Online casinos show a lot of flexibility when it comes to the manner in which players can enjoy the games on display. Punters have the option of trying all the games for free, using the demo version, to learn the ropes before playing on real money. In most cases, the transition from virtual to real currency is inevitable and it happens sooner rather than later. That’s because gambling is much more fun when there is a stake and the prospect of winning money while doing something you like is truly enticing.

An online casino deposit is needed to gamble for real and modern punters can choose between a broad spectrum of payment methods. In this guide, we will discuss all the online casino payment methods available and explain in detail how each of these financial instruments work. Some of them can be used exclusively to load an account, while others are also suitable to make online casino withdrawals. Once players know all the pros and cons, they are well equipped to make an educated decision.

Popular Prepaid Cards Accepted at Online Casinos

Modern gamblers want to stay in complete control of their betting routine and try to exercise solid bankroll management. That’s why they love financial instruments that allow them to make an online casinos deposit securely without spending more money than they can afford. This is where prepaid cards come in, as these financial instruments only allow users to spend the cash available. This makes them perfectly safe and an invaluable help for those concerned about the insidious threat of gambling addiction.

Prepaid cards are not only an excellent online casino deposit method, but also ideal for those who cherish privacy. That’s because anyone can purchase them from local retailers and then using anonymously to deposit funds at online casinos. People don’t need a bank account and there’s no requirement to share personal information. All it takes is entering a secure PIN to deposit funds, provided the prepaid card has been previously loaded with cash.

  • Paysafecard: is the best-known and most used of all prepaid cards, today accepted at most online ventures, including gambling operators. Regarded as one of the best payment methods online casino solutions, it has the merit of allowing instant deposits. A loaded card and a correct PIN are the only things needed to make a deposit and bet real currency at any of the many Internet casinos accepting these prepaid cards.</li>
  • EcoPayz: is a fast growing and highly popular prepaid card, which works in a similar fashion and is accepted by many Internet casinos. It offers the same advantages of speed and privacy while acting as a ward against gambling addiction. They are perfectly suited for making an online casino deposit, but just like all the other prepaid cards, they can’t be used to withdraw profits to the same payment method.

Popular Credit and Debit Cards Accepted at Online Casinos

Right from the start, online casinos have relied heavily on credit and debit cards for deposits and cash outs. Widespread and used routinely by gamblers and regular people alike, credit and debit cards are ideal online casino payment options. They allow players to deposit instantly and are widely accepted worldwide, so they are also some of the most trusted financial instruments. The main providers are VISA Mastercard, Maestro and American Express and the cards are linked to the bank accounts of their users.

Punters who choose cards for online casino deposits should make the distinction between credit and debit cards. The former are links to a line of credit, which means that users will only be billed later on and they can spend money they don’t necessarily own. If they pay the bill immediately, they won’t be charged interest, otherwise this will be applied to their debt. By comparison, the debit card is an online casino payment option where funds are drawn directly from the associated bank account. This means that punters don’t have the option of borrowing funds and they can’t deposit an amount that exceeds their budget.

  • VISA: VISA credit and debit cards are some of the most popular online casino payment methods, because they are universally accepted. The vast majority of VISA transactions occur from debit cards, although the company’s credit cards are also used extensively worldwide. They are regarded as some of the safest financial instruments and they are accepted both online and at land-based locations. Players who choose to make a casino online payment with VISA can cash out their winnings back to their bank account.
  • MasterCard: is the main competitor for Visa, with billions of transactions made every year and they also enjoy a great reputation worldwide. This credit and debit card supplier is just as trustworthy and the funds can be used for online and offline transactions. Some Internet casinos don’t allow players to make online casino withdrawals back to their MasterCard, so they have to use alternative payment methods. The same goes for Maestro, which is a multinational debit card service owned by MasterCard.
  • American Express: credit and debit cards, commonly referred to as Amex are the flagship financial product of the American Express Company. They have a tradition of nearly 170 years, having been founded back in 1850 and today they offer some of the top payment methods online casino solutions. Their cards are not as widespread as Visa and MasterCard, but are accepted at most online shops.

Popular eWallets Accepted at Online Casinos

Credit and debit cards have remained the most popular payment methods at online casinos, but e-wallets come strongly from behind. They are now the preferred online casino payment systems because of their sheer speed and low costs. Commonly referred to as electronic or digital wallets, these can be used to buy stuff online, pay for utility bills and make all sorts of other transactions. This means that players who choose to cash out their winnings back to their e-wallets, gain immediate access to the funds. Users can link their bank account, so they can load the e-wallet with funds from a card. These can also be used to transfer the cash out, although some e-wallets have their own debit cards linked to the virtual account.

  • PayPal: is one of the best-known and most prestigious e-wallet service accepted by most Internet operators. Players can use it to make an online casinos deposit and then withdraw their profits back to the virtual account with minimal delay. Hundreds of millions of people use the system every year and they cherish it for the enhanced security, fast payment and stellar customer support.
  • Skrill: is another leading e-wallet service which used to go by the name of Moneybookers, a company founded more than two decades ago. They have been the first digital wallet accepted by online casinos and their product is still used by tens of millions of people around the world. It is one of the best online casino payment methods for those who want to circumvent credit and debit cards as well as wire transfers.
  • Neteller: it used to be the main competitor for Skrill, offering similar services to online punters. The two companies have recently joined forces, but Neteller remains a secure and inexpensive standalone product. A decade ago, it was regarded as one of the online casino best payment methods, processing the vast majority of gambling related transactions. It still has a lot to offer and it can be trusted by modern punters.

Popular Offline Payment Systems Accepted at Online Casinos

Internet ventures are inclined to promote financial instruments that allow for instant deposits and speedy withdrawals. Credit, debit and prepaid cards, as well as the wallets, are preferred to offline payment systems such as bank transfers, e- checks and Western Union. These are still accepted at most online casinos, in order to provide an alternative for those who don’t use the modern payment methods.

  • Bank Transfers: Second only to credit and debit cards in terms of popularity and coverage, bank transfers remain even today one of the preferred payment casino online solutions. They are regarded as the most secure options, therefore preferred by highrollers and those who transfer larger amounts. That’s because the money is transferred straight from the bank accounts of individual players to the online casinos. Some of these transactions are performed internationally, while others involve two local accounts, which make them faster. No third parties are involved, therefore the risks are reduced and the only downside is that the waiting time on deposits and withdrawals is longer. Bank transfers are universally accepted in those cases where players can’t cash out winnings on the same payment methods they used for deposits.
  • Echeck: The eCheck payment methods at online casino are not always offered, but there are places where this deposit method can be found. Cash is electronically withdrawn from the checking account of the player and transferred into the checking account of the casino. The financial transaction has to be authorized by the user, through a signed contract, or by simply accepting the terms and conditions of the online casino.
  • Western Union: it isn’t exactly the most popular payment method casino online solution, because of the high costs of these transactions. It is however a good alternative when other financial instruments are not offered, or when players don’t have access to them. They require punters to go to a nearby Western Union branch or make a deposit from a bank offering the service and return there to collect resulting winnings.

Popular Casino Mobile Payments Accepted at Online Casino

The vast majority of Internet gamblers now use their mobile devices, which brought the casino payment methods into the spotlight. They still represent only a fraction of the financial instruments feature, but many punters see them as the best online casino payment options. That’s because they allow them to use the same handheld devices to fulfill all their gambling needs, instead of relying on computers.

  • Boku: Boku’s carrier billing solution has made it a favorite among online casino payment systems for mobile punters. Users can make deposits instantly using their monthly plan and only get charged at the end of the month when the bill arrived. For those who don’t want to use traditional payment solutions, this popular casino mobile instrument is one of the obvious choices.
  • Zimpler: is one of the online casino payment methods that appeal to those who use their mobile devices extensively for gambling. That’s because this financial instrument allows them to keep all the financial information in a single place and use the smartphone and tablet to make money transfers. Users receive a unique code that allows them to securely and quickly make an online casino deposit and withdrawal.
  • Payforit: it was initially designed to help parents cover the daily expenses for their children who attend school. The conveniences of using it on mobile devices and the similarities with prepaid cards have elevated it to the rank of popular casino online payment solution. The obvious downside is that the resulting winnings can’t be cashed out instantly back to Payforit.

Popular Cryptocurrencies Accepted at Online Casino

Crypto currencies have gained a lot of traction in recent years and they are now regarded as both reliable payment methods and speculative investment options. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the best-known digital currencies, although a plethora of other versions are available. Internet gambling operators were quick to embrace them and today punters can use them as reliable online casino payment solutions.

  • Bitcoin: is the best-known and most popular crypto currency and one accepted at many prestigious online casinos. Secure, transparent and yet anonymous, it is perfect for punters who want to maintain their gambling activities private. As an online casino payment system, it is blazingly fast, with a short waiting time on withdrawals and it allows players to make instant deposits.
  • Ethereum: is the second most traded crypto currency and one of the few that have made their way to the list of online casino payment options. Punters have to acquire it and use their crypto currency wallet to make an online casino deposit. It can be used worldwide, even in countries where online gambling isn’t properly regulated, which also explains its surging popularity.

Online Casino Payment Options FAQ:

Internet gambling operators allow players to load their accounts using credit, debit and prepaid cards, e- wallets, wire transfers, mobile payment options and crypto currencies. Each operator has a different policy and the online casino deposit methods can differ. The relevant information can be found on the page dedicated to online casino payment methods, or by getting in touch with customer support.
Under normal circumstances, any online casino deposit should be processed instantly regardless of the payment method chosen. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but flagship casinos have greatly simplified the process and have also reduced the waiting time. As long as punters have a properly funded payment method, the money should reach the online account instantly to be used for gambling.
Most of the payment methods used to make a deposit, such as credit and debit cards, e- wallets and wire transfers can also be used for withdrawals. Prepaid cards, some mobile payment solutions and offline payment systems might be excluded from the list of accepted online casino withdrawals. In these cases, the gambling operator will provide players with an alternative payment method to cash out the winnings.
A standard waiting time of 24 or 48 hours usually applies to all withdrawals and this differs from one casino to the other. The choice made by the players in regard to the payment casino online instrument can also influence the waiting time. E-wallet and crypto currency withdrawals are usually the fastest and they can be processed in a matter of hours, while credit, debit cards and wire transfers require a few days.
Every casino has a maximum amount that players can withdraw and many have different limits for each distinct online casino payment option. Information regarding these thresholds can be found on the page reserved to the payment methods or can be communicated by customer support. Online casino fast withdrawals are more likely to be subject to lower limits than secure transactions made via wire transfer.
The sky is the limit when it comes to online casino winnings, as players can win huge amounts playing progressive jackpot slots. These are currently the best paying games, but highrollers can walk away with sizable amounts by playing poker or live dealer table games. It is particularly important for big winners to choose an online casino payment method that allows them to transfer out all these major profits.
Respectable gambling operators try to keep their ventures transparent and provide punters with all the information they need. In the personal account section, players can see every payment in online casino they’ve made using one of the many payment methods available. They can compare the amount deposited with the cash out amount, so they know exactly how much money they’ve spent on gambling.
Some casinos charge a fee on small deposits and withdrawals, but in most cases, financial transactions are not subject to such charges. On the other hand, the financial institutions offering these payment methods might charge fees and apply different foreign exchange rates. These differ from one casino and one payment method to the other, so players should undertake minimal research to get their facts straight.
Mobile devices are used extensively by modern players, so it is only natural for these gadgets to be used as catalysts for deposits and withdrawals. The financial instruments recommended by us, such as Boku and Zimpler have built a solid reputation and can be trusted. There are other banking options that one can rely upon for both deposits and withdrawals and they can be found at respectable online casinos.

Online Casino Payment Options For Everyone

Online casinos are customer oriented and go to great lengths to make sure their members are well looked after. They provide them with the means to deposit funds instantly, so they don’t miss out on gambling opportunities and occasional bonuses. Instant deposits and short waiting times on cash outs provide prospective punters with the motivation to sign up for an account and make a deposit. An online casino instant withdrawal solution allows players to quickly get in possession of their funds and spend the cash as they see fit. Reliable, fast and convenient financial instruments are at the cornerstone of any enjoyable online gambling experience, so no compromises are to be made when choosing the payment methods.

Conclusion - Choose Your Online Casino Payment Method & Get Started!

Now that you know a great deal about the online casino withdrawal methods as well as the best financial instruments for deposits you can load your account with cash. The information we provided should help you deal with the paradox of choice and choose the best online casino payment method. Deposits can be made instantly at most Internet gambling operators, so in a matter of minutes you could be spinning the reels of slots or playing table games with live dealers.

Keep in mind that some online casino pay solutions can’t be used to cash out winnings and you have to use different financial instruments. Don’t forget about the commission charged by certain casinos and payment methods suppliers. These could eat into your profits, especially if you make many deposits and withdrawals of smaller magnitude. Get started with a small deposit and once you make profit, choose one of the best online casino withdrawals to enjoy your winnings without delay.