When they first sign up for an online casino, one of the primary concerns for the players is whether online casinos are safe. More importantly, are online casinos fair – all gamblers want to play in a safe and fair environment.

The truth about online casinos is that fairness is not an issue anymore, not in 2023, but the next question that comes up to players’ mind is that the online casinos are rigged.

Is it possible for an online casino to purposely trick and disadvantage its players to make a higher profit? Are casino games rigged? Or, maybe some of the games are rigged – for example, are blackjack online games rigged?

We can continue to give more examples to the online gambling rigged issue, but all of them points to the same question: Are gambling sites rigged or not?

Of course, no one would like to play in a casino if they feel that they are being exposed to any kind of disadvantage because of some pre-determined strategy for truncating the odds of winning.

If you are asking yourself “can online casinos be rigged”, you are doing a healthy thing: Being a little paranoid is not a bad thing.

In our guide, you’ll find out the absolute truth regarding the chances of online casinos being rigged. We will answer “do online casinos really pay out” question once and for all. Or is it that some just advertise themselves as the  highest paying online casino?

We will also talk about individual games and answer questions like “is online baccarat rigged” and “are online slots rigged” too. Let’s dive right in.

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What is Online Casino Rigging?

You might be aiming to win some money; the main goal of the online casinos is to make a profit from customers who love gambling. There are laws and regulations which will help you to know are online casino slots rigged or not. In fact, it will also help you to know are online casinos fair.

Gamblers often suspect that are casino games rigged. However, there are other theories which raise concerns. For instance, it might make them think if they play for long will they be lucky. We must also mention that being legit and being fair are different things.

For example, the answer to the question “is online blackjack rigged” is no– as long as you play it in a licensed casino. But being legit is not the same thing as being fair: Legal gambling games can be rigged too, it all depends on the operator.

Is Online Gambling Rigged?

Online gaming sites are actually businesses. The prime goal is to make a profit by engaging customer so that they return to the site and make more money in the game.

This makes the players enjoy the game and also feel protected and safe. The goal is garner profit and not to make every player win and this raises suspicion that the games are rigged.

A popular theory goes around that wins are structured for keeping the people playing for a long period of time and the hands are being dealt in such a manner for increasing the pot size for attracting players for bringing large yields to the casino.

Players think that even legit online gambling sites are set up in such a manner so that the players do not win. However, the truth is that the casino needs to have an advantage or they are going to be out of business.

Are Online Casinos Fair?

The truth about online casinos is that you can never understand whether they are truly fair or not unless there is a fairness certificate given by a third party (i.e. eCOGRA, iTechLabs, etc.). However, we can give some pointers to answer the “are online casinos fixed” question:

  • If the casino site is licensed from a reputable agency (i.e. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission) it will be fair.
  • If the casino site also has a fairness certificate from a third-party, it is definitely fair and you can even learn the average RTP rate of its games.
  • If the casino site is not licensed, this means it is a rogue casino. Such online casinos are definitely not fair. They will contain lots of rigged games, such as online roulette rigged, Netent blackjack rigged, and Evolution blackjack rigged. You won’t be able to make a profit in these casinos. Note that we are not saying “you cannot win”. You can still win but it is impossible to make a profit by playing Evolution Gaming blackjack rigged games, for example. So, if you are wondering do online gambling sites cheat, the answer is yes for unlicensed casino sites: They definitely cheat.

Speaking of software providers, we highly recommend checking our NetEnt casino PayPal list, where you will find the most trusted NetEnt casinos that accept PayPal.

Recognizing Rigging and Fraud

Apart from losing money and being emotional about it, casino naysayers say that online casinos are rigged. This is because they see something which they think cannot be possible.

Being a human, you look for orders and patterns for understanding things. It raises the question in their mind are online casinos fair.

In the world of online gambling, people who believe it to be rigged is going to point towards instanced where the set of results appear to be odd.

Unfortunately, this is misguided thinking, for instance, when players play roulette and find the number eight rolled in six times, they will feel that it is a pattern which makes them feel are online blackjack rigged.

Ensuring Fair and Secure Play

  • Avoid signing up to any online gambling site. You are going to provide your financial and personal details so make sure it is safe.
  • Make sure that it is licensed by the leading jurisdiction.
  • One of the primary security features it should have is an RNG generator.
  • Another way to find out if it is safe is to check out the reviews.

Is iGaming Industry Rigged?

Most of the people are found asking themselves if instant play casino sites really payout and thus, feel that they are rigged. They believed that online casinos are able to manipulate all results for ensuring their profit.

That is not how it works. The house gets their edge just by paying out the winning lesser than the winning odd. There is security in place which prevents games from being rigged.

How Security and Authorities Prevent Rigged Casino Games?

  • Audited by Government Authorities

An online casino which is traded publically goes through a lot of scrutinies. It is audited by the government, as well as third parties for ensuring that the games are fair.

  • Good Reputation

If you have to find out whether which are the blacklisted online casinos? You should ask your friends and family. You can also follow the review sites where you will get several information. Worst online casinos with a bad reputation should always be avoided.

  • Good PR

You should understand that it is in the best interest of the online casinos to secure big winners. It offers them great PR and amazing word of mouth advertising.

  • Independent Testing

All legit online casinos undergo independent testing for random number generator and game fairness.

Methods to Ensure Security and Fair Play?

When you want to find out if is Bovada online casino rigged and look for a site that you can trust, find out a site which has a proven track record when it comes to security. You should know that the most respected sites have a license from legal gaming jurisdictions.

Hence, if the question comes to your mind that if are online casinos legit, you should know that they go to great lengths to provide gamblers with fair play.

The requirements depend on the random number generator and other features of security. These security measures and precautions need to be properly established before it deals you the first game.

The security measures of the site should be listed on the home page. A reliable site will boast of the independent auditors. Also, check if the site has awards from reputed organizations.

How to Know if the Deal Fair and Random?

When you are doing your research to find is online casino blackjack rigged and why online casinos are rigged, you need to make sure that the software offers fair play. Online casino sites use a random number generator which creates results like a randomly dealt hand.

Tips to Sign Up for a Casino Bonus Offer

There are many online casinos that are legit and fair offering the best casino welcome bonus. You could randomly look over the internet to find out the site that you like the most. Yes, you could do that. Or you could professionally and safely pick one from our trusted list. It’s your choice, of course.

Tips to Protect Yourself from a Rigged Online Casino?

To protect yourself from the fraudulent casinos, read the following deceptions and how you can resist it.

  • Be careful of the affiliate programs.
  • Scammers claim they have a winning formula for you and convince you to buy it. You are going to win sooner or later and the fraud is going to get a percentage of your win.
  • Stay away from frauds who say that they know the weak points in the algorithm.
  • Make sure that the casino has a clear game process.
  • Read our guide on “Why is online gambling more dangerous than casino gambling?”

Eliminating the Myth Surrounding Rigged Online Gaming

If you are a fan of online casino games (here you can find our “Types of casino games” list), it always comes to your mind are online casinos legit? However, you should not worry about it. As a matter of fact, it is necessary to explore the myth that online casinos are rigged and cannot be trusted.

When you suffer many losses in the casino games, you are led to believe that the casino is cheating. Nevertheless, it is impossible since online gambling sites have regulations in place and it is virtually impossible for them to cheat.

Also, the best online casino websites do not have any benefit in making the players lose in the game.

Numbers and Probability

In an online casino Italian website or at the best online casino Norway sites, it is all about numbers and probability. When you play roulette online games (like Pinball roulette) at Bitcoin roulette sites, you find one number rolling one 5 times in a row. It will make you feel that it has a pattern and thus make you feel that it is rigged.

However, this is misguided thinking. Even though a run of 6 numbers in a row is improbable, it isn’t impossible. This is the core of all disbelief. Each spin of the wheel is independent even.

Thus, the previous results don’t have an effect on the future. As per the law of probability, a number can roll in six-time and it does not prove that it is a rigged casino.

Odds are Stacked Against You

Irrespective of the game you are playing, they are set up in such a manner that it pays out less money than it takes in. It actually depends on where you have placed the bets.

Random Number Generators Keeps Your Results Random

When it comes to your mind are online casinos rigged, you should keep in mind that legit online casinos have random number generator in place. All of them have to pass the strict test prior to being offered the license and one among this is the fairness of the software.

Spotting a Rigged Casino

You might think why are online casinos rigged, it happens when they do not have a proper online casino. Rigged casinos are rare. You run the risk of playing rigged games when you find an unlicensed gambling site whose credentials have been revoked.

Also, if a site makes you go through procedures to claim your win or doesn’t honor the bonus that they provide, know that it is unscrupulous.

Ensuring Fair Play of the Casino

There is a possibility of rigged games. Hence, you should always stick to a casino which has a proper license. In case something goes wrong, you should not be scared to speak. If you are satisfied with the gameplay of an online gambling site, find another place to play.

FAQ About Online Casinos Being Rigged

No. online casinos allow the customers to enjoy the game and want the players to feel protected and safe. There are laws and regulations to make sure that the games run legally and ethically.
Yes, you can. In order to win, you will have to know the basic strategies and find out how does online gambling work.
A trusted online casino will always have certification as it tells the players that it is ready to be reviewed for their actions. Hence, the players get an assurance that they will receive the payout on time. It also tells you that the software operates in a fair manner.
No, it isn’t when you play in a legitimate online casino. This is because the casino regulators check the software of the casino to make sure it is compliance with the regulations. Avoid blacklisted casinos and you will get a house edge in roulette.
Yes, there are many online casinos which are considered to be legitimate. If you want to know what online casinos are not rigged, you should follow their license and regulations.
When you play live, the cards are in the open. It is under camera surveillance and thus it is impossible for an online casino to cheat.
There is no federal law pertaining to playing online. Hence, it is legal to place wagers online. However, it is not legal to wager on a gambling site which is based in the US.
Casinos are known to be based on a mathematical model which offers them a natural edge against the players. Hence, they have a natural edge against the players.
No, all legit online casinos compliance with the norms of regulations laid down by the regulatory gaming authorities.
No, online slots do not have a reason to cheat. They make money from the slot machines just by offering a fair game. In fact, casinos cannot derive any benefit from cheating, as it will cause them to lose players and this, in turn, make them suffer a loss.
In order to know that the online casino fraud is not being committed and it is reliable. You need to check few factors such as whether it payout faster, the security of personal and financial details, and percentage of payout.

How does RTP Work?

RTPs prove to be accurate over the long term. Every RTP isn’t the same, the best online casino having RTP ranges somewhere in between 94.75 and 99.88. However, RTP isn’t going to get to identify the games where the winning chances are slim.

Safe Online Casinos with Fair Slots

In order to find out a safe online casino offering fair slots, you need to check the license. Make sure that it uses security measures to keep your personal and financial details in check.

Recognizing Safe Online Casino Sites

  • Legal online casinos will proudly display the regulatory body on their home page along with the license number.
  • They will have the games audited by the third party.
  • A reputable site will also take responsible gambling pretty seriously.

Don't Stress Out about Casinos Being Rigged - Just Pick the Right One from Our Recommended List!

So, what’s the conclusion of this guide? You definitely don’t have to worry about this. There’s little to no chance that the casino that you’ll be playing at is rigged.

There are, indeed, some suspicious casinos, that don’t offer the best safety measures and there are chances that they may be rigged. But this is something that you will never ever find on our site.

We always recommend only the best, safest, most trusted casinos. By picking a casino from our complete list, you will not even have to think about the possibility of that casino being rigged, you can bet for example in the online gambling Malaysia industry with no problems.

Therefore, there’s only one right way to dive in. Choose a casino from our site and get started today!