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This article will give you a better insight into the casino world, and help you select the best online casino Australia.

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Select The Best Casino Sites in Australia

The first step to take is to choose reputable online casino sites in Australia. What most players don’t understand is that this the most important decision through the whole gambling experience. The key elements to consider before choosing one include:

  • Security – The safety of your data and your earnings should be a priority. Select casinos that have a proven record of being safe, that have security measures in place an have been authorised. Gambling sites should at least have a 128 SSL bit encryption.
  • License – Just as important as security is, so is a license. Different jurisdictions have different laws and authority bodies that issue licenses. Ensure the site has been licensed by a recognized body in the region it operates.
  • Banking – How will you get your money? How will you deposit money into your casino account? These are the two main questions to ask when considering this factor. There should be a valid answer available, and, if not look for another site.
  • Payouts – What is the average payout range of the casino? How many players have won money in the past? This determines what you can potentially win in the casinos, and is a key determinant. The top online casino Australia has an average payout of above 93%.
  • Mobile Casinos – Can you play on mobile? Will you be required to download software or can you play online? Find out the answers before selecting a gambling site.
  • Gaming – What games are available? Are your favourite game variations available in the online gambling site?
  • Support – How is the customer support service? Are they available 24/7? Are they fast in responding to issues?

Online Mobile Casino Australia

With the increase of mobile users, casinos are making a great effort in optimising their software for these hand-held gadget users. A majority of the casinos in Australia today are mobile phone optimised.

This feature enables players to access multiple games on the go right within their comfort zones. They tend to mostly be compatible with iOS and Android phone and tablets. Despite the number of games being averagely less than on desktop software, the mobile casinos offer unmatched convenience and ease of access.

Online Casino Australia No Deposit Bonus

Gambling websites offer players bonuses and other incentives to attract them and keep them playing. Whether you prefer spinning slots or rolling dice in a game of craps, online casinos have unbelievable offers that could instantly boost your wager balance.

The most common bonuses are the Welcome ones, where the player gets a match of the first deposit. In some cases, casinos will reward you without making any cash deposit with the no deposit bonus. However, these offers are extremely rare and have crazy wagering requirements.

The other types of common bonuses available in online casinos are:

  • Cashback bonus – where a percentage of loss is returned to the player’s account.
  • The loyalty or VIP bonuses – These are special offers that are issued only to the long-term players who have met certain criteria.
  • Weekly/ monthly Offers – These are seasonal promotions that run for a specific time frame or on a specific date.

To avoid missing out any online casino Australia real money bonus, read the Promotions page of the selected online casino and, open the emails sent by the casino’s support team. Also, understand all the playthrough rates before choosing a bonus.

Best Australian Casino Software

For those who don’t know, casinos operate with the use of game software developed by independent companies. There are more than 100 developers in the world who provide an endless list of games to online casinos. Some of the leading software developers that contribute to casinos in Australia include:

  • The Betsoft – This developer has been in business for more than a decade. It specialises in the creation of top-notch, high-quality 3D graphic games of all sorts.
  • Rival – Rival Gaming has over 150 different games and has also been around for more than a decade. The game types it offers include Craps, Blackjack, Slots, Pai Gow, Red Dog, Roulette, Poker and VideoPoker.
  • RTG – Commonly known for being the best game developer in the whole casino industry, RTG lives up to its name. Founded in 1998, it is one of the oldest and most reliable software creators today.

Leading Casino Payment Methods

As we mentioned earlier, it is important to play in casinos that have the right and convenient payment options. The transaction channels that are most reliable and easy to access include:

  • Online casino PayPal Australia – Paypal casino Australia online is one of the leading payment options for online casinos in Australia.
  • VISA and MasterCard – This is one of the fastest transaction option available in online casinos in Australia. Deposits using either of these are usually instant. Withdrawals can be instant or take a few hours/days.
  • Bank Transfers – Bank transfers are the safest means of transaction. However, the processes can take up to a couple of days depending on your bank’s policy.
  • Ukash – Ukash is a UK based electronic payment system that works in Australia as well.
  • E-checks – E-checks are electronic checks that work the same as a conventional paper check. They are safe, however, the transactions may take longer.
  • POLi – POLi is one of the safest transaction and payment systems based in Melbourne Australia. It is a secure alternative to other e-wallets such as Paypal, Skrill e.t.c.
  • Neteller – Neteller is one of the oldest online payment systems that guarantee the security of personal data and swift transactions.
  • Skrill – Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is one of the most reliable online transaction systems. It allows players to make low-cost money transfers to and from your casino account through any device over the internet.

Is There a Legal Online Casino Australia; Can You Trust Them?

Are there any trustworthy safe online casino Australia? The answer is Yes, but select them with caution. Australian online casinos are trustworthy and reliable because of the following:

  • Licensed and Legal – Most are legal and have proper licenses from recognised authorities.
  • Safest Casinos – You can trust the safe casinos that have additional protection systems in place.
  • Speedy Payouts – Get paid instantly through their speedy payout system.
  • Expert Opinions – Use the unbiased online casino Australia reviews to guide you through the process of selecting one to gamble in.

Online Casino Games In Australia

Let’s have a look at some of the best casino games available to online Australian players. Some of these games have turned basic players into millionaires:

  • Roulette – Roulette is a fun game originally from French that has been embraced globally. There are two main variations of the game; the French/ European that has 37 numbers and the American with 38 numbers. So the player places a bet. He predicts whether the ball will fall on either of the single numbers, one of the colours, an odd or even number and multiple other variations. The player only wins if the ball lands on either of his/her predictions once the ball stops spinning.
  • Blackjack – Blackjack is a card game, where players come together to not compete against themselves but the dealer. The player places a bet, then the dealer serves him with cards. The player can opt to double his bet, or ‘hit’ which adds more cards, or ‘STAND’ to play the hand. The player wins if his cards exceed the dealer’s and are below 21.
  • Sports Betting – Sports betting involves predicting game results before the game starts or during the game. If your prediction is right, you win the specified amount. Follow your favourite sports on any live online casino Australia.
  • Online Pokies – Slots or pokies are the simplest and most entertaining gambling games. They come in different themes, with attractive symbols/graphics and mind-blowing sound effects. To play these games, place a bet within the game’s limits, choose the number of pay lines to bet on according to the game’s rules, then hit spin. You win if a winning combination based on the paytable is formed on the reels within any activated pay line.
  • Poker – Poker comes in so many variations. It is a card game just like blackjack, that requires skill and strategy. What cuts across in all the variants is the gameplay, where the players place a bet and based on the card combinations at hand, they win according to the game’s rules.
  • Baccarat – Baccarat is a card game between a player and a banker. There are three outcomes in the game; the player has an upper hand, the banker has an upper hand or a tie between the two. The game also has multiple variations, read through each game rule and practise before playing with real money.
  • Keno – Keno is more of a lottery game, where players select a couple of numbers. If their selection is right, they win based to the pay table payouts listed.
  • Craps – Craps is a dice game where players place bets on the outcome of the dice once rolled out. The game is commonly played in the streets and also available in online casinos in Australia.
  • Bingo – Bingo is the name of cards and numbers. When the game begins the player is handed a card with 24 numbers ranging from 1 -90 or 1-75 (American). A set of random numbers will then be called out. If any of the numbers called outmatch any on the player’s cards, he should circle them out. When the numbers circled out to fill up a row, column, diagonal line or the whole card; the player calls out ‘BINGO’, and the corresponding prize is rewarded.

Australian Online Casinos FAQ:

Online casinos in Australia are highly regulated. There is no ban on gaming activities, however, online casinos are restricted in many ways such as advertising.
Yes, they are entirely safe only if you use our guide above to choose the right ones.
These are fun games with reels, symbols, bonuses and instant payouts.
Pokies are even better online. This is because they can be played on the go and there is a wide selection to choose from.
Australians spend over $18 billion per annum according to a report done in 2019 so it’s quite popular in the region.
Most Australian casinos have demo versions for their games, where gamers can try them out for free.
Read through the casino’s promotions pages and search the internet for affiliate sites with additional bonuses. Once you get the list of available bonuses, chose the one with the best offer and lowest play through rate.
Make deposits through any of the payment options listed in the casinos. Withdrawals can be made through the same process.
No, they are not taxed as the government doesn’t view them as a source of income but a hobby.
The best online casino payout range is above 93%.
Look for casinos with proper licenses, a wide game selection, convenient payment channels, great bonuses, reliable customer service and high payout range.

Is Gambling Online in Australia a Waste of Time?

Today there are a number of authorized online casinos operating in Australia. But the question is, are they worth it? Or a total waste of time?

Do players actually hit the jackpot in these highly ranked games?  The answer is yes. There have been slot players like who have raked in thousands of dollars in earnings from playing in online casinos.

You too could be the next big winner if you gamble smartly. The only way to win is by placing real money bets. Are you ready?