Whether you want to play at a 10 dollar minimum deposit casino or high stake casino sites, a Neosurf casino will be one of the best options for you.

This payment system offers great security, ease of use, and instant transfers: Everything you need in an online casino.

In addition, you get a prepaid card to use at Neosurf casino sites and ATMs all over the world. If you have not tried Neosurf before, don’t worry.

This article contains everything you need to know, including a list of casinos that accept deposits with Neosurf. Let’s start!

Everything you need to know about Neosurf

Neosurf is a company established in France in 2004 with a capital of 100.000 EUR. It is owned and operated by Contis Financial Services Ltd. This company is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and can offer its services throughout Europe.

Neosurf resembles Paysafecard in terms of how it works: You find a retailer and buy a voucher by paying cash. On this voucher, there is a 10-character code equal to the payment amount. You can complete the payment by entering this code on the websites that support Neosurf (more than 20,000 sites are supported, including Neosurf casinos).

Further Information

👉 Neosurf vouchers can be purchased from any retailer (supermarket, gas station, internet café, kiosk, etc.) where you see the “PayPoint” sign.

👉 If you open an account on the “myNeosurf” site, you can upload more than one voucher code to your account and top up your account directly by credit card or bank transfer. Moreover, you also get the right to receive a prepaid card and make withdrawals (as we will explain in detail below).

👉 Neosurf can be used in all European countries, including the United Kingdom. For example, you can use it at French online casinos.

👉 You cannot find a physical retailer in the United States and other countries, but you can still use the service online. For example, you can use Neosurf casino Australia sites like this.

👉 There is also a service called “NeoReload” that can be used in African countries, which is provided by Neosurf.

👉 Neosurf vouchers support the currency of that country in which they are sold. So we can say that all currencies in European countries are supported.

👉 If an unsupported currency is used, an exchange fee of 2% is applied. 

Let’s continue with a Neosurf casinos list, as promised above. We checked all of the online casinos that accept Neosurf and picked the best ones, according to our high standards. This is also a list of safe online casinos: All of the websites below operate with a license and use SSL encryption. No matter which one you pick, we guarantee that these top new casino sites will offer you the best possible experience.

🥇 Best casinos accepting Neosurf in 2023



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Safety & security of Neosurf casino payments

Neosurf casino payments are safe, secure, and even anonymous because: 

  • You are just using a 10-digit code to make the payment. The code is not linked to you or your bank account
  • You don’t need to share personal information (name, address, credit card number, etc.) with Neosurf casinos while making the payment. 
  • All of your transactions are encrypted with 128-bit SSL
  • Neosurf itself is audited by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

You can use a pre-paid card, NeoCash, at Neosurf casinos too

Another reason why Neosurf is one of the best casino payment methods is that it offers variety. If you want, you can start using it on online casino Canada sites, for example, by simply purchasing a voucher. But you can also get more by creating an account on the myNeosurf site. Among the things you can get this way is a prepaid card. This card, called NeoCash, is provided by MasterCard and provides you with the following advantages:

➤ You can use the money in your myNeosurf account whenever you want

➤ You can shop with your card at POS machines with the MasterCard logo all over the world.

➤ You can use your card for deposit at casinos that take Neosurf without the need for voucher codes.

➤ You can withdraw money from ATMs all over the world whenever you wish.

➤ You can transfer money to your card online (by credit card or bank transfer)

In other words, you can have a pre-paid and rechargeable card and you don’t need a bank account to do so. Note that there is a Virtual MasterCard option on the myNeosurf site: With this method, you can also pay with a virtual card at Neosurf deposit casinos.

Other features of Neosurf online casino payments

Opening a myNeosurf account is completely free. There are also no “hidden fees” for purchasing vouchers. 

You can download the myNeosurf mobile app on iOS and Android. By doing so, you can access your account anytime you like using your phone. With the app, you can create vouchers using the money in your balance and virtual card codes. 

You can combine different vouchers to spend at Neosurf casinos. 

You can still use the leftover money in a voucher. For example, let’s say you purchased a 10 EUR voucher and used it to make a Neosurf casino €5 payment. 5 EUR still remains in your voucher and you can use it anytime you like.

How to make a Neosurf casino deposit?

Let’s say you are playing at one of the best online casinos in Australia and want to make a deposit using Neosurf. The process is easier than you think and we will explain it in two ways: by using a voucher and by using the NeoCash card.

Neosurf casino deposit by using a voucher

Step 1
Visit a retailer that sells Neosurf voucher codes. You can find the closest retailer to your address by clicking here.
Step 2
Purchase a voucher – decide the amount yourself according to your budget and needs. You can start with, for example, a $10 Neosurf deposit casino transfer.
Step 3
Log in to your Neosurf casino account and open your profile.
Step 4
Click “deposit” and pick “Neosurf” among offered options.
Step 5
Enter the 10-digit number on your card.
Step 6
Hit “Submit”: That’s it. The transfer will be instant.

Neosurf casino deposit by using the NeoCash card

Step 1
Top up your card by using any of the available methods (myNeosurf account, credit card, bank transfer)
Step 2
Once again, log in to your Neosurf casino, open your profile page, and click “deposit”
Step 3
This time, pick “pre-paid card” (or MasterCard) among offered options.
Step 4
Enter the amount of the deposit.
Step 5
Enter the card number and other required details (i.e. CVV code)
Step 6
Hit “Submit”: That’s it.

Can you make a withdrawal at Neosurf online casinos?

Neosurf is not an electronic wallet service in the literal sense. So unlike legit online casino PayPal sites, you cannot select “Neosurf” as the method of withdrawal: Neosurf casinos support this method only for deposits.

However, bank transfer is a method for topping up your NeoCash card, and anyone can make this transfer. So, you can withdraw to your NeoCash card. In fact, this will be much more practical because you can use the card like any other bank card.

Limits and fees of Neosurf casino payments

👉 There are no fees for Neosurf casino deposits

👉 There is no minimum limit for Neosurf voucher codes. 

👉 There is a maximum transaction limit of 250 EUR

👉 The exchange fee will be 2% if you are using an unsupported currency.

👉 There is an inactivity fee of 2 EUR per month one year after purchase or 6 months after last use.

Alternative methods at Neosurf casino sites

Obviously, the first alternative is Paysafecard: It uses the same system and offers nearly the same features. (Speaking of which, don’t forget to check our top online casinos that accept Paysafecard guide). You could also try other similar payment methods, like Flexepin or Postepay at casinos. To be honest, both services are good: Both include an online account and prepaid card. Which one to choose is up to your personal preference. However, Neosurf codes are only 10 digits and can be used in more countries, so we can say that Neosurf is one step ahead.

Another alternative is Neosurf itself: As explained above, you can use the NeoCash card as a standard debit card even in casinos that do not support NeoSurf.

Advantages and disadvantages of Neosurf casinos

  • No minimum transaction limit
  • Safe, secure, and easy to use
  • Offers anonymity up to an extent
  • You can get a prepaid MasterCard
  • Native mobile app on major platforms
  • 250 EUR maximum transaction limit
  • Physical stores are difficult to reach from outside of Europe

FAQ about Neosurf casinos & payments

NeoCash is a prepaid card issued by MasterCard. You can use it anywhere that accepts MasterCard, including UK casino companies.
Yes, but you need to purchase them online. There are no physical retailers in the USA that sells Neosurf codes and/or vouchers.
Absolutely. Casinos accepting Neosurf deposits also offer various bonuses, such as sign up bonus and reload bonus. Check our types of casino bonuses guide to learn more.
You can contact customer support from the main website or calling at +44.2034455304. It is available in English and French.
If both vouchers are issued by Neosurf, this is possible. However, you need to create an account at the “myNeosurf” website to do this.

Get your Neosurf casino bonus today!

It is easy to make a deposit at Neosurf casinos: Just purchase a voucher or use your prepaid card. Both methods will enable you to complete your payment quickly and securely. Neosurf casino sites can even be used from African countries and a bonus can be earned for every deposit made. Now it’s your turn: Choose a Neosurf casino site from the list above, sign up, and start playing now. Good luck!