Modern online casinos have embraced the latest technologies and they keep an open mind to the best casino payment methods.

They were quick to add Bitcoin to the lineup, so players can enjoy Bitcoin high limit casino games such as Bitcoin blackjack or roulette at cryptocurrency casinos.

In this regard, Bitcoin roulette is the culmination of their effort, providing punters with the chance to play their favorite game on digital money.

Whether you choose to face the algorithms or compete against real dealers at Bitcoin live roulette (also available at live casino Canada-based sites and live casinos bonus), this guide will help.

Top 10 Online casinos where you can play roulette using Bitcoin [2023]:



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The definitive Bitcoin roulette guide [2023]

Playing a Bitcoin roulette game couldn’t be easier as there are plenty of websites providing this game in a mobile-friendly environment. Once you learn how does Bitcoin roulette work, you will enjoy a fun game with a high return to player and simple game mechanics.

Betting cryptocurrency on a classic game doesn’t change the rules or the chances to win, but gives you more freedom of choice. In this guide, you will find the best Bitcoin roulette sites 2023 has to offer, so you end up making the best possible choice.

The unique perks of Bitcoin roulette sites

The moment you choose to play Bitcoin roulette you can expect to enjoy all the parts of the classic game and none of the shortcomings. The game is played by simple rules that can be picked up and mastered in a matter of minutes by absolute beginners.

There is no shortage of Bitcoin roulette sites either, so if you’re in the market for a cryptocurrency roulette online casino, you will have plenty of worthy options. The growing competition between new Bitcoin casinos (including Bitcoin casino – Canada based) led to a surge in the number and quality of bonuses.

When you sign up for an account at the best Bitcoin casinos you are almost certain to enjoy a better than average welcome bonus. You can use it in accordance with the terms and conditions and the general bonus policy to turn the bonus into BTC that can be cashed out.

In addition to claiming generous bonuses, you will be playing at an anonymous Bitcoin casino, without having to share too much information about yourself. You can go a step further and choose a no verification casino to further speed up the process.

What makes Bitcoin roulette special?

If you know how to play roulette, you will be happy to hear that there is no learning curve to worry about. Bitcoin roulette is played by the same rules and the odds of winning are precisely the same whether you play at low stakes roulette or Bitcoin high limit casino games.

While the rules and game mechanics are the same, what makes it special is the eclectic mix of anonymity and transparency. On one hand, you stay anonymous and your transactions remain a secret, on the other, you are provided with the means to verify the fairness of the software. This is possible thanks to the provably fair Bitcoin roulette.

Steps of joining Bitcoin roulette sites

You could choose a no account casino and start playing Bitcoin roulette immediately, or walk down the traveled paths. The vast majority of Bitcoin roulette sites will require you to set up an account and fund your online wallet (we recommend CryptoPay – check our CryptoPay casino for further details) with the minimum amount to play.

Even if you want to play for fun, you still need to sign up for an account and these are the steps to take:

Step 1
Choose one of the Bitcoin roulette sites recommended in our roulette guide
Step 2
Press the “Sign Up” button and enter your name, a valid email address and a password
Step 3
Make a crypto currency deposit into your online account
Step 4
Choose penny roulette or high stakes roulette, based on your bankroll and expectations
Step 5
Get the wheel in motion and beat the odds

How to deposit at a Bitcoin Roulette casino?

If you don’t own crypto currency yet, you need to acquire it by trading traditional money at one of the digital money exchanges. The next step is to choose the crypto currency deposit option available at any of the Bitcoin roulette sites.

Choose the amount you want to deposit and press the button to confirm your transaction and have the funds loaded instantly. You won’t be charge any fees and enjoy secure transactions if you read our Bitcoin roulette sites review and make the right choice.

If you are from UK, along with a list of Bitcoin casino UK sites we included a complete guide to help you if you are new to gambling with Bitcoin.

Roulette varieties at Bitcoin casinos

Finding the best Bitcoin roulette sites is the first and most important step to enjoy the popular game online. Next, you should make up your mind and choose the Bitcoin gambling roulette version that better meets your play style and expectations.

There are many worthy options but these are the three main categories that both casual and veteran players should consider.

  • Free Bitcoin Roulette – the name speaks for itself and when you choose to play Bitcoin roulette free you don’t have to spend a dime. You still need an account to play the game, but instead of wagering cryptocurrency, you will be using the play money awarded to you by the casino.
  • American, European and French Roulette – these are the three main roulette versions, with slight differences in terms of number distribution and American roulette, French roulette and European roulette rules. The main difference between American and European roulette (be it free European roulette) is that the former has two zero slots on the wheel. It increases the house edge, so one of the best roulette tips is to choose the European version. French roulette has an identical layout, but two extra rules called “en prison” and “la partage” which boost your chances. There are even Triple zero roulette games, but the house edge is increased even more, up to 7.69%.
  • Lightning Roulette – Bitcoin Lightning roulette also comes in different flavors based on the software developer behind it. Play by the same roulette rules and subject to the same roulette strategy, the game offers the promise of multiplied payouts. When lightning strikes the wheel, a spectacular animation marks the location and players can win between 50 and 500 times more

How to bet Bitcoin on roulette at online casinos?

The simplicity and engaging nature of the game has made it popular over the years and Bitcoin roulette isn’t any different. Whether you choose to play the classic version or the 3D roulette version, switch to European roulette Bitcoin or live roulette Bitcoin, placing a bet is just as easy. Once you have a funded account, you can choose roulette outside bets or roulette inside bets based on your winnings expectations and resources.

You can either try to figure out which are the best numbers playing roulette or stick to safer wagers on color, even and odd numbers, columns and dozens (check here the best roulette dozens strategies). There are different coin denominations, so you simply drag the mouse across the roulette layout and place your bet where you see fit.

There are no big differences between the standard version, the European roulette gold or even Bitcoin live roulette. If your prediction is correct, you will be paid immediately after the ball stops in its final resting position.

Tips, tricks and strategies for Bitcoin roulette players


This is a fun and simple game to play, but if you take winning Bitcoin roulette seriously, you might consider a system. There are many Bitcoin roulette strategies, that can be employed successfully, but only if you exercise flawless roulette money management.

While there is no guarantee that any of these roulette terms and strategies will increase your odds of winning, they can make the game more exciting.

  • Martingale roulette strategy – requires players to bet on events that have a 50% chance to occur and double the stakes after each loss. In theory, you should recuperate your losses eventually, but it’s important to start at low stakes live roulette with Bitcoin so the bankroll can withstand losses.
  • Roulette reverse martingale – is actually similar to the classic martingale, but the difference is that you double the stakes after you win. This is a roulette attack strategy aimed at maximizing profits, as long as you have excellent self-control and know when to stop and take profits, and it’s also applicable to Pinball roulette.
  • Fibonacci roulette strategy – is a system that uses the string of numbers discovered by Fibonacci and it is also a progressive strategy. You can use it and a Roulette PayPal casino as well as at Bitcoin roulette sites to increase the stakes after each loss, based on the Fibonacci sequence.
  • Fisher roulette strategy and James bond roulette strategy – are systems used by veteran punters, which require more flexibility to adjust the stakes after each win or loss. They work well when playing online, but can be challenging at live dealer roulette Bitcoin tables.

Digital money alternatives at Bitcoin roulette sites

Contrary to what the name might suggest, Bitcoin roulette sites aren’t exclusively about depositing and wagering in the most popular crypto currency. Many allow players to use one of the many digital money alternatives to load their account and play for real.

Bitcoin crypto roulette can be enjoyed at selected operators on Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, IOTA, Ripple, Dash and Monero. These are some of the most popular altcoins and they can be acquired in a same way and used for gambling. There are even Dogecoin roulette casinos which, of course, allow gambling with Bitcoin, too.

Should I worry about scam Bitcoin roulette casinos?


Nothing is perfectly safe online and there is always the risk of running into a Bitcoin roulette scam if you don’t pay attention. In your search for anonymous Bitcoin roulette you should make sure that the casino you end up choosing is a legitimate one.

Experienced operators with a long track record in providing casino games are less likely to defraud their members. They have a lot to lose from tarnishing their reputation and won’t go for a quick buck at the expense of ruining it.

A little research goes a long way and if you choose licensed Bitcoin roulette sites, your online gaming experience will be flawless.

Pros and cons of Bitcoin roulette sites

There are plenty of reasons in favor of playing online roulette Bitcoin and only a few shortcomings. The pros outweigh the cons and you have here some of the most relevant arguments to support such a decision.

  • Stay anonymous while playing a classic game
  • Bitcoin roulette sites offer bigger bonuses
  • Instant deposits and faster withdrawals
  • Bitcoin play roulette online games are provably fair
  • Fewer licensed Bitcoin roulette sites to choose from
  • Some don’t accept deposits in traditional money

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin Roulette:

You can enjoy the best Bitcoin roulette game experience and be completely safe at the same time. All you need to do is to undertake research and choose one of the licensed Bitcoin roulette sites.
Some information might be required during registration at Bitcoin roulette sites. The process is fast and very little personal details are needed to sign up and enjoying the best Bitcoin roulette experience.
Most Bitcoin roulette sites also allow deposits in traditional money, or at least a plethora of altcoins. You can play Bitcoin live roulette in these currencies and its successful cash out profits in the same way.
All modern casinos are mobile-friendly and you can play anything from the classic game to no zero roulette Bitcoin on smartphones and tablets. You might need to download a Bitcoin roulette app, or you might simply play in the browser, as the websitees are optimized for mobile devices.

Discover the unique perks of Bitcoin roulette!

The online gambling environment is dynamic and Bitcoin roulette sites are the natural evolutionary link for Internet casinos. They grant you more freedom of choice in regard to currencies, while enhancing anonymity and transparency.

Because of the provably fair system, Bitcoin roulette games against the algorithm give you the same peace of mind as Bitcoin live roulette. Choose to deposit in the most popular crypto currency or pick one of the altcoins and take online gambling to the next level.