Triple zero roulette is one of the many varieties of the popular game that can be found at online casinos. The game can be played at online casinos, as well as brick-and-mortar operators, including the biggest names in Las Vegas. There are no differences between Sands Casino roulette, the games at the Venetian and roulette triple zero games online.

In this guide to playing roulette we analyze the triple zero roulette game, the probability of winning and suggest the best casinos to play roulette online on real and virtual money.


What is triple zero roulette and how does it work?

If you are familiar with American roulette, European roulette or French roulette, you will have no problem in figuring out what is triple zero roulette. That’s because the game has the same format, uses the same payout table and is played by the same roulette rules as European roulette rules. The only difference consists in the fact that it has the 000 slot which influences the house edge. Basically, single zero roulette has the lowest house edge, double zero roulette is slightly more difficult to beat and 3 zero roulette has the worst odds to win.

The game was created by the guys at the Venetian, a prestigious casino in Las Vegas. Right from the start, people were concerned that the triple 0 roulette had bad odds, but chose to play anyway. Today it can be found online at some casinos who offer both low stakes roulette and high stakes roulette. Veteran punters usually avoid it because of the high triple zero roulette house edge, but it still has enough fans.

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What are the odds and payouts of triple zero roulette?

Essentially, the payouts are unaffected and the same as European roulette payouts, as you win the same amount with triple zero roulette, but the chances to win are worse. There are no best numbers to play in roulette, so regardless of the number you choose to bet on, the odds will be stacked against you.

🔴 Because of the extra slot, the triple zero roulette odds are far worse than when you play European or American roulette online.

⚫ If you bet on individual numbers, the true odds are 38-1 instead of 35-1, but the net profits are still 35 times the stakes.  

What’s the house edge in triple zero roulette?

As stated above, triple zero roulette payouts don’t differ from roulette payouts you can expect at games with one or two zero slots.

Further Information

🔴 The problem is that because of the extra zeros on the wheel, the chances of winning shrink to 46.15%.

⚫ This is a big problem especially when dealing with roulette outside bets, where you have 18 out of 39 chances to win. Because of the triple zero roulette wheel layout you have 21 losing slots for bets that in theory, should have a 50-50 chance of winning.

🔴 To put things into perspective, triple zero rules increase the house edge to 7.69%.

⚫ Single zero roulette has a 2.6% edge and double zero roulette boosts it to 5.26%.

🔴 You can use a triple zero roulette simulator to test these numbers, but they are easy to calculate. Simply divide 3 (the zero slots) to 39 (total number of slots) and you get the 7.69% which is the house edge. The number is higher compared to regular games and it makes roulette money management more difficult, while decreasing the odds of winning.

Why do people play triple 0 roulette?

After reading half of our triple zero roulette guide and learning about the odds, you probably want to avoid it. There are, however, people who enjoy the roulette triple zero and play it at live dealer casinos. Some assume that by using roulette strategies that work, like the Fibonacci roulette strategy, they can beat the house edge. Others simply look at the odds of hitting triple zero in roulette and are not deterred by the numbers. There are also people who play penny roulette and try triple zero roulette for fun.

The main reason why people spin the triple zero roulette wheel is the financial incentive. Some operators have bonuses and award more points through the casino VIP program to those who try the game. This motivates players to learn how to play the triple zero roulette and try to find roulette tips to succeed. Only a few casinos offer bonuses high enough to justify these triple zero roulette how to win attempts.

Regular roulettes vs triple zero roulette

To better understand the game and come up with a reasonable triple zero roulette strategy it’s worth comparing it to other varieties of the game. A glance at the triple zero roulette layout will highlight the fact that the 000 slot is the only difference.

Some games such as the IGT triple zero roulette, which you can find at IGT casinos, can differ visually, but overall they are governed by the same rules. The extra 0 slots on the triple zero roulette wheel increase the house edge and reduce the odds of winning. These arguments should be enough to choose European roulette instead of looking for the best roulette strategy for triple zero.

Advantages and disadvantages of triple zero roulette

  • Triple zero roulette can be fun to try as a distraction
  • The game can be played for free online without taking chances
  • Some casinos offer bonuses and better comp point conversion
  • The odds of winning are much worse and the house edge higher

FAQs: Your questions on triple zero roulette answered

There is no difference between American and European roulette in terms of the payout. And for the Triple Zero roulette it is the same The problem is that the extra zero slots increase the house edge and reduce the odds of winning.
The odds of hitting the 000 slot are 1 in 39, just like any other number on the triple zero roulette wheel. There are no best numbers to bet in triple zero roulette, so the odds are 2.65% for all of them.
The triple zero roulette house edge is 7.69%, which is much higher than the 2.6% for single zero roulette. This reduces the odds of winning in the long run, and makes choosing the triple zero roulette unreasonable.
You can find roulette triple zero at many online and brick-and-mortar casinos. It is not as popular as European and American roulette, especially among punters who seek the best odds.

Triple zero roulette – When more means less

Spinning the triple zero roulette wheel makes little sense if you seek a game with low house edge. The European and American versions of roulette are much better and easier to beat in the long run. Some casinos offer bonuses and better comp point conversion, to reduce the impact of the high house edge. Feel free to try triple zero roulette at such casinos if you want to experience something different. Overall, triple zero roulette is a shining example of a game where more is less.