There are literally thousands of online casino websites with a casino VIP program on the internet: Nobody knows the exact figures, but the best estimate of industry professionals is somewhere between 3.000 and 4.000.

And when it comes to online casino VIP programs, we are pretty sure no one knows any numbers: Between loyalty programs and different casino VIP online deals, it can be literally thousands.

And these figures keep increasing, due to new online casinos (and new online casino VIP programs) launching every month.

In other words, when you make search for “online casino 2023”, for example, you will see a lot of results. And this figure will be much bigger when you search for “best online casino deals”, you can be sure of that.

Even searching for “trustworthy online casinos” will yield thousands of results, because each and every casino website claims to be the best new online casino and the most “legit” one.

Finding an online casino with the best bonuses and the most profitable casino games will be a quite challenging job, especially if you are a beginner.

There are lots of UK casino companies and every one of them claims to offer the best casino deals.

And if you believe the numbers, each of them offers many types of casino bonuses and other online casino promotions.

Well, as can be guessed, not all of the new online casinos out there are the “best” ones, and finding legit instant play casino sites can be quite challenging. The marketing lines are impressive and attractive, but offering a casino VIP program or a bonus with a high percentage is not enough to become a most trusted casino.

And these tactics certainly won’t be enough to enter our list of casinos for 2023: We look for much more while preparing our top new online casinos lists, including mobile casino Poland sites, best online casino Norway sites, such as Nordea casino, online casino german sites, and online casino Italian sites.

So, how you can find the biggest online casino bonus, the top 100 best online casinos with VIP programs, and the most respected online casino operators among these options? What is the secret of finding the best legit online casino?

Well, as always, we are here to help you: In this comprehensive approved online casino guide, you can find everything you need to know about casino online sites, their bonuses, and various payment options including ClickandBuy. We will also give you the best list of casinos in 2023, so you can start playing right away. You can also learn how much can you cash out at a casino without taxes.

We will also take a short look at online gambling history, show you the common features of safe online casinos, and answer your most commonly asked questions, such as which new online casino sites are the best.

Basically, this article will be about the most legit online casinos you can find on the internet in 2023.

Let’s start: This will be a fun and profitable journey and we will play at the best new casinos in the end!

Top Real Money Online Casinos [2023] - Full List



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The Short History Of Casino Online: What Happened So Far

We are sure that you heard the name “Microgaming”. It is one of the best online casino software providers but it is also the company who “invented” online casino sites. In the 90s, Microgaming was a small company that developed mobile slots for Java-based cell phones. (Yes, for example, mobile casino Norway games existed even before the era of smartphones.)

In 1995, Microgaming decided to offer these games on a website and put an option to play them with real money. Note that the internet was fairly new back then and online payment systems were not available at all.

Microgaming partnered up with another company called Cryptologic to develop an online payment infrastructure.

It already had a new casino software, but the online payments part was tricky: Even the banks were not ready for that kind of transactions back then. The idea was new and exciting, but nobody was sure it will be successful.

In 1996, Microgaming launched Inter Casino, the first online casino legit website in the world. The site contained 20 games in total, and more than half of them were slot machines. It was the only “new casino” back then because there was no competition: Inter Casino literally jump started the online gambling industry. The number of newest Microgaming casinos that have a Microgaming Casino Bonus increases yearly.

There was no legislation about online gambling back then, and nobody was asking “are online casinos legit” question because no legit online casino sites existed, so Microgaming “invented” electronic gambling licenses too, in order to create a legal ground for themselves.

The government of Curacao thought that it would be a good idea to create an agency for giving these licenses, as it would generate additional income for the country.

In this respect, they became the first legal issuer of an online casino legit license in the world, so in a way, they created the most trusted casinos.

The rest is history: Inter Casino was so successful, hundreds of new casino sites online started to appear and other companies started to develop legit online casino games.

So, if we have online casino games for real money today, we literally owe it to Microgaming: It literally invented legit online casinos that pay real money (Here you can find our Microgaming casinos full list ).

Online Casino Vs Brick-And-Mortar: A Comparison

You may be wondering what is the difference between online gambling and land-based gambling. Well, the online casino sites offer you lots of benefits (and best online gambling deals) that you cannot find in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Let’s list a couple of them to show you what are the advantages you get by playing online casino.

  •     No travel, no limitations. If you want to visit a Las Vegas casino, for example, you literally need to go to Las Vegas. You will make a travel plan, you need to set up a budget for accommodation and additional expenses, and you will be able to gamble only during a certain time frame. In other words, you need to be “physically” inside the brick-and-mortar casinos. Online casino sites, on the other hand, accept members from all over the world and they are available 7/24. No matter what time it is or where you are, you can start gambling in mere seconds and, join an online casino VIP program from the comfort of your home, for example. Play anywhere and anytime: No need for travel. Plus, you won’t need to set up a budget for travel expenses. You can even play games from your mobile device via online casino apps.
  •     The chance to try casino games for free. You cannot play the games in brick-and-mortar casinos for free. Online casino games, on the other hand, can be played both in demo mode and with real money. In other words, you can try them all without spending a single penny. Moreover, you will still be playing the same games: Their rules and odds do not change. So, you can easily try hundreds of games for free and find the best ones to play with real money. In fact, most of the best online gambling deals are built on this logic: They give you lots of free spins so you can try them without making a financial commitment.
  •     Higher payout rates. Did you know that the average RTP rate of slot cabinets in brick-and-mortar casinos is 85%? Online slot games, on the other hand, offer an average RTP rate of 94%. So the payout frequency will be much higher: You will win more frequently. Moreover, if you prefer to play in crypto-casino sites, such as Ethereum casino, Litecoin casino or Dogecoin casino sites (with Dogecoin slots available, too), the house edge will be as low as 1%. This is an amazing percentage because it means the overall RTP rate of the casino site is 99%. You will be paid more often at casino online sites. Online casino payouts are much bigger than their “cousins” and these rates are much higher especially at new online casino sites.
  •     Constant bonuses. We will explain this topic thoroughly below, but for now, know that there are online casino offers for everybody on a constant basis. Whether you are a new member or veteran, you will be rewarded for almost every deposit you make and take advantage of the best online casino deals. Even if you go for a $5 minimum deposit casino Australia site, for example, you can still get bonuses, even if the deposit is quite low. Brick-and-mortar casinos cannot even come close to these promotions.
  •     Instant support. If you have a problem in a brick-and-mortar casino, good luck: You will spend hours to be able to talk with someone that can help you and solve your problem. Online casino sites, however, offer instant support. By using the live chat option, you can start talking with a support agent literally in seconds, especially at new online casino sites. You can also use the telephone, email, and even social media channels for support.
  •     Authentic and still online. And if “authentic gambling experience against a real person” is the only thing that brick-and-mortar casinos offer, you still get that service in online casino sites too. Thanks to technology, real online casino sites are able to offer you live dealer games. You can join a live broadcast from anywhere in the world and play against a real dealer in real-time – best online casino websites are filled with this type of games. This service is known as “live online casino” and it literally offers you the chance to visit a “real” casino without leaving the comfort of your home. The popularity of live dealer games increases day by day, and some of the best online casino bonus offers are about them.

Real Money Online Casino Or Demo Play?

All real money online casino sites offer you the chance to play the games for free. Once you select that option, a virtual balance is applied to the game and you can play as long as you want without any limitations. No real cash online casino will force you to play with money: If you want, you can keep playing for free even after becoming a member and get a casual gambling experience, even the biggest online casinos. This option offers lots of advantages, such as:

  • No financial risks. You won’t lose (or win) a single penny by playing these games in demo mode. All wins and losses will be “virtual” and won’t affect your balance.
  • Finding the best games easily. If you are looking for the best games in a specific category, for example, pirate-th emed slots, you can try hundreds of slot machines and find the ones that suit you the most.
  • Learn every feature of the games. If you are trying a new game and trying to learn its rules, you won’t want to risk real money. Well, you can try that game in demo mode and learn all of its features.
  • Practice strategies. Do you have a “system” for roulette games? Or, do you want to practice card counting in blackjack? With demo games, you can do all of these without risking any money and see if they really work.

Our recommendation will be trying all the games in an online casino in demo mode first. By doing this, you will get all the benefits listed above. And once you find the games that suit your needs, you can start playing the best online casino games to win money.

So there is no need to pick one option: You can use both options together and to your advantage. This is also a very good way of finding the best online casino websites, as you get to try a lot of them without making any commitments.


Playing In An Online Casino: Step By Step

So, how to play online casino? If you are truly a beginner, you may be wondering how online casino works. No worries: Just follow these steps to start playing in an online casino.

Step 1: Visit the website of the online casino and look for a button that says “join”, “signup”, “register”, etc. Pick one of our approved casinos for extra safety, security, and advantageous bonuses.

Step 2: Click on that button and fill out the membership form. Make sure to give actual and true information. You can become a member with fake information but you will have lots of troubles when you want to withdraw your winnings. Your email, telephone number, and address are the most important info in this form as they will be used to verify your identity in the future.

Step 3: Log in to the online casino with your credentials and check the game collection first. Check the left side of your address bar: You should be seeing a green lock button. Every casino on our list of safe online casinos secures your connection on all pages, not just the payments page. However, as suggested above, there is no need to make a deposit at this stage. Just try all the games in demo mode and find the ones you want to play with real money.

Step 4: Make your first deposit. Open your personal account page, click on the “deposit” button, and select a payment method that suits you best. Make sure to check the popular online casino promotions before making the deposit, there may be a bonus waiting for you. Always check the current online casino deals before making a deposit.

Step 5: After crediting your account with money, you are ready to play and win real money online casino! Remember that you don’t need to install any software to play games (and live dealer online casino games), using a modern browser will be more than enough. To be on the safe side, just install the latest version of Adobe Flash.

Games You Can Find In Casino Online Sites

Online casino sites are richer in content than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Even the biggest casino building in the world cannot host more than 200 game tables.

A standard casino online site, on the other hand, can contain more than a thousand games (and make the best casino offers). You will be getting all the classic casino games with bigger numbers. In this respect, you can find the following games at online casino websites:

  • Best online slots: classic slots, video slots, jackpot machines, 3D slots (like Demi Gods III), VR slots
  • Table games (roulette online, keno, craps, bingo, lottery)
  • Card games (blackjack online games, baccarat, hold’em poker, stud poker, video poker, etc.)
  • Exotic games (wheel of fortune, sic bo, red dog, etc.)
  • Casual games (scratch cards, arcade games, virtual betting)
  • Online casino betting (some casino online sites offer sports betting services too)

Remember that there is no single best online casino game: Every player has different needs and expectations. The most popular slot games are probably the first option at casino online sites but you are not limited with those.

Try all categories and find out what you like. You might also want to learn how many betting positions are there on a baccarat table. Remember that there will be literally thousands of options available to you, so take your time and don’t stick with a single game category.

Best online casino 2023 sites are filled with games and other services, and nobody is forcing you to select only one: Try them all!

Best Online Casino Deals: What To Look For

In general, all of the casino sites offer various promotions to attract new members and keep the current ones. New casino sites offer them the most, because they need new customers much more than the others.

We will talk about bonuses of the new casino sites in detail below, but in this section, we will explain what you should pay attention to while evaluating these promotions.

In general, trustworthy online casinos, such as online casinos in Israel, have the best deals (and the best online casino VIP programs) but this does not mean that you should not read the terms & conditions of each and every bonus. In this context, our recommendations are:

  • Read the terms & conditions, seriously. Each bonus will come with lots of terms and conditions. This is not about being trustworthy or legit: Even the most legit online casinos have them and all online casino deals you will find will require completing lots of requirements. Some of these may be quite hard & challenging: Before activating a bonus, make sure to read its terms & conditions, even if you are using casino VIP promotions. If the conditions do not seem fair, simply do not activate that bonus.
  • Make sure there is an online casino VIP In addition to regular online casino deals such as the welcome and reload bonus, make sure that there is a casino VIP online program you can join. VIP and high roller bonus offers are much better than “regular” ones and you will keep getting better deals if you increase your VIP level. Basically, the best casino deals are “reserved” for VIP members and you should really be a part of this system. Here is a hint: New casino sites have the easiest to join casino VIP online programs. You can even join without an invitation. So, we highly recommend taking a look at new online casino sites if you are looking for the best VIP casino.
  • Security comes first. Always ask “are online casinos legit” questions before starting to evaluate a bonus. Yes, higher percentages and bigger figures are good but they don’t mean a thing if the online casino is not legit. Remember that we are looking for legit online casinos that pay real money, and having a license is mandatory for that. So, while checking out the best new online casino sites and their promotions, make sure to look for the license too.
  • Don’t forget to check the game providers. Getting high bonus percentages is good and playing at a most secure online casino is better, but don’t forget about the entertainment too. In other words, makes sure that you are getting the chance to play the best games of respected providers, in addition to bonuses and security. For example, look for the Microgaming casinos best bonuses & latest games: This is one of the most respected providers in the industry and it will offer you a high-quality game collection. In this context, prefer to play at new online casinos because they offer more providers to gain more attention. Check the best list of casinos 2023 in this article to find which ones are the newest and most trusted casinos we recommend.

Online Casino Bonuses: For New Members

So, what are online casino bonuses? As mentioned above, they are the most common promotions at online casino sites that offer an advantage to all members in exchange for completing a certain action, such as making a deposit.

In general, new casino sites online make the best bonus offers because they need attention the most. So the highest figures and match rates can be found at the best new online casino websites, as a general rule – check our list of casino sites to see them. However, this does not mean that you cannot find a good bonus at “old” online casinos.

On the contrary, some of the best casino sites are the older ones and they offer the most advantageous online casino programs you should join. Don’t worry, our list of online casinos contains such websites too.

Well, let’s start talking about best casino deals online, shall we?

We will divide the top online casino bonuses into two and explain them separately. Let’s start with the best casino deals that are available to new members at legitimate online casinos.

  • Online casino no deposit bonus: This is one of the best online gambling deals you can find. As the name implies, this bonus requires no deposit. You may easily find it at a no minimum deposit casino. As soon as you complete the registration, you are awarded a small bonus fund or free spins.

For example, you can get a free 20 EUR balance for becoming a member and use that money to play online casino real money games. If you manage to score a winning with your bonus funds, however, you must complete a wagering requirement, which will be explained below.

  • Welcome bonus: This is probably the best online casino bonus for new members. It can be used only once and requires a minimum amount to deposit, for example it’s 10 dollars at a $10 minimum deposit casino NZ site. The online casino matches your deposit with a certain percentage, for example, 100%.

So if you deposit 10 EUR; your account is credited for another 10 EUR immediately. This bonus has an upper limit, i.e. 100 EUR, which defines the maximum bonus funds you can get. Do not deposit more than this amount. You could also have your deposit matched by 500%, that is when you have a deposit 10 play with 60 bonus.

Usually, completing the deposit automatically activates the bonus but you may be asked to contact support team to “manually” activate it. Read the terms and conditions of the bonus to learn what you need to do and what is the minimum deposit amount.

Online Casino Bonuses: For Veterans

Online casino sites offer bonuses for current members too. In fact, some of the best casino deals are for the veterans, as they are more advantageous than the new member offers, because they can be used multiple times.

Welcome bonus, for example, can be used only once but the online casino deposit bonus for current members can be used indefinitely, so you get something with every deposit you make. Here are the most popular of these promotions:

  • Reload bonus: This is almost the same as welcome bonus, but can be used multiple times, for example, every week. And this is why it is one of the best casino offers: Every time you make a deposit, you win something. The deposits of members are matched with certain percentages and awarded bonus funds. This promotion has an upper limit too.
  • Cashback bonus: You can win back some of your losses on a constant basis, for example, every week. Usually, the refund rate is around 15-20% and there is an upper limit of the funds that can be refunded. Again, this bonus can be used indefinitely and every week, for example.
  • Live casino bonus: The online casino dealer Same as reload offer but the bonus funds are usable on live casino games only. For this reason, match rates are usually higher.
  • Online casino tournaments: Best legit online casino sites organize slot tournaments regularly and every member can join them. To win a tournament, you need to score the highest winnings or place the biggest bets on high limit slots. But do high limit slots pay better? The answer would be not really, as the pay rate is the same for a high stake or a low stake slot. They will pay substantial winnings if they are highly volatile and allow bigger stakes. Tournaments have prize pools and the members in the top 10 share it among themselves. Usually, other members get consolation rewards too, such as additional free spins.

If you stay as a member long enough, you can get an invite to the VIP Club of the casino or accumulate enough loyalty points to increase your membership status. Such members get personal bonus offers and exclusive match rates too.

In fact, VIP members get invites to real world events from time to time. If you are interested in becoming a VIP member, we suggest picking a new online casino as it is easier to increase the membership status in them.

Online Casino Wagering: The Most Important Bonus Program Casino Term

All of the best online casino bonus offers above have a common feature: the online casino low playthrough requirement. This means you don’t get to use the bonus funds or withdraw them until you reach a certain wagering total. This requirement has a rate and that rate defines how much money you need to wager. For example, if the rate is 25x and your bonus funds are 100 EUR; you need to wager 2.500 EUR first (100 x 25).

Wagering means using the deposited money to play games, so just crediting your account is not enough. Also, note that different games contribute at different rates towards the requirement. For example, slot game wagers contribute 100% but card games contribute only 15% (sometimes even less).

It is important to read the terms and conditions of all the best online casino deals in order to learn the wagering requirements. You won’t be able to use the bonus funds until you met these terms. We especially check how fair these terms are in our top casino reviews 2023 list, and recommend you only the advantageous ones.

Once again, even the best online casino rewards will require you to wager something, so this requirement is pretty much mandatory. You cannot escape from it even if you play at online casinos for VIP players, but you can look for the lowest wagering rates.

Payment Methods In Online Casinos

Online casino sites support multiple methods for making deposits and withdrawals. The process is as easy and practical as shopping from an online merchant, and it’s even easier at instant withdrawal casino sites. First, let’s take a look at the most common payment methods you can use at online casinos:

  • E-wallets: legit online casino PayPal sites are quite common, as PayPal is the most popular e-wallet service. But it is not the only one you can use: Casino online sites accept Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz, and lots of other service providers too. E-wallets are our recommended payment method for those who prefer to use banking systems, as they are practical and safer than credit cards or bank transfers.
  • Pre-paid cards: Online casino Paysafe and AstroPay are the most popular pre-paid card payment methods at the top online casinos that accept Paysafecard. Note that this option can be used for deposits only, most of the pre-paid cards cannot be used for making a withdrawal. You purchase these cards with real money from stores and they come pre-loaded. Usually, entering the code on the card is enough to complete the transfer.
  • Credit cards: You can of course use your VISA or MasterCard to make an online casino deposit or withdrawal. Credit cards are the most common online payment method and supported by almost all online casinos. They are fast and practical but not as secure as e-wallets.
  • Bank transfers: If you are not in a hurry, bank transfers will be a quite safe payment method to use. However, they are also the slowest: It may take a week for your deposit to arrive at the online casino site. This delay removes the instant play advantage of online casinos, so use this option only if you have no other alternatives.
  • Cryptocurrencies: If you know how to use them, cryptocurrencies (used at the best Bitcoin casinos) are the safest payment method. Moreover, they offer unmatched privacy, speed, and fewer fees than all the other methods. However, they are not very practical and require certain technical knowledge. Moreover, they are not supported by every online casino. You can always count on new Bitcoin casinos, though. Check our CryptoPay casino guide for more details.
  • Mobile payment: If your mobile carrier allows it and the online casino supports it, you can use your mobile phone to make a deposit. Note that this option is also for deposits only and cannot be used for withdrawals as with Flexepin casino payments. After making the payment, you pay back to the carrier in installments.

There are no best casino payment methods: You can use all of the options above at an online casino and play casino games.

Best new online casino sites support all these methods and let you pick freely. All options have pros and cons, and it is up to you to find the one that suits your needs the most. For most of the players, e-wallets will be a good choice (and our recommendation) but you can pick any method you like.

As always, playing at the most secure online casino will be the best thing you can do to ensure the safety of your transactions. Take a look at our list of casino sites to find the best safe online casino.

Casino Online FAQ:

There is no single best online casino real money site. Every casino online is good at something: Some sites offer better slot games while others are better at table games. Instead of looking for the “best of all” try our recommended online casinos, play their games, and find the best one for your needs.
The majority of our recommended casino online sites support this method. To see all of the payment methods supported by a particular casino site, just make a deposit: The site will list multiple payment methods and if you are seeing “PayPal” among them, this means it is supported too.
If the online casino does not publicly announce its RTP rates, you can never know about its odds. The overall RTP rate should be at least 95%. You can still learn the RTP rates of particular games, which should be at least 94% for slots, 97% for roulette, and 98% for poker and blackjack.
The best promotion for new members will be the no-deposit bonus. It requires little from you and it can be immediately used. For veteran members, we recommend checking out cashback bonuses. Reload offers are good too, but the cashback bonus literally refunds your losses. This is a big advantage, especially if you are a high-roller.
Always check if an online casino site is encrypted by SSL. Look at your browser’s address bar: If you are seeing a tiny lock icon to the left, this means the connection is encrypted. If you play at our recommended and legit casino online sites, you don’t need to worry about security and privacy.
This depends on the method you choose and whether you completed the ID verification or not. We recommend completing this procedure right after becoming a member to save time. • e-wallets: 24 hours • credit cards: 24 hours • cryptocurrencies: 2 hours • bank transfers: 5 business days
Casino bonus codes are another promotional tool that can be used to activate certain bonuses. They are time-limited codes so you need to hurry if you plan on using them. They should be used before making a deposit and/or activating a feature. Look for a text box that says “insert your code here”.

Check Our Rankings, Read Our Reviews, Find The Best Online Casinos Easily

We believe that you are now well informed about online casinos and especially top new online casinos: To continue your journey, pick one of our suggested casino online sites and create an account. No matter which one you pick, our best online gambling deals will let you start playing with an advantage.

We review lots of online casinos on a constant basis and evaluate their features: the game collection, bonuses, payment methods, customer support, online casino software. In other words, it’s not easy to enter our recommended list of casinos for 2023.

We have pretty high standards to find the best online casino deals and we recommend only the best new casino sites that managed to satisfy us. Our professional team finds the best online casinos out there for you, so you can focus on games only.

We regularly update our reviews and lists, so visit our site often. And if there is a particular online casino you want us to review, you can always contact us: We will be happy to hear from you. But wait, this is not all, from our experts you can find more valuable info like the online casino Netherlands industry.

Good luck at our approved online casinos and may the Lady Chance be with you!