It is thrilling to see how casinos have taken over the gaming world: The glamour, the glitz, and pulsating lights add to the thrill of the game.

However, what makes a player come back for more is the bonuses and promotion. As a matter of fact, these amenities of the online casino as are giving all land-based casinos a run for their money.

Best casino bonus offers can always be found at websites, not in brick-and-mortar buildings. Casino bonus is crucial for every gambler who wants to gamble online and have fun.

These online casino bonus offers are actually extra money that is given as incentives for playing in a gambling site. However, the amount and terms might vary from one brand to another.

Moreover, the types of online casino bonuses provided by various brands are also different. The different types of casino bonuses are discussed below: Keep reading to learn about types of online casino bonuses and how they work.

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100% up to 500 EUR + 200 Free Spins
Rating 9.99 out of 10
100% up to 200 USD + 20 Free Spins
Rating 9.6 out of 10
Rating 9.60 out of 10
100% up to 5 BTC + 225 Free Spins
Rating 9.58 out of 10
100% up to 200 EUR + 100 Free Spins
Rating 9.55 out of 10
Rating 9.55 out of 10
150% up to 1500 EUR
Rating 9.52 out of 10
150% up to 300 USD + 100 Free Spins
Rating 9.51 out of 10
200% up to 600 EUR + 100 Free Spins
Rating 9.51 out of 10
100% up to 100 EUR + 25 Free Spins
Rating 9.50 out of 10
200% up to 400 EUR + 20 Free Spins
Rating 9.50 out of 10
Rating 9.50 out of 10
100% up to 200 USD + 20 Free Spins
Rating 9.49 out of 10
100% up to 400 USD + 150 Free Spins
Rating 9.47 out of 10
100% up to 100 USD + 20 Free Spins
Rating 9.46 out of 10
200% up to 200 EUR + 77 Free Spins
Rating 9.46 out of 10
200% up to 600 EUR + 20 Free Spins
Rating 9.45 out of 10
100% up to 1000 EUR + 100 Free Spins
Rating 9.44 out of 10
200% up to 400 EUR + 100 Free Spins
Rating 9.43 out of 10
100% up to 100 EUR + 10 Free Spins
Rating 9.4 out of 10
200% up to 600 EUR + 50 Free Spins
Rating 9.38 out of 10
150% up to 300 EUR + 50 Free Spins
Rating 9.33 out of 10
100% up to 150 EUR + 50 Free Spins
Rating 9.32 out of 10
200% up to 400 EUR + 100 Free Spins
Rating 9.32 out of 10
200% up to 200 EUR + 70 Free Spins
Rating 9.31 out of 10
200% up to 400 EUR + 20 Free Spins
Rating 9.29 out of 10
150% up to 120 USD + 20 Free Spin
Rating 9.29 out of 10
100% up to 300 EUR + 200 Free Spins
Rating 9.3 out of 10
Rating 9.23 out of 10
150% up to 1500 EUR + 50 Free Spins
Rating 9.2 out of 10
100% up to 200 EUR + 100 Free Spins
Rating 9.16 out of 10
100% up to 300 EUR + 300 Free Spins
Rating 9.1 out of 10
Rating 8.80 out of 10
100% up to 5 BTC
Rating 8.6 out of 10
100% up to 250 EUR
Rating 8.50 out of 10
100% up to 500 USD + 20 Free Spins
Rating 8.02 out of 10

Which Online Casino Bonus Works the Best for You?

There is innumerable online casino and with them come different types of online casino bonuses. Operators try to attract customers by offers better and bigger welcome bonuses.

As all bonuses have not been created equally, there are certain things that punters need to pay attention to, in order to find the best casino bonuses online. Take a look at some of those points.

  •  Amount

Whatever is the bonus, it is important to pay attention to the amount. Obviously, £200 is much better than £100. The best online casino bonus types are the one which is going to pay you more. As a general rule, the best casino bonus is the one that includes the biggest numbers.

  •  Validity Period

Winning amount is not just the only factor that you need to take into consideration. For instance, you have received £1000 but you just have 24 hours for turning it 50 times. This might not be possible at all.

Hence, you need to look for a reasonable period where you will be able to play through the bonus amount. Otherwise, even the best online casino match bonus will be of no use to you.

  •  Playthrough

The gambling site is providing you with free money. However, if you have to withdraw what you have accumulated, you need to know how do online casino bonuses work.

You need to be careful since some betting sites are known to use different words. For instance, the site might ask you to wager at least x20 times the money that you put in along with the bonus amount.

This means that you will have to wager 40 times, instead of 20 times. If you want to understand how to make money from online casino bonuses, you must learn to spot “small details” like this one.

The wagering requirement is the key to understand how do casino welcome bonuses work.

  •  Percentage

You join certain sites; you are given a match of the first deposit that you make: This is one of the best online gambling bonuses. You might see the website listing 100% match but this is not always the case.

You might feel that getting £200 for £200 is good, but what’s much better? Getting £200 for your £100. Best online casino offers always give you more than the deposit amount – look for big welcome bonus casino sites.

  •  Games

Prior to registering into a casino, you need to check the games which are going to be included in the bonus. For instance, if you like slots, you are not going to have any problem since there are plenty of them.

Mostly these provide you with a 100% contribution. Nevertheless, this isn’t the case with the other games which are available like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

All online casino bonuses can be used to play games, but you still need to pick the right games to complete the wagering requirement faster.

  •  Other

Characteristics are important when you choose among the best online casino bonuses. However, there might be more. Hence, you should carefully read the terms and conditions attached to it.

Make sure that you always play at regulated gambling sites. Only the legal, safe, and fair websites can offer the best online casino deals.

Online Casino Bonus: What is It?

Different types of casino bonuses are incentives which are used by the gambling sites to encourage potential customers to get involved in their site. These days, bonuses have been tailored for catering to the requirements of every player.

Various offers come up every now and then. There are lots of online gambling bonuses but they all have a common feature: They give you an advantage to use, whether it is free spins or free cash.

In any case, the most advantageous offers will always be found in newly opened best bonus casinos. If you want new online casino bonuses, check the establishment date of the website.

If it is 2019, it will be one of the best online casinos with bonuses that you get to keep. Speaking of which, what kind of promotions are available at best bonus casino sites? Let’s take a closer look and list them all.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Here we are going to tell you about the different types of casino bonuses that you get to enjoy when you play in a gambling site.

  • Welcome Bonuses/Sign up Bonuses- Ideal for Rookies

One of the best offered provided by the casino is the welcome offer. Every site offers their player with one. It might be deposit match bonus, free spins, or both. When you sign up for the first time, you can enjoy this freebie just after you make the first deposit.

A majority of the time, the types of online casino sign up bonuses provided by the customers are 100% match bonus. In such a case, when you make a deposit of a certain amount, you are going to receive a double amount from the betting den.

Thus, it will provide you with a better chance to grab a jackpot or even to increase the bankroll. For instance, think that you have signed up in a gambling site that provides a 100% match bonus which is up to £200.

Thus, if you make a deposit of £200, you are rewarded with £200, these totals to £400 casino play.

At times, the welcome offer might be lower. However, there are times when it goes up to 500%. Do not forget to consider the wagering requirements along with the cash-out amount when you look around for the best welcome offer.

  • No Deposit Bonuses – Fit for Trial and Error

Offering no deposit offer has become really common in recent times. It is provided to you when you sign up. The unique thing about this offer is that you need not to make a deposit to win this.

With this, you can gamble in a casino for free. Hence, you can try out the demo version to find out if it is suitable for you.

In order to take advantage of the offer, you have to sign up an account and the offer will automatically be available to you. It comes with a wagering requirement and might be a little higher than usual.

Nevertheless, it is possible to strike gold using this gives out. All you have to do is make a deposit prior to withdrawing. It is also necessary to read the terms and conditions and be cautious of the wagering requirements prior to using the offer.

  • Percentage Deposit Bonuses: Added Benefit

This is another best bonus for online casino. The percentage deposit offers provided by the casino is meant for attracting the player. It is actually calculated based on the percentage of the initial deposit that you have made.

The money that you win is added to your account later on. When you deposit an amount, you receive a certain percentage of the amount as a reward.

  • Multiple Deposit Bonuses: More is Always Better

This is one of the favorite give outs to all gamblers who indulge in an online casino. It offers you the most money for the amount you deposit. Moreover, they are pretty diverse.

You might get incentives for three consecutive deposits. As a matter of fact, there are some which provide you with free money until the 4th or 5th deposits.

  • Monthly and Reload Bonuses – The Reappearing Gift

The promotional offers do not stop here. There are some sites that offer the players with monthly and a reload bonus. These usually follow the welcome deposit offer.

Albeit, some offers listed as a part of the welcome package other are known be advertised either through a special incentive or an email. As a matter of fact, players who attain VIP status will be able to plenty of rewards like a reload bonus.

  • Game Specific Bonuses – To Play and Party with Specific Games

These are offers which are specific to a game, particular platform, or a category of games. This is an amazing feature that will bring in a new kind of flexibility for the operators who want to create targeted promotion since the funds are for a specific game.

This is primarily for punters who like indulging in a specific title.

  • Game Release Bonuses: Some New Release have all the Fun

Among the various types of online casino bonuses, you will also find a game release bonus. This is an offer which is provided to the customers when new titles are introduced. It is provided to you when you play the new title.

The gambling site works along with the software provide and offer this tailor-made bonus for celebrating the event. It can be one or more bonus and depends on how it has been designed.

The offer might either be provided to you the day the game is released or for the entire week or month. However, not longer than that, the most common one is free spins. Some casinos require you to deposit, while others don’t.

  • Sticky Bonuses: Generous Casino Benefits

This is one of the different types of casino bonuses which you can gamble with but will not be able to withdraw. It means that you are going to receive the money for playing when you achieve the Playthrough requirement.

The amount above and over the initial offer amount is the only fund that you can withdraw.  Casinos offering this are really generous. The reason is to keep getting customers to come back for more.

  • Payment Method Bonuses: Pay to Win

With this, you will be able to win as much as 20% if you use the right payment procedure for making the deposit. The casino list the best payment method and you can use these to secure the offer.

  • Loyalty Bonus: Loyalty Pays

This is given out to punters who have been loyal to a specific casino and played there for a long period of time. Hence, the more you play at a particular site, the more you get to win. With higher VIP status, you get better offers. It is given to players only with high loyalty status.

  • VIP and High Roller Casino Bonuses: Get VIP Treatment

Are you a player who loves gambling big and thus, make bigger than the usual deposit. These people might desire a little larger deposit bonus. A simple £200 doesn’t satisfy their thirst. The customer support team helps you to get the offer which is suitable for bigger deposits.

There are some gambling sites which are mainly for the high roller bonus. Again, there are others which are open to all. Moreover, if you spend more time in a casino, you are going to receive bigger and better deals.

VIP players receive great freebies like free tickets to sports events or for a holiday. They also receive electronics so that they can keep playing.

  • Birthday Bonuses: Celebrate Your Day in Style

Birthday comes once in a year. The casino operators make special efforts on this day for providing you with giving outs. This might be free loads, free spins, or a cash amount for playing through a no deposit bonus.

Think about spinning the reels on your special day just for free and winning a large jackpot. That surely is a great birthday present.

  • Free Spin Bonuses: Spin Your Future Around

Free spins are one of the most common casino bonus types. It is linked to the online slot titles. This might be provided either by the software developer or the casino. It is mainly used to promote new titles. You can win a whopping amount of cash with this and use it for some other titles.

  • Free Time Bonuses: Time is Money

Player tends to be really fond of these types of online casino bonuses. This is because of it a substantial amount. It involves thousands of dollars in every bonus. When it is activated, you have to play fast-paced games.

The reason is that you have just one hour for meeting the conditions. It means that you can play in real mode just for free and yet win a large sum of money.

  • Monthly Bonuses: It’s that Time of the Month

If you are a regular player, you are going to receive this bonus. With this, you will receive an offer on the gambling site you are registered site every month on the basis of the deposit which you have made in the previous month. This kind of gift is important for retaining a player.

  • Bonuses Valid for Specific Software: Choose Your Favorite

There are players who favor a few titles developed by some software operator. It is quite common and thus, software providers have started providing give outs tied to different games to rewards their loyal customer base.

  • Bonuses for Alternative Payment Methods: The Party is in a Payment

This offer percentage might vary from 1% to 15%. It is reserved for players using a specific kind of payment methods that are preferred by the casino operator.

  • Tournament Bonuses: Win it All

You can benefit a lot by finishing a tournament. Playing tournament is fund be it blackjack, poker, or slot. What’s more interesting is that it offers you give outs, too.

  • Refer a Friend Casino Bonus: Sharing is Caring

For bringing in more players, there are some casinos providing you with this offer. In this case, when you refer the site to a friend through a special link or email and they sign up and deposit money, you are going to be rewarded with free spins or cash.

  • Exclusive Bonuses: The Party Never Ends

These are better than normal ones. There are sites which offer these bonus and you are not going to find it anywhere else. It is larger in scope and size than the usual ones.

What Makes an Online Casino Bonus so Special?

Casino bonus makes gambling more interesting. This is because you receive extra cash to play with. At times, you do not even have to make an added investment for it.

Bonus is the added incentive which allows you to try out an online casino and the games that it has to offer.

Choose the Best Online Casino Bonus Type And Get Started!

Without casino bonuses, casinos are going to fade away and shut down almost as soon they come into the business. Every player looks for a real deal and likes some free games if it involves a pocket full of cash and free money.

Therefore, it’s our duty to present you all the types of online casino bonuses, but it’s you who’s gonna decide which is the best for your style. Get started like a pro!