Bonuses and promotions are and have been for quite a while, some of the most effective advertising instruments used by online casinos.

They help with expanding the player base and also improve customer retention, while providing prospective players with the incentive to tag along.

While most of them are used to achieve short term goals, the online casino VIP program is the ultimate instrument for casinos playing the long game.

They provide players with the motivation never to give up and persevere in the face of adversity, in exchange of ever improving benefits.

What is an online casino VIP program?

The vast majority of Internet gambling operators have implemented a loyalty scheme aimed at rewarding their most loyal customers. Players accumulate comp points, whenever they bet real currency on any of the games available and these points are persistent. This means that whether they lose or win, they will keep earning points at the end of each gambling session. As more loyalty points are being earned, players are given the chance to convert them into real money or spend them in other ways.

Online casino VIP programs are the pinnacle of these loyalty schemes, as they are aimed at the most dedicated and active players. While anyone is eligible for achieving VIP status, the road to the top can be long and twisted. Players need to accumulate larger amounts of points just to be admitted to the exclusive club and enjoy its benefits. Furthermore, participants are also expected to maintain their VIP level by being active and earning a certain number of points on a monthly basis.

Key advantages of VIP online casino programs

Regular promotions and occasional campaigns reward players with match deposit bonuses, free spins and free bets, depending on the nature of the gambling operator. A VIP program online casino rewards can look very different, although the aforesaid prizes are also available to these elite players. Essentially, they enjoy all the perks cherished by regular members, with bigger than average cash prizes, larger bundles of free spins and no deposit bonuses that allow players to keep the stakes.

The things that differentiate a VIP casino rewards from a regular promotion are in fact the ones that really matter. For starters, players can expect to find bigger VIP online casino games with higher limits both at the tables and when they deposit/withdraw funds. The payouts speeds are also increased, without the casino cutting down on security or privacy. Many limits that usually apply to financial transactions are either modified or lifted altogether, to accommodate the higher expectations of important players.

Another interesting aspect is how VIP level online casino and ranks influence the benefits enjoyed by players. In most cases, gambling operators make distinctions even among VIP players, with the entire program being designed as a ladder. The closer they get to the top, the bigger and more frequent the bonuses get and players can also benefit from rake back deals and exclusive benefits. Assigning a personal account manager is standard procedure for all online casino VIP programs, regardless of the level attained. The manager is available 24/7 and caters to every whim of the celebrity punter.

What makes the best online casino VIP program?

Competition among gambling operators has made it almost essential for them to provide some form of long-term gratification. The VIP scheme has emerged as one of the most popular of all the online casino programs among highrollers and veteran players. That’s because these are the ones who are inclined to spend longer periods of time with a certain casino instead of switching from one operator to the other. They are also more likely to move up the ladder quickly and attain VIP status since they bet larger sums.

At the first glance, most of the casino VIP schemes look the same, but it is the particularities that make the difference. The best online casino VIP plan is the one that allows players to join the exclusive club within a reasonable timeframe. Rendering it impossible for casual and recreational players to come this far will only decrease motivation among new members. Equally important is for players to be able to maintain their rank from one month to the other without committing excessive time and resources.

Some of the best online casino VIP promotions will provide players with unique rewards, in addition to the mainstream prizes. All paid vacations to exclusive destinations are cited as the most cherished rewards among casino veterans. In the same category of exclusive rewards it is worth including invitations to special events, sports competitions and other glamorous affairs. The casinos regarded as most generous with their VIP players will also allow them to travel to these exclusive events with a friend.

How do you join a casino VIP program?

When players sign up for real money account, the online casino VIP promotions might look like something unattainable. That’s because the rate at which point are accumulated and the number needed to join the exclusive group can seem overwhelming. The right course of action is to focus exclusively on the task at hand, which is playing games and having fun. It is important though to understand how VIP level online casino programs work, just to get a general idea about the steps to be taken.

The moment players make the transition from demo games to real money gambling, they start earning comp points. These can go by different names depending on the casino of choice, but they all serve the same goal. Players are automatically enrolled into the online casino VIP program, so there is no need to opt in to start earning these points. Just play their games and you will notice how the loyalty points keep adding in your account balance, bringing you one step closer to the goal.

Gambling operators allow players to spend their comp points for one of the many rewards offered through the loyalty program. Regardless of how they choose to spend them, players need not worry because the progress still counts toward the VIP casino scheme. In a nutshell, players are admitted into the exclusive club the moment they’ve earned enough points even if they don’t have them any longer. This is refreshing and provides the immediate gratification of spending points for cash and buy-ins to tournaments.

How do you maintain a VIP status?

Professional athletes know that getting to the top is just half of the challenge and the most difficult part begins when reaching the summit. An online casino VIP membership keeps producing benefits only as long as players belong to the exclusive club. In order to maintain this position, one would have to keep earning loyalty points at a predetermined ratio. What usually happens is that the number of points required just to stay level represents only a fraction of the points needed to join the club.

At the base of the VIP online casino program, the newly admitted members have a relatively easy job at staying afloat. The process is also highly predictable, since players simply need to bet reasonable amounts on a monthly basis to meet the quota. Any respectable casino VIP will clearly display the information on the website, so players know exactly what to expect. Even if they are unable to defend their position in one month, players can return to it as soon as they accumulate the required points.

The same rules apply to more complex online casino programs for elite players, which distinguish between VIP memberships. Increasingly higher numbers of points are needed to move up from one level to the other and to maintain the status every month. Most casinos use precious metals and stones such as silver, gold, platinum, sapphire, diamond and so on to give a visual representation to their VIP levels. These differ from one VIP program online casino to the other and the same goes for the applicable rules.

Online Casino VIP Program FAQ:

Some gambling operators don’t make any distinction between a highroller and an online casino VIP program. Both reward commitment and are generally aimed at keeping big spenders happy, by providing them with bonuses and special perks. In other cases, players can attain the highroller status immediately after signing up by depositing and betting larger amounts. Meanwhile, attaining VIP status takes time.
The answer is definitely yes and the best part is that all new players are automatically enrolled. You don’t have to perform a special action, or even opt into online casino VIP programs. By betting real money on the games available, you earn points that will eventually allow you to enter the exclusive club. Once you join the elite, the casino will provide you with better bonuses, exclusive rewards and all paid vacations.
Internet gambling operators try to stand out from the crowd by offering bigger and more frequent bonuses to loyal players. The online casino VIP program is one way of showing gratitude to those who stick to them, play often and bet larger amounts. The safest way to find the best VIP casino program is to focus on established operators who have an impeccable reputation. You can also narrow down the search and spend less time with research by choosing one of the casino VIP schemes we recommend.
There are really no reasons to be concerned about the prospect of joining or being admitted into a VIP program. In fact, joining this exclusive club comes with no obligations and only benefits in the form of bonuses, free spins and other rewards. Assuming players have tried hard to get this far, they might feel a little bit of pressure to maintain the status. This is pretty much the only reason of concern and with the right bankroll management and responsible gambling it can be converted into a non-issue.
VIP program online casino rewards start from basic stuff, such as bigger bonuses, buy-ins to exclusive tournaments and the occasional cashback deals or free bets. Players can also expect to enjoy the undivided attention of a personal account manager that looks after them 24/7. The perks that truly stand out from the crowd are in the form of much faster withdrawals, the absence of cash out limits and no deposit bonuses. The best case scenario is to also enjoy all paid vacations to exotic destinations, while being allowed to travel with a person of your choosing.

Conclusion - Join a VIP Program And Discover Its Advantages!

The online gambling industry is constantly changing and casinos go to great lengths to maintain a high profile and appeal to a broad audience. Bonuses and promotions come in different forms, but the VIP online casino programs have changed little over the years. They are the ultimate form of rewarding commitment and they are equally popular among casual players and veterans. Attaining VIP status is easy, but those who have made it to the top can confirm that the effort was definitely worthwhile.

The bottom line is that online casino VIP programs are here to stay and are only likely to get better in time. Pretty much all the important gambling operators run such a loyalty scheme and even new players are quick to follow their lead. Find an online casino that has a loyalty scheme that culminates with VIP membership and enjoy all the benefits of being admitted to this exclusive group.