European Roulette strategy is a great way to get ahead in what is arguably the internet’s most famous game of chance.

What is the best strategy for the European Roulette wheel, though? When playing European Roulette, does it matter which strategy you go for?

What are the most popular ones? Can you use the same strategy whether you play online roulette in Canada or Europe?

These are all questions that are worth looking at answering. If you want to learn how to win at online European Roulette, then reading our European Roulette winning strategy guide is for you. Let us begin…

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Your guide to European roulette strategy in 2023

Applying a European Roulette betting strategy will always be more beneficial than playing at a European Roulette table with random bets. After all, all roulette titles are games of chance. Now let us be clear; there is no unbeatable European Roulette system.

If you are wondering how to always win at European Roulette, this guide is not for you. No such guide exists. However, by following our advice, you can bolster your chances of winning in 2023.

Play with top European roulette strategies

What is the best European Roulette strategy? Players will always disagree about what is the best European Roulette betting system. Most of the systems reviewed below are more about roulette money management than guaranteeing wins. However, they are roulette strategies that work to improve your chances of success, too. Let us look briefly at the main ones…

👍 The Martingale: The Martingale roulette strategy is one of the best-known European roulette systems. It is one of the simplest around, requiring you to double your bet on losses and lower them on victories. Because it requires you to double during losses, extended losing streaks can see you easily bankrupted.

👍 Grand Martingale: The Grand Martingale involves a high-risk European Roulette strategy. This works in the same way but involves doubling your already doubled bets following a loss. Table limits can hamper how effective this strategy can be.

👍 Reverse Martingale: The Reverse Martingale roulette system is arguably the safest of those listed here. It is effectively the opposite of the Martingale. Here, players double their bets following wins and lower them following losses. This way, you should “easily” be able to endure losing streaks.

👍 The D’Alembert System: This European Roulette betting system is a low-risk option. You must first set the value of a unit. It then sees you increase your bet by one unit on a loss and decrease it by one unit following a win.

👍 The Fibonacci System: The Fibonacci roulette strategy involves using a number sequence. Progression is slow here, and the European Roulette betting system is designed to help you endure losing streaks. When you lose a roulette bet, your next bet will be the total of your two previous bets. When you win, you revert two steps in the sequence.

👍 James Bond: The James Bond roulette strategy is a non-progressive European Roulette system. It was created by Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond novels. It involves flat betting to cover most of the roulette table.

👍 The All-In Betting Strategy: This is hardly a trusted European Roulette system. It involves choosing a number to bet on, then wagering your entire bankroll on it. Naturally, this is a high-risk strategy.

👍 The Constant Bet: With this European Roulette strategy, you are placing the same bet every time, but as you might imagine, the results vary enormously as they are mostly down to luck.

There are plenty of other strategies you can use to play European roulette online, too. We have got guides that should help you understand the always bet on black meaning, as well as the Fisher Roulette strategy.

You can also read up on others like the Paroli (check here our Paroli system guide), Oscar’s Grind, and Labouchere European Roulette systems. If you want to learn how to win at roulette with red and black bets, these are worth exploring.

Which is the best European Roulette strategy for me to use?

For most players trying European Roulette, the best strategy is unquestionably the Reverse Martingale. This system will protect you against lengthy losing streaks and help some way to ensure that you stand a reasonable chance of breaking even.

However, every player may have a different opinion on what the best European Roulette strategy is for them.

The best bets to place on European Roulette


European Roulette wheel strategy is most effective when you place even money bets. These are those based on red and black, odds and evens, lows, or highs – in short, roulette outside bets.

The European Roulette odds on these bets are not great (1:1), but that at least makes it easier to calculate when using tricky European Roulette strategy algorithms, like the Fibonacci and other number sequences.

Of course, when you opt to use a loose cannon strategy like Constant or All-In games, then you can leave even money bets and opt for your favourite or best numbers to play in roulette. While these can result in top roulette payouts, your odds of success are not great.

The best way to practice these European Roulette systems and other tips and tricks is to play penny roulette games or free play titles. This way, you can experiment before you wager real money on European Roulette.

Pros and cons of using European roulette strategies

There is no one way to learn how to win at European Roulette easily, and certainly, no guaranteed way to learn how to win European Roulette every time.

There are always positives and negatives to playing. Here are the pros and cons of using European Roulette strategies…

  • Some can really improve your odds of success
  • Strategies are ideal for bankroll management
  • Play low stakes roulette games to avoid hitting the table limits
  • Virtually all systems should be ideal for European Roulette
  • Most European Roulette strategies only work for even money bets
  • Lengthy losing streaks ruin some strategies
  • Table limits can hamper some strategies

Frequently Asked Questions about European roulette strategies:

We have covered quite a few strategies, and we have many more in-depth guides for you to check out. However, let us leave you with a few more European Roulette tips in the form of this brief FAQ guide.

Most strategies can be used to play French Roulette, American roulette and European roulette. However, Five-Number betting systems can only be used on American Roulette, as this involves betting on the double-zero. We would not recommend this, though, as the house edge in American Roulette is double that of European Roulette.
As far as we are concerning, the best winning strategy for European Roulette is the Reverse Martingale. It takes away much of the risk involved with other systems and is ideal for rookies and seasoned veterans alike.
Sure, but that is mostly down to luck alone. The best way to play European roulette to win is to use a system as described above, even if they cannot guarantee success. That is a lot better than playing high stakes roulette online at random and hoping for the best.
Yes. Strategies make for the easiest way to win at European Roulette, irrespective of whether you are playing with a live croupier, a top RNG game like European roulette Gold, or even Bitcoin roulette games.
Yes. You can always play RNG (random number generator) games for free. Free European roulette games can be found at all top casinos and betting sites. You will not win real money, but if you are asking how to know if a European Roulette strategy works, this is the way to go.

Start playing with European Roulette strategies today

As you can see, playing with a European Roulette strategy should help you at least break even and possibly make a bit on top. There is no guarantee that you will be successful, but by following our roulette tips, you can improve your odds of success. If you are a newbie, then our guide to playing roulette is filled with everything you need to know about roulette rules and the different options you have open to you.

If you already know how to play, why not head over to a top roulette PayPal casino or other leading betting sites offering European Roulette games to put what you have learned to the test? Head over to our casino reviews section to find top places to play today.