Fibonacci roulette strategy is a system used by roulette players to increase their chances of winning at the tables.

Roulette online games are one of the most popular casino games that attract many gamblers. Winning at the tables is not easy. It is not easy to beat the casino due to the inbuilt edge.

Betting strategies have been developed by experts to help them win against the house for the longest roulette streak.

Some of the strategies include reverse Martingale, martingale roulette system and the James bond strategy are some of the systems applied by roulette lovers.

But is the roulette Fibonacci system safer than martingale? We discuss this below in details.

The Fibonacci Roulette System in Details

Fibonacci roulette system was birthed from unique patterns that are evident around us. The system is thought to exist naturally and as such, players believe that the system works to their advantage.  Its application, however, should be done correctly to ensure that players win consistently at the tables. It uses a ratio- 1.618 and a red spiral that is present in flowers and animals.

Where Did The Fibonacci Betting System Roulette Come From?

Fibonacci roulette system was birthed from unique patterns that are evident around us. The system is thought to exist naturally and as such, players believe that the system works to their advantage. Its application, however, should be done correctly to ensure that players win consistently at the tables. It uses a ratio- 1.618 and a red spiral that is present in flowers and animals.

Does The Fibonacci System Apply In Gambling?

Fibonacci strategy roulette is a progressive betting strategy that uses the sequences that are deemed to be evident in nature. These systems do not alter the inbuilt house edge in a casino. When applied, a player is required to increase the stakes progressively as the game advances. It is also applicable for Pinball roulette.

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How The Gambling Strategy Works

Fibonacci, just as is the case with other gambling systems works perfectly with specific types of bets. Some of the bets where the strategy can be applied include:
• Odd or even bets
• Black or red bets
• 1-18 and 19-36 bets
This is one of the disadvantages of the system, it cannot be used on all bet types at the tables except those that have a 50% chance of winning. So we can say the Fibonacci system can not a roulette split bet strategy. Players should adhere to the numbers in the sequence as a guideline on how much should be staked for each round. For the system to effectively work, you will have to win on first bet. Winning on the 2nd or 3rd rounds leads to losses.
The game is reset to the beginning if you win on the first stake. If you are on the first round, bet on the amount indicated on the previous two digits. The system repeats itself until the player has garnered enough wins. This explains briefly one of the ways of how to win at roulette red and black.

Fibonacci Sequence Roulette System Flaws

Players look for systems that work consistently until the game is finished. Fibonacci is simply a guideline that indicates the bets amounts for each round. It does not alter the house edge or increase the odds at the table in favor of the player.
This means that the player may lose everything at later stages of the game to the casino. Gamblers need to be very careful especially if they are on a winning streak as they might lose if they solely rely on this system.
The system only allows players to bet up to the 11th number in the sequence. Given that the casino has preset limits for roulette tables, the chances of winning are narrowed down as a result. If you do not win at 89, you will lose all your wins. Roulette tips how to win when using the system is to ensure you have enough money in your bankroll.

Maximum Safety but Low Wins When Using Fibonacci

The Fibonacci sequence in roulette is popular as it is easy to learn and apply. This system cannot be used for high stakes roulettes. Players are advised, as a guide, to stake low for each round. The amount won is thus low compared to other systems.
Fibonacci does not affect the house odds at every round and this discourages players both newbies and exerts who visit casinos to make loads of money.

How Does Positive Progression And Negative Progression Work In Roulette?

Just as their names suggest, positive and negative progression systems indicate the increase or decrease of the stakes as the game progresses. Players can add or reduce the stake amount depending on the results for any round.
These alterations are dependent on the system you are working with. Positive progression betting systems urge players to increase the bets amounts if they win and decrease the stakes if they lose.
Negative progression systems are slightly different. The system urges players to increase the bet amount if they lose and decrease it if they win.

Is A Roulette Wheel Predictable?

Casino games are governed by random number generator software. Each result is thought to be random and not influenced by any external or internal factors. Roulette wheels are not perfect and thus the results of the spins can be predicted.
Designers create new models frequently to be to make them unpredictable. Gamblers have used this as a basis of making chunks of profits from the casinos. It is not easy but factors such as Dominant diamonds and Ball bounce and scatter make the wheels predictable and in favor of the skilled player.

Advantages of the Roulette Number Systems

Number systems used for roulette games should work in favor of the gambler. The roulette number system ensures that players do not lose all their money to the casino after just a few rounds at the tables. This system also allows you to have incurred substantial losses to the casino just before your deposit into the Bitcoin roulette casino site account is swallowed up by the house.
Other number systems such as the parlay roulette system focus on achieving target amounts set at the beginning of the game. Roulette number system gives the player a chance to get back what they lost and earn you a profit.

Why Is The Fibonacci Roulette System Popular?

Fibonacci sequence in roulette is used by gamblers all over the world who believe that the system can increase their odds of winning in a casino. Many strategies have been used at the roulette tables but Fibonacci, based on mathematical sequence for selecting numbers, has gained popularity.
The sequence in the Fibonacci is simply the series of the numbers in the betting system. These numbers in sequence of the roulette Fibonacci progression are used as the guideline starting from the 1st bet.
In case you lose the bet, you will have to proceed to the next number in the sequence but if you win, the system demands that you go back two numbers and placed the bet on that number.

The Fibonacci Roulette System Vs the Martingale Roulette System

The two betting systems have similar characteristics including their applications in roulette. However, they have slight differences:
• In Fibonacci, a player proceeds to the next number in the sequence if they lose. When using the martingale strategy, a player doubles the stake amount if they lose.
• If the player wins, the stake amounts decrease when using Fibonacci.
• Martingale is a high stake betting system which is riskier compared to Fibonacci which requires low wagers.

What You Need To Know Before Using the Fibonacci Roulette Payout System

Long losing streaks are common in roulette games in casinos. Betting systems come in to play to help players avoid losing streaks. Fibonacci and other betting systems do not lower the casino’s edge. Players should be very cautious when applying any betting system.
You can only adjust your betting strategy to improve your winning odds but not lower the house edge. If you notice that luck is not on your side, opt out of the game early. Stop loss limits work well for players who prefer to stay longer at the tables.

Does The Fibonacci Pattern Roulette Strategy Work For Players?

As we have mentioned above in details, the system is not a guarantee for consistent wins at the tables. Players stake specific bet amounts for every round or spin on the roulette wheel. Roulette betting strategies do not take into consideration the individual types of bets that are available for roulette.
To add to this, the system does not in any away affect the house edge regardless of whether you are playing American roulette or European roulette and even Triple Zero roulette. So you can apply Fibonacci as an American roulette strategy but the house edge will remain the same. 5.26%. But for more information, you can also check our updated guide about how to play American Roulette.

So, Where Does The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy Work?

Multiple roulette strategies are available for use by gamblers who are eager to win at the roulette wheel. One of the common strategies is the roulette wheel bias which uses statistical calculations to determine where the ball will land.
If you are using the roulette computer, your chances of winning several bets in a row are very high. Losing streaks are not eliminated. If Fibonacci is used along with the play strategies, chances of winning are higher. Other betting systems are applicable herein as well.

Should Players Use The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy When Playing Roulette?

Fibonacci allows players to increase their chance of winning during a round at the tables. This does not qualify the betting systems as the best in the roulette tables. We strongly insist that the odds of winning against the house are narrow. Players can use the numbers in sequence and if it does not work for them, they can opt for other betting systems. Example of numbers in the sequence in Fibonacci is 144 233 377 610 987. The next number is equal to the sum of the previous two bets.


Tips To Keep In Mind When Applying Fibonacci

We discuss the pros and cons of using the Fibonacci roulette strategy to players.
• Less aggressive than martingale roulette betting system
In comparison to the martingale strategy, players increase their stakes after they incur a loss but the next bet is lower than the sum of the previous one if they win.
• Easy to apply
No complex mathematical calculations are involved when using the system it is straightforward and easy to learn.
• Can be used on various bets
Players can use the system in multiple bet variations at the roulette tables.
• You have to pay attention when spinning the wheels or else you will lose everything.
• You will not be able to recover all the losses incurred during the game.
• It does not alter the odds of the house.
• It is a negative progression system limiting the amounts that can be won in the next round.

What Is The Reverse Fibonacci Roulette System?

Reverse Fibonacci roulette system is the reversed version of the popular technique Fibonacci roulette strategy. In this system, players move forward in a positive progression system if they win. If they lose, they will have to 2 steps backward. An example of the system is:
Bet on 1 and win the round
Bet on 1 again and win
Bet on 2 and win again
Bet on 3 and lose – you will have to go back two numbers
Bet on 1 again and win
Bet on 2 and win
And so forth. Players will need to win multiple times to recover the losses.

Odds for Reverse Fibonacci Roulette

The odds when using this system are risky compared to the normal Fibonacci system roulette. This is because the system is a positive progressive system that prompts players to increase their stakes after they win. However, the odds are still low because the house edge is constant and does not change regardless of the betting strategy in play.

A Quick Review On The Reverse Fibonacci Roulette System

Reverse Fibonacci in roulette is a positive progression betting system. This system helps you stay on a winning streak and does not depend on any roulette tips to win. As a result, the players maximize their profits but they have to ensure that they win consistently, otherwise they risk losing their earnings from the matches.

FAQ About The Reverse Fibonacci Roulette System

This system asks you to pick certain bet types and increase your bet amount after every loss according to the Fibonacci sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc.). Basically, it is a bankroll management system.
Since it asks you to place bets on outcomes that have a higher winning chance, it works better than most of the other systems. The bankroll management part of it, however, is just a gambler’s fallacy.
Yes, you can. The betting types required for this system are available in every variant and you can use the sequence for the bet amounts in any game you want. The Fibonacci system works on all roulette variants.
No, you don’t. Other than progressive betting systems, roulette strategies do not require a big budget. You can use the Fibonacci system with any kind of bankroll but having a big budget will let you play longer of course.

Apply The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy And Start Winning at Roulette!

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games that draw many visitors all over the world. Gambling strategies have thus been developed to help roulette lovers stand a chance at winning on the tables every other day.
Fibonacci roulette system is one of the betting strategies that players have adopted. Our article covers all the details that players need to know beforehand as well as how to use Fibonacci in roulette. We have also covered its reverse version briefly.