Roulette is the most popular game in both land-based casinos and online.

It comes in many flavors, and the main decision is between American roulette and European roulette.

The latter is preferred because of the lower house edge and playing a few games of free European roulette is enough to understand the superiority of this game.

In this guide, we review the best casinos where you can play European roulette online and for free and claim bonuses while you practice your game in a live simulator. But if you more information check our updated guide about how to play American Roulette.

Top 10 online casinos where you can play European roulette [2023]



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Your 2023 free European roulette guide

European roulette is a game defined by simplicity, a straightforward gameplay and a relatively high return to player. It can be played against the random number generator or a croupier, with the latter being ideal if you want to practice European roulette.

The free version of the game is perfect for beginners who know nothing about European roulette strategy and want to learn the basics. In this guide, we explain the European roulette rules and highlight the best places where you can try roulette online risk-free.

The same casinos that offer the best European roulette play free, also have real money games. Once you master the free version of the game, you can move on to low stakes roulette and penny roulette.

This game is easy to master and by following a few simple roulette tips you can greatly increase the winning European roulette odds. You will have all the information you need to try your luck at high-stakes roulette online and have a decent chance of winning.

What is and how do you play European roulette?

Free European roulette, as well as the real money games are played by the same roulette rules. This means that there is no steep learning curve and once you master the European roulette simulator, you have no problem in betting real money. In order to win, players must predict the outcome of the next spin to be paid based on their stakes.

Risk-averse punters can stick to outside bets, such as over/under, black/red and odds/even. Slightly riskier bets can be placed on rows and columns, clusters of numbers and a mix of them. The riskiest and best-paying bet is on an individual number, which pays 35 to 1.

There is an indissoluble link between the chances you take and the roulette payouts. If you play free European roulette, you get to experiment with different types of bets without risking money. A quick glance at the European roulette table payouts will highlight the odds of winnings and potential profits.

The outcome of the game is determined exclusively by chance so there are not many roulette strategies that work. With the help of a guide to playing roulette you can slightly increase the odds of winning. Having said this, you’ll still need a lot of luck and flawless roulette money management to prevail.

European roulette gameplay – Step by Step

Whether you choose to play free European roulette or real money, the rules are identical. The difference is whether you use play money or make a deposit at a Bitcoin roulette or roulette Paypal casino. These are the 4 steps to play European roulette online for fun which also apply to real money roulette.

Step 1
Predict the outcome of the next spin and choose the stakes
Step 2
Place a bet before the wheel gets in motion
Step 3
Wait for the ball to stop in its final resting position
Step 4
Take the profits if you want and play again

Reasons to try free European roulette before playing for real

Playing European roulette free online might seem like a waste of time for those hoping to win real money. While it might look like an unnecessary step to profits, there are good reasons to play European roulette for free. There are dozens of arguments in favor of trying the game for free, but these are the strongest.

👉 Quality entertainment risk-free – if you play European roulette online for fun you spend quality time without risking money. It is an excellent pastime for people who love casino games but don’t want to take financial chances.

👉 Get a better understanding of roulette odds – you can use the European roulette online free play to test the odds and payouts in a sandbox environment. You can see for yourself how roulette outside bets work and maybe even come up with the best numbers to playing roulette.

👉 Test different roulette versions – free to play European roulette game options allow you to expand your horizon. You can switch from the classic versions and try European roulette Gold or other types enjoyed by online roulette Canada fans.

👉 Try proven and innovative strategies – free European roulette provide you with the best environment to try advanced tactics. You can experiment with creative ones such as the Fisher roulette strategy and James Bond roulette strategy.

Free European roulette tips to succeed


Any game whose outcome is determined solely by luck implies the uselessness of advanced strategies. While there is no silver bullet to beat the house edge, these common sense tips can boost your chances.

Play within your bankroll – the most important thing when gambling is to exercise bankroll management. When you play free European roulette online you can use the virtual bankroll to test this theory. Resist your natural inclination of placing random bet simply because you gamble play money. Use this opportunity to simulate a real money roulette session and learn valuable lessons.

Try the basic systems – use play money to see how outside bets work in the long run and track your performance. This will teach you how to win at roulette red and black strategies and other outside bets. Do some research to understand the always bet on black meaning and other roulette-specific concepts.

Test the superiority of European roulette – make a little experiment and open a free European roulette USA and an American version. Place the same bets and even use a tactic such as the Fibonacci roulette strategy to quantify results. The European roulette play online free will highlight how important it is to choose the game with a lower house edge for long-term winnings.

Real money vs free European roulette

The rules and game mechanics for free European roulette and the real money variety are the same. In this regard, you won’t notice any significant difference and you have the same chances to win.

The obvious advantage of real money roulette is that if you are lucky, the stakes can turn into withdrawable amounts. When you play free European roulette game you only add more virtual currency to your bankroll.

Both real money and European roulette play free games are compatible with mobile devices. You can try them both on your smartphones and tablets, straight in the browser or through a downloadable app.

Your real money budget can be depleted if you go through a long losing streak. By contrast, virtual currency is always replenished if you run out of it. This means that you can use the free European roulette to try the martingale roulette strategy and the reverse martingale roulette without risking anything.

Pros and cons of free European roulette

  • Free European roulette is risk-free.
  • Comes in many flavors and is mobile friendly.
  • All important casinos offer free European roulette.
  • Can be used to try risky strategies
  • No real money profits if you win
  • No live free European roulette against croupiers

Frequently Asked Questions about free European roulette:

You can play free European roulette at all important Internet casinos. The same versions of roulette are available on real and virtual currency and the same rules apply
Live dealer roulette is only available to real money depositors. You can’t play free European roulette against real croupiers unless you make a deposit.
European roulette play free version gives you the chance to learn the rules while you play. It is definitely worth trying the game for free before making a deposit.
Promotions are normally reserved for real money depositors, but occasionally casinos offer no deposit bonuses. Free games are played on the virtual currency which is replenished indefinitely by the casino.

Test the waters with free European roulette

If you haven’t played the most popular casino games yet, free European roulette is your gateway to entertainment. Use it to try different versions of the game risk-free in a secure sandbox environment.

You will learn the rules, core game mechanics and get to experiment with complex strategies. By the time you play real money roulette, you will have the knowledge needed to be successful and make real profits.

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