What is the “always bet on black” meaning we have heard so much about. We are sure that you are familiar with the term, too.

However, is there any truth to always betting on black in roulette? In 2023, there are many different popular ways that you can wager on the famous table game.

Spreading bets on the best numbers to play in roulette is one way to go. Covering the wheel is a fan favourite, and so are strategic column or dozen bets (where you can apply the best roulette dozens strategy)

Where does always betting on black come into the mix? As ever, we aim to find out with our guide to this often-over-hyped roulette strategy. Read on to find out more…

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Your guide to betting on the black with roulette

The phrase, “always bet on black”, allegedly comes from Passenger 57. In the movie, it is spoken by Wesley Snipes and is regarded as a more tongue-in-cheek remark, than a legitimate “always bet on black” strategy.

Roulette is amongst the best online casino games to win money on, and there are, after all, better strategies out there. Even so, this guide to playing roulette is dedicated to the always bet on black tip, so let us focus on that.

Learn how to bet on black in roulette

You do not have to be a maths wizard to work out how to use the always bet on black roulette strategy. What you are looking at here is a strategy which works as follows:

Step 1
Choose your bankroll before using the strategy. As this is a risky strategy, we would suggest a moderate balance but with small stakes
Step 2
Head to the roulette table. We would recommend European roulette, as that has just one zero. Therefore your chances of success are increased in comparison to the American roulette or Triple Zero roulette
Step 3
You can use the Martingale system or other betting strategies if you like. What is most important, though, is that you bet on black, on every spin. Do not bet on individual numbers. If you know how to play roulette, you will know to put your chips on the “black” market on the betting board
Step 4
Start by placing a bet on black worth $5. You will continue to stake $5 bets until you lose two times in a row, at which point you will double your stake to $10. Again, if you lose two times in a row, add another $5 to the stake. Once you win two times in a row, you reduce your stake by $5, and so on
Step 5
That is it, really. Now all you must do is hope that black turns up to land decent roulette payouts

Why should you always bet on black in roulette?


We would not want to try and convince you that always betting on black is a winning strategy. However, if you are interested in trying it out (we would recommend starting with penny roulette, or low stakes roulette, rather than costly live dealer online casino games), check out our always bet on black casino example below to see it in action:

You start by betting $5 on black. You lose your first two spins; therefore, you add another $5 to bet, making it a $10 stake. You lose two more times; consequently, you make a new bet of $15. After winning twice in a row, you drop the bet down to $10 once more. By memorising the progression, you should be able to break even by the time you are done playing.

How do past spins effect future spins?

The odds of landing a red or black number remain the same, no matter how many spins you make. Learning how to win at roulette red and black may help you increase your winnings though. However, we knew this before we started, and you probably did, too. Even so, it was worth exploring this concept just to have clarity on that. In our test, we wagered on over 500 spins on the roulette wheel, using the always bet on black in roulette strategy.

What we learned is that it does not matter whether you have won plenty or extraordinarily little in the past with black spins – the odds are always the same. This is exactly what you expect to see with general roulette terms and rules.

Reasons not to always bet on black


There are reasons not to bet on black, too. The always bet on black system did suffer in our experiment, and for two particularly good reasons. Because the way you wager is essentially a variant of the Martingale System, you are essentially playing high stakes roulette. This becomes quite worrying when playing with volatile cryptocurrencies, such as Dogecoin roulette games.

Secondly, after 500 spins, black turned up 47% of the same. By contrast, the ball landed in a red pocket 48.8% of the time, and in the zero pocket (we played European roulette), 4.2% of the time. As such, this strategy is false. You would even have more luck betting on reds than blacks – not that we are recommending that, either. You could try a roulette split bet strategy: the black splits strategy (which we detail in the split bets strategy guide).

Pros and cons of always betting on black in roulette

There are not really any always bet on black tips that you can use, even though general roulette tips may help. Instead, let us look at the pros and cons of the always bet on black roulette system…

  • The strategy is best used on French roulette games
  • You can at least break even if luck favours you
  • Simple and easy to use strategy

Frequently Asked Questions about always betting on black in roulette:

Essentially yes. Martingale roulette is popular but only works if you avoid lengthy losing streaks. Always bet on black Martingale is even riskier, as blacks appear less than odds, evens, and reds.
We would not say it is the worst, as we have seen plenty of dumb strategies. However, it is not as advantageous as the Fisher roulette strategy, or even the James bond roulette strategy.
There are roulette strategies that work in other games. This is not really one of them. However, the “one or the other”, red or black type strategy could potentially be used to better effect in even-money games where one of two 50-50 bets is closer to the 50% mark, such as Dragon Tiger.
Betting on black is not really about roulette money management or landing a big win. Instead, it is more about “looking cool”, or using a simple (but ineffective) strategy. We are not sure why everyone does it, but we would imagine the phrase from Passenger 57 has made it more popular.
No. If anything, you are decreasing your odds of success with this strategy; therefore, they are more likely to favour you using it.

Find top casinos offering always bet on black gameplay

Now that you know the always bet on black meaning, you might fancy trying the always bet on black roulette strategy.

If so (and we cannot talk you out of it), you can find top online roulette Canada-based casinos, no minimum deposit casino sites, and a selection of the most trusted casinos where you can play roulette online right here on this page. Any of our recommended sites could work out a treat for you.