahead and don’t fall in the trap of gambling addiction. Inform yourself and also read our guide on “why online gambling is more dangerous than casino gambling“. 

Pros and cons of claiming and using online casino bonuses

  • Availability of cash to place more bets
  • Increased numbers of gameplay through free spins
  • Better rewards in addition to bet winnings
  • Massive opportunities to explore more slots
  • Reduced risks of losing money
  • Wagering requirements prevent direct withdrawal of bonuses
  • Many of the bonuses are specific to particular games
  • Some bonuses are time-limited, meaning the offer expires quickly

Answers to some of the frequently asked questions about online casino bonuses

Free spins are a make money from online casino bonuses strategy because they allow you to play many games with a single wager.
No. Some of them are pinned to a very high wagering requirement which is at times hard to achieve.
Casinos with the highest payout percentage tend to pay more. Also, check the casino listed on this page
Yes. Some casinos have no deposit bonuses or free spins for new players.
No. As long as you register with a licensed and regulated online casino, you are guaranteed to receive the bonuses.

Are online casino bonuses as profitable as they are advertised to be?

How to make money from online casino bonuses is the biggest motivation for bettors today. Before you sign up to any casino, ensure that you have done enough research to establish the bonuses that are offered.  Ideally, as long as you settle for an online casino low playthrough requirements, you can make the most out of the bonuses and earn real money. Thus, online casino bonuses can be profitable, as long as you meet the bonuses’ policies and wagering requirements. But wait, is your birthday around? register before the celebration at a casino and claim a casino birthday bonus and make real money.