Norway is a country with many advantages: It has the highest human development index in the world and ranks first in the “world happiness report”.

(It also ranks first in the “Better Life” and “Democracy” indexes.) In other words, Norwegian people are happy to live in this country.

Unfortunately, this may not be the case for gamblers in Norway, as gambling is mostly prohibited. Yes, there is no online casino in Norway and if you want to gamble, offshore casino sites will be your only option.

In this guide, we will show you how to do this and provide you with a 2019 best Norway online casino sites list. Don’t worry, you can still gamble online in Norway and we are here to show you how.

Best Norway Online Casino Sites As Of 2019

You can find the best online casino Norway sites we have selected for you below. While picking these casino sites, we made sure that:

  • You are accepted as a member. Our carefully selected Norway online casinos will accept you as a member, no matter which province you are living in.
  • You have access to all of the games and bonus offers. These casino sites won’t restrict their game collection and/or bonus offers just because you are from Norway. You will have full access to all.
  • You will deposit and withdraw money easily. As explained below, gambling transfers can be tricky in Norway, so we made sure that you can complete them easily and with local payment methods.
  • You will get the best customer support available. We created scenarios and tested the response rate and professionalism of customer service.
  • You will be playing in legal, safe, and fair casino sites. All of our recommended online casinos Norway sites are licensed from reputable agencies and audited by independent companies.

In short, you will be getting the best online gambling experience of your life – we guarantee it. Just pick any casino Norway online site and start playing.

The Status Of Gambling: Are Norwegian Online Casinos Legal?

Gambling has an interesting history in Norway. Up until 2004, the country was filled with slot machines which can be found literally everywhere. Gambling was a quite popular hobby and the government was gaining more than NOK tax revenue from them. There were no local operators for online gambling but Norwegian players were free to play at offshore casino sites.

In 2004, the government started to restrict new slot machines and completely banned them in 2007. They still exist at some places but are called IVT (interactive video terminal) nowadays and require a special card issued by the government to play. The Norway Gaming Act granted the rights to organize and offer online gambling to two official agencies: Norsk Tipping and Norsk Riksototo. These agencies are the only institutions that can offer online gambling services and as of 2019;

  • Sports betting and horse race betting are legal in Norway.
  • Lotteries are legal in Norway.

And that’s it. All other forms of gambling, including online casinos, are illegal in the country. So the answer to is online casino legal in Norway question is no, unfortunately. Online gambling laws in Norway are quite restrictive and does not allow any foreign operator to set up shop in the country. Norwegian citizens can apply for temporary licenses for playing poker and bingo at their homes (which are called gaming clubs) but they cannot offer these services to other people. In addition, each gaming club cannot have more than 10 participants. Basically, as long as you play with your friends (and you don’t have more than 10 friends), you are good. And this applies only to poker and bingo games – blackjack, for example, is still illegal.

Unfortunately, these prohibitions apply to ISPs (internet service providers) and banks too. Banks in Norway are prohibited from accepting payments from and to online casinos. All financial transfers that fall into this category will be blocked automatically. In addition, ISPs must censor foreign casino sites.

As can be understood, these are not good news but remember that:

  • Joining and playing at offshore casino sites are not illegal, just restricted. And it is possible to bypass these restrictions.
  • There are no sanctions against Norwegian players who prefer to play at casino sites abroad. The gaming laws and sanctions are for operators only.

In other words, you can still play at Norway online casinos. Sure, it will be a little challenging when compared to other countries and you must know what you are doing. Luckily, we are here to help you: This guide will inform you about everything you need to know to play at Norway online casinos and suggest the best ones.

Which Payment Method To Pick At A Norwegian Online Casino

For the reasons explained above, you should use one of these two methods for online casino sites in Norway:

  • E-Wallet Services: The best options will be Neteller and Skrill. ECO Payz is another suitable method. The reason why these services work is that when you transfer your balance from the e-wallet service to your bank account, the sender is listed as the e-wallet service provider, not the online casino. For example, your local bank will see the sender info as “Neteller” only and won’t be able to understand it is actually an online gambling payment. For more practicality, you should get debit cards of these services: They remove the need of transferring your money to a bank account or a credit card. With those debit cards, you can withdraw money from any ATM in Norway. In this regard, stay away from PayPal – it is known to block online casino transfers too.
  • Cryptocurrencies: If you know how they work, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are the best payment method to use. They work outside of the banking system and on the blockchain, so they cannot be tracked in any way. Cryptocurrencies are legal in Norway and the government won’t be able to see/track/block your transfers in any way. Since both the sender and receiver information is encrypted, nobody can find the source of your winnings. Through exchange sites, you can convert cryptocurrencies to Fiat currencies. This is the best method, to be honest, but cryptocurrencies are not supported by many online casinos and they require technical knowledge to an extent.

You can, of course, use bank transfers, credit cards, and any other methods to make online casino transfers but they will mostly be blocked by the government. If you do not want to get “caught”, prefer either e-wallets or cryptocurrencies.

Popular Games You Can Find In Online Casino Norway Websites

Once you become a member of a casino Norway site, the games you can play won’t be any different from regular online casino games. However, they won’t be restricted too: You will have access to them all. In this regard, here are the most common game types you can find at online casinos Norway.

  • Slot Machines. As known, slot machines are the most popular game category at casino sites and Norway online casinos are no exception. You will find the most number of options under this category and there will be dozens of themes to choose from. All slot games are fine, but for an “old-school” experience, you can pick classic fruit machines that have fewer symbols and pay lines. Don’t forget to try your chances at jackpot machines too!
  • Card and Table Games. This category is quite big and includes many options such as hold’em poker, video poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and keno. We recommend sticking with the European variant if you plan on playing roulette, as its rules slightly favor the players. And if you are looking for the best odds and highest RTP rates, blackjack and video poker games should be your choice. In fact, some of the video poker machines offer positive RTP rates, which is incredibly rare.
  • Live Dealer Games. This category includes card and table games that can be played against a real dealer. Yes, by joining a live broadcast, you can play these games against a real person with other players just like you. Live casino games offer authentic casino gaming experience and a chance to socialize, we highly recommend trying them. You will be able to find all variants of roulette, poker, blackjack, and baccarat in this category.
  • Casual Games. Simple platform games, scratch cards, and virtual betting options fall into this category. As the name suggests, these games should be played for fun only. Don’t expect to become rich but expect to have lots of fun: This is the basis of casual games.

Note that you can access all of these features and games with your mobile devices too. While preparing our online casinos Norway reviews, we tested each and every one of them on mobile operating systems. Some of them offer a separate app but this is no mandatory: You can simply visit the online casino Norway site from your mobile device and use the mobile version of the website too.

Tips And Suggestions For Norwegian Gamblers: A Norway Online Casino Guide

What is the gambling tax rate in Norway?

As explained above, some forms of gambling (such as sports betting) are legal in Norway, and winnings from these activities are subject to a flat 23% tax rate. If you win the lottery, you will be giving 23% of your winnings to the government. There are only two exceptions to this rule:

  • If you are a professional gambler (if you gamble as a profession), you still pay 23% tax but you can deduct your losses from the total tax amount. Since you will also be losing time to time, you will be paying much less taxes.
  • If the winnings come from a gambling organization held for humanitarian goals (such as helping children) there will be no taxes.

Do I need to pay taxes for my winnings at foreign casino sites too?

Oh yes. The government of Norway is perfectly aware that its citizens play at foreign casino sites and make profits. The law specifically states that “winnings made from foreign gambling organizations are subject to this tax rate too”. So as long as you make a profit in an online casino Norway site, it will be subject to taxes, no matter where you played.

Do I need to use a VPN to access your recommended Norway online casino sites?

At some point, probably. As we mentioned above, the government of Norway has a “blacklist” of foreign casino sites and the websites on that list are censored by ISPs. The law says “all online casinos that are not located in Norway” will be censored, and since there can be no online casino sites in Norway legally, almost all foreign operators will be censored. Try your chances by simply visiting the websites we recommend: If they launch without a problem, there is no need to use a VPN service. But if you cannot open them (or they get censored in the future) you can use a VPN service too. Pick free services such as WindScribe and TunnelBear, as online gambling does not require big bandwidths.

What is the average deposit and withdrawal times at online casinos in Norway?

This depends on the casino and payment method you selected. Almost all deposits are instant, no matter which method you use. When it comes to withdrawals, you should expect the following time periods:

  • E-wallets: 24 hours
  • Cryptocurrencies: 4-6 hours

Of course, if you did not verify your identity, an additional 24 hours will be needed for this process.

Find The Best Online Casino Norway And Start Playing

Now, you have learned how to access online casino Norway sites and gamble without a problem, even if the government is not too keen about it. Without wasting any more time, pick one of our recommended Norway online casinos and start rolling that dice! Don’t forget to pick up the bonuses too, as they will help you to build a starting capital for free. We regularly update the list of best Norway online casinos so visit us often and read our reviews to learn more about these casinos. May the Lady Luck be with you!