We wouldn’t blame you if you were puzzled by the words Pinball Roulette.

Although the Pinball Roulette online slot machine is a somewhat popular game inside the online casino scene, new players are often confused by what exactly it consists of.

Simply put, the name says it all. The game mixes the thrill of Roulette with our love of classic pinball to bring us a twist on classic Roulette as we’ve never seen before.

Instead of a Roulette wheel, the ball is launched into a pinball machine where it has the chance to land in one of the pockets. Just like a classic Roulette wheel, the pockets of the pinball machine are marked with European Roulette numbers and colors.

If this doesn’t seem simple enough for you, you can take it up with the creators of Pinball Roulette – Playtech and Ash Gaming. Bellow we have prepared a list of Playtech casinos where you can play Pinball Roulette for free or real money, together with other Playtech roulette versions, like the Mini roulette.

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The rules and gameplay of Pinball Roulette

There are quite a few similarities and differences between Pinball Roulette gameplay and that of traditional Roulette. The game starts like many classic casino table games, with placing down a bet. If you know how to play Roulette and you master the roulette rules or European roulette rules, then you know what comes next. The ball is launched, but instead of on a wheel, it’s in a pinball machine where it lands in one of the machine’s pockets.

This would usually be it, but if you want to learn how to play Pinball Roulette, then you should get familiar with the next part. What makes Pinball Roulette special is the bonus round you’re granted if you manage to get a winning bet. A new Pinball Roulette machine will appear with different options. With a bit of luck and solid gameplay, you have the chance to win 10 times your original bet here!

The new pinball machine has a few extra options to offer, some work in your favor, some don’t. One of these options comes from the four stars on the machine. If you manage to get the ball to cross the paths of all four stars, you’ll get a 5 times multiplier regardless of where the ball lands. Another nice feature is the chance to obtain an extra ball! You can acquire this by getting the ball into the upper section of the bonus table.

Why Pinball roulette is so special

When it comes to popularity, Pinball Roulette online isn’t exactly on the top of many lists. This isn’t stopping it from being a fan-favorite among a lot of players though! The magic of Pinball Roulette comes from the action-packed gameplay it sports. Sure, there are a lot of exciting slots and table games out there you could say the same for, but none of them are as creative and wacky as Pinball Roulette.

Another thing that makes Pinball Roulette so beloved is the win potential! Players can combine their love of low stakes Roulette with Pinball Roulette and end up making some solid winnings while investing close to nothing. Thanks to the big advantages players can snag in the bonus round, the chances of getting more than you might have expected are quite high!

Where to find Pinball roulette

Surprisingly enough, Pinball Roulette isn’t as easy to find as you’d think. The game isn’t available in a lot of online casinos, but luckily we did find a few that do offer real money and free play Pinball Roulette:

  • Casino.com
  • Mansion Casino
  • Betfair Casino
  • BetVictor
  • Cashino

It’s somewhat disappointing that some of the biggest online casinos out there don’t offer the game. Pinball Roulette bet365 for instance would have been a great option for the casinos already large existing player base. The situation is similar to Pinball Roulette William Hill. The casino offered the game up until recently but has chosen to discontinue it.

Thankfully, some excellent casinos do host Pinball Roulette. Betfair and Casino.com are great examples of top-notch online casinos where you can try the game. On top of hosting the game, most of the casinos on the list do give players a chance to play Pinball Roulette free so they can get familiar with it before they decide to play for real money. You can also find other Roulette versions in these casinos including European Roulette Gold, and Martingale Roulette.

The steps to take when playing Pinball roulette

The Pinball Roulette layout doesn’t resemble the traditional European Roulette setting, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the same kinds of bets and use a well-known Roulette strategy.

Players can still make straight up bets, column bets, even money bets, and Roulette outside bets by choosing the corresponding keys on the grid. With this in mind, here are the steps you need to take to play from our Pinball Roulette guide:

Step 1
Place the stakes and click on “bet”.
Step 2
Wait for the ball to land in a pocket.
Step 3
If you lose, you can click the “Rebet” button to place the same bet again.
Step 4
If you win, you can choose to collect your winnings or proceed to the bonus round.
Step 5
You can also choose the “Turbo” option if you want to skip the game animation and go straight to revealing the winning number.

Payouts from Pinball roulette

We can start this off by saying that Pinball Roulette has quite a high Return to Player percentage of 97.30%. Compared to a lot of other casino games, this RTP is very solid.

When compared to some popular Roulette variants out there, Pinball Roulette goes neck and neck with Immersive Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, Blaze Live Roulette, 3D roulette and Penny Roulette, while the classics versions of European Roulette (including free European roulette) and French Roulette have a somewhat higher RTP.

The amount players can win from playing Pinball Roulette, of course, also depends on the type and size of the bets they place.

Since the maximum betting limit on particular bets in Pinball Roulette goes up to 10,000$, it’s safe to say that Pinball Roulette falls into the high stakes Roulette category, able to bring players some very hefty payouts if they’re lucky.

Recommended strategies and quick tips for playing Pinball Roulette


Surprisingly enough, following a simple Roulette guide is pretty much all you need to give it your best shot in Pinball Roulette. A solid Pinball Roulette strategy doesn’t differ much from the ones you see for classic Roulette, so the Fisher Roulette strategy and James Bond Roulette strategy are both applicable.

The game mostly banks on luck, so the best thing you can do to increase your odds of winning is to implement a well-thought-out Roulette money management scheme.

Some other roulette tips that you might want to look into are the ones on the best numbers to play in Roulette. While these don’t exactly apply to Pinball Roulette as there’s no wheel to spin, some superstitious players can go for number 17, the most commonly hit number in classic Roulette.

Casino bonuses for Pinball Roulette

Since Pinball Roulette isn’t the most common casino game you’ll find out there, it’s incredibly rare to find an exclusive Pinball Roulette Bonus. The bonuses you might benefit from in Pinball Roulette are the classic Deposit Match bonuses handed out in most online casinos.

These bonuses usually apply to most slots and classic casino games, meaning that you might have the chance to use the bonus money to go a few rounds in Pinball Roulette.

Is the Pinball Roulette game a scam?


It’s not uncommon to see this question pop up related to a lot of casino games. Like with most other games, some players are bound to have a bad experience. With Pinball Roulette, the common complaint is low payouts.

While we can’t claim anything with 100% certainty, one thing we do know is that both Playtech and Ash Gaming are both respected and trustworthy game developers that make sure their games are provably fair before releasing them to the public.

Another complaint about Pinball Roulette we’ve heard is that the ball is set up to purposely avoid certain areas on the screen. While it might seem like that sometimes if you’re in a spur of bad luck, we doubt that there’s any truth to these claims. If any of these claims are a cause for suspicion, you can always try the games for free and test these theories out yourself.

Pros and Cons of Pinball Roulette

  • Innovative concept
  • Exciting and action-packed
  • Easy to learn
  • Hard to find online
  • Lower RTP than traditional Roulette

Frequently Asked Questions about Pinball roulette:

You can play Pinball Roulette both for free and for real money in most online casinos it’s available in.
No. You can use strategies that might improve your odds of winning but the game is cheat-proof.
While we’re not sure what that exact number is on Pinball Roulette, with classic Roulette the most common number that hits is 17.
We’re not sure which the least common number hit on Pinball Roulette is but with classic Roulette, it’s between the numbers 6 and 34.
Yes. The Pinball Roulette game is well-optimized for mobile. It is a mobile roulette you can play it in an online casino through their mobile browser.

It's time to try Pinball roulette!

Despite its slight problem with rarity, in this Pinball Roulette review, we’ve seen that Pinball Roulette is a wonderful addition to the Roulette games family. The fast-paced game is an innovative marvel that brings some novelty to a genre of games that have mostly stuck to their roots.

It might take you a bit of time to find a respectable online casino that hosts Pinball Roulette, but once you do, you can expect incredible gameplay coupled with a great chance to win big prizes, just like Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo with one of the biggest roulette win in  Madrid.

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