When it comes to using voucher codes to make a deposit at legit online casinos, PurplePay casino sites come at the top of the list: This new payment method is being preferred by more and more websites and you can see it on almost all top new casino sites.

So, how exactly do PurplePay casinos work? How is this payment method different from, for example, Neosurf and Paysafe?

In this guide we have prepared about Purple Pay casino sites, we answer all these questions and give you a list of the most trusted casinos that support this new payment method.

What is a PurplePay casino?

Payment methods where you buy a voucher code by paying cash are nothing new: Successful examples like Paysafe work exactly that way. You buy a code from physical vendors or online sites, and you can use it for all kinds of online purchases.

For example, if you buy a code from Neosurf by paying 100 EUR, the value of this code is also 100 EUR: You can use this code to make a payment of the same value at all online merchants, like Neosurf casino sites (including Neosurf casino Australia sites). These types of payment methods usually include the use of a mobile app, an online account, and a prepaid card.

PurplePay casinos also use this basic logic, but there are some differences in the way they work. To summarize simply:

👉 PurplePay is a service that sells voucher codes online. You cannot buy them from physical retailers.

👉 When you want to buy a code, you have to use the referral link of the PurplePay merchant. This means that you cannot purchase a code by visiting the official PurplePay site directly: You have to do this through a merchant that supports this method, such as Cobra casino

👉 For the same reason, end-users do not need to open a PurplePay account. This service is only used to purchase codes and each code is generated only for that transaction at the time of purchase.

👉 PurplePay is only used to purchase single-use codes and you must redeem your code within 30 days. Otherwise, the fee you paid will be refunded to the payment method (credit card) you used for the purchase.

This system has some advantages as well as disadvantages: We will talk about them in more detail below.

But first, let’s give you a PurplePay casinos list, as promised above. We checked all of the online casinos accepting PurplePay payments and picked the best ones according to our high standards. You can see all of them below and pick any PurplePay casino site you like. This method is available all around the world, even in some exotic countries without a gambling traditions like online casinos in Slovakia.

Note that we can also offer you geo-targeted suggestions: For example, we can list the best online casinos in Australia that support this payment method or create an online casino Canada list with PurplePay payments. In short, no matter where you live in the world, we can find the best PurplePay casinos for you: Just visit our reviews page and select your country.

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How do PurplePay casinos work?

Further Information

➤ PurplePay casinos are applying to be a part of this system. In other words, it is the PurplePay casino sites that need to open an account, not users.

➤ Once their application is accepted, they begin to list PurplePay among their payment methods.

➤ The system generates a referral link for each payment to be made with this method, and when the user clicks on this link, he/she is directed to the PurplePay site.

➤ After the purchase is completed, the voucher code is generated automatically within 5-6 seconds.

➤ PurplePay is a system using the VISA infrastructure, so it can be used in most VISA casinos (similarly to the brand new Vanilla VISA gift card for online gambling).

➤ It is also one of the best casino payment methods for depositing low amounts, because there are no fees. So if you are playing at 10 dollar minimum deposit casino sites, for example, you should definitely consider using PurplePay.

Making a deposit at casinos accepting PurplePay

Making a deposit at PurplePay casinos online is not hard, but it is a little different than you are used to. Follow the steps below to complete a deposit at PurplePay casinos:

Step 1
Open your profile page and click the “deposit” link/button
Step 2
You will see a list of all available payment methods. Pick “PurplePay”
Step 3
Enter the deposit amount and click “Continue”
Step 4
Enter your credit card details. At this point, you are still at the PurplePay casino site and yes, you will give your CC info to the casino
Step 5
Click “Continue”. The official PurplePay website will open in a new browser window.
Step 6
This new window will display the details of the payment. Most of the information is already applied: You just need to enter the last four digits of your credit card to continue.
Step 7
After that, you will see the voucher code on the screen. You don’t need to copy/paste the code: Just click the “Complete the deposit to my account” button.
Step 8
That’s it: The code will be used automatically and you will return to the PurplePay casino website.

Making a withdrawal at online casinos that accept PurplePay

Casino sites with PurplePay deposits cannot offer this option for withdrawals. As can be guessed from the information above, this method is just for purchasing voucher codes and making deposits. You cannot withdraw using PurplePay – the system simply does not support this feature. You need to pick another method for withdrawals, for example online casino PayPal withdrawal or just the german method named, Sofort.

Other payment methods to use at PurplePay casino sites

You can still use other payment methods at Purple Pay VISA casinos (including Google Pay casino and Payforit casino sites). We recommend using the following options:

VISA or PurplePay: What is the difference?

Since you need to enter your credit card details to purchase a code, you may think that “well, why don’t I just use the card?”. Well, that’s true, but PurplePay casino payments offer two advantages:

✅ In some countries, using credit cards for online gambling is prohibited (i.e. Norway). Local banks automatically block all casino payments. If you can only use a credit card for online gambling, using PurplePay will offer you an alternative: You can still pay with your card at PurplePay casino Norway websites, for example. 

✅ Even if there is no restriction, there may be fees for international credit card payments. Using PurplePay eliminates this problem too because there are no fees at all.

Advantages and disadvantages of PurplePay casinos

  • Allows you to use your credit card even if they are restricted for online gambling
  • The process is fast, safe, and secure
  • There are no fees
  • Withdrawals are not possible
  • Codes cannot be purchased directly

FAQ about PurplePay online casinos

No. However, PurplePay casino payments are made using the VISA infrastructure. So we can call it a “partner of VISA”.
No. Each voucher is generated for that specific transaction and there can be no leftover money.
No. PurplePay casino payments are completely free of charge. There are no hidden fees or anything like that.
No. You must use the referral code of the online merchant, as explained above.
Each code is generated for that transaction only and the entire process is secured by SSL. So yes, they are as safe as it gets.

We have the best PurplePay casinos for you

Now you have learned everything you need to know about PurplePay casino payments: It is time to pick one and start playing hundreds of casino games.

Check our list of the best PurplePay casinos above, choose one, complete your registration, and claim your bonus: You can make your first deposit in less than 10 minutes! We will continue to update our lists and content, so don’t forget to visit us often. Good luck out there!


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