Roulette is one of the most popular games in the world. The game dates back to the 17th century where it was first invented in France.

Over the years it has become very common and has since split into two variations: the American roulette and the European roulette (including free European roulette).

The difference between the two versions is quite narrow.

Gamblers prefer playing roulette online games over other casino games as the game is easy and players do not need to place huge chunks of money to actually stand a chance at winning in the game.

As a result of its popularity, many betting experts have developed betting strategies that are focused on helping the player gain an advantage over the house edge.

Lowering the house edge in a roulette table game is not easy but you can apply betting strategies that will help you increase your chances of winning against the house.

One of the strategies used in roulette betting is the James Bond roulette strategy. This strategy is specifically tailored for the American roulette and is referred to as the James Bond strategy about how to play American roulette.

In the article below we look at the details and all the information you need to about the betting strategy.

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How to Apply the Strategy Depending on Your Bankroll

In comparison to other casino games, placing bets using this 007 roulette strategy is much easier. To be able to use the James Bond roulette betting systems, you need 200 dollars or 20 dollars in your bankroll.

However, the amount is a prerequisite if you have chosen to use the strategy. Part of the money goes into the high numbers which range from 19-36, about 140 dollars, $50 is placed on the numbers 13 to 18 on the table and the remaining 10 dollars is allotted for the insurance of the game.

Does the James Bond Strategy Work When Playing American Roulette?

The Bond Strategy works perfectly with the American version of roulette. As we have mentioned above the initial deposit is spread out for the two high bets and a smaller amount of $10 as insurance. American roulette has only 36 numbers on the table compared to the European roulette which has 38 numbers.

The James Bond roulette strategy American version is similar to the one used by the fans of European roulette (here’s our European roulette strategy). That’s why the learning curve is smooth and one can use the same strategy for both games.

This means, according to our discussion above, the initial deposit is tailor-made for the American roulette. You can also use the Bond strategy if you are playing American roulette on the James Bond mobile game.

How Legal is the James Bond Roulette Strategy?

We have conducted research for Bitcoin roulette sites and Dogecoin roulette sites that do not allow the use of the James Bond roulette strategy. Roulette lovers can use this strategy in any casino to try their chances at winning the game by beating the inbuilt house edge of the casino.

However simple it seems, the risks of losing your money as James Bond odds are not in favor of the player. Regardless of whichever strategy you employ, you will have to be very cautious and master the game before deploying any strategies that claim to have a way to help you as a player lower the house edge. The James Bond roulette method won’t guarantee success but it will make the game more enjoyable.

What exactly is the James Bond Roulette Strategy? How Does It Work?

Roulette strategy James Bond is one of the popular betting systems that casino or gambling experts borrow to help players beat the house at a roulette table game and it’s also applicable for the Pinball roulette variant.

The good news is that the betting system is pretty easy and you will learn it within a matter of minutes to help you grasp the James Bond strategy odds of winning skills.

The James Bond roulette number system applies only 3 bets at a time. You can add the wagering amount later in the game in case you lose by doubling the wager cash for you to win. You will place even bets, line bets, and a house bet. We have already touched on these bets in the first few paragraphs.

You will only need to keep track of the three bets throughout the entire game. James Bond’s strategy odds are not very different from ordinary roulette odds so you need not worry about this as they remain constant throughout the entire game.

Roulette James Bond Strategy- Play Roulette Like Agent 007!

James Bond for roulette helps gamblers to master how to be like James Bond in a roulette game. The 007 betting system is designed to help beat the house odds and bag your winning at the end of the gaming session. American roulette is a game of luck and its good to expect some losses along the way.

The James Bond roulette strategy American is not a get-rich-soon scheme, but a regular strategy that makes gaming more exciting while providing a kind of structure.

You can maintain the wager the same amount throughout the game. There is also a progressive betting system that you can opt for which allows you to add the wager amount progressively in case you lose at the previous game.

The James Bond betting strategy eases the tension at the table and gives players a chance at the juicy payouts.

James Bond Roulette System

  • The Original James Bond Roulette Strategy

James Bond roulette system has remained the same over the years with slight adjustments to help players earn more. The original James Bond roulette strategy did not have the progressive betting system which allows you to add the wagering amount progressively if you lose. If luck is on your side, then you need not use the progressive betting system but maintaining the same wager amount until the end of a gambling session. This makes the 007 roulette strategy less risky than other progressive systems.

  • The Main Ideas behind the Roulette James Bond Strategy

The betting strategy allows players to not only focus on the initial bets placed at the beginning of the game. Using a specific wager amount, you will not need to deplete your bankroll with enormous deposits. A defined wager amount will limit overspending in casinos by gamblers.  This is different for players who employ progressive betting systems as an American roulette strategy.

Does the James Bond Betting System Really Work for Gamblers?

James Bond strategy in roulette does not work in some instances. Why? The bet covers 3 types of bets which no relation whatsoever to each other. The high bet covers the numbers between to 19-36 which is close to half of the wheel numbers.

The rest of the bets cover 6 numbers on the wheel and the third bets are used for insurance purposes. This James Bond roulette number system requires patience and perfect bankroll management to be effective.

We tested the betting strategy and if it really works but we are convinced that the strategy is not unique. We tested the bets over multiple spins on the wheel against flat bets and compared the results.

Optional Betting Strategies that you Can Use for American Roulette

There are other betting strategies that have been developed over the years to help players lower the house odds of winning the game besides the James Bond Strategy Roulette system.

The Martingale betting system is the other option that players can employ when playing roulette. The Fibonacci betting system is also common and it bears some similarities with the technique James Bond roulette. The latter betting strategy employs progressive betting systems to increase winning odds.

To be able to win, players are required to increase the wagering amount as the game progresses to be able to reduce the house edge. Bets increase gradually for both systems. Wagering amounts are doubled and if you lose you keep on adding to the initial bet amount.

The Staking Plan Behind the James Bond Roulette System

The betting system behind the best roulette James Bond strategy is that it aims to cover at least half of the numbers on the table at ago. The wager amount is constant as we have mentioned in previous paragraphs. Various casinos allow for different initial wagering amounts.

You can place the deposit depending on the money available in your bankroll. The initial amount is spread out into 3 bets, the high bet, the line bet and the insurance bet. This is the first thing to consider when you are ready to use the James Bond roulette strategy American to mitigate the inherent risks.

If you choose to place 200 dollars, $140 is paced o the high bet and the next 50 dollars is spent in the line bets for numbers between 13 to 18 and the remaining 10 dollars is used as  insurance before the game begins.

The bets give you a high winning chance as they cover 25 of the possible 36 numbers on the table. There are increased chances that can bring you profits. The winnings are different depending on where the ball lands with the highest wins being when the ball lands on the zero.

Beating the House Edge Using the James Bond Roulette Strategy

Truth be told- the James Bond system does not overcome the house edge regardless of the betting strategy you use. The strategies for American roulette or European roulette increase your winnings odds but do not affect the house edge.

It remains constant and cannot be altered by applying any systems herein despite the James Bond statistics for roulette.

The Bond strategy gives you an upper hand in the game but is not a 100% guarantee that you will bag wins at the table every time you apply it. It is advisable to note that that roulette table games are games of luck and depending on betting strategies solely can be quite frustrating for many gamblers.

Progressive Betting Systems for Roulette

Bets or wagering amounts can be increased positively or negatively as the game progresses. If you are using the James Bond strategy, it important for you to use the positive progression technique.

This means that you increase the wager amount gradually to be able to meet the losses incurred during a game. Flawless bankroll management and the ability to show restraint in the face of mounting losses are needed for the James Bond strategy American roulette to work.

However true this may seem, players should be cautious as things could go wrong and in the end, and you may end up losing almost everything you wagered. Positive progression can be applied in the spin 1 and then double for spin2 and the spin 3 consecutively.

The Labouchere System

Placed under the progressive betting system for roulettes, the Labouchere system is a negative progression betting system that gamblers can use. Compared to the James Bond strategy for roulette, it is a little bit harder and it may take you some time before you get acquainted with it.

It is also referred to as the Split Martingale system, the American progression or the Cancellation system and is directed on increasing the wager amounts so as to recover lost cash. The wins are not instant and you will need to play many more times to recover lost wagers.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Roulette James Bond Betting Strategy

Betting strategies require consistent practice if you are looking to beat the house at the roulette table. You can also try other betting strategies that may work in your favor. It is important that you remember that roulette table games are games of luck.
Numbers between 1 and 12 are not included in the James Bond strategy. If you spin the wheel and the balls lands in any of these numbers, you lose the round. You can recover your losses by using the progressive system but you need to be very careful or otherwise, you will lose everything.
James bond betting strategy for roulette helps you split your bet into three initial wagers from the amount you place. Do not bet beyond your budget but you can increase the amounts gradually as the game progresses.
Yes. There are other roulette betting strategies that will help you win against the house such as the Split Martingale system.

Implement the James Bond Strategy Whilst Playing Roulette and Bag Huge Winnings

Winning at the roulette tables is every gambler’s dream. It is not easy to beat or lower the house edge but you can be sure that if you apply the James Bond roulette method, chances are higher.

If you are a fan of the James Bond movies, this is an opportunity for you to forge on the James Bond philosophy for playing roulette. Choose a credible and licensed online casino or a James Bond casino and start playing roulette today. Also, make sure you read our guide about the best way to bet on the highest number on roulette wheel and see which are the odds of winning, as well as the potential payouts associated to this bet.