The size of the global online gambling industry is nearly 46 billion dollars and industry experts expect this figure to increase to 95 billion dollars in 2024.

We may reach this figure sooner than expected: Everyday, new on line casino sites are being launched and keep offering players many options.

This is a good thing, of course, but there is a problem: Which new casinos on line sites offer the best deals to players? Which ones are reputable enough?

Giving answers to these questions require expertise, and our team is more than capable to find the best new online casino sites for you.

Let’s start with the advantages of new casino sites, which are plenty.

Best New Online Casinos [2020] - Updated List



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Online New Casinos With No Deposit Bonuses: The Best Of Both Worlds

No deposit bonuses are an excellent way to start your adventure in an online casino: Without taking any financial risks, you get a starting capital for free, enabling you to win real money at a casino online with top prizes up for grabs.

As known, it is enough to complete the registration process to benefit from these promotions, and new casino sites no deposit offers are always better than the “established” ones.

You will get bigger capitals, more free spins, and lots of goodies attached to the deal when you pick one of our recommended new casino sites to play.

We have done our homework to ensure that we select nothing, but the finest new casino sign up bonus offers.

Our best online casinos with no deposit bonuses list contain only the trustworthy websites – the rates are always fair and you will be getting a real advantage by using their no deposit bonuses. Get those cash prizes, free spins, and start playing: No deposit needed.

New Online Casino Bonus Offers: Getting A Head Start

No minimum deposit casinos offer bonuses that are not the only advantageous promotion you can find in there. Every new casino needs more members, and bonuses are the best way to lure customers.

You will still be getting the same promotions: Welcome bonus, reload bonus, cashback bonus… But the rates will be much higher. In addition, you will be able to join the VIP programs right from the beginning and start accumulating comp points.

Note that there will be plenty of slot tournaments to keep in the interest alive, which will further offer you additional rewards.

In other words, you really get a head start if you pick one of our suggested new online casino sites: Instead of trying to increase your membership status in an established website, you can literally start from scratch and get those VIP bonuses earlier.

This is the most important advantage of new online casinos: You have access to everything and become a VIP player right from the start.

How Many New Online Casino Sites Out There?

To be honest, nobody knows how many new casino online sites out there. Even the best guess of industry experts is somewhere between 3.000 and 4.000.

This is mostly due to the fact that companies can launch multiple new casinos with a single license. In other words, casino operators launch new online casinos all the time and it is impossible to keep track them all.

And this is why you should focus on quality, instead of quantity. Finding a new on line casino site is not a hard job: The internet is full of them. But finding the best and trustworthy ones will be a real challenge.

Only a couple of latest online casino sites really deserve your money. Well, we are here to help you – below, you can see our criteria that will help you to pick the best and latest online casinos.

Use Our Newest Online Casino 2020 List To Find The Best Deals

Before starting to talk about our criteria, let us mention that we already picked the best new online casinos for you: You can find them in this guide and on our website.

While preparing our new list of new online casinos, we have reviewed more than a hundred casino websites and tested every feature of them in detail.

We became members, deposited money, withdrawn winnings, played the most profitable casino games, and created “scenarios” for the customer support team, in order to see how helpful they are. More importantly, we tested each bonus offer and saw that they are really useful or not.

In other words, we spent dozens of hours during our reviews and made sure you are getting the best deals out there. So, we highly recommend playing at one of our newest online casinos – all of them will offer you a safe, secure, and fair environment to gamble.

To learn more about how we picked these new online casino sites, keep reading.

Picking The Best New Casino Sites: Things To Know

Evaluating a casino site is not an easy job. At first glance, every new online casino claims to be the best. The “surface” is full of exciting offers: Welcome bonuses that give amazing amounts of money for free, free spins that can be used on slot machines, great VIP programs that will allow you to win points… The “shiny” part of new online casino sites picture a world filled with wonders. But after spending years in this industry, we know what to look: Instead of the “advertisements”, we focus on “real numbers”.

  • Security and legality. We only review licensed casino sites, this is our first and most important criteria. We never review (and recommend) unlicensed casinos, as they cause a lot of problems. Moreover, we only pick casinos with reputable licenses, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Malta Gambling Authority. We advise you to do the same: Any casino can get a license from an African country, for example, but only the reputable ones will go for European licenses, such as italian online casinos or online casinos in Poland.
  • Fairness. The number and quality of games are important, of course, but them being fair is more important. Even the best slot machines in the world are not worth playing if they don’t offer satisfying RTP values. Therefore, we check whether the new casinos work with independent auditors (such as eCOGRA and iTechLabs) and publish their RTP rates publicly. We make sure that you have a real winning chance.
  • Best games. Game providers define the quality and quantity of games in online casino sites. There are dozens of independent providers who develop games for turn-key white label casino sites and their games are not that good, for the lack of a better word. But new casinos that work with reputable providers such as Microgaming, IGT, Netent, and Novomatic, always offer the best casino games that can appeal to every taste. We find new casinos that offer more than 600 games at least and from well-known providers tend to make the top new casino sites. The new casino software is springing up all the time, so we keep tabs on that at our recommended online casino websites, too.
  • Fair bonuses. As we mentioned above, the “rates” of bonuses are not that important. The thing that makes a bonus offer well is fair wagering rates: Every casino can offer a welcome bonus with a 600% rate, for example, but if the wagering rate is 60x, you will never be able to complete it. Therefore, we ensure that you are getting the best new online casino bonus offers with fair rates. Speaking of which, we also list new bonus codes for online casinos on a regular basis, so don’t forget to visit us often.
  • Good customer support. Even the world’s greatest casino is worthless if it fails to offer helpful and professional customer support. When you have a problem, support representatives will be the first ones to greet you, so this should be an excellent experience. We expect new casinos to solve problems within 24 hours and offer multiple ways to reach the support team, telephone and live chat included. In this regard, we create scenarios and see how good the agents really are – if they fail to impress us, we don’t even list them.
  • Positive reputation. We regularly check the comments of members on multiple websites to see the reputation of new casinos. Reading these reviews tells us two things: First, we are able to see the “real” customer experience. Second, we see how active the support team really is. Do they answer member comments? Are they active on social media too? Reputation among players is an important issue and can tell you lots of things about a new casino.
  • Mobile compatibility. Lastly, every new online casino we review has to offer mobile gambling options: An app, a dedicated mobile website, games that can run on multiple mobile operating systems… The more the merrier. Mobile gambling is on the rise and we make sure that you can play anywhere and anytime you like with our carefully selected newest mobile casinos.

Only the websites that can offer all of these things can enter to our best new online casino sites list. In other words, we don’t recommend casinos that failed to satisfy us. And this is why we are different: Our visitors get honest and professional advice. You can be sure that you will get a fun and profitable gambling experience if you pick one of the recommended new online casinos.

FAQ About New Casinos Online

There are multiple reasons for this, but the most important one is the advantage of bonuses, as we mentioned above. You will still get the same bonus offers in new online casino sites, don’t get us wrong: Welcome bonus, reload bonus, no deposit bonus, cashback bonus… The good old promotions. But the rates will be much higher and the terms will be much fairer. Instead of depositing 100 EUR and get 100 EUR, for example, you can deposit 100 EUR and get 200 EUR – a 200% increased match rate. This is just an example and all of the promotions will have much advantageous rates.

There are other reasons too: New online casino sites will accept every member to their VIP programs right from the start and you can start collecting CP (comp points) as soon as possible. These points can be converted to real cash in the future and will allow you to get personal bonuses. In any case, don’t forget that change is always good: Look for opportunities instead of sticking with only one casino site.
If you pick one of our recommended casino sites, yes. As explained above, we only suggest casinos that operate legally and have a license from a reputable agency. In addition, we check for whether they have a membership to an organization such as IGC and EGBA or not. Knowing these details is an important part of the casino evaluation process and you should always do the same too. Here is a pro tip: Check the bottom of the main page of a new casino site and look for the logo if the licensor. Click on that logo – the validation page of the agency should open. If such a page does not launch, you may be at a casino site that imitates a license, which is an important security risk (and fraud).
Simply put, yes. New casinos are always in need of new members and to encourage them, they will always offer better deals. This is simple marketing, if you want the customers to change their habits, you need to offer them something better. We can guarantee that the bonus offers at new casinos will always be higher and better than the established ones. The only thing you need to look for is the fairness of these offers – don’t fall for high rates alone and always read the terms & conditions. Check the wagering rate before anything else and find out if there is a time limit to complete the wagering – these two issues are the most important ones. İdeally, there should be no time limit and the wagering rate should not exceed 30X (the lower the better).
You can’t. Even the most professional gambler in the world can’t understand whether a casino game is fair or not. This is why independent audition agencies exist: They test the games of new casinos on a regular basis and ensure that they are fair. The results of these auditions can sometimes be found in the casino site – if this is the case, don’t forget to read it. You must be seeing at least a 95% overall RTP rate in these reports. If the reports are not published, check the RTP rates of games by looking at their paytable screens.

For slot machines, the rate must be 95% and above. For blackjack and video poker, these rates must be 98% minimum. 96-97% rates are acceptable for table games, such as roulette. Note that RTP rates won’t guarantee a game is fair but they will give you an idea about how frequent you can score a winning. If you are not getting any winnings after a thousand spins in a slot machine, for example, something may be wrong. If you don’t want to deal with this problem, make sure to pick one of our recommended new casinos – all of them are fair.
We cannot pick a single newcasino among the ones we suggest: We believe that every player has different needs and expectations and therefore, the “best” new casino will also be different for everybody. That’s why instead of picking one website, we created a full list: We recommend you more than one casino so you can try them all and find the one that suits your game style. Don’t forget that there is no single casino site that is best at everything. You should have multiple accounts and switch between them to get the best deals.
Well, we cannot guarantee you will score a winning, but we can guarantee two things: First, yes, you can win real money at these new casinos. Second, you will be able to withdraw your winnings – this is more important than the first. You can try all of the games in these casino sites for free and you can switch to real money gameplay anytime you want. Doing this will allow you to get paid in real money too, as long as you win the games.
We have even a better thing: All of the new online casinos mentioned in this article (and on our website) fully support mobile gambling. In other words, you can access their websites with your mobile devices (iOS or Android) and play the games on them. Some of these sites offer native applications too, which you can download directly from the site itself or from the App Stores. In short, you don’t need to use separate websites for desktop and mobile gambling: Our recommended new casinos offer them both.

Start To Play At A New Online Casino Today And Claim Your Bonus!

You now know everything about new online casino sites and what kind of advantages they offer. But more importantly, you learned how to pick new online casinos. It is time to make some practice: Use your knowledge and pick a brand new online casino today.

Or, just pick one of the websites we mentioned in our new online casinos 2020 list – we already selected the best ones for you and tested them in detail.

No matter which option you prefer, make sure to claim your welcome bonus at the beginning because, as you already know, new online casino bonuses are the best ones!

If you’re still unsure, why not play at some of our recommended free online casino sites?

We will keep updating this article on a frequent basis, so don’t forget to visit us to see additional top new online casinos. Good luck out there!