Nobody likes waiting after winning a prize at online casinos: We all like to get our hands onto the prize money as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, most of the time this won’t be possible. The majority of online casino payments take days to complete – even weeks, if you don’t pick the best casino payment methods.

However, instant withdrawals are still possible, if you know which payment methods to use and which online casinos to play. This is usually found with the fastest withdrawal online casino UK – based, fastest withdrawal online casino NZ – based or from Scandinavia. You may also wonder: “Can a casino ask for winning back if mispaid?” – find out here.

However, the best Bitcoin casinos and even the anonymous Bitcoin casino sites (including Bitcoin casino – Canada based sites) often provide instant withdrawal options, too, besides the option of playing Bitcoin high limit casino games like Bitcoin roulette. You will also find out how much can you cash out at a casino without taxes.

This is our goal in this guide: We will show you how to make instant casino withdrawals and give you a list of fastest payout online casinos (including live casino Canada-based sites). You should also consider Pay n Play casino sites.

If you’re looking for the best online casinos (including online casino – Canada based sites) with instant withdrawal times, you’ve come to the right place. Instant withdrawal casino sites exist and you can play at them too: Keep reading to learn how to do that.

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What Do You Mean By Instant Withdrawal?

If you ever made an online casino withdrawal before, you very well know that “waiting” is a big part of the process. Depending on the method you choose, you can wait up to 7 business days for your funds to arrive – this is a long time, and a far cry from the instant payout online casinos many of us want to play at.

Granted, some payment methods don’t take that long but you always wait to an extent. Instant withdrawal casino sites, however, send your payments near instantly. No more waiting. Simple as that – just like you do at the instant play casino sites.

Let us elaborate on this topic a little bit: We are not saying you won’t be waiting at all. No matter which payment option you prefer, there will always be a waiting period. However, this period won’t be that long at instant withdrawal online casinos. These are very similar, though, with same day payout online casino sites.

We are talking about 2-3 hours waiting time here. This is perfectly normal – even if the casino site sends your payment instantly, it will take this much time to arrive. The keyword here is “casino site sends your payment instantly”.

In some cases, quick cashouts can depend on the payment method you opt to go with. An online casino PayPal withdrawal can sometimes be instant, as with other e-wallets. You’ll frequently find instant withdrawals possible in casinos in the UK with PayPal (you may also try a roulette PayPal casino). By contrast, checking out your winnings with bank transfers can often take days. As this is common with US casinos, it is rare to come across instant withdrawal online casinos in the USA. If you get the option, we’d always recommend instant PayPal withdrawal casinos and similar sites. Usually at USA casinos that take credit cards withdrawals take from 3 to 5 days. If you are interested in US online casinos with fast payout maybe there will be a fee to pay for instant withdrawals.

As long as your withdrawal process is finalized at the casino site, you won’t be waiting that long. So, what we need to find and focus is online casinos that approve your withdrawal requests near-instantly: This is also what we mean by saying instant payout casinos.

This is, however, is not an easy feature to find: There are lots of issues that prevent online casinos from approving your payout requests instantly. This is possible only for a couple of payment methods and at some specific online casinos.

Not all of the casino sites on the internet will be able to send your payouts this fast. So, what is the reason for this? Why don’t we see lots of fast payout online casino sites?

Why Not All Casino Withdrawals Are Instantaneous?

Believe it or not, the main reason for this problem is the players themselves. By law, online casinos are required to collect and store the KYC (know your customer) information of their members. This information is shared by tax authorities, governmental agencies, and courts if needed.

If your transaction exceeds a certain limit, you must verify your identity first. This limit is set by the terms of the licensor and different at each online casino.

For example, Malta Gaming Authority sets this limit at 2.700 EUR and if your withdrawal is higher than this figure, you must verify your identity first.

This process requires sending copies of your photographic ID, credit card, and utility bill to the online casino management. And they have to verify this information – the whole process can take up top 3 days, sometimes even longer.

So even the fastest payout online casino in the world won’t be able to approve your withdrawal request before completing this process.

Luckily, it is easy to solve this problem: You send the verification documents right after completing the registration, not before making a payout request. If your identity is verified beforehand, you won’t have to wait at all.

The rest is up to the online casino site itself: Even if your identity is verified, the process of payout approval can take up to 24 hours. And after that, another couple of days to finalize the transaction.

Our goal in this guide is to show you the online casinos that don’t ask you to wait this much. As long as your identity is verified, the rest of the process should not take longer than 4 hours – this is what we mean by online casino instant withdrawal and we will show you how to get this.

However, you can always opt for a no account casino, where the verification procedures are way lenient.

Which Payment Methods You Should Prefer At Instant Withdrawal Online Casinos?

Contrary to the popular belief, the best online casino fast payout method is not the credit cards. The average withdrawal time of credit cards is 24 hours – sometimes, this period can prolong up to 2 days. So they are not a fast payout method at all.

Remember that we are aiming for a maximum of 4 hours and the classic banking system is not suitable for this. There are two main payment methods to use at online casinos instant withdrawal: e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Let’s start with the e-wallet services because they are more popular and easier to use. As you already know, electronic wallet services are capable of instant transactions – as soon as the sender hits the “confirm” button, the funds will be transferred to your account near-instantly.

In fact, the whole process can be completed in less than 4 hours: This is the maximum period. An instant PayPal withdrawal casino, for example, can send your money in half an hour.

The most popular e-wallet services for online gambling are Neteller (also found at Neteller casino Canada sites), Skrill, PayPal, and ECO Payz with its prepaid card EcoCard (check here our list of recommended EcoCard online casinos or MoneyGram). They are supported in almost every online casino and they work on a global level.

So, no matter which country you live in, you should have access to one of these e-wallet services, probably more than one. In this regard, we recommend using PayPal as long as possible: It is the oldest and biggest one.

However, if you live in a country where gambling is considered illegal, stay away from PayPal because it will mostly block transfers to and from online casinos. If this is the case, prefer Neteller or Skrill (or even Rapid Transfer casino sites). ECO Payz is also a good option but not as popular as these two. Of course this depends on the country, as ecoPayz casino Canada, ecoPayz casino Germany sites or ecoPayz casino Finland sites are quite popular among online gamblers.

In short, you should always pick e-wallets if you want instant online casino withdrawals. The average waiting time will be somewhere in between half an hour and 4 hours – your funds will arrive very quickly.

It is even possible to lower this period into minutes if you prefer blockchain transfers, and we will explain this topic below. But first, let’s mention which payment methods not to pick if you want instant withdrawals.

Which Payment Methods You Should Avoid At Instant Withdrawal Casinos?

Even the fastest withdrawal online casino in the world won’t be able to complete your withdrawal in hours if you pick one of these payment methods:

  • Bank Transfers: Everybody has a bank account and you can use that account to withdraw money from online casinos. Sounds good, but the average transfer completion time is 3 days. Most of the online casino transfers complete in 5 days.
  • Western Union: Western Union (and similar services) allow you to get money anywhere in the world without a bank account. This payment service is actually for migrants who want to send money to their home countries, and transfers can take up to 7 business days to complete. Usually longer, especially if you live in Asia.
  • E-Checks: We checked the official websites of many e-check payment providers and even the most optimistic ones say that transactions take at least 3 business days to get cleared.
  • The average speed is 5 business days. E-checks are common in the United States and supported by a limited number of casino sites, but they are usually preferred by elderly players and not a fast payment method at all. They are also pretty popular at eCheck casino Canada-based sites.

In short, stay away from these payment methods if you want the fastest withdrawal casino sites. These are secure but very slow methods and should not be preferred by any means.

If for some reason you are not able to use e-wallet services, stay with credit cards: At least their average transaction time is 24 hours.

The Blockchain Exception: The Real Instant Casino Withdrawal Method

We mentioned that it is possible to get real-instant withdrawals if you use blockchain technology. Well, we were not joking: If you prefer cryptocurrency casinos and pick the right one, you can withdraw money from online casinos in 10 minutes maximum.

This speed is really possible and crypto-casinos such as Dogecoin casinos (offering top Dogecoin slots), Ethereum casinos, Litecoin casinos, and CryptoPay casino sites. are the real instant withdrawal online casino sites? However, you need to pick the right blockchain: Only a couple of cryptocurrencies are able to do this.

Let us explain simply: Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (at the new Bitcoin casinos) are actually connected to a digital database called “blockchain”. All transfers are completed on this database and near-instantly – the banking system is not used.

And some of these cryptocurrencies run on an advanced blockchain that supports “smart contracts” technology. This type of blockchain can host entire websites and physical servers are not needed at all. Ethereum (ETH) is the most common example of a smart-contract cryptocurrency.

It is possible to set up an entire online casino site on the ETH blockchain. After setting it up, the operator deposits the entire payout of all games onto the blockchain and turns it into an “escrow” account. In other words, your payout is already paid by the operator.

When you win a game, the blockchain releases the funds and completes the transfer automatically – the operator does not need to “approve” anything. So right after seeing “you win!” message on your screen, your payment arrives – like magic.

Cryptocurrencies are the future of instant withdrawal online casinos as they eliminate the need for ID verification and manual approval. Plus, the operator must deposit all potential payments beforehand – you don’t need to worry about anything.

This is truly an exciting technology but it is still complex for the average gambler and the number of crypto-casinos that support this feature is pretty few. We will be seeing them a lot in the near future, that’s for sure, but at the moment, they appeal only a niche group of gamblers.

Instant Withdrawal Online Casino FAQ

The withdrawal times are different at each online casino. But on average, we can list them as follows: • E-wallets: 2-4 hours • Credit Cards: 24 hours • Bank transfers: 3 – 5 days • Blockchain transfers: 1 hour • E-checks: 5 – 7 days
This depends on the casino's terms and conditions. As a general rule, online casinos do not ask fees for transactions. However for certain payment methods (ie. international bank transfers) you may be asked to pay a fee.
Yes, this is true. Every online casino has a maximum withdrawal limit. We can say that it is somewhere between $50.000 and $75.000. If you want to withdraw more than these figures at once, the casino reserves the right the complete the payment in installments. However, this limit does not apply to jackpot winnings.
Just like the maximum limit, there is a minimum withdrawal limit too. We can say that it is either 10 or 20 EUR – depends on the practice of the online casino. Minimum withdrawal limits are applied to protect the player, not the casino management.
This is not mandatory but preferred. To keep things secure even the instant withdrawal casinos prefer you to use the same method. So if you deposit money with a payment method you should withdraw money to the same one. If you want to withdraw to a different method, you should inform customer support beforehand.

Use Instant Casino Withdrawal, Get Your Winnings Easily!

Instant withdrawal online casinos exist and you can get your winnings literally in hours – there is no need to wait for days. Now, you know which online casinos fall into this category. Online gambling at UK and Scandinavian casinos offer instant payout options most of the time, so they are a great place to start.

It is time to create an account and start playing. Deposit and withdrawal money with ease and do not wait for your payouts to arrive anymore: Focus on gaming, not transactions.

We showed you the ways of doing this and the best payment methods to use at instant withdrawal online casino sites: The rest is up to you. Good luck and see you at the tables!


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