Imagine being able to make a deposit and play casino games even if you don’t have a credit card, bank account, or even no money: Siru mobile casino sites promise you exactly that. Siru casino payments allow you to make instant deposits with your mobile phone and pay the deposit amount with your phone bill at the end of the month.

This method is suitable for use in minimum deposit casinos and extremely secure: It does not require an account to use it. If you live in one of the supported countries, you can start playing at one of Siru mobile deposit casino sites right now.

Keep reading to learn how to do this (and learn more about this payment method): Below, we explain everything about online casinos that accept Siru mobile.

About casino Siru Mobile payments

Siru is the name of a mobile payment service established in Finland in 2011. Like similar services, it enables you to purchase a product or service from online merchants using your mobile phone. However, you don’t need an account or credit card to use it: The products and services you purchase are added to your mobile phone bill. Among the merchants that support this method, there are also pay by mobile casinos and these are called Siru mobile online casino sites for short.

👉 Siru is currently available in four countries and supports three currencies. Available countries are the United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

👉 Supported currencies are Euro, Sek, and British Pound. In other words, you can use this payment method at online casino UKonline casino Swedenonline casino Finland, and online casino Norway sites.

👉 Pre-paid and monthly subscription users can benefit from the system. If you are on a pre-paid plan, the amount paid is deducted instantly from your balance. If you’re on a monthly plan, the carrier makes the payment and adds it to your mobile phone bill.

Let’s continue with a Siru mobile casino list: We picked the Siru casino sites below according to our high standards and tested each one personally. We joined, made deposits, played games, cashed out money: We know how they work and we are sure that they offer the best. Pick any website from this mobile casino list and join today: Make your first deposit with Siru to get a bonus!

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What do you need in order to make Siru Mobile casino payments?

We will explain how to make a deposit at Siru mobile casino sites below, but first, let’s explain what you need to have to use this service. In order to play at a casino with Siru mobile and make payments with this method:

Further Information

  • You must live in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Slovakia, Norway, and Finland. 
  • You need to have a mobile device (i.e. mobile phone) that can receive SMS. 
  • Your carrier must support the “pay by mobile” method. In the United Kingdom, for example, Siru can only be used with Virgin Mobile. 
  • Your number must be visible, not hidden. 
  • There is no need to create a Siru account: Such an option is not available anyway. 
  • You don’t need a credit card or bank account.
  • You must find an online casino that supports Siru payments (i.e. Cobra casino)

Siru casino payments are made with your mobile device and authorized by SMS – that’s why you don’t need an account. This, of course, makes the whole thing much more secure: There is no possibility of “stolen” usernames and passwords. As long as you have access to your mobile device, all payments are 100% secure. To make your job easier, Siru offers two more services:

Fees and limits of Siru casino payments

Siru payments (and Siru casino deposits) have some fees and these vary for each product/service purchased. You can also see clearly what the transaction fee will be before completing the purchase. When it comes to maximum payment limits, they are different in each country. As of 2023, the current limits are: 

  • United Kingdom: £500
  • Sweden: 4500 SEK
  • Finland: 300€

Please note that these are 30-day limits: They will reset automatically at the end of this period. There are also daily limits in Sweden (1.500 SEK) and Finland (70€, new users only). These figures also show the maximum monthly deposit limits in Siru mobile pay casino sites.

How to make a deposit at casinos that take Siru Mobile?

In this example, we will show how to make an online casino 5 dollar minimum deposit at a mobile casino Finland site or a mobile casino Norway platform, such as Nordea casinos that support Siru. Needless to say, the steps below can be used to make a deposit at any Siru casino (i.e. Siru mobile deposit casino UK).

Step 1
Log in to your casino account and open your profile page
Step 2
Click the “deposit” button. You will see a list of available payment methods
Step 3
Pick “Siru” among them and enter the deposit amount (*)
Step 4
On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number
Step 5
You will receive an SMS that contains a verification code. Enter this code in the relevant section on the payment page
Step 6
Click “submit”. Your deposit will be completed instantly

(*) In most Siru casino sites, the minimum deposit limit is 5 EUR. However, this may change according to the casino & your country.

Are withdrawals possible at Siru Mobile online casinos?

While Siru also offers some kind of an electronic wallet, withdrawals are not supported by the system. So if you win a prize at Siru mobile casino sites, you cannot withdraw it by using Siru: You can only make deposits with this system. For withdrawals, you must pick a different method. We recommend taking a look at our online casino withdraw to bank account and fastest withdrawal online casino UK articles.

Best alternatives to Siru casino payments

You can still use other payment methods at online casinos accepting Siru mobile. We believe these are your best alternatives: 

  • Boku: Boku is the “Siru of the United States”. It is headquartered in San Francisco and offers almost exactly the same carrier billing service. However, it is supported in fewer casinos and online gambling is not the main focus of the company. 
  • Payforit: This is the service most similar to Siru’s way of working: You don’t need an account, you confirm payments via SMS, and you can use it on all mobile phone plans. However, Payforit casinos are only available in the UK and is provided by cell phone carriers, not a third party.
  • Zimpler: Zimpler casinos also offer the option to pay with a mobile device. Zimpler is very similar to Siru, it is offered by a third party and authorizes payments via SMS. However, in some countries, it requires having a bank account. 
  • Sofort: In other countries, like Germany, the most common payment method is Sofort, owned by Klara group.
  • Citadel: It goes hand-in-hand with its e-wallet, MyCitadel, and it’s part of Citadel Commerce, to be used at Citadel casinos.

What to expect from Siru Mobile casinos?

  • You can play without a credit card/bank account
  • Deposits are instant & secure
  • You don’t need to create a Siru account
  • Easy to use & practical
  • Deposit limits are not that big
  • Withdrawals are not possible

FAQs about Siru Mobile casino payments

All of the info while the payment is processed is protected by SSL. Other than your phone number, no personal information is needed to make payments. Siru is one of the safest payment methods to use.
No. In order to pay using Siru, you just need a mobile device that is capable of receiving SMS. No account is needed and such an option is not available.
No. Siru casino sites can accept players from the United States if their licenses allow it, but these players must use a different method: Siru is available only in four European countries.
Yes. You will be able to benefit from mobile casino bonus offers at Siru mobile casino sites. However, remember that the majority of these bonuses will be offered for making a deposit, not for using Siru.
No. It is possible to decrease the payment limits from the “My Siru” portal but increasing them is not possible. These limits are set by Siru & mobile phone carriers.

Play at the best casinos accepting Siru mobile deposits

Check our Siru mobile casino 2023 list and pick one to start gambling with this payment method: All you need is a mobile phone. Siru mobile casino payments offer several advantages and you can still benefit from bonuses – this is a win-win situation. Siru plans to offer its services in new countries too, so don’t forget to visit us often to check for new Siru casino sites in your region. As always, we wish you good luck!