Roulette online games are one of the most popular online casino table games. To win at the tables, gambling experts have created strategies that have helped players win over the years.

The strategies are designed and crafted to help lower the house edge and give the gambler an upper edge.

Numerous strategies are available that you can employ and try your luck at walking away with millions from the casino.

One of the roulette strategies that work is the roulette attack strategy.

We discuss in depth how to bet using the system and the rules you should apply in order to win consistently in all rounds.

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How to Win at Red and Black Roulette

Roulette red or black is one of the systems used by players. Learn more on how to win at roulette red and black so you can apply red/black winning systems. Unlike other strategies used in roulette, the roulette method can be used by players who have low balances in their bankrolls or players who prefer to place low stakes roulette. To be able to use the system effectively, you will need to place bets on the red and blacks (check here how to always bet on black in roulette).

Depending on which color you prefer, you will place the initial bet on tour choice color. On all the consecutive bets, you will place 5 dollars until you lose the bets in two rounds. After you lose, then you will have to place 10 dollar bets until you win two times in a row or lose 2 times consecutively. If you win 2 times in the next rounds, then you can bet with 5 dollars. In case you lose in the next two rounds, you will need to raise the bet in the next rounds to $15.

Gamblers can also play with an initial stake of 1 dollar. Red and black strategy is a safe betting system that preserves your bankroll. You will not lose much and if you are lucky enough, you could walk away with huge loads of cash. To test its effectiveness, you can try the system on a free version roulette table game.

This roulette strategy is also applicable for Pinball roulette at Bitcoin roulette sites.

Roulette Odds

Roulette players should know the odds of the game prior to the match. It is essential because the players have no other way of affecting the outcome of the game. Roulette is a game of chance and unlike other games, it is not affected by the skills of the player.

The odds of the game are the chances that a particular event will occur by deducing the number of ways in which the occurrence may happen. For roulette, the odds stand at 36:1 for every round. These are the true odds of each round. Odds vary depending on the type of roulette you are playing. Odds are expressed out as x to 1.

For any stake placed, the player will win X dollars. If you place a bet on a wheel that has a ratio of 35:1, you will win 35 times the bet you placed plus the initial bet. If you placed two dollars, you will 70 dollars plus the 2 dollars you had placed.

Roulette Payouts Explained

As we have mentioned above, odds are expressed in ratio form. For example 35 to 1, for every stake you placed, you will 35 dollars for every stake. Payouts vary depending on the type of bets you place. Outside bets have different payouts from roulette inside bets.

A red or black bet has a payout ratio of 1:1. An inside bet such as a split bet has a payout of 17:1. A six-number bet has a payout of 5:1, this is an example of one o the lowest bets that roulette table game has. If you are a casino high roller, choose straight up bets which have a payout ratio of 35:1.

Modes of Play Used in the Roulette Strategy

The roulette attack strategy employs unique modes of play that will overwhelm any roulette player. It is one of the strategies that has significantly lowered the casino edge. It is effective and easy to learn and unlike other roulette strategies, it is unique and guarantees players wins at the table consistently.

At the beginning of the game, roulette neither favors the player or the casino. As the game proceeds, the player will gain an advantage over the house and will eventually favor the casino. The modes keep changing until the game is over. Strategies in roulette ensure that the game only favors the player regardless of the round.

Mode Changes on Roulette Table Games

Every player hopes that game would favor them consistently but this is not always the case. If the game is in your favor, you will win most of the rounds or in all the rounds. Roulette attack strategy is also referred to as a ‘hit and win’ strategy. Once you win, the strategy advices players to opt out of a game. The next rounds may be risky so it is important to walk away with what you have earned. Minimize the losses and maximize the profits by overcoming the inbuilt house edge in a casino game.

How Does The Roulette Strategy Work?

Attacking roulette strategy is built to change the game-play by ensuring the player has an advantage over the casino. To achieve this, the player will need to equate his play to what is happening at the roulette tables.

Selecting the best bets and managing your bankroll are the main areas that the strategy helps you balance. The strategy diversifies the money management principles in roulette. Each principle works in favor of the player depending on the status of the game in real time.

Inbuilt Modes in the Roulette Attack Strategy Review

Gameplay, for the player, in this case, changes between three modes, neutral, attack and recovery mode. The three modes have different rules and different applications. Some of the rules include bet placement rules and the game-play rules which guide the player on what to do depending on what is happening on the table. The rules are meant to limit the drastic changes that keep on recurring during roulette play.

Once the game stabilizes, a player is able to win without so much effort or hindrance from the fluctuations that occur from time to time in the game. A gambler can play at the neutral mode when the odds are in his favor and in case he loses a round, he can switch to the recovery mode to get back what has been lost.

The strategy allows players to:

1. Consistently beat the casino regardless of the roulette version you are playing.
2. Depending on the game-play, it allows you to manage the stakes and the betting strategies between the three modes that are used in the system
3. Alter the bet placement conditions to be able to compensate any faults on the table that you might have placed.
4. Stay on neutral mode until the situation is favorable for you to either attack or recover your lost stakes.
5. Make huge winnings from the casino both in land-based settings or online casinos.

Why the Roulette Attack Strategy Produces Big Wins

The system has a record winning rate of 98 percent in all the games played using the strategy. Players are able to boost their winning rates exponentially by removing any lost games at the tables. All players, both huge bettors can use the strategy. You can place as low as 2 dollar bets and as high as 100 dollars. Regardless of the type or version of roulette you are playing, you can use the roulette and still win. Online roulette players can also use the strategy and bag wins from the casinos.

Which Bets Work Best With The Roulette Attack Strategy?

The strategy is designed for even-money bets. When used for even-money, bets, you can play on any casino online and start gambling with minimum deposits of 30 dollars and you can start winning over 200 dollars in less than an hour. By placing the right bets, roulette attack strategy can replace your income or salary.

You will only need to place a sizeable deposit and play for a few hours every week. Unlike other systems the strategy allows you to place big bets over and over without worrying about losing the money. Simply put, the betting strategy can be your additional source of income while you enjoy your favorite roulette game.

How to Use the Amazing Roulette Strategy with Great Success

Roulette attack strategy has been used by prominent players who wanted a strategy that worked for them consistently. The inventors wanted a system that was in their favor regardless of what was happening at the roulette table. The game can either be in favor of the player, the casino or no one.
“When the game does not favor the casino or the player, this is referred to as the neutral mode. As the game progresses, the game favors the player. This mode is referred to as the player’s advantage mode. If the game is in favor of the house, this mode is referred to as the house advantage mode,” explains George, one of the persons who discovered the strategy.

The three modes are common occurrences for every game regardless of the strategy you are using but George added a different twist to it.

Use the Knowledge to Your Advantage

George discovered how to switch the three play modes to his advantage. This means that regardless of the happenings on the table, the game was always in his favor. If the house advantage mode was in play, he would cause the mode to help him win that round.

To this one needs to apply the right bet selections and the right bankroll management procedures. Once you achieve this, you are able to turn all the happenings of the games to your advantage. The chances of losing stakes are very narrow and George attests to the fact that he has lost in one game but the win at the end of the session compensated for the minute loss.

Testing George’s Best Roulette Strategy

To ascertain the effectiveness of the strategy, the system was tested in Las Vegas casinos that offer roulette. A single-zero roulette wheel was used, its payout odds are much higher compared to the double zero and Triple zero roulette wheels. After placing an initial bet of $100, Martin immediately won the initial stake back and was able to prove how the effective the strategy was. He also tested the different ways in which players can move from one mode to another. It worked out even the second night. In some instances, it took longer to win but the system proved to be a perfect option.

Conservative and Preferred Roulette Attack Strategy

The conservative strategy allows the player to capitalize on the recovery and the attack modes betting strategies to minimize loses. If you are not comfortable playing with this strategy, you can use the preferred roulette attack strategy.

With this system, you increase your bets steadily but keep them low throughout the entire game. Each win is tabulated per hour and the wins differ due to the speeds of each game.

Aggressive roulette strategy is a variation of the initial strategy created by George. It allows plays to play 5 times faster and with bets as low as $2, you can make up to 900 dollars every hour.

The System Protects Your Profits as You Play

You can lock up your profits as the game proceeds. If you win 550 dollars, you can lock up 500 dollars and if the game goes down-south (which rarely happens), you can be sure that you will win 500 dollars from the session.

The System Shows How to Place Bets and Where to Place the Next Bets

Once you choose the roulette attack system, use the automatic tracking system for the level of play for each option as specified. Each decision you make on the table is spelled out for you by the automatic roulette tracker. It will let you know when to switch between the three modes and when it is time to lock up profits.

Win Roulette with the Romanosky Secret Strategy

In roulette secrets strategy, each bet is similar but the bet is placed on different numbers on the roulette wheel. 5 numbers are excluded out of the bet and only 32 numbers are included (read the best way to bet on the highest number on roulette wheel)

To place each bet on the best roulette numbers, it will cost the player 8 chips and if you win the profit is a total of 9 chips. The winning probability of a roulette game is 86.5%. There are six variations of the strategy that can be used.

Choose Your Roulette Attack Strategy And Start Winning In Roulette Tables Today!

FAQ about the Roulette Attack Strategy

By using this strategy, you can manage your bankroll more efficiently and increase the size of payouts. In this regard, it can be considered profitable. However, don’t forget that it does not change your winning chances.
There are different variants of this strategy but the most common one is betting on “red/black”. You do not use any other betting option and keep spinning until you win, according to the rules of this strategy.
No, there is no specific mobile app for this strategy. However, you can use any finance app that can make calculations and keep records. All you need to see is a list of your previous bet amounts.
No, it does not. No strategy can improve the odds in roulette or in any other casino game. This strategy offers a different way to manage your bankroll and a chance to win big, but it does not change the odds.

Roulette is an ancient casino game that attracts a huge following in the gambling industry. Winning consistently in a roulette game is not easy due to the inbuilt house edge. Several strategies have been developed to enable players to beat the house.

One of these is the roulette attack strategy which has three different levels and uses three different modes of play. If you want to know how to make money on roulette, try the attack strategy for roulette at your favorite casino today.

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