Blackjack online games are one of the biggest attractions at the best online casino websites. Many casinos offer different variations of the game in different areas across the world.

One of the famous places is Atlantic City that provides a platform for blackjack lovers.

Every platform in the city has some of the best traditional options both in online and land-based sites.

If you are a gambling enthusiast, you can include the city on your bucket list for a chance to experience the ultimate gambling experience in the world.

Atlantic City could be the 2nd biggest city that hosts hundreds of casinos in the world after Las Vegas.

In this article, we discuss in details on what is Atlantic City blackjack, Atlantic City blackjack as well as the various variations of blackjack in the casinos.

We will also give you a list of the best online casinos to play this game along with the best online casino bonus offers.

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Atlantic City Blackjack- Rules and Strategies Applied In Casinos

First of all, lets answer how many decks in blackjack Atlantic City question: This version of blackjack uses 8 decks of playing cards. Joker cards are excluded from the decks. This blackjack variation also uses basic blackjack rules that are applied in other types of blackjack games.

Here are some of the rules that are used in Atlantic City.

  • Gamblers can split

Blackjack lovers can split cards during a blackjack game. If the payer has 2 cards of the same denomination on one hand, they can split the cards into two hands as they prefer. Splitting cards in one game is only allowed to a maximum of three times. If you have two Aces in blackjack in one hand, you can only split them once.

  • You can stand on hard and the soft 17

If you have hard or soft 17, it is a must that you stand. Other blackjack variations only allow you to hit when you have a soft 17. Casinos impose this rule to lower the winning chances of a gambler in a casino. Study our guides on what does soft mean in blackjack and soft vs hard blackjack.

  • Split and double down

You can double down your bet after you split cards into two hands. You can split up to 3 times maximum. The casino allows you to split hands up to three times only.

  • When to surrender blackjack in Atlantic City

While other variations allow you to only surrender early in the game, you can surrender when the game is almost over and safe half of your original bet.

  • Important tip for rules

Different casinos have different rules for Atlantic City blackjack. Check the rules before you begin any game. Play with a casino that works in your favor.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Atlantic City

Strategies and tips help players have an upper hand against the casino. Applying blackjack Atlantic City rules allows you to increase your chances of winning:

  1. If the dealer has an ace or 10-value card and you have a hard 15: you will need to surrender. Surrender helps the gambler reduce their losses and save half of the initial stake they had placed at the beginning of the game.
  2. If you have a hard 16 and the dealer has the ace card, 10-value card or a 9: opt to surrender in this case as well. Surrender in Atlantic City black prevents total loss of all the money you had placed at the beginning of the game. Playing blackjack requires attention, keenness and accurate prediction of the dealer’s next move and what they have at hand.
  3. If you have two 8-value cards, stay put. Basic blackjack rules advise players to split the 2 eights. In the Atlantic City variation, players should not split the cards but should choose to surrender before the game is over.

Basics of Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City blackjack online and land-based casinos basics are the first step that will help the gambler win at any game on the blackjack tables by lowering the house edge. This, in turn, boosts the chances of the gambler.

Atlantic City blackjack table limits any possibility of a player busting before the game is over. Players should try to achieve totals sum of cards as close to 21 and not exceed this.

If a player has any figure above 21, the dealer is the winner. The situation is referred to as ‘bust’. If the Atlantic City dealer stands on 17, the case is the same.

Blackjack dealers rules allow the dealer to check if they have any blackjack, or you can match the dealer. This is not a disadvantage for the gambler. It is worth noting that other types such as progressive blackjack and pontoon do not allow such moves.

If you are not comfortable with rules of one variant, you can opt to play other variations of the game.

You can double down if you have any 2 cards in Atlantic City blackjack. As a plus, players can also split cards at least 3 times to two hands. The Ace card is exempted from this, if you happen to split the ace cards, you will be dealt with one card only in the next round.

3 to 2 blackjack Atlantic City refers to the payout percentage for this game. Blackjack payout Atlantic City is higher compared to other types. Atlantic City blackjack payout varies from one casino to another. Choosing the highest paying online casinos it certainly will help.

It might be a bit tedious to walk from one brick-and-mortar casino to the next. Use the internet to your advantage.

Atlantic City blackjack online platforms are great alternatives to finding the information you need on payouts, rules, and the Atlantic City blackjack table limits that apply to that casino.

Players can also use online reviews are from blackjack Atlantic City gambling experts to decide on which casino to play with.

Online casinos that offer Atlantic City blackjack should have free versions that players can use to master skills and expertise in blackjack. Use the free bet blackjack Atlantic City version until you are confident of your skills at the tables.

Unique Features of Atlantic City Blackjack

Every slot or game offered in a casino has distinguishing characteristics that make it stand out from the pack.  Casinos use this features to draw more customers to the tables or the best online slots.

Some unique features of Atlantic City blackjack that players should know beforehand are:

Payoutspayouts stand at 3:2 for all games. If the player takes insurance or the even money blackjack bet, the payout is 2:1. The payout percentage of the game stands at 99.6% making the game a favorite for many people.

Surrendering– Atlantic City blackjack allows the player to surrender just before the game is over. If you notice that the true count is negative, opt to surrender. You can do this late in the game; other variations do not allow players to surrender at later stages of the game.

Dealer privilege– if the dealer has a 10-value card or an Ace, he is allowed to check if the next card in the remaining cards in the deck is a blackjack.

The House Edge in Atlantic City Blackjack

The Atlantic City blackjack house edge is the probability of winning in a casino game both for the player and the dealer. If the casino’s edge is higher, then your chances of winning are low. If the casino’s edge is low, you stand a chance at winning at the tables.

Before choosing a casino, ensure that the house edge is low to boost your chances of winning consistently. Lower casino edges mean that the casino does not take advantage of all players both newbies and experts.

Blackjack is popular because of the low house edge for the game. It stands at 0.35% for most casinos both online and land-based casinos. Blackjack odds are affected by the rules of the game applied; different variations of the game have different odds.

Single Player Tables at Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City blackjack players can play single player tables. What are these? They are betting boxes or betting positions that allow a player to place stakes on at least 5 boxes for every round at the tables.

This option is available for online casinos; players will need to click on the number betting positions that they prefer and place a stake. Single player tables allow you to take time to make accurate decisions for every move.

Late Surrenders Rules in Atlantic City Blackjack Game

Later surrender is one of the rules that blackjack players can apply to lower the house edge significantly in any rounds. Surrender in blackjack means that you opt-out of a game by choosing to lose half your initial bet to the casino and retaining half the bet in your bankroll – this is one smart way for blackjack bankroll management.

There are several instances where you can choose to surrender as we have discussed on the basic rules for blackjack. On average, surrender reduces the casino’s house edge by 0.07%. It is a great alternative that you can apply if the odds are not in your favor.

What Is the Strategy Chart In Atlantic City Blackjack?

Atlantic City single deck blackjack and Atlantic City double deck blackjack have different strategies. The basic rule is that the player should stand at soft 17. Atlantic City blackjack chart(s) are the guidelines for players on whether to make certain decisions at the table.

For example, the chart will guide you on when to stand, hit, double-down or split. The Atlantic City strategy card indicates the player’s hand on the vertical side and the dealer’s hand at the top.

Below, you can see a basic Atlantic city blackjack strategy chart and use it to determine what your next move should be.



8 and below
DOUBLE if the dealer card is 3, 4, 5, or 6. Otherwise, HIT
HIT if the dealer card is 9, 10, or Ace. Otherwise, DOUBLE
HIT if the dealer card is Ace. Otherwise, DOUBLE
STAND if the dealer card is 4, 5, or 6. Otherwise, HIT
13, 14, 15, 16
STAND if the dealer card is 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. Otherwise, HIT
17, 18, 19

This Atlantic city blackjack strategy chart will be useful for beginners but remember that it is still a basic card: Each game is different and you need to develop your own strategies sooner or later.

Lastly, you can use this chart at a blackjack single deck casino. If you are playing double deck blackjack Atlantic City (or any other variant), the recommended move will be slightly different.

Pros and Cons of Atlantic City Blackjack

  • The rules are in favor of the gambler
  • It's easy to learn and doesn't involve complex calculations
  • Free versions are available online
  • Late surrender allows the gambler to save half their initial stake just before the game is over
  • The payout varies from one casino to another

Frequently Asked Questions About Atlantic City Blackjack:

The ultimate goal is to lower the house edge significantly. This will help the player reap from the casino.
Some of the rules that make this type unique include split of 8’s and late surrender.
The payout stands at 3 to 2. Depending on the rules of the game, sometimes the payout can stand at 6 to 5.
Minimums are the east amounts that players should place in any blackjack game. 5 dollar blackjack Atlantic City is the least amount that the gambler can stake.
Some of the software providers include Microgaming and WGS.
Yes. There are free versions available for players who want to master the game before they can proceed to the real money version.
Yes. You can opt to play blackjack switch, high limit blackjack Atlantic City, progressive blackjack, blackjack pontoon, and Atlantic City Blackjack Gold.
8 decks of playing cards are used.
Yes. The cheapest Atlantic City blackjack is the $5 blackjack Atlantic City and the 10 dollar blackjack Atlantic City.

Play Atlantic City Blackjack at One of Our Recommended Casinos!

Blackjack Atlantic City has become a popular entertainment option in Atlantic City casinos. The reason behind its growing popularity of the blackjack variant is that provides players a platform that allows them to gamble in a casino game that has a low house edge.

If you compare the variant to rest, you will note that the game is tailor-made for the gambler. Rules and strategies applied also work to the advantage of the player, when encountering hands such as the soft 14 blackjack.

Many land-based casinos and online sites offer the game. It is worth noting that each casino has different rules for the game and before playing, it is important to check this before placing any stakes.

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