Roulette is the most popular casino game in the world, but unfortunately, it is illegal in some countries. California is one of the US states where games of chance playing with a ball are illegal, so mystery card roulette was invented.

The game can be enjoyed at several casinos and bears many similarities to the classic game. In this guide, we look at different versions of the game, such as San Manuel mystery card roulette and Thunder valley roulette to help you better understand the rules and roulette payouts.

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What is Mystery card roulette?

California mystery card roulette was the first variation of this game and it spawned several game varieties. Thunder roulette and San Manuel number are some of the California roulette with cards and they all share the same roulette rules. Since the classic roulette wheel would make the game illegal in California, mystery card roulette casino games were created. A card mixing system is used and the software has 38 cards, corresponding to the roulette numbers.

Instead of having a ball land on the winning number, the card Roulette game will use the roulette cards to determine the winner. The shuffler replaces the standard wheel in a card roulette game, but the layout can differ in Thunder valley casino roulette and other casinos.

The dealer operates the shuffler and stops it when it slows down, before removing the card placed in front of the flapper. Roulette mystery cards picked the winner, but that’s the only difference but all the other roulette terms are the same.

Play Mystery card roulette – Step by Step

Step 1
Choose between the European and American mystery card roulette
Step 3
Place an inside or outside bet once the dealer activates the shuffler
Step 4
Wait for the dealer to pick up the card in front of the flapper
Step 5
Claim your winning mystery card roulette bet and play again

Tips and tricks of playing Mystery card roulette

Once you find the mystery card roulette casino, you can sit down at high roller tables or play penny roulette. Regardless of the preferred limits, these are the roulette tips that you should consider to avoid any mystery card roulette trap.

Some of them also work well for other versions of the game and can be incorporated in roulette strategies that work.

  • Keep your bets sensible – don’t wager more than you can afford and exercise roulette money management. This applies to both land-based casinos and roulette online games.
  • Try the game for free – in order to learn the mystery card roulette rules try casino mystery card roulette for free. Use demo versions to get familiar with the mystery card roulette terms and rules.
  • Choose European roulette when possible – a mystery card roulette wheel with a single zero carries a lower house edge. European mystery card-based roulette games are always preferable.

Pros and Cons of Mystery card roulette

  • Mystery card roulette betting rules are simple
  • Spice up the standard game with special rules
  • Legal in states where classic roulette isn’t offered
  • The best numbers playing roulette and standards strategy apply
  • Hard to find at online casinos
  • Each round takes excessively long

Mystery card roulette FAQ

The mystery card roulette play game is identical to classic roulette. The only difference is that instead of the ball determining winners, the roulette mystery cards indicate the winning number.
If you play at a licensed mystery card roulette casino, you won’t have to fear a roulette cheat. Regulated operators can’t afford to tarnish their reputation with Pharaoh cheats, so you’ll be in good hands.
The payouts are identical with those offered in classic roulette games. If you use the proper mystery card roulette strategy and bet larger amounts, you can win similarly high sums.
Mystery card roulette is actually more popular in land-based casinos in California than online. You will have an easier task finding a brick-and-mortar casino offering the game than an Internet operator.

Let some mystery into your roulette gaming sessions

Roulette has been around for centuries and changed only slightly over the years. Mystery card roulette is one of the most popular varieties, at least in terms of visual appeal.

The game mechanics are the same, so if you want to try something different without straying too far from the classic, this game should be considered. Give mystery card roulette a chance and see how this original game feels at online casinos.