Learning how to play roulette is an easy job: You can learn all of the rules and betting options in an hour. There are more types of roulette, you can also learn how to play American Roulette and other versions like alternative roulette.

Learning how to win at roulette, however, will take lots of practice and require using strategies.

By using the right roulette tips and applying the best tactics, you can actually increase your winning odds.

And this is what we are going to do in this roulette gambling tips article: We will show you how to play like a pro.

Note that this won’t be a “how to play roulette tips” guide, we assume that you already know the rules. (If you don’t, you can take a look at our other beginner articles)

This will be a “how to win online roulette tips” guide, and we will explain all of the strategies and tactics that will allow you to score big winnings. Let’s start: That wheel won’t spin itself!

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10 Tips For Playing Roulette And Winning A Fortune

Let’s start with some basic playing roulette tips: Every roulette player should know them. These roulette tips for beginners are easy to understand and require no previous experience, so they can be put to good use immediately.

After listing basic play roulette tips, we can start talking about roulette expert tips and continue with the roulette strategies that work. Without further due, here are the top 10 roulette quick tips you need to know:

  1. Pick Your Variant Carefully. Online roulette has lots of variants (including Pinball roulette), but two of them are the most common: European and American. Between these options, European roulette (including free European roulette) is the best option. This is because of its RTP rate: The European variant has an RTP rate of 97.30%, while the American variant only offers a 94.74% RTP rate. In short, European roulette odds will be higher, so choose this game before considering any other roulette tips strategies. You can take a look on our European roulette strategy and American roulette strategy guides for more insights.
  2. Know The Best And Worst Bets. There are lots of outcomes to place a bet but not all of them offer the same odds. Some bets are simply better than others and you will have a higher chance of winning if you prefer them. In this regard, outside bets will always be the best ones. Actually, this is among the most important how to bet on roulette tips: Stay away from roulette inside bets as long as possible, but combine them with other bets as a strategy (for example here is our list of roulette split bet strategies). We’ll explain this in detail below in the remaining 10 tips to winning at roulette.
  3. Make Lots Of Practice. After playing a game or two, you may think that you are ready for high-limit tables but don’t be so eager. Before risking your hard earned money, make sure to practice the game for free as long as possible. Roulette online games can be played for free and you should take advantage of that.
  4. Make sure to test all of the online roulette tips and strategies mentioned in this guide on free games. That’s the answer to the how to win at online roulette question – practice, practice, and more practice.
  5. The House Always Wins In The Long Run. You may think that you are on a winning streak but you should also know that it will come to an end. Mathematically, the casino will always win in the long run. The RTP rate of roulette is not 100% and this means you will lose sooner or later. In other words, don’t trust winning streaks: They will end before you know it, but if you want to know the longest roulette streak, check our article.
  6. Progressive Strategies Are Not That Good. We will mention some famous roulette strategies below, and they can be the best when used right, but there are two problems. First, they are not short-term tactics and you need to play a lot of games to gain an advantage. Second, they require a big budget because you will keep increasing your wagers after every loss. In short, if you have a limited time to play or a small budget, progressive roulette betting strategies won’t work for you.
  7. Know When To Leave The Table. Like all other casino games, roulette should be played for fun. It is not a guaranteed way of becoming rich, and there are not many players out there who became millionaires by playing roulette. This is a game of chance and you will lose at some point. When that happens, don’t think that your luck will “turn out” – it won’t. Know when to leave the table and don’t turn this into an addiction. If you are looking for win on roulette tips, the first rule is knowing when to stop. When playing online this might be a little more difficult as there are many reasons why online gambling is more dangerous than casino gambling.
  8. You Cannot Cheat. Yes, we heard that stories too, one guy walks into a casino and comes out with a fortune because he used a “system” and for some reason, a stranger on the internet is ready to share this amazing system with you, and for a low fee, of course. Some of these stories are actually true, but they are based on abusing the physical defections on the roulette wheel. Back in the 19th century, these wheels were made by hand and they were not perfect. Now, they are mass produced by machines and so not contain any defections. None of the “cheating” methods work anymore. In fact, for the last 100 years or so, nobody managed to develop a working cheat for roulette, such a thing does not exist. You cannot cheat, period.
  9. You Don’t Always Have To Win. This may sound weird but it really is: Not losing is actually the same as winning. If you could not make a profit but also did not lose anything, you can call that a very good session. Your first goal should be protecting your budget, not spending it like a mad man. If your start and exit budgets are the same, that was a very productive night, you can be sure of that. Games like Playfrank casino French roulette have special rules such as “la partage” and “en prison” that do precisely that: give you a second chance to spin the wheel without losing.
  10. Pick The Right Casino. We already gave you lots of tips for playing roulette, but here is another important one: Make sure that you are playing this game in a safe, secure, and licensed Bitcoin roulette casino (including Bitcoin casino – Canada based sites, where you can play online roulette – Canada games and even Dogecoin roulette). All online casinos will claim to be the best, but only a couple of ones are truly great. You can check our online casino reviews section to see our recommendations.
  11. Use Roulette Bonuses. Here is one of the most important tips to playing roulette: Always use a bonus before starting to play. Online casinos are filled with bonuses and there will be at least one promotion that will help you maintain your budget. By using these bonuses, you can easily double your starting budget or get a refund on your losses. In any case, these bonuses will give you an advantage and you should use it.

Advanced Roulette Tips And Tricks To Win

And now, once we’ve grown past the roulette tips for beginners, we can start talking about advanced roulette tips to win. These roulette tips and tricks should be used by beginners too: Yes, they are advanced but also easy to apply. Let’s start with online roulette tips based on variants:

1) American Roulette Wheel Tips

Like we mentioned above, we do not recommend this variant due to its higher house edge. But if you are already playing it, know that the worst bet you can place is the “basket”. This means betting on five numbers. Overall, this is literally the worst bet in roulette due to its payout (only 6:1) and winning chance (only 13.16%). Do not place any money on this bet.

2) European Roulette Tips 

Red/Black, Odd/Even, and Low/High are the best betting options in this variant. They all offer a winning chance of 48.64% and this is a pretty high figure. Sure, their payout is only 1:1 but you cannot beat these odds: They are better even than the slot machines. To give you an idea, your chance of winning any inside bets is in between 0.27% and 16.21%. And if you feel like taking some risk, try your chances at the column and dozen bets (check here the best roulette dozens strategies), they offer a 32.43% probability. Overall, outside bets will offer the highest odds. There are strategies you can apply to maximize your profits when betting on outside bets. We explain more in detail in our guide on how to win at roulette red and blackwhich is specific to the red/black type of outside bet.

3) French Roulette Tips

Make sure you are really playing the French roulette. Only games that use “La Partage” ruleset can be considered French roulette. This variant is the original version of roulette, it is still played in the Monte Carlo Casino, and includes additional betting options that favor the player. The RTP rate of French roulette is 98.65%, nearly as good as video poker. Playfrank casino French roulette is an excellent option for those who are ready to try this roulette version. While playing the La Partage variant, half of all of the wagers on red/black (check here how to always bet on black), odd/even, and low/high bets will be returned to players in case the ball lands on zero. So it will be like an automatic cashback bonus with a 50% rate. This is also why its RTP rate is higher than others.

4) Make Sure The Game Is RNG Certified. 

If you are playing online roulette, check for the fairness guarantee of an independent agency, such as eCOGRA or iTech Labs. This applies to both regular and live roulette games. Such a certificate means that the game is checked and verified for fairness, so you don’t have to worry. Online casinos put their fairness certificates at the bottom of their main page, make sure to check that section. The bottom line is that  even if you know the best way to play roulette machines, you still must be able to trust the game.

5) There Is No Difference Between Regular And Live Roulette.

Sure, live roulette is an authentic experience and makes you feel like you are in a real casino. You should try it, there is no doubt about that. But in terms of rules, betting options, and winning chances, there is no difference between these games. Do not think that you will have a higher (or lower) winning chance if you play roulette against a real dealer. Oh, and since the rules and odds are the same, you can use these tips to win roulette machine for playing live games too. The best part is that you can largely use the same online casino roulette tips for a 3D roulette, for example, to play in a brick-and-mortar location.

Roulette Tips And Strategies: Which Strategy Is The Best?

We can now start talking about tips to play roulette that focus on strategies, or “systems”, as this is their more common name. We will pick two famous strategies and analyze them in detail, so you know the basics before moving on to other bonus roulette tips. All other strategies are variants of these, so when you learn how they work, you will know how others work too.

1. Martingale Roulette Tips

This is probably one of the most famous casino roulette tips of all times. It was used by players well before Internet casinos came along and it is today one of the best known online casino roulette tips. Martingale is a progressive betting strategy and it is actually quite simple: You double the bet amount every time you lose.

If you start playing with 2 units, for example, your next bet will be 4 units, then 8 units, 16, 32, 64… and so on, until you score a winning. The idea is the prize will be big enough to cover all of your losses when you win.

This tactic really works, but only if you have enough budget to back you up until that winning happens. If you have only a 100 EUR budget, for example, you can blow it all in simply 10 spins or so.

And if you do not score a win before your budget blows, you will simply go bankrupt. We do not have any specific roulette table tips for this strategy, other than saying do not use it unless you are a high roller that loves to play high stakes roulette online.

2. James Bond Strategy Roulette

This system tries to cover more than half of the wheel by placing multiple bets. You will place a bet on 13-18, 19-36, and 0. In total, you will be betting for 25 different outcomes and remember that there are only 37 numbers on the wheel, so you increased your chances, right?

It may look like that at first glance, but there are still 12 more possibilities you did not cover, and they have the same chance of happening as the ones you covered. Statistically, this can give you an edge on the long run but only if you have a big budget until that happens. This strategy is relatively new and it is featured often among bonus roulette tips but has gained a lot of traction due its catchy name.

So, which systems are the best roulette tips and tricks? If you are not a high roller player, none of them is the best. These systems are designed for players who can afford losing thousands of Euros every night and if you do not belong to this category, you should just stick with the outside bets: This is the best tip to play roulette.

Online Roulette Tips FAQ

There are two roulette gambling tips we can give to beginners: The first one is playing the European roulette, instead of the American version or the Triple Zero roulette. And the second one is placing money only on outside bets. By doing these two, you will increase your winning odds.
You should prefer online casinos, as there will be much more variety. French roulette with the La Partage rules, for example, is very hard to find at “real” casinos, while at online casinos is available. Online casinos have live roulette too, so you can visit a real casino without leaving the comfort of your home.
Let us stop you right there. Paroli, Martingale, D’alembert, Masse Eagle, Kesselgucken, James Bond, Fibonacci… You name it, we already know it. All of these roulette tips are actually betting systems, whether they are progressive or not. This means none of them can change the house edge and/or increase the RTP rate.
In terms of winning chances and rules, no, they are not different. However, real casino roulette games are controlled by a croupier and there is some table etiquette you need to be aware of: not eating at the table, not touching your chips while the wheel spins, etc. There may even be a dress code.

Use These Tips For Roulette Online And Win!

Well, now you are informed about all the best roulette tips and tricks that will give you an edge. Use these tips to playing roulette at an online casino and make sure you are using a bonus at the same time.

And we still got you covered: You can find a list of all the best roulette casinos and bonuses on our website too.

Find an online casino that fits you the most, create your account, and start spinning the wheel. We will always be here to help you along the way: Make sure to visit us often to learn more tips for playing roulette, such at the best way to bet on the highest number on roulette wheel.