There are hundreds of online casinos out there and the vast majority of them pay close attention to safety and run legitimate businesses.

Bad stories though, linger in the minds of veteran players and even have a deterring effect on some consider signing up.

The good news is that the best online casino websites are abundant and with minimal research and a little bit of help, you can identify these operators. You may also wonder: “Can a casino ask for winning back if mispaid?” – find out here.

In this guide, we can help you narrow down the search and make an educated decision when choosing the next casino.

Meanwhile, you can also check our 100 best online casinos list, where you can also find instant play casino sites.

Why Is It Important to Play at a Legit Online Casino?

Online gambling can be a lot of fun if done properly and casino games are a pleasant pastime for those who enjoy this activity. However, the only way to truly enjoy yourself when playing, is if you have made the right choice right from the start.

The house edge is always there and in the long run, the gambling operator is almost certain to win, but it is vital for players to enjoy a level playing field. Legitimate online casinos give them the peace of mind needed to focus exclusively on the games themselves.

The time invested in research and trying to find online casinos that are legit, is time well spent and it will help you avoid unpleasant situations in the future.

We have identified the main characteristics of legit online casinos, which tend to apply to all the gambling operators out there. Although there is no foolproof solution and unpleasant situations do occur, these standards hold up in the vast majority of cases. Knowing why online gambling is more dangerous than casino gambling in the first place, can help you when looking for a legit online casino.

Legitimate Online Casinos are Licensed and Regulated

The first thing to look at when trying to determine if a casino runs a legitimate business is the license under which it operates. Any leading online casinos will choose at least one regulatory body and apply for a license, so it can project an image of trustworthiness.

Major casinos (including Pay n Play casino sites) go a step further and try to secure a license in each, or at least most of the countries where they operate. Local players are the main beneficiaries of this approach, as they gamble knowing that they don’t break any laws.

A quick glance at the list of all legit casinos online will highlight the fact that there are plenty of regulatory bodies awarding licenses. Not all of them are just as strict and that’s why shady and unproven operators prefer those that give them more leeway.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gambling Authority are some of the most sought after licenses in Europe. The governments of Curaçao and Gibraltar are also known for licensing safe online casinos which cater for an international audience.

By applying for a license, the casinos accept to be held to the higher security standards.

Legit online casinos don’t mind the otherwise strict rules imposed by the regulatory bodies, since they run transparent and honest businesses. Players know that on the off-chance that the casino fails to uphold its end of the deal, they have a course of attack by issuing the complaint.

Speaking of which, the reason for choosing casinos that are also licensed by local regulators is that players have a faster way of complaining about unfair treatment. The top leading online casinos frequently run on dual and even triple licenses.

A surefire way of making the list of safe online casinos is to simply stick to those companies that have been around for a decade or more. These have invested massively in their image and are less likely to damage it by pulling a fast one.

They play the long game and can’t afford to deteriorate their reputation.

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Pay Close Attention to the Ownership of the Casino

The perks of choosing an established casino with a long and distinguished track record have been explained above. This doesn’t mean that players should avoid new operators altogether, since there are leading online casino real money gambling opportunities there as well.

Most of the new operators work diligently to build a solid reputation and all they need is time to prove their worth. While choosing them feels like taking a leap of faith, the risks can be mitigated by looking at the casino’s ownership.

Over the years, rogue operators had to shut down their business because of overwhelming negative reviews and complaints. Having said this, the companies running such casinos have endured and they chose to open new ventures without changing their bad habits.

This is where research matters the most, as players can avoid potential dangers by steering clear of casinos with dubious ownership. Even though businesses, just like people can change, it is not worth taking the chance.

There are simply enough legit online casinos out there to pick one of them and enjoy a smooth ride without having to worry. For example, you can try one of online casino german.

Why Does The Type Of Software Used Matter At A Legit Online Casino

At the cornerstone of any legit online casinos is a collection of games that players can trust with their money. Live dealer table games are the only ones played against real croupiers, therefore circumventing the random number generator altogether.

The overwhelming majority of games, including slots, video pokers, scratch cards and specialty games will pit players against the algorithms. That’s why it is so important to choose a casino that is powered by reliable software developers with a solid reputation.

The most legit online casinos are naturally the ones powered by industry leaders, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, IGT and a dozen other respectable suppliers. They have been around for quite a while and their games can be found at hundreds of new and veteran gambling operators.

These companies have the resources, experience and motivation to develop and promote games that are fair and totally random. It is customary for them to check them in-house, before sending them to independent auditors for tests.

When trying to determine what online casinos are legit, the search should begin with those displaying the seal of approval of independent auditors on their website.

By having the games tested for fairness, they prove players that the outcome is completely random and the casino doesn’t have an unfair advantage.

Legitimate online casinos frequently publish the payout ratios of their games, so players can make an educated decision. These tables are normally available next to the slots and always one click away.

Bitcoin enthusiasts are also trying to find an answer to the question “Are any online casinos legit, while using cryptocurrency?”. A significant chunk of the new Bitcoin casinos allows players to deposit and wager in digital money, which is a plus for those who cherish their privacy. Anonymous Bitcoin casino sites are also a great choice in this situation and they also allow you to play Bitcoin high limit casino games.

In spite of being brand-new, many of these casinos offer what is known as provably fair games. The name speaks for itself, as players can test the randomness of the games themselves after each round played.

This is even better than relying on otherwise respectable independent auditors, since gamblers can see the outcome with your own eyes.

The bottom line is that legit online casinos often choose to work exclusively with software developers who mirror their concern for fairness. Players can mitigate the risks by sticking to their games as well.

Legit Casino Online Payment Methods

When people choose to have a little bit of fun with Internet gambling, they can choose legit free online casinos or they can bet real money. Almost all casinos cater to both categories and have games that appeal to casual and recreation of players, as well as veteran punters.

The latter are hard-pressed to find legit casinos online, as they will have to trust them with their cash. When loading an account, they can choose between several payment methods, such as credit, debit and prepaid cards, wire transfers and e-wallets.

The prospect of sharing financial information with a dishonest company is a daunting prospect, since funds could be leaked and the financial instrument compromised. It is always advisable to use payment methods that do not request your banking details, which is why you should go with EcoCard online casinos or Trustly casinos.

Under these circumstances, finding the most trusted casinos is the top priority and there are a few things to consider when researching the market.

To mitigate the risks, players should pay extra attention to the common warning flags, such as slow and delayed payments, denied cash outs, high commission and unreasonable banking fees.

When trying to find if there are there any legit online casinos among those you consider, the focus should be on withdrawals rather than deposits. That’s because both rogue gaming operators and the safest online casino out there will allow players to deposit funds instantly.

If you’re looking for safe and efficient withdrawals, you can always try the fastest withdrawal online casino nz.

Everyone is more than happy to accept your money when you load the account, but the fraudsters will be reluctant to execute a withdrawal. The average waiting time for a cash out shouldn’t exceed five banking days, plus the standard pending period. Usually bank transfers take the longest time and the online casino withdraw to bank account method can take up to 7 days to complete, in case of international transfers. So if you are looking for the fastest withdrawal online casino UK sites you should not use this payment method by no means.

It is customary for gambling operators and this includes legitimate online casinos to release the funds after 24 hours. During this period of time, players can reverse the transactions and use the funds to gamble even further. Another good example of trusted casinos are the $10 Paysafe casinos – NZ based.

The casino hopes that winners will keep the money in-play, so the house gets a second chance to cash in on its proverbial edge. The best online legit casinos will give players this option without using this instrument as an excuse to delay payments.

How Important Is Professional Customer Support?

When new players join the casino, contacting customer support isn’t exactly their top priority. What usually happens is that players only try to get in touch with a specialist when they run into trouble.

Those who have an account at a legit online casino don’t suffer any consequences, but for those who chose a rogue operator, this is usually too late.

That’s why prospective players should make contacting customer support a top priority on their checklist when trying to determine an online casino’s legit nature.

A legitimate online casino will provide players with several channels of communication, including one or more live solutions. By comparison, rogue operators will restrict players to online support forms and email, to avoid direct interactions.

General questions and inquiries that aren’t urgent can be solved in this manner and a waiting time of a few hours and even a day aren’t the problem. However, when it comes to pressing matters, it is vital for customer support to be reached via live chat or phone.

Toll-free numbers and live chat support that is available 24/7 is a sign of casinos online legit operators trying to provide players with the best possible assistance.

The very best legit online casinos have hired specialists that are fluent in several languages, so they are able to talk to players in their native tongue. This is useful when trying to help people who don’t speak English and have a very specific problem.

What About The Legit Online Casinos Bonuses?

Veteran players know all too well that even though casinos try to stand out from the crowd with their bonuses and promotions, the offers look very much alike. In fact, a quick glance at the list of legit online casinos will highlight the fact that the bonuses don’t differ all that much.

Gambling operators reward players who load their account for the first time with welcome bonuses in the form of cash prizes and free spins. Perseverance is also rewarded in the long run, with ongoing promotions and loyalty programs.

The best online casino bonus offers come in different forms and sizes, but the variations are generally low and few sweep players off their feet. When things look too good to be true, they usually are and some of the biggest bonuses out there are actually the ones issued by shady casinos. So if you want to know how to make money from online casino bonuses please take the following advice into consideration first.

They don’t mind throwing in larger amounts than their legit online casino counterparts, since they have no intention of honoring the deal. Rogue operators don’t play the long game and they simply try to scam players out of their cash.

In order to avoid many of the pitfalls specific to dishonest casinos, one should pay close attention to the terms and conditions. Legit online casinos have crystal-clear rules and avoid ambiguous terms, while keeping them short and to the point.

Players would be wise to refrain from claiming bonuses that are huge in nominal amount, but virtually impossible to claim because of the treacherous terms and conditions. Even if a deposit 10 play with 60 bonus may sound small, the deposit is matched 500%. So if you deposit $100 you may end with $600 play money, which is a huge amount. So carefully read the terms and conditions before claiming this type of bonus, as it is quite rare.

Depending on how much they care about appearances some rogue casinos will simply deny cash outs from players who have successfully cleared bonuses, or close their accounts altogether.

Legit Online Casinos FAQ

There are plenty of such operators that run legitimate businesses and do their best to create a secure gaming environment. Most of them have been around for a long while and enjoy an excellent reputation. They conduct their business based on a clear set of rules and are licensed by respectable regulatory bodies.
A rogue gambling operator is a company that operates without a license and tries to scam players, rather than dwell on the house edge. Unlike legitimate online casinos, rogue ones won’t hesitate to deny payments, close accounts abusively and offer unfair games. Most of the rogue gambling operators are new casinos with no track record.
The most effective way to find a legitimate online casino is to read reviews. Those written by real players highlight the pros and cons of each casino, while singling out dishonest operators. They have the merit of allowing players to learn from the mistakes committed by others instead of learning lessons in an expensive manner.
Modern gambling operators allow players to use mobile devices to access their websites, sign up for an account, claim bonuses and play games. Smartphones and tablets powered by major operating systems can be used for gambling, without compromising security or transparency. The same casino offering games on computers will grant unrestricted access to mobile users.

Pick One of Our Trusted Online Casinos and Start Playing Today!

The online gambling industry is a wondrous space where people can have a lot of fun and spend some quality time. It is also a dangerous place where rogue operators try to prey on unsuspecting players, while disguising themselves as casinos online legit ventures.

Luckily, the number of legitimate online casinos is high enough that with minimal research, players will find a safe place to gamble. We can also lend a helping hand by suggesting casinos that have proven their worth over the years, while filtering out the bad seeds.

Follow our lead and enhance your gambling experience by playing at legit online casinos.


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