If you want to be able to use all payment methods without any problems in a country where online gambling is prohibited, we recommend you to check out Kluwp casino Norway sites or the mobile casino Norway industry.

Norway has many restrictions for online gambling and you may experience many problems using your credit card, bank account, or electronic money account for this purpose.

However, if you play on Kluwp online casino Norway sites, making payments is not a problem: You can complete all your deposit and withdrawal transactions by purchasing voucher codes any way you want.

If you’re wondering how this is possible, read our Kluwp casino Norway review or the german method, Sofort. Next, browse our top Kluwp casinos Norway list, choose any casino, and start playing.

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What is Kluwp gateway platform in Norway?

If we had created a list of the best casino payment methods, we would divide it into two basic categories. The first category included methods available directly to end-users: For example, Skrill casino, ecoPayz casino sites (including ecoPayz casino Finland sites and ecoPayz casino Germany sites), and VISA casino sites. The second category included payment processing methods that were not directly available to end users but allowed them to use a wide range of options.

We can show RoyalPay casino sites (including RoyalPay casino Australia sites) and Payvision casino sites (including Payvision casino Canada sites and Payvision casino Finland sites) as examples. These methods work like a virtual POS machine, allowing players to use any payment tool they want.

So, which of these categories does Kluwp fall into? As a matter of fact, both. Founded in 2016, this Malta-based company offers two services:

  • Online voucher codes: In this respect, it is similar to Neosurf casino (including Neosurf casino Australia sites) and PurplePay casino. Users can purchase these vouchers by using credit cards, bank transfers, e-money transfers and use them at online merchants, which are a part of this system. Kluwp describes itself as a “closed-loop” voucher service. This means that voucher codes can only be used for whatever they were purchased for. This means that if you purchased a code to use on a specific Kluwp casino Norway site, you cannot use it anywhere else.
  • Payment processing service: Kluwp also offers payment processing services to online merchants as a gateway platform. This means that it works like a virtual POS machine, allowing, for example, Kluwp online casino Norway sites to accept a large number of payment methods.

In any case, the most important thing to know is that Kluwp is not an end-user service. So you cannot create a Kluwp account: This service is sold only to online merchants.

Likewise, you cannot buy a Kluwp voucher independently from the vendor: You have to use the vendor’s referral link for this job. We will explain this in more detail below.

How do Kluwp casino Norway sites work?

Further Information

If you pay on the online casino Norway sites without using a “middleman”, you may experience various problems due to legal regulations. For example, you can pay with your credit card at MasterCard casino sites, but it will generally not be possible to withdraw to the same card.

Legit online casino PayPal sites, on the other hand, may refuse to serve Norwegian players. Even at Neteller online casinos, you may run into problems: This service recently stopped serving Canadian players due to legal issues and players had to start using rather exotic payment methods such as echeck casino Canada.

In short, if you use traditional money transfer systems without an intermediary, you will eventually run into trouble if you live in a country that is not friendly towards online gambling.

There are two ways to use a middleman: You can use your bank account via a proxy, by choosing a service like Poli casino or Rapid Transfer casino payments. Rapid Transfer casino Norway sites allow you to use your Norwegian bank account as an e-wallet for all types of payments. (Trustly casinos offer a similar service.) However, like with Rapid Transfer casino Finland sites or Rapid Transfer casino Germany sites, this option has some limitations: You cannot use a payment method other than your bank account, and since the middleman shares the transfer information, you may still have problems.

Another option is to use voucher codes, like in the Cashlib case. You can use any payment method to purchase these codes, and there is no connection between you and the code. The code you purchase is worth the purchase price and can be used in any online merchant that supports this feature. There is no way to prevent such a method, and you can use it easily even in countries with the strictest gambling laws.

Kluwp is a payment method that falls into this category. You buy voucher codes by credit card, wire transfer, or e-money transfer and use them to make deposits. While this is very similar to Paysafe Cards, there are also lots of differences:

  • Paysafe voucher codes can also be purchased from physical merchants. There is no such option for Kluwp codes, they can only be used online.
  • Paysafe voucher codes can be used in all Paysafe merchants. (In this context, don’t forget to check our top online casinos that accept Paysafecard ) Because it is possible to purchase and use them independently from the merchant. Kluwp codes, on the other hand, can only be purchased from a specific merchant for a specific transaction and can only be used for that transaction in that merchant.
  • When you purchase the Paysafe code, you choose “Paysafe” as the payment method and complete the transaction by entering your code. In Kluwp, the code is not ready beforehand: When you choose “Kluwp” as the payment method, a special merchant referral link is created for you. By clicking this link, you can buy your code and redeem it instantly.

Still sounds complicated? Below, we explain step by step how you can deposit at Norwegian online casinos that accept Kluwp transactions. You will be able to understand the subject more clearly after reading these explanations.

How to use Kluwp at Norwegian online casinos?

Step 1
Start by selecting a Kluwp casino Norway. Check our Kluwp online casino Norway list to start: We already picked the best Kluwp online casino Norway sites for you.
Step 2
Unlike Interac casino Canada sites, you don’t need to create an account at the payment provider first: This option is not available anyway. After joining Kluwp online casino Norway site, open your profile page and select “Deposit”.
Step 3
Select “Kluwp” among the list of available payment methods and enter your deposit amount. Click “Next”.
Step 4
A new page will open and direct you to the official Kluwp website, where you can purchase your code. You can use a credit card, bank account, or e-wallet account to purchase your code on this page.
Step 5
After purchasing the code, you will see a button that says “complete deposit and return back to merchant”. Click on this button to complete the process.

We explained how to make a Kluwp casino deposit Norway: As you can see, it is very similar to a PurplePay casino Norway deposit , which uses exactly the same system. However, PurplePay codes can be purchased only with a credit card, but you can use bank transfers and e-wallets to purchase Kluwp codes too.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a Kluwp casino withdrawal Norway with this system: As can be guessed, it is designed for making payments only and not receiving them. So you need to use another method for the online casino withdraw to bank account transactions.

Bonuses at Kluwp casino Norway sites

Even pay by mobile casino sites have bonus offers, so it is no surprise that Kluwp casino sites will offer promotions too. However, these bonuses will not be directly related to Kluwp. In other words, you will get a bonus for making a deposit, not for using Kluwp.

In this context, new and existing members can get various promotions such as welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and free spins bonuses on Kluwp casino Norway sites in exchange for their deposits. It should be noted that such bonuses will be more numerous on the new Kluwp online casinos Norway sites.

The benefits of Kluwp banking at Norwegian online casinos


There are several advantages to playing on Kluwp casino Norway sites, but there are two advantages that directly concern Norwegian players:

  • Financial freedom. As we mentioned above, Norway is a country with strict rules when it comes to online gambling, and it is inevitable that you will face various problems when you use traditional payment methods such as Euteller casinos. Kluwp online casino Norway sites, on the other hand, allow you to continue using the payment methods you always use without any problems.
  • No commissions. You may even have to pay a commission when shopping with credit cards, but Kluwp casino Norway sites do not have this disadvantage. All Kluwp transfers are completely free and no commissions are charged.

Pros and cons of Kluwp online casino Norway sites

  • Instant and safe deposits
  • No transaction fees
  • You can still use your bank account or credit card for gambling
  • More complicated to use than other payment methods
  • You cannot purchase voucher codes freely

Frequently Asked Questions about Norwegian online casinos that accept Kluwp:

In other words, is Kluwp a bank? No, Kluwp is not a bank, it is a virtual POS and voucher service available only to online merchants. However, it uses SSL encryption and protects all payments with various methods, so it is as safe as a bank.
You can make deposits at Kluwp casino Norway sites but not withdrawals: The system is built for sending money only.
No. All transactions at Kluwp casino Norway sites are free of charge and there are no fees of any kind.
No. Kluwp is not a service that is open to end-users, you cannot create an account. Therefore, no mobile app is available.
Certainly. There are lots of Norwegian mobile casinos that accept Kluwp and this payment method can be used on any device, mobile or desktop.

Check our list of casinos accepting Kluwp in Norway & pick one today

Now you know what Kluwp casino Norway sites are and how do they work: It is time to pick one. This payment method offers you freedom of choice even in Norway and gives you the chance to make instant deposits.

By choosing one of our recommended Kluwp online casino Norway sites, you can start using it right away and take advantage of all its benefits. Pick one, become a member, make your deposit with Kluwp, and start playing: Good luck!


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