Ethereum casinos are becoming more commonplace. As arguably the second most popular cryptocurrency around (after Bitcoin), that should hardly come as a surprise. What can an online Ethereum casino offer you, though, and which is the best Ethereum casino to play at? As you dive into our Ethereum casino guide, things will become a lot clearer. 

We will introduce you to the process behind betting with the digital currency, a few of the top features to look for in betting sites which accept it and showcase a few of the leading venues where you can bet on casino games with Ethereum today. If you read to begin, read on to find out more.

The history behind Ethereum

Ethereum was initially proposed back in 2013, and after a successful crowd-funding campaign in 2014, it went live one year later. Ethereum has not been without its controversies since debuting. Hackers stole $50 million Ether back in 2016, after identifying flaws.

Since then, Ethereum 2.0 (as the upgrades are known) has become a lot more stable and a near-enough flawless digital currency. This has helped the cryptocurrency blossom and appear at many crypto casino sites. Smart contract casinos are just some of the latest Ethereum casino sites to appear. All run on the Ethereum blockchain and are part of the more extensive Ethereum network.

Like casinos accepting decentralised currencies, crypto casinos will typically allow you to deposit using FIAT options, too, so if you are not yet ready to make the jump to Ethereum based casino gaming, there is a softer flightpath to get started.

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Top features you’ll find in Ethereum casinos

What should a fair Ethereum casino offer? In all honesty, online casinos accepting Ethereum are not any different from other top betting sites. ETH casino sites will typically be secure, offer fast processing times, low to no fees and various popular games. Any of the top betting sites we recommend on our Ethereum casino list must at least meet these stringent criteria. Let us look at each in closer detail:

Security and anonymity

Legality can sometimes be an issue with gambling sites. Some countries do not permit gambling and others do. Ethereum casinos will typically accept players from most countries. Even so, playing at USA online casinos with Ethereum does not mean that you should sign up to any old site, just because they will accept you. We ensure that our casinos offer anonymity (vital for players in countries where gambling is illegal), and security, including licensing, regulation, and access to responsible gambling tools.

Super-fast withdrawal times

One of the perks of playing with Ethereum is that you can expect to see instant transactions. When Ethereum gambling, instant payout times should see you able to get hold of your winnings in a matter of minutes, and no later than an hour or so. If a casino does not offer this, it will not make our list.

Low to no fees

You may encounter fees when acquiring Ethereum from exchange platforms. However, you will seldom see fees with our Ethereum casinos. We have a strict low-to-no fees policy when deciding which Ethereum casinos we represent.

Security and anonymity

We expect to see great games aplenty. Long gone are the days when Ethereum casinos only had a handful of in-house, proprietary titles to offer you. Nowadays, we expect top sites like Casino-Z to feature games from the most recognisable providers in the business.

Choosing Ethereum over Bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin is firmly regarded as one of the most popular methods to use when cryptocurrency gambling online. There is no shortage of the best Bitcoin casinos out there, with sites such as Cobra Casino being immediately appealing. However, other crypto casinos like Litecoin casinos, Dogecoin casinos (offering the best Dogecoin slots) and in this context Ethereum gambling sites have their positives, too. Whether you prefer playing at established sites or the newest Ethereum casino, here are a few reasons why you might choose to play using the Ethereum platform.

✅ Ethereum is becoming as common as Bitcoin at casinos

✅ Ether is more straightforward to acquire (and cheaper) than Bitcoin

✅ Smart contracts allow you to move Ether from wallet to another without third parties

✅ Ether faucet systems at online casinos tend to be more generous

How to start betting at Ethereum casinos

If you are still wondering how to use Ethereum for online gambling, we will tell you. The best online casino websites around will all accept Ethereum, but that is no use to you until you have a wallet and some Ether inside it. Ethereum is one of the best casino payment methods because it is easy to use. Here is how to get started:

1️⃣ Open a wallet: Get yourself an Ethereum wallet. They are free of charge. You can choose mobile or computer-based wallets.

2️⃣ Obtain Ethereum: Visit a coin exchange like Coinbase or Binance and purchase Ethereum using a FIAT currency payment method. You can afford to be picky, to find the ones with the lowest fees.

3️⃣ Choose a casino: Choosing gambling sites that accept Ethereum to play at. To speed up this process, head to our Ethereum casino reviews to find the hottest, safest, and best sites.

Depositing and withdrawing at Ethereum casinos

Now that you are armed with an Ethereum wallet some Ether, it is time to start playing. Well, almost; here are the next steps that you need to take:

Step 1
Register at one of the best Ethereum casinos
Step 2
Sign-in to your account and navigate your way to the cashier page
Step 3
Enter your Ethereum wallet’s address and the amount you want to deposit, before finalising the transfer. This should be free of charge
Step 4
Take advantage of sign-up bonuses or an Ethereum faucet to boost the amount you can start playing with. Make sure bonuses come with fair terms and conditions

Withdrawing your winnings: Start playing games and wagering with Ether. If you win, head over to the casino’s cashier and repeat the same process (albeit using “withdrawals” instead of “deposits”).

Things to note about withdrawals: Most Ethereum casinos are instant withdrawal casino sites. However, you may need to ensure that you have cleared any outstanding wagering requirements, and maybe even go through the KYC (know your customer) verification process before withdrawals commence. They should arrive near-enough instantly and be free of charge.

Top Ethereum games you can play online

As mentioned, you could only play a few in-house, proprietary games using Ethereum at online casinos in the past. That is no longer the case. Nowadays, you can find Ethereum-friendly games from the most prominent and most recognisable developers in the online casino world. 

These games are not just limited to cryptocurrency games, either. Some of the most played progressive jackpot slots and even live dealer games can now be played with Ether, at top Ethereum online casinos such as Melbet and others. 

Whether you wish to play at a live dealer online casino with Ethereum or opt for a classic Ethereum approach with table games aplenty, there are lots of options that you can choose from. There are two types of games you can play with Ethereum: blockchain games or regular games. Here is a brief list of what you can expect to play:

  • Ethereum blackjack games
  • Roulette games using Ethereum
  • Ether-friendly slots and jackpot titles
  • Play Instant win games and lottery-style games with ETH
  • Even video poker and table poker games can be played with Ethereum

The pros and cons of playing at Ethereum casinos

Gambling sites that accept Ethereum have the same pros and cons as most other betting domains, and they can include:

  • You can win jackpot prizes playing Ethereum slots
  • Deposit and withdrawal times are usually instantaneous
  • A fair degree of anonymity can be expected at Ethereum casinos
  • Not all casino games are ETH friendly
  • There may be cashout caps on what you can deposit/withdraw

FAQs: Your questions on Ethereum casinos answered

If you still have questions about top Ethereum gambling sites, allow us to assist with this short, but concise FAQ guide…

That depends on where you live and the rules regarding gambling in your country. A full list of legit online casinos for your country can be found at our website.
Not really. Ethereum has become more stable over recent years. However, there will always be “some sort of risk” associated with decentralised cryptocurrencies, whichever one you opt to go with.
There are still a few which do not. However, most major cryptocurrencies are now prepared to accept deposits (and withdrawals) with Ethereum.
No. Provided you have a basic understanding of how Ethereum (and cryptocurrencies in general) work, you should not find the experience any different from betting with other digital currencies or FIAT currencies for that matter.
Yes, although few are top-notch sites. Ethereum backed casinos that accept no other currencies are usually limited in different ways, such as the games they offer. Moreover, they tend to be less regulated. Choose to play with our recommended Ethereum casinos, and you will get the best of all worlds.

Play at the best Ethereum casinos online today

Now that you have grasped the ropes of playing at an Ethereum casino and what they can bring to the casino table, perhaps it is time you join one? Our selection of top Ethereum gambling sites are amongst the safest, and most regulated around, and they carry a truly top selection of games. Do not hesitate to head over to our Ethereum casino reviews to find your ideal place to play today.