If you are looking for the best New Zealand online casino, there are many things to consider. You should know the legal status of gambling and online casinos, see your alternatives, and learn how to evaluate casino sites to get the best experience.

Legit online casinos where New Zealand players can play smoothly are few in number and what you need to watch out for requires a certain amount of experience. In other words, finding the best New Zealand online casino sites is quite a challenge for beginners. But don’t worry, we are here to help you: Below you can find information on top online casinos NZ and learn how to choose them.

The legality of New Zealand online casino sites

Gambling has a long history in New Zealand. The most common gambling activity in the country is the lotteries, and they have been legally regulated since 1877. Moreover, you do not have to be a company or a government agency to organize them: Individuals can also organize a lottery with the necessary permissions.

In terms of casino games, the situation is a little different. Slot machines, known as pokies, first entered New Zealand in 1987 and were used in hotels, bars, and even charitable foundations. Currently, they are only allowed to be used in land-based casinos. In 2009, there were about 20,000 slot machines in the country, and all of them had to have an information screen. On this screen, there was information displayed such as how long the player has played, how much he lost, and when he should take a break. Currently, a special permit is required to increase the number of slot machines available, and this permit was most recently granted to a casino called “SkyCity Auckland” in 2013. So we can say that the total number of slot machines has not changed much.

So, what is the legal status of New Zealand online casino sites? Are NZ casino sites allowed? Let’s first take a look at the New Zealand online casino laws. All gambling activities in New Zealand are regulated by the 2003 Gambling Act. This law states the following:

  • Land-based casinos are legal. An agency will be set up to license these casinos.
  • Remote interactive gambling and bookmaking are illegal.

The Gambling Commission New Zealand was founded in 2003 and currently deals with licenses for land-based casinos in the country. At the time of this guide, there were a total of 9 casinos in New Zealand, more than half of which belonged to the “SkyCity” brand.

However, online casinos and betting sites are currently illegal in the country and it is not possible to issue a license to them. As of 2023, there are no legally operating online casinos and betting sites in New Zealand. Horse racing bets are an exception, but betting is only allowed at the hippodrome, so it’s not possible to bet anywhere else.

This was bad news. The good news is that offshore casino sites are not banned. There is a New Zealand online casino fine, but this concerns companies and advertising agencies, not players. In other words, New Zealand players can play and transfer funds at any offshore casino site without any legal issues. Hence, dozens of highest paying online casinos await them. However, as we mentioned above, choosing the best online casino New Zealand is not an easy task. So, let’s show our own picks first.

Let’s continue with a list of best online gambling sites in New Zealand. We analyzed lots of New Zealand online casino sites to prepare this list and if you are wondering how did we pick them, we explain our process below.

For now, know that these are the best online casino NZ sites in 2023. They appeal to every budget, offer advantageous bonuses (such as New Zealand online casino no deposit), and let you play in a safe, legal, and fair environment. Any of them is the best online casino New Zealand!

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How did we pick the best online casino New Zealand site?

Choosing the best online casino websites is always a difficult task, but finding the best casino site in a particular country is even more difficult. This also applies to the best online casino New Zealand. In order to prepare the above list, we evaluated many criteria and played on both desktop and mobile casino sites. In other words, this list reflects our personal experiences too. Below, you can find out more about how we rate and select the new online casino New Zealand sites.

Safety & Security

Our first priority when considering top new casino sites is security and legality. To check these, we first look at the license and make sure that the New Zealand online casino site has a license from a reputable agency. In addition, we check every page for SSL protection and make sure that whatever you do, your personal and financial information remains safe. We never recommend that you play on an unlicensed casino site, and we do not play on such sites ourselves. We know how important security and legality are for a healthy and enjoyable online gambling experience.

Casino Software

The best online casino software must have specific features and be offered on a reliable platform. Almost everything is covered by the concept of casino software: How stable the games are, how fast payments are made, and even the speed at which pages load depends on the quality of the software. That’s why we check many things, not just one thing, and make sure that an up-to-date, modern, secure software is used.

Ease Of Use

The design of the New Zealand casino online site is also important to us. We also like aesthetic designs, but our priority is practical use. We check if you can use the website intuitively and make sure you won’t have any navigation problems. If it takes minutes to reach a particular page, this means that an ideal design is not used. We pay attention to page elements, page loading speeds, and how smooth the browsing experience is.

Game Collection

As you can imagine, the quality of the game collection is also of great importance to us. We know that the more and high quality games you have access to, the more enjoyable experience you will get. That’s why we pay attention to both quality and quantity. Our recommended New Zealand online casino sites work with top-tier providers and give you the chance to play their newest and most popular games.

Of course, we also make sure that the collection includes the best online casino games to win money. We also evaluate the services offered in this context and make sure you have access to all kinds of options. For example, playing live casino games is important to us and we especially recommend sites with such additional service types. We also try most of the games offered and see if they run smoothly.

Language & Currencies

The best online casino New Zealand site must be able to support multiple languages. This support shows that it can accept members from all over the world and that it is a global site. We care about the availability of multi-language support, as you can get a much more satisfying experience on such sites.

This also applies to currencies. We make sure you can use different currencies, including NZD. Otherwise, you will have to convert NZD to other currencies and lose money due to the exchange rate difference. On our compare casinos page you can filter the casinos by selecting the NZD currency, the payment methods available, the minimum deposit and many other filters so you can select the most suitable casino to your needs.

Speaking of which, we also make sure that you can play games regardless of your budget. As a matter of fact, there are no minimum deposit casino sites among our recommendations.


We are aware of how important bonuses are for an ideal online gambling experience. We know how to evaluate the best online casino bonus offers. The types of casino bonuses are different and each must be evaluated separately. For example, when evaluating New Zealand online casino free spins offers, we are not only looking at the number of spins, but also whether there is a maximum win limit.

We evaluate the welcome offers based on wagering rates, not match rates. Bonuses that are fair to us are far more important because we believe promotions should bring a real advantage. The New Zealand online casino sites we recommend, therefore, have fair offers and allow you to play the games with an actual advantage.

Mobile Compatibility

More and more players are using mobile devices to play games. The future of the iGaming industry lies in mobile devices, and the days of having to download a program to play games are gone. That’s why we test each New Zealand casino online site on different mobile devices (iOS & Android) and make sure it works well on each one.

It is even better if there is a native mobile app, but we know that these types of apps are not accessible to everyone. For this reason, we make sure that you can access all games and services from mobile browsers without any problems, even if there is no application. We have the largest mobile casino New Zealand database on the internet and if you are a mobile gamer you can be sure of a smooth experience.

Payment Options

We prioritize NZD casino sites so that you can play with local currency. You can buy Neosurf vouchers with NZD currency which you can then use to make deposits at Neosurf casinos. But that’s not the only thing we check. We make sure that different and best casino payment methods are supported. We believe that even exotic options such as the POLI casino should be available. The more options you have, the better.

In order to provide accurate and objective information, we make deposits and withdrawals and see how fast they are completed. This allows us to identify the fastest withdrawal online casino NZ sites. There are even instant withdrawal casino sites among the websites we recommend. We make sure that you can smoothly handle financial transactions regardless of your budget.

Customer Support

Even the best online casino New Zealand is worthless if it can’t provide a satisfying customer service experience. Customer service is therefore one of the most important criteria and we use different scenarios to test it. We contact the support team with different problems and see how fast and professional they are. We expect all our problems to be resolved within 24 hours. In addition, we consider how easy it is to reach customer service. Email and live chat are good, but is there phone support? The more methods the better – we make sure you can reach customer service 24/7. 

Taxes for online casino real money NZ winnings

There’s a good thing about New Zealand casino online sites being illegal: You don’t have to pay a tax on your gambling winnings. Since the existence of online casinos is not legally accepted, it is not possible to pay a tax on your winnings.

Moreover, you do not need to pay a tax for your winnings in legal land-based casinos too. In New Zealand, only casino owners pay taxes, and this rate is set at 4%.

The future of New Zealand casino online industry

No one knows what the future will bring, so we cannot say anything clearly about whether the ban on online casinos and betting sites will be lifted. However, we can say that gambling is quite common in New Zealand, so the government may change its mind. You can see some interesting statistics below:

🎲 In the rich regions of the country, there is one slot machine for every 465 people. In poor regions, there is one slot machine for every 75 people.

🎲 New Zealand players love slot machines the most. Table games come in second.

🎲 Four in five New Zealanders gamble.

🎲 Lotto, raffle, and instant kiwi are the most common types of gambling in the country.

🎲 New Zealanders spend 5.7 million NZD on gambling every day.

However, even if the current legal situation has not changed, there is nothing to worry about. As we mentioned above, there are dozens of casino sites on the internet that accept New Zealand players, and you can play on them without any problems. So, the best online casino New Zealand is not located in the country: It is on the internet.

What to expect from New Zealand online casino sites

  • Land-based gambling is legal
  • There are lots of slot machines to play
  • Slot machines must display useful information
  • The internet is full of casino sites that accept players from New Zealand
  • Online casinos are banned
  • Online betting is banned

FAQ about New Zealand casino online

No, a VPN service is not needed. Players from New Zealand can freely join (and make deposits & withdrawals) on offshore casino sites. However, if you still want privacy, you can pick a Bitcoin casino. Speaking of which, we have a guide for the Best Bitcoin Casinos too.
That depends on the online casino. Casino sites support different currencies and some support only the global ones, such as USD and EUR. However, best online casino New Zealand sites give you the chance to play with NZD.
As mentioned above, four out of every five adult New Zealanders gamble. This is usually done with lotteries but slot machines and poker games are pretty popular too. We can say that it is a very common hobby.
Of course. That’s the purpose of New Zealand casino online sites. If you play with real money and pick the right games, the payouts will be real too. You just need luck and a little bit of knowledge about online gambling: Remember that we have many guides for that.
This requires a lot of time and knowledge about how online casino sites work. If you are a beginner, leave this job to professionals like us. We already picked the best online casino New Zealand sites for you and you can see their list above: Each one is safe and secure.

Play at the best online casino New Zealand

You have learned everything you need to know about New Zealand online casino sites and you are ready to start your adventure. Take another look at our best online casino New Zealand list and pick one. Claim your bonus with your first deposit and start playing hundreds of high-quality games from top-tier providers. We will continue to find more New Zealand online casino sites for you, so don’t forget to check us often. Good luck out there!