The simplicity of roulette makes it appealing to casual punters regarding gambling as a pastime.

Learning the table layout, the highest number on roulette wheel and the total number of zero slots takes just a few minutes.

In this 2021 guide to playing roulette we look at objective things, such as the roulette rules and roulette terms.

We also highlight what is the highest number of the standard roulette wheel and its varieties.

We will also talk about the common superstitions regarding the impact of betting on specific numbers.


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Single and double zero roulette high number

Online casinos provide members with several varieties of the popular game but most players want to learn how to play European roulette and the American version. These are available at all online casinos and the main difference between American and European roulette is the number of pockets on the wheel.

The European game has 37 pockets, with a single zero slot, whereas the American variety has 36 pockets on the wheel. That’s the result of the double 0 slot and it also influences the roulette odds. In both cases, the highest number on the roulette wheel is 36 in the sum of numbers on roulette wheel is 666.

How to bet on the highest number on roulette wheel

Whether you play European or American roulette, 36 will be the answer to what is the highest number on a standard roulette wheel question. In both versions of the game, you can bet on individual numbers for a chance to win the biggest amount.

Betting on the straight number will pay 36 times the stakes on both roulette wheel UK games and international varieties. The stakes must be placed before the dealer announces that all the bets are off. It is also possible to bet on clusters of numbers or the thirds of the wheel area since this is where the roulette 36 number is located.

On what roulette sector is the highest number on roulette wheel?

Numbers are not listed in order on both the roulette wheel and board. 36 is the highest number on roulette wheel and it is located on a section called thirds of the wheel. Roulette 27, roulette 13, roulette 33 and 8 other numbers are in this section alongside 36. This applies to both the US roulette wheel and European games, which makes it easier for players new to roulette online.

There are several ways to bet on specific areas on the wheel and roulette for beginners guides that explain the mechanics. Advanced punters can incorporate roulette tips into overarching roulette strategies that work to maximize profits.

The ominous sum of the roulette wheel numbers

What is the highest number on the roulette wheel is one of the most common questions. The other is in regard to the sum of roulette wheel numbers and this is where some punters get spooked. If you look at the roulette map or check out an interactive roulette wheel you will realize an ominous truth.

The sum of the numbers on all roulette wheel layout will always amount to 666. That’s because 36 is the roulette high as number in all the seminar reels and simple math will lead us to this conclusion. Superstitions punters might be put off, but most players won’t mind and will simply focus on their lucky, winning numbers.

Most common roulette numbers

Finding the highest number on the standard roulette wheel is easy and takes just a few seconds. Punters are more concerned about the popular numbers on roulette, specifically the ones that come out more often.

Some believe that roulette 26 and roulette 21 are the most frequent winners, while others like the odds of roulette 22 and roulette 29. There are also people who enjoy betting on the roulette highest number, while some prefer to stick to birthdays and numbers that have personal significance to them.

The idea that some numbers come more often is not based on facts, but there are indeed top numbers on roulette based on the players’ preferences. 8, 11 and 17 are the black numbers considered to be lucky by the vast majority of players. When it comes to the best numbers to play in roulette, 7 red will frequently come up in any online search.

There are of course numbers that people regard as unlucky and they are evenly spread among the roulette sections. Green 0 and 00 slots, as well as 13 black are the roulette wheel number bets that have a deterring effect on many superstitious players.

Tips and tricks on betting on the highest number on roulette wheel

Instead of wasting time trying to find lucky numbers, you could pay attention to these tips and tricks for betting on the roulette wheel highest number. The best part is that they can be used to wager on any other number and it works in both low stakes roulette and high-stakes roulette online. The roulette payouts are the same and so are the risks, so it’s important to keep that in mind when placing a bet.

  • Keep the stakes low – when betting on individual numbers, being it the highest number on a European roulette wheel, or a different one, keep the stakes low. At any roulette you can wager tiny amounts and still win a hefty paycheck in the ball lands on your lucky number.
  • Watch out for hot and cold numbers – pay attention to the recent roulette numbers sequence to see which the hot and cold numbers are. You can use the findings in your original strategy or an established one such as the Fisher roulette strategy.
  • Don’t chase losses betting on the highest number on the roulette wheel implies a high degree of volatility. Don’t expect to offset your losses by increasing the stakes, because the odds of hitting a specific number are less than 3%

Aim high with the highest number on roulette wheel

Roulette is an immensely entertaining game to play regardless of your previous experience with online gambling. Learn the roulette wheel numbers order first and then get familiar with the specific areas across the betting table.

Risk averse punters can stick to outside bets which carry a lower house edge, but pay less. The biggest roulette win in history was claimed by Pedro Grendene Bartelle who wagered heavily on number 32. You can follow his lead with the highest number on roulette wheel and hope for the best.

Frequently Asked Questions on the highest number on roulette wheel

There are a total of 37 numbers in European roulette and 38 in American roulette.
The highest number on any roulette wheel is 36.
All numbers have the same chances to win, but 7, 8, 11 and 17 are regarded as lucky by most punters.
36 is the highest number in American roulette, with two zero slots marked in green.
The highest number European roulette is 36, but there is a single zero slot on this wheel.
The highest number on a standard roulette wheel is included in the thirds of their wheel betting area.
Yes, 36 is the highest number on any game of roulette, regardless of the number of zero slots.