The advent of smartphones and tablets has represented an important milestone for the online gambling industry, propelling it to new highs.

Online gambling operators have made the necessary changes to provide mobile-friendly games to their players.

The result is a flurry of mobile casinos, where punters can spin the reels of slots, play video poker and even live dealer table games on the go.

New games are being added all the time and every new release is designed with the mobile community in mind.

How to find the best online casino?

This should be the first question on the minds of modern punters, since the gambling industry is clearly tilted towards mobile gaming. The main criteria that are used when browsing for reliable operators can also be applied when looking for a casino mobile. Licensed operators, with a long and flawless track record that offer an impressive portfolio of games from leading software developers should be preferred. The reliability and speed of the payment methods, as well as the quality of customer support also matter.

When you try to find your ideal mobile casino, it is important to undertake enough research to filter out dishonest operators. There is nothing wrong in being demanding, because this is a buyer’s market, where players have no reason to make compromises. An online mobile casino should offer generous promotions, a plethora of bonuses and have wagering requirements that are easy to meet. They should allow members to play straight in the browser, or perform a mobile casino download, depending on their preferences.

Is it worth switching to mobile devices?

Just because something can be done, doesn’t automatically mean that players should do it so this question is definitely worth exploring. Casino games for mobile devices are on par with those available exclusively on desktop and laptop computers. This means that players don’t have to make any painful trade-offs when they switch to smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, they enjoy the enhanced convenience of being able to play on the move, as long as they have an Internet connection of decent quality.

The prospect of bringing the casino on your mobile device is even more appealing when you consider exclusive bonuses. Healthy competition between gambling operator has led into a surge or bonuses, including some that can be claimed exclusively on smartphones. A mobile real money casino account is needed to receive bonuses, so the time is right to make the switch. The advantages are self-evident and as you keep reading out guide, the perks of mobile casino gambling will sway you to make the transition.

Mobile Casino vs the Desktop Casino Experience

Desktop and laptop computers have been used for online gambling since the advent of Internet casinos. They continue to be preferred by most online players, yet some of them have learned to appreciate the unique perks of mobile casinos. Assuming players choose reliable online casino, they are entitled to expect an excellent experience regardless of the device of choice. There are, however, some subtle differences between these two gaming environments that are worth considering by prospective punters.

Desktop computers used to be preferred because of their sheer processing power, which made them suitable for more demanding games. Today, the differences have nearly vanished, as casino games for mobile devices run smoothly on smartphones and tablets. The latter are powerful enough as to run these real money mobile casino games glitch free, so no trade-offs are made. Mobile gaming has the advantage of allowing players to go about their daily business while enjoying their preferred games.

Both the desktop and mobile casino experience is influenced by the presence and quality of an Internet connection. Real money games can only be played when players are connected to the Internet, but virtual money games don’t require such a link. In both cases, desktop computers have the advantage of larger displays, so players are more likely to enjoy 3-D graphics and animations on a monitor. On the other hand, slots and video pokers look better and feel natural on mobile devices, because of their gameplay.

Key advantages of mobile casinos

The mobile online casino real money experience is now almost impossible to distinguish from want players enjoy on desktop computers. Players can use their data plan with the mobile carriers to go online, whenever the ISP is down and when wireless service is not available. These are the exceptions to the rule, but it is refreshing to know that you can play your favorite games when the Internet is down. Speaking of which, mobile devices allow players to take their gaming wherever they may roam.

Handheld devices are perfect for short gaming sessions, especially games that are played in single player format. Slots, table games and video pokers are mobile online casino games that don’t require interactions with real dealers or fellow players. There are no chatting and no secondary features to launch, so players can focus exclusively on the task at hand. By comparison, Texas hold‘em and other types of poker, as well as real dealer table games are more suitable for desktop and laptop computers.

How do I register a mobile casino account?

Gambling operators allow players to enjoy the full spectrum of games on virtual currency for free. A real money account is still needed, so in order to enjoy the mobile casino games, you need to sign up for one first. Once players find a real money mobile casino that meets their expectations, they are ready to start the registration process. Creating an account is a simple endeavor, that requires no previous experience and it can be successfully completed in a matter of minutes.

Setting up a real mobile casino account will require the disclosure of some basic information about the player. It is customary for new members to enter their complete name, address and sometimes also add the phone number. An email address and a username are also needed to get the mobile casino for real money account operational and players should make sure they use some that are not already taken.

It is not mandatory to make a real money deposit the moment the registration process concludes, but this is usually the right course of action. That’s because the online casino mobile deposit opens the door for welcome bonuses that are contingent to them making a deposit. In most cases, the verification process only begins when players attempt to cash out their winnings or claim welcome bonuses. There are still mobile phone casino operators that require players to prove their identity the moment they start playing.

What operating systems do mobile casinos support?

A modern online casino for mobile devices will allow players using smartphones and tablets powered by different operating systems. The goal is to bring in as many punters as possible, but the emphasis is on the two dominant OS. Android and iOS devices are supported and pretty much all gambling operators that have made the transition to mobile gambling. Players can also expect to find mobile casinos that allow them to use Windows and BlackBerry devices to download their apps.

While it is essential to find which mobile casino has a dedicated app compatible with your operating system, most smartphones can be used for online gambling. A clear trend has emerged in regard to the manner in which the games are enjoyed and the instant play format is preferred to downloading software. The bottom line is that whether you choose to play at an Android mobile casino or one offering apps for iOS devices, you’ll be able to play in browser regardless of what operating system powers your gadget.

Which are the best smartphones and tablets to use?

Software developers take online casino games for mobile devices very seriously these days. As a result, players can expect to find mobile casino games of exceptional quality, similar to ones offered to those who play on desktop computers. The fancy graphics, breathtaking animations and amazing sound effects require some decent computing power. Having said this, the modern smartphones and tablets are more than suitable to run these games smoothly, with no technical glitches or delays.

Obviously, it is always recommended to have the latest generation smartphones and tablets when playing any type of games. On the other hand, those who don’t have the newest gadget need not worry because mobile casino games for real money can be played on older devices. Just make sure you have enough RAM available and space on the hard drive to install the games if you choose to download software. A more convenient alternative offered by most mobile casino operators is to simply play in browser.

Is it worth downloading specialized apps?

Gambling operators would do anything to create a dedicated fan base and know that loyalty is an important quality in this industry. In addition to bonuses and promotions, which have proven their worth as effective tools to achieve this, they use mobile casino apps for real money. These can be installed on smartphones and tablets and they grant players access to a broad spectrum of games and services. They promise to make the online gaming experience better, while also facilitating access to other useful tools.

Modern casino mobile operators allow players to log into their accounts and then enjoy the games in browser. This means that it is not mandatory to download the mobile casino app, so there is no pressure whatsoever on the player. The advantages associated to running such a specialized application include a better access to payment methods, customer support and simplified navigation.

It is also easier to browse the entire collection of mobile casino real money games once you have the specialized app installed. There are even mobile casinos that will offer bonuses to those who download the application and run it on their device. In the long run, mobile casino app real money gambling will feel better, as gaming sessions run smoothly when such a specialized app is installed.

Are mobile casinos secure?

In order to answer this question, it is important to highlight the fact that the number of exclusive mobile casinos is extremely low. The vast majority of real online mobile casino operators are actually regular casinos who have made their services available to mobile users. Players should focus on finding a reliable online casino, rather than focusing on the mobile component. As long as the operator is licensed and regulated and has a solid track record, it can be trusted with real money.

Mobile casino Android and iOS games are developed by the same prestigious software developers that power games for desktop computers. Simply put, there are no differences between the casino on mobile experience and gambling on other devices. Technical glitches can happen across all devices and security breaches are as likely to happen on smartphones and tablets as on desktops and laptops. A little research goes a long way and it is always worth reading reviews written by current and former members.

Mobile Casino FAQ:

Players who sign up for an account at mobile-friendly online casinos need not to worry about the diversity and quality of the games available. They will be able to play all the popular mobile casino slots, table games, video pokers and specialty titles offered by traditional casinos. That’s because software developers nowadays produce games and are compatible with all platforms and operating systems. In a nutshell, you can play the same games on computers, smartphones and tablet.
The mobile casino collection of games is virtually indistinguishable from what traditional operators offer. You will be able to play the same games on both real and virtual currency if you choose to make the transition to smartphones. Play money games are offered to all those who have registered a real money account, even if they don’t make a deposit. The best part is that you can play these games indefinitely.
As long as players own a decent smart phone or tablet, the games will run smoothly, just as they would on a computer. There should be no difference between the way of mobile casino slot performs and how its counterpart runs on PCs and Macs. Whether they choose to enjoy the game in browser or download the software through a dedicated app, players won’t have to worry about delays and technical glitches.
Casino games can be enjoyed in instant play format, therefore circumventing the need for a dedicated app. These applications simply make the gaming experience more convenient, while also granting access to special features. They facilitate deposits and withdrawals, with players having an easier task at browsing the collection of payment methods available. They can deposit funds instantly and cash out their profits in a matter of days, depending on the payment method chosen.
Mobile casino apps can be downloaded for free from the specialized Android and iOS stores, or straight from the casinos website. The first step is to complete the download, which takes only a few seconds given the small size of these applications. All it usually takes is a press on the “install” button to run the app and the entire installation process takes less than a minute. Once these apps are configured for mobile devices, and players log into their accounts, they can enjoy all their features indefinitely.
The overwhelming majority of modern casinos offer bonuses to new players and many reward existing members as well. This means that the odds are stacked in your favor to get the welcome bonus on your smartphone and tablet. In most cases, players are granted the same bonus as their peers who choose to gamble on desktop and laptop computers. Some casinos go a step further and in a bid to convince more players to try their mobile portfolio, offer exclusive bonuses to those who download their dedicated apps.
You can and you should. Online casinos are very strict when it comes to players opening multiple accounts, especially when bonuses are offered. Players should register a single account, using a unique email address and username regardless of the device of choice. In a nutshell, everyone has a single account for their mobile and computer and should enter the details when logging in.
It is entirely up to the players to decide how they want to get online when playing real money games on mobile. The obvious course of action is to use the Wi-Fi, because the connection is stable and usually free. On the other hand, the costs associated to a monthly data plan with one of the available carriers are significantly higher. There are of course circumstances in which using the Internet data is inevitable. After all, the main advantage of using mobile devices is that you can play the games anywhere.
Depending on the game of choice, getting disconnected can lead to different outcomes. When playing live dealer table games, players are likely to lose the stakes and then get set out for the next hand. Mobile casinos have introduced a lot of protections for people who get disconnected, so they don’t suffer for their losses. These were the same on smartphones, tablets and computers and in the vast majority of cases, players only lose the current hand. This is a small price to pay for what is truly the worst-case scenario.
Most online casinos are running legitimate businesses and there are plenty who seek the needed licenses to operate legally. Those that fall into this category can be trusted with sensitive information and the funds used to load the account. SSL encryption technology and firewalls protect the personal data from unauthorized third parties and make sure that cyber criminals don’t meddle with your personal details.

Pick Up Your Mobile And Play For Real Money

There’s no better time than today to pick up your mobile device and register a real money account with one of the online casinos. That’s because most gambling operators have greatly enhanced their collections with games that can be enjoyed on smartphones and tablets. Software developers release almost exclusively games compatible with these devices, while tweaking existing titles to run on mobile. It is entirely up to the players to download a specialized app or to enjoy all the games straight in the browser.

Mobile casinos are second to none of their counterparts catering exclusively to desktop and laptop users. In fact, all the industry leaders have jumped on the mobile bandwagon and now tap into the immense potential of this gambling market. The best mobile online casinos offer unmatched security, access to swift counseling from the customer support team and payment methods. Above all, mobile gambling takes convenience to the next level and allows people to play casino games wherever they roam.