EcoCard online casinos represent an exciting option for internet bettors who are looking for something different. There are a few top EcoCard casinos you can play at, even if other payment methods tend to be more accessible.

What is EcoCard, is it any different from the commonly seen EcoPayz, and where are the best EcoCard online casinos to play at in 2023. In this review, we will aim to reveal all.

Of course, before we can do any of that, we need to take a closer look at the payment method itself and discover why you might want to use it to bet online. Let us begin, then, with some critical information about EcoCard.

EcoCard – What is it and how to get one

EcoCard is one of several products available from the EcoPayz payment method. The ECO Card is an easy to obtain prepaid card, linked to an EcoAccount, and it can be used to purchase shopping or goods online or wherever EcoCard is accepted.

EcoCards can be picked up freely, they are available in multiple currencies, and there is no acceptance process. Everybody is entitled to ask for one, with no bank account or credit checks required. This affords players a degree of anonymity when banking online.

As well as shopping, it is not impossible to play some of the best online casinos games to win money as an EcoCard user. There are also several EcoCard casinos online which accept this payment method, making it ideal for online gambling.

If you already know what EcoCard is and are looking for somewhere to play, check out our list of EcoCard casinos. The best EcoCard online casinos in 2023 are displayed below:

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Arguably one of the safest casino payment methods around

Using EcoCard at online casinos is convenient and advisable for several reasons. Online casinos that accept EcoCard do not require you to hand over your bank details. This ensures that the payment method is safe and secure to use. Even if someone were to obtain your EcoCard information, it does not mean that they have your bank information.

Secondly, EcoCard allows players a degree of anonymity. This is important if they are playing in countries where gambling may be illegal. A simple card number on the back of an EcoCard is all that is required to deposit. Your national banks will not know what you are doing, and neither will any government monitoring them.

Which online casinos accept EcoCard?

Online casinos accepting EcoCard are not found in every country, although ecoPayz is available in around 160 countries. EcoPayz casino Canada, EcoPayz Casino Germany or EcoPayz casino Finland sites are quite numerous but players at online casino USA sites, for instance, are seldom found using EcoCard for gambling, as the payment method is not offered.

EcoCard is often accepted anywhere where MasterCard is listed as an option. Moreover, you can use our list of safe online casinos to find a great selection of sites accepting EcoCard. In many cases, these will be casinos which are licensed, regulated, and offer the best online casino software around.

Depositing with EcoCard online

Getting started with EcoCard casino deposits is a doddle. Once you have found online casinos accepting deposits with EcoCard, here is what you need to do:

Step 1
Head to the EcoPayz page, and open an EcoAccount for free
Step 2
Link your EcoAccount to your bank to transfer money over. Alternatively, credit your EcoAccount via other means, such as person-to-person transfers via another EcoAccount.
Step 3
Head to your casino’s payment page and select EcoCard. Enter your EcoCard details, and then input the amount you wish to deposit.
Step 4
You will be redirected to a secondary payment page, where you can confirm the transaction.
Step 5
Provided you have enough on your EcoAccount; your EcoCard transfer should arrive in seconds. Contact customer support if it does not.
Step 6
Now head to the bonus page and think about claiming the best online casino bonus offer that your site has available.

Withdrawals via EcoCards are possible at some online casinos, though, not all of them. If you cannot withdraw via EcoCards, choose an online casino withdraw to bank account instead. Withdrawals to EcoAccounts via EcoCards often involve the same procedure as depositing, albeit in reverse.

Important things to note about EcoCard online casinos

As well as ensuring that you play at reputable EcoCard online casinos, there are a few other things you may wish to consider before using this payment method. Here is what you need to know:


Tier-Based: An EcoAccount is tier-based. Silver level membership has more added perks than classic level. To reach the silver level, you need to verify your account.

Classic Level: Classis EcoCard users uploading funds to their EcoAccount via bank wire transfers will pay fees of up to 7% for doing so. Credit card deposits range from 1.6% up to 2.9%. EcoVoucher uploads cost no more than 2.9% in fees. Other upload methods are free of charge.

Silver Level: Silver level users have the same fees as classic level ones, but they have the added perk of being able to play with higher deposit limits, as their account has been verified.

Casino Charges: These vary from site to site. In most cases, depositing and withdrawing using EcoCard at online casinos will see no fees applied at all. Any fees you might have to pay should be stipulated on the casino’s cashier page.

Currency Conversion Fees: Normally, you would expect currency conversion fees when using e-wallets. However, you are permitted to have up to three EcoCards at any one time. Each can be in a different currency, ensuring that you can avoid fees by using whatever EcoCard you need.

Other e-wallet options you may wish to consider

EcoCard casinos and ecoPayz casinos are not the only types of e-wallet betting sites you can play at. There are many other payment options out there (including Google Pay casino sites and Payforit casino or MoneyGram sites), and they carry some of the best software, promos, and games, too. Here are a few of the other best casino payment methods you may wish to consider:

Neteller Online Casinos

Neteller is a world-renowned e-wallet. Like EcoCard, it has fees and a prepaid VISA card. However, Neteller’s costs are often thought of as being more extensive than those with EcoCard.

Skrill Casino

Skrill’s fees are cheaper than virtually all other e-wallet providers. They are known as the gambling world’s number one e-wallet. While not available in as many online casinos as they used to be, Skrill is still a top choice for millions of players.

Legit Online Casino PayPal

Online casinos with PayPal withdrawal and deposit options are not as common as they used to be. In fact, only a handful of casinos (notably UK casino companies) accept PayPal. This is a convenient e-wallet to use, with its dirt-cheap fees and its practicality. The chances are that you already own and use a PayPal account for online purchases.

The pros and cons of EcoCard online casinos

There are always advantages and disadvantages to using any payment method, and EcoCard casinos and online websites are no different. Let us look at a few of them to help you make up your mind:

  • Often found at minimum deposit casinos sites
  • Can be used at virtually all casinos where MasterCard is accepted
  • Instant deposit and speedy withdrawal times
  • Can deposit or withdraw free of charge at most casinos
  • There are fees for crediting your EcoAccount/EcoCard
  • Not as commonly found as other e-wallets

We answer your questions on EcoCard casinos

If EcoCard questions and queries remain, we will try and help you answer them with this short and brief frequently asked questions (FAQ) on EcoCard.

EcoCard deposits are always processed instantly. However, there are several instant withdrawal casino sites sites which also accept EcoCard, or at the very least, EcoPayz.
Yes and no. EcoCard used to be the name for the entire service before it was rebranded EcoPayz. However, today the EcoCard name refers specifically to the prepaid card associated with the EcoPayz wallet.
No bank account is necessary to use EcoCard. However, you will need another way of topping up your EcoCard balance without one.
A MasterCard is a credit card, while an EcoCard may feature the MasterCard logo, but it is a prepaid card – meaning it needs to be funded and does not offer credit. Any MasterCard casinos you come across should (theoretically) accept EcoCard, too.
Yes. The EcoPayz app also covers EcoVoucher, EcoVirtualCard and EcoCard. Check out our top mobile casino list to find sites which offer this service.
The amount you can deposit at online casinos with EcoCard depends on two things. Firstly, the amount your EcoCard can be funded with depends on whether you are a classic or silver tier user. Secondly, casinos have their own limits on EcoCard transaction caps. Around €4,000 seems to be the average figure.

Play at our top, recommended EcoCard online casinos today

If you are ready to try your hand at EcoCard online casinos, you have come to the right place. Check our EcoCard online casinos list for 2022. On that page, you will find a variety of legit online casinos which accept EcoCard. Our casinos have been checked and vetted to ensure that offer fair transaction limits, low to no fees and are generally accepting of players from across the world.