Roulette is a casino games that has a low house edge and it is governed by simple rules. These are key ingredients in the recipe for success and that’s what makes the game so popular. Winning and losing streaks are a reality and players fancy the former, while being concerned by the latter.

In this guide we look at the longest roulette streak and consider some of the most popular categories. You’ll find out the odds of winning color in a row bets, consecutive times a specific number was hit and other recorded streak reports. This is useful data when playing roulette online and using a roulette strategy.

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What's the longest winning roulette streak ever?

Players using roulette strategies that work are wary of the negative progression roulette systems. The martingale roulette strategy, as well as the reverse martingale roulette system fall into this category. Punters increase the stakes after suffering a loss and keep doing it until they strike it lucky. In theory, this is a surefire way of offsetting all losses, especially in high stakes roulette online, because of the high betting limits. The problem is that the longest losing streak in roulette can render such a system useless.

In the paragraphs below, we look at the longest winning streak in roulette, analyze the maximum number of threads in a row recorded and several longest streak reports on one color. This information is useful in realizing the strengths and shortcomings of the Fisher roulette strategy and Fibonacci roulette strategy as well as systems used by veteran punters such as the Paroli system. What is the longest roulette streak is a question with multiple answers, as you can see in the paragraphs below.

Longest streak for the same color in roulette

Outside bets, such as wagers on red and black are the most common for casual and recreational punters. Martingale fans use it often, but they are always in danger of the longest one color streak in roulette. When you apply the system on low stakes roulette or penny roulette games you risk hitting the ceiling before you can offset losses. The longest red streak roulette record still holds since 1943. Someone betting on red would’ve won 32 consecutive spins and the odds of that happening are one in more than 10 billion.

That’s definitely the longest color streak in history and a stark reminder that negative progression systems are vulnerable. A shorter streak of one color can always occur and you can’t rule out the prospect of having one color so many times in a row. The beat the streak odds are in your favor in the short run, but the roulette odds favoring the house in the long run when betting on roulette colors.

The longest streak for the same number

The biggest roulette win was recorded by a millionaire betting on the number 32. Players have their own best numbers to play in roulette and can try various betting systems. Any guide to playing roulette will highlight the fact that betting on single numbers pays the best. The largest roulette win was made in this manner and punters can win 36 times the stakes if they are correct. This brings up the question about what is the longest streak someone won on roulette single numbers.

In 1959, players gambling in Puerto Rico saw number 10, six times in a row. This is not even close to the longest roulette black streak, but with a chance of one in 3 billion, it is a stunning record. There are no official numbers about what is the longest streak of 0’s in roulette. Different statistics should exist for American and European roulette because of the 00 slot. There are also differences in the longest streak without the green roulette for the American and European games.

What’s the longest losing streak in roulette?

One of the most frightening questions is about the longest recorded roulette streak. On this subject, there is no definitive answer, but plenty of bad beats stories. What usually happens when we analyze the longest streak roulette for losing players is that they result in the total loss of the bankroll. Punters usually play until they lose everything, which can happen over the course of one or multiple sessions.

Martingale users are the ones that suffer the longest streak red roulette and longest black streak roulette losing sessions. Some lose all the money, while others hit the upper ceiling and are no longer allowed to double the stakes. This is the problem with color and streak betting regardless of the color in roulette that you chose for the negative progressive system. A losing streak on dozens can be longer, but payouts are higher, so punters have the same chance to survive the roulette longest dozens as betting on color.

Is it worth betting against rare patterns?


The Internet is full of roulette tips for both recreational punters and veterans roulette players. Betting against rare patterns is an appealing concept, because it seems to mitigate the risks of losing. Sadly, the outcome of each spin is totally random so you can’t boost the odds of winning by using a strategy. It is much better to use proper roulette money management and keep the stakes sensible at any game you choose. You can try betting against rare patterns on free European roulette first to see how it works.

Tips and tricks on getting a winning streak

Players are naturally concerned about the longest roulette color streak and other record roulette numbers. Those who rely heavily on betting systems are particularly at risk of succumbing to the longest red black streak roulette. Luck ultimately determines the outcome of each session, but these are a few tips and tricks that you can use to improve your chances.

  • Bet small amounts on numbers – the longest roulette number streak is a double-edged sword. On one hand you can bet dozens of times without hitting, on the other, you can win a lot with a single strike. Bet a small amount on the recently called number, just in case it could start a streak.
  • Play the numbers not intuition – the odds of winning accurately reflect the payouts, so the lower the odds, the lower the payouts. Make sure you understand roulette probabilities before crafting your own strategy or using one existing online.

Longest Roulette Streak FAQ

The chances of hitting the same color 10 times in a row are one in 1376, which is depressingly low.
When betting on colors the odds are less than 3% but increased to more than 90% on individual numbers.
The longest recorded roulette streak on a single number is six times in a row, back in 1959.
The record for the longest streak roulette on a single color is 32 times in a row, in 1943 on color red.
The game of roulette is totally unpredictable and depends exclusively on luck, so you can’t influence the odds. Exercising bankroll management and playing within your means is the best you can do to succeed.

The next longest roulette streak could be yours

The prospect of winning large amounts playing roulette is appealing to punters regardless of bankroll and experience. If you hope to be the next big winner, you should know a thing or two about the longest roulette streak. The numbers presented in this guide paint an accurate picture of how likely it is to find yourself in the middle of such a streak. The odds can seem low, but a small chance is still a chance and you can’t rule out even the most incredible streaks.