Roulette is the most popular casino game and for good reasons. Easy to learn, fun to play and with a relatively low house edge, it can be enjoyed by both casual and veteran punters.

The European roulette version has the advantage of a higher return to player that the American one and it is superior to triple zero roulette.

European roulette rules are easy to pick up and they pave the road to master the popular game.

Quick look at European roulette

A glance at American vs European roulette will highlight the fact that the table layout and numbers on the wheel are almost identical. There are also no differences between the rules of European roulette, French roulette and the American version. What helps the former stand out from the crowd is that the European roulette odds are better for the player because of the single zero. Once you learn how to bet on European roulette, you will have no problem in mastering the other versions of the game.

The distribution of the numbers on the wheel follows the same format used for centuries. This applies for both classic games and roulette online, and the European roulette betting rules are also identical. On the betting table, the numbers are listed in order from 1 to 36, with one zero slot. Half of the numbers are red, the other half black and zero comes in green, so it’s easy for players to place bets.

The European roulette rules vs American ones are identical and so are the roulette payouts, but the house edge is not. Because of the extra zeros, the casino has an edge of 2.6% in European roulette and 5.26% in the American version. Even if you exercise flawless roulette money management and use roulette strategies that work, you are still more likely to prevail if you compete against the lower house edge. That’s why if you want to learn how to win at European roulette, you should chase the lowest house edge.

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Standard European roulette rules

The simplicity of roulette rules makes the game easy to learn even by absolute beginners.

👉 The European roulette rules are esentially the same as those for other versions

👉 The objective of the game is to accurately guess the ball’s final resting position

👉 There are no best numbers to playing roulette and the odds of a particular number to win are the same, even for the 0

👉 When playing European roulette online (RNG) you are the only player at the table, while playing live online or in a real casino there may be up to 8 players in a European roulette game

👉 The number of players doesn’t influence the European roulette odds, as people play individually. It is possible for several players to bet on the same number and all will be paid if they win.

👉 The decision that players need to make is between roulette outside bets and inside ones. This depends on their appetite for risk expectations, since the odds differ greatly. As soon as you learn how to play roulette, you realize that outside bets pay twice the stakes. This is essentially a coin flip, with the house edge subtracted, which makes it one of the easiest bets to win. Outside bets are at the cornerstone of pretty much any European roulette strategy, while inside bets pay better but the risks are higher.

European roulette gameplay rules - Step by Step

The roulette European rules are the same if you play online or in a brick-and-mortar casino. Differences can appear when players choose special versions of the game, such as European roulette Gold. In order to keep players excited and prevent boredom developers came up with original game versions. For the classic ones, standard European roulette wheel betting rules apply and these are the steps to follow.

Step 1
Guess the outcome of the next spin and select the stake
Step 2
Place a bet before the wheel gets in motion and all bets are off
Step 3
Wait for the roulette wheel to stop spinning and the ball to stop
Step 4
Claim your winnings if you make the right predictions and play again

European roulette bets and payouts

European roulette game rules can be learned within minutes and put to good use immediately after. You can start with free European roulette to test your knowledge and consult a guide to playing roulette before betting real money. The next decision you need to make is whether to choose inside or outside bets. The betting terms are identical, but the odds of winning and the chances to prevail differ.

Maximize winnings with inside bets

  • Straight up bet– you bet on an individual number and if you are correct, win 36 times the stakes
  • Split bet – bet on a pair of numbers and if you are successful you will be paid 18 times the bet
  • Street bet – a bet on three numbers for a chance to win 12 times the investment.
  • Corner bet – place a bet on four numbers and if you win you get 8 times the wager
  • Six Line bet – you bet on six numbers with a potential payout of 6 times the bet

Outside bets are perfect for risk-averse punters

  • High or low – bet on low, 1 to 18, and high numbers, 19 to 36, for a chance to double the stakes
  • Red or Black – bet on the color of the next number to increase your investment 10 fold
  • Even or Odd – self-explanatory bet on even and odd numbers with a payout of two times the bet
  • Dozens – bet on numbers between 1 and 12, 13 and 24, or 25 and 36 with a 3x payout. Increase your profits by applying a good roulette dozens strategy
  • Column Bets – bet on one of the three columns on the roulette board with a three times payout

European roulette En Prison rule

European roulette gaming rules can be tweaked if the ‘en prison’ rule applies.

  • This is specific to the French version of the game and can be found at both low stakes roulette and high stakes roulette.
  • It gives players the chance to recover half of the bet if the ball lands on zero.
  • The amount wagered remains on the table, and it is won by the player or the house the next round.
  • Following the ‘en prison’, standard European rules roulette apply and the game continues unabated.

Table limits for European roulette

As soon as you master the European roulette table rules you can start looking for games that have desirable stakes. The best online casino websites offer a multitude of games, including free tables where you can try roulette tips and strategies. Live dealer European roulette can only be played on real money, so you would have to make a deposit to enjoy them. On the bright side, the rules for European roulette are the same when played against the algorithms or real croupiers.

Regarding the stakes, the maximum amounts differ greatly from one casino to the other. Interestingly enough, while the basic rules of European roulette are identical in brick-and-mortar casinos and online operators, the stakes differ greatly. Some focus on recreational punters while others seek the business of highrollers. That’s why you can find casinos where you can only bet a maximum of a few hundred dollars on a number and high roller casinos that allow you to wager thousands or even tens of thousands.

The second most important thing after learning European roulette casino rules is to notice the stakes. The list in amount refers to the maximum bet that is allowed on an individual number. Payouts are multiplied to 36, so you can easily calculate the maximum amount that can be wagered. The maximum bets for inside and outside bets are calculated by dividing the top potential payout to the stakes. Basically, it is just as easy to calculate the maximum bets as it is to learn the rules European roulette.

FAQ: Your questions on the European roulette rules answered

The standard rules of playing European roulette state that all bets are lost except those placed on zero. In French roulette, the en prison and en partage rules apply so players have a second chance.
Essentially the same rules apply in brick-and-mortar casinos and their online counterparts. Once you learn what are the rules for European roulette you can use this newfound knowledge in both places.
There are no differences whatsoever between the rules of European roulette in free and real money games. You can also expect the same outcome, as both of them depend exclusively on luck.
European roulette rules online don’t impose any limitations on the maximum number of bets. You can place as many of them until the dealer announces that all bets are off. Also make sure not to exceed the maximum table limit.
The best paying bets are on straight numbers, with a potential return of 36 times the stakes.

Pick up European roulette rules and play for real

Roulette has been for centuries the most popular casino game and it has just as many fans at online operators. You can learn the rules of European roulette in a few minutes and fully enjoy the game without previous experience. Choose between inside and outside bets based on your bankroll and expectations. Feel free to try the play money games, to test your knowledge of the European roulette rules before aiming for cash profits. You are certain to have a lot of fun with this amazing casino game!