If you are looking for an alternative payment method to use at both minimum deposit casinos and high stakes casino sites, ecoPayz casino may be the answer.

This electronic wallet service may not be as popular as PayPal, but it is at least as good. Moreover, it offers lots of advantages, such as a pre-paid card that can be used for ATM withdrawals. Below, we will talk more about ecoPayz casino payments and teach you everything you need to know about this payment method.

In addition, we will give you a list of the best online casinos that accept ecoPayz.

What is an ecoPayz casino?



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Ecopayz was established in 2000, which makes it one of the oldest electronic wallet services in the world. It is owned and operated by PSI-Pay Ltd, a company based in the United Kingdom (which means it is regulated by the FCA and Markets Act 2000). In 2009, ecoPayz released its iPhone app and became the first e-wallet service in the world to offer a mobile application. In 2014, ecoPayz started to offer a prepaid card, issued by MasterCard. This is called “ecoCard” and it can be used to make a withdrawal from any ATM in the world. 

The idea behind ecoPayz is just like any other e-wallet service: You create an account, add a funding source to it (for example, a credit card), and start using this account at all kinds of online merchants. You are actually paying with your credit card (or any other method you added as a funding source) but you don’t need to enter your credit card info: Your ecoPayz username and password are enough to complete any payment.

An ecoPayz casino is, by definition, an online casino that supports payments with ecoPayz, whether it’s an ecoPayz casino Canada or from any other country where ecoPayz is accepted. In other words, you can use your ecoPayz account to make a deposit and/or withdrawal at ecoPayz casinos. However, this does not mean that ecoPayz is the only payment option offered by these casinos: You can still use credit cards, bank transfers, and other e-wallet services at ecoPayz casinos.

Let’s continue with the list of ecoPayz casinos, as promised above. We checked all online casinos accepting deposits with ecoPayz and picked the best ones: They offer thousands of games to play, useful bonuses that can help you to make a fast start, and professional customer service that is ready to assist you 7/24. They are all licensed websites, so this is also a list of safe online casinos. Pick any of the websites listed below or check their ecoPayz casino review pages to learn more.

🥇 Best EcoPayz online casinos in 2023

Safety and security of ecoPayz casino payments

Ecopayz is one of the best casino payment methods and it is available at all of the most trusted casinos. This is because of a simple reason: Ecopayz casino payments are really safe and secure. 

👉 Ecopayz is regulated under the UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)

👉 Ecopayz is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

👉 It is a PCI (Payment Card Industry) and DSS (Data Security Standards) compliant service

👉 The owner of ecoPayz is a Principal Member of MasterCard International Incorporated

👉 All of your transactions are encrypted with 256-bit SSL/TLS

Basically, ecoPayz is as secure as it gets: You can use it without a worry in mind at all ecoPayz accepted online casinos.

Creating an account to use at ecoPayz casinos

Creating an ecoPayz account is free and can be done at the official website of the service. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1
Visit the official ecoPayz website
Step 2
Click the “Open A Free Account” button on the main page
Step 3
Fill out the registration form and make sure every info is correct (you may be asked to verify them)
Step 4
Click the “Create Account” button when you are done

That’s it: Now, log in to your ecoPayz account with your username and password. The next step is adding a funding source. This can be anything: credit cards, bank accounts, other e-wallet services, debit cards… You can see the full list here. After adding a funding source, you are ready to play at ecoPayz casinos. Make sure to check our desktop & mobile casino list above to pick an ecoPayz casino online.

Making a deposit at online casinos that accept ecoPayz transactions

Further Information

To make a deposit at ecoPayz casinos, follow the steps below:

1️⃣ First, open an ecoPayz account as explained above and add a funding source. Make sure that your funding source has enough funds in it to complete the transaction. (For example, if you are planning to deposit 100 EUR, make sure that your funding source has enough balance.)

2️⃣ Pick a casino that supports ecoPayz payments. This is the easy part: Just choose one of the casinos we recommended above. 

3️⃣ Visit the website of that casino and look for a button that says “join” or “register”.

4️⃣ Click that button and fill out the registration form. Make sure that all information is correct – you will be asked to verify them later. 

5️⃣ Log in to the ecoPayz casino with your username & password and open your profile page. 

6️⃣ Click the “deposit” button. You will see a list of all available payment methods. Pick “ecoPayz”

7️⃣ You will be asked to specify the deposit amount. Do that and click the “submit” button.

8️⃣ The official ecoPayz website will be launched in a separate tab or window. You need to enter your ecoPayz username and password to approve the transaction. 

9️⃣ After doing that, the deposit will be completed instantly

And that’s all: Make sure to check the current bonuses too. There is almost always a nice bonus for new members and you can activate it with your first deposit: Check our types of casino bonuses article to learn more.

Making a withdrawal using ecoPayz at online casinos

Making a withdrawal at ecoPayz casinos is similar and as easy as making a deposit:

Step 1
Once again, log in to the ecoPayz casino and open your profile. This time, click the “withdrawal” or “cashout” button.
Step 2
You will be asked to choose a payment method. Pick “ecoPayz”.
Step 3
Specify the amount you wish to withdraw.
Step 4
To complete the withdrawal, enter your ecoPayz email address (just the email address, not the password) and click “submit”.

The casino will send the funds to the ecoPayz account associated with that email address. The transaction is instant but if you have an active bonus (or need to verify your identity) the process can take a little longer. Contact customer support of the ecoPayz casino if this is the case. 

Fees and limits of ecoPayz casino payments

The fees and payment limits of ecoCard online casinos are not higher than other e-wallet services. Moreover, there is an option for every budget: You can use ecoPayz at 10 dollar minimum deposit casino sites or use it to deposit 1.000 EUR – it is your call. Here are the actual limits and fees of this service:

🔵 Making a deposit to ecoPayz merchants (i.e. ecoPayz casinos) is free of charge.

🔵 Making a withdrawal from ecoPayz merchants (i.e. ecoPayz casinos) is free of charge.

🔵 There is no minimum limit for ecoPayz casino deposits and withdrawals (other than the limits of the casino itself)

🔵 The maximum withdrawal limit of the service is 2.500 EUR per transaction for classic, 1.000.000 EUR per transaction for all other membership types.

Ecopayz casinos on mobile

As explained above, ecoPayz was the first e-wallet service to offer a native mobile application. In other words, ecoPayz was compatible with mobile devices since the first day it launched. This still continues today: You can download a native application for Android and iOS from the official app markets and use them to complete a payment at ecoPayz casinos.

The mobile compatibility of the ecoPayz casino is a different matter but nowadays, all casino sites are built with HTML5. So you won’t have any problems on mobile: You can play with your phones and use them to complete payments too.

Alternatives to ecoPayz casino payments

Ecopayz casinos offer other payment options too, and some of them are as good as ecoPayz. The number of MuchBetter casino sites is in fact increasing. Here are the most popular alternatives to ecoPayz casino payments:

  • Paypal Casinos
  • PayPal

    PayPal is the largest e-wallet service in the world and it is even older than ecoPayz. It works exactly like ecoPayz and offers safe & fast money transfers. Plus, there are lots of legit online casino PayPal sites you can use. However, PayPal is not available in many countries in the Middle East, but ecoPayz still works in these countries. If you can use PayPal, it is your best alternative.

    Legit online casino PayPal
  • Neteller Online Casinos
  • Neteller

    Neteller is another good alternative but nowadays it seems like it is preparing to exit the iGaming industry. The company has ended its service in Canada (so no more Neteller casino Canada sites), and we are unsure if this will include other countries. It may be a better idea to use Skrill instead of Neteller.

    Neteller Casinos
  • Skrill-Casino
  • Skrill

    Skrill is managed by the same company as Neteller and offers exactly the same services. We can even say that there are more options in terms of bank transfers. Unlike Neteller, it continues to accept iGaming transactions in all countries. Therefore, it should be your second option after PayPal.

    Skrill Casinos

What you really get at casinos accepting ecoPayz

  • Instant deposits & withdrawals
  • Support for more than 50 currencies
  • Available in more than 200 countries
  • Comes with a pre-paid card
  • Safe and secure payments
  • You need to be at least a “silver” member to unlock higher transfer limits
  • “Classic” members cannot withdraw to their bank accounts

FAQ about ecoPayz online casinos

The service is available in more than 200 countries, such as ecoPayz casino Germany and ecoPayz casino Finland sites. Ecopayz is restricted only in 48 countries and almost all of them are in Africa.
No. You can use a credit card or an e-wallet service to top up your ecoPayz account too.
Ecopayz supports more than 50 currencies and we cannot list all of them here. Virtually, it is possible to say that you can use any currency you like.
Absolutely. Your first deposit made with ecoPayz will unlock a welcome bonus. Your other deposits made with this service can unlock additional bonuses (i.e. reload bonus) too.
The ecoPayz casino only needs to know your email address. Since you can use any address you like, there is a certain level of anonymity, yes.
You can buy Bitcoin with ecoPayz but you cannot top up your ecoPayz account with Bitcoin.

Play at the top ecoPayz casinos today

It is time to start playing at ecoPayz casinos: This electronic wallet service might be exactly what you are looking for, especially if you cannot use PayPal or Neteller for any reason. There are plenty of ecoPayz casino sites to choose from and we already listed the best ones above: Pick anyone and register today!