If you pick the right games, you don’t need to spend a fortune to play online roulette. Moreover, you can spin the wheel hundreds of times even with a small budget.

This may be known as the “game of aristocrats” but you don’t need an aristocrat’s budget: All you need to do is playing online casino low stakes roulette. And in this article, we will tell you how to do that.

There are certain roulette games you need to pick for this type of gambling and you still need to know low stakes roulette strategy in order to maximize your winning chances. And after reading this low stakes roulette guide, you will learn both.

What Is Low Stakes Roulette?

First of all, this is not a roulette variant such as European or American. Low betting limits roulette is not a game type: This term is used to define betting limits, not the rules or betting options. In other words, you can play any roulette variant you want, and as long as it’s betting limits are low, you will be playing low stakes roulette.

You may think that a lot of roulette games fall into this category, but it is the opposite. The majority of online roulette games are quite “pricey” to play: If we make a general assessment, we can say that the average minimum bet per spin is 1 EUR. Well, we are looking for roulette games that have much less than that: How about 10p per spin sounds? Or even better, 1p per spin?

Basically, if you are able to turn the wheel a couple of times even with a budget as low as 10 EUR, you are playing a low limit roulette game. And they are rare – most of these games cater to high rollers and finding low stakes roulette games are harder for this reason.

How To Play Low Stakes Roulette Online

The overall rules of the game do not change: You are still trying to predict where the ball will stop. You have the same betting options and the same odds. Everything is the same – the only difference is the minimum bet amount. This is not a how to play article so we won’t go into details, but here is the short version of how to play casino roulette low limit games:

  • Decide whether you want to play a game against the computer or a dealer. Both are the same game, but the latter is played against a real dealer and known as “live roulette”. They offer an authentic experience, but slightly higher bet limits. If you are really on a budget, online roulette games that are played against a computer will offer much less minimum bet limits.
  • Check the table limits before starting to play. We are looking for minimum bet limits between 1p and 10p per spin. If it is higher than these values, pass – it is not a low limit roulette The general rule is, the lower the better. (We have some suggestions in this regard, keep reading.)
  • Join the table and place your bet. You can place an inside or outside bet, and in general, outside bets are the better option at low stakes roulette games. We will talk about this issue below and show you which bets are the best.
  • Have fun – your budget will last for hours and you won’t be a millionaire by placing low bets, so having fun should be your primary goal. On the other hand, you will never lose more than you can afford, so 1p – 10p roulette games are the best option for casual gamblers too.

Best Low Stakes Roulette Games

As you already know, online roulette games can be divided into two categories: regular and live. You play the regular ones by yourself and against a computer code. Live roulette games, on the other hand, are played against a real dealer and with other players. You can find low limit roulette games in both categories. The regular category will offer more options for obvious reasons, but if you like playing against a real dealer, you can still do it.

In this regard, we will recommend low stakes roulette games according to these categories. For the regular online roulette games category, we recommend picking one of these titles:

  • French Roulette Low Limit: This one is developed by Netent, but other providers offer this game too, only with slightly higher bet limits. The minimum bet amount for this game is only 10p, and the rules heavily favor the player. Traditionally, French roulette offers the lowest house edge, so your winning frequency will be much better than other variants. We highly recommend starting with this specific low stakes roulette
  • Premium Roulette Pro: This one is developed by Playtech and its minimum bet limit is 10p. However, its maximum limit is quite high: 1.000 coins. So, why are we recommending it? You can play this one as a low limit roulette game, but if you want to increase the bet amount, that option is available too.

So, what about live roulette online low stakes games? Which ones do we recommend?

  • Auto Roulette Live: This is probably the most common low limit live roulette game you can find. Lots of providers developed this game with the same name, and as it suggests, it has a fast pace. The minimum limit is 10p per spin and European roulette rules are used. We recommend it because almost every online casino that offers live dealer games service has this game. You can find it literally everywhere.
  • Pearl Roulette: The classic European roulette with a minimum table limit of 10p. Lots of providers offer this game with this name, but we recommend picking the Evolution Gaming’s version. No bonus bets are included, and the gameplay is fast enough.

You can also find additional low stakes live roulette games of course, but we think that these are best low stakes roulette titles you can play right now. Start with these and explore other options: If you play at our recommended casinos, we guarantee that you will be able to find lots of other low limit roulette games.

Further Information

Low Stakes Roulette Strategy: What You Need To Know

There is no separate low stakes roulette system: Do not forget that there are no additional betting options or rules. In other words, the usual roulette tactics and strategies apply to low limit roulette games too. In this regard, we recommend using the following tips and tricks:

Only some crypto coins are good for low stakes roulette games. Cryptocurrencies can be used to play low stakes roulette games too, but only if you pick the right currency. Bitcoin, for example, is not a good option because even the smallest unit of this currency is too valuable. Playing low stakes live roulette with Bitcoin is not a good idea for this reason. Yes, it is possible, but not ideal. If you are going to use cryptocurrencies, prefer Doge Coin or Lite Coin: Both are better for low limit roulette games.

Play outside bets. Low limit bets are not the same thing as low-risk bets. If you don’t pick the right betting options, you will still spend a lot of money due to losses. Always prefer outside bets: Your winning chance will be more than 48%. Inside bets, on the other hand, offer a winning chance of up to 16%. In the long run, you will win much more if you prefer outside bets.

Do not use progressive betting strategies. Progressive betting strategies (like Martingale) require you to double your wager after each loss. Even when playing with low figures, these tactics will increase your bet to an amount you cannot afford in no time. Remember that progressive betting systems are for high-rollers only, and you cannot use them at low stakes roulette games.

There will always be a minimum limit. You cannot find an online roulette low minimum no limit game – there will always be a limit. Your goal is to find roulette games that have the lowest possible entry bet – 1p per spin will be a good value to start. And, to be honest, you won’t be able to find a minimum bet amount less than this.

Play Low Limit Roulette Online, Get The Best Rewards!

Low stakes roulette games are perfect for low-roller gamblers and casual players. They offer you hours of fun and the same winning chances, no matter how small your budget is. Low limit roulette games are the best option if you want a long-lasting gambling experience, and we have some online casino recommendations to find them too.

Pick any online casino from our recommendations and start playing today: We have hundreds of low limit roulette games waiting for you! Also, we will update the low stakes roulette strategy tips in this guide on a regular basis, so don’t forget to visit us often. Good luck at the tables!