New slot machines in casinos are the most popular games to play, there is no doubt about that.

Everybody likes playing popular slot games, even the casino operators: Did you know that top slot machines generate more than 70% of the revenue of casino sites?

They are fun games to play and offer incredible payouts – you can even become a millionaire by being lucky in a progressive jackpot game.

Due to this popularity, there are literally hundreds of new slot machine games around, and this number keeps increasing day by day. If you were wondering when is the best time to play slot machines at a casino, here’s the answer.

In other words, finding the best online casino games to win money will be a challenge, among all these options.

Well, don’t worry: As always, we are here to help you. In this article, you can find the best online slots to play online, according to their category and release dates. We will also offer you a top 10 slot machines list and the instant play casino sites (including $5 minimum deposit slots sites and the online slots – Canada based) that include them in order to give you a quick start.

This will be a fun and profitable journey, so let’s start: Welcome to the world of top slot games to play in 2023!

Top 10 Online Casinos that offer popular slot games [2023]:



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What Are The Popular Slot Machine Games And What Makes Them Popular?

Famous slots are famous for a reason: They are very easy to play and make frequent payouts. In addition, they are really the best slot games to play in their own category. As mentioned above, new casino slot games get released almost every day but not every one of them is a success: Some of them do not contain unique and original features, some of them are not compatible with mobile devices, and some of them simply does not make enough and frequent payouts. Most popular slot machine games, on the other hand, are the opposite. So, they offer:

Unique and innovative features. For example, the “avalanche” system of Netent is pretty innovative: It combines match-3 and good slots mechanics together. When you score a winning, all of the slot machine symbols that are part of that combination disappear from the reels and new ones drop down above, triggering a new winning chance. 2 by 2 Gaming is another software developer, among the most important ones, that develops creative and innovative slot games.
Satisfying payouts. Popular casino slot games pay more often than others. Note that we are not talking about the prize amount: This is about payout frequency. Almost all of the popular slots games fall into the “low volatility”, which means they pay less but much often.
Easy to understand rules. The best slot games are very easy to play: Even if this is your first time, you can easily understand what you need to do. They do not have complex rules or require combinations – every rule is simple.

You may be surprised to hear this, but the majority of the new casino slots games do not contain these features. Only a couple of brand new slots do, and they immediately become the most popular slot machines at casinos.

How To Play Slots And Win?

Ok, we have learned what are top slot machine games, so let’s continue with how to win online slots topic. No matter what kind of good Bitcoin high limit casino games you play, the main rules are the same:

There are reels, symbols, and pay lines. All of them can be any number. You already know the first two, so let’s explain the third: Pay lines are literal lines, that connect both sides of the reels. You can see what they look like after scoring a win. Your goal is placing at least 2 – 3 same symbols next to each other on one of these lines. Once you do that, you will get paid according to the symbol set you placed and the payout table.

As a general rule, more pay lines mean more winning chances. So, for example, you will have a better chance of winning if you are playing a top slots game with 1.024 lines.

However, while playing a popular slot machine, you are placing a bet per line, not per spin. For example, let’s say you have found an amazing slot that contains 15 pay lines, like the Piggy Riches slot from NetEnt. The minimum bet amount is listed as 0.1 coins. Sounds great, right? The thing is, this is not the real minimum amount: You need to multiply this number with 15, as it is the bet value per line. So, the actual minimum bet amount per spin will be 1,5 coins (0.1 x 15). Knowing this is important because a best online slot game with 1.024 lines will offer higher winning chances, that’s true, but it will also require a much bigger budget. And the bigger the bet limit the bigger the budget you need. But do high limit slots pay better? The answer is no because the win rate will be the same but the amounts won will be bigger but only because your bets are higher.

And here comes the how to pick a slot machine to win part: You need to find the best online slots games that offer the best cost/payout ratio. Doing this will be tricky, but we will explain how it can be done below. For now, let’s keep our promise and continue with the list of the most popular slot machines of all time.

Top Rated Slot Games Of All Times: Start With These

There are lots of popular slot games but some of them are truly legendary. These are old games but they are still available in most of the online casinos for a simple reason: They are truly the top-rated slot machines of all time. They are literally the best slots online in their own category – in fact, some of them are the first examples of that category. If you are looking for the most popular slot games online, we highly recommend starting with these options. Here are the most popular slot machine games of all time.

1) Wheel Of Fortune: IGT is known for its TV show adaptations, and Wheel of Fortune is probably the most popular slots game of the provider. You can actually play a Wheel of Fortune game during the bonus round, so yes, you really get to spin that famous wheel. Alternatively, you can also try the Deal Or No Deal slot, which is also adapted from TV.

2) Cleopatra: One of the best slots of IGT. It is also one of the best payout slots because it is amazingly easy to trigger the slot machine bonus rounds. Once you start playing, you will activate the bonus round in maximum of 5 minutes – enjoy.

3) Mega Moolah: This is one of the most winning slot machines around: In fact, it is even in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not the most expensive slot machine but it comes pretty close. Well, it pays millions so we don’t see this is as a disadvantage. Mega Moolah is the top slot machine to play if you like progressive jackpot games.

4) Thunderstruck: Microgaming used the theme of Nord mythology in this game and it was an instant hit. Not because of the theme but the payout: Thunderstruck slots can pay up to 200 times the total bet. And its payout frequency is one of the best. This one is probably the most popular slot of Microgaming (like the Carnaval slot) and it even has a sequel, unlike the similarly popular tennis-themed Centre Court slots game.

5) Gonzo’s Quest: We think Gonzo’s Quest is one of the best slots to play at online casinos because of a simple reason: It is the most innovative game we have ever played. Remember the “avalanche system” explanation above? Gonzo’s Quest was the first game to use it. In addition, it is the world’s first VR (virtual reality) slot machine, so practically the first among the 3D slots (similar to Demi-Gods III). Many online casinos offer a net entertainment casino bonus, under the form of free spins you can use on this particular slot

This casino slot machine games list contains only the best online slot games of all time, but as we mentioned above, a new casino slot game gets released almost every day. So, what is the situation in 2023? Which ones are the best online casino slots to play in this year so far?

Picking The Best Slot Machines: Take A Look At The Category First

Ok, we have shared the latest slots to play list and informed you about the best casino slot games. So, let’s continue with another important subject: What is the best slot machine to play? We gave you some pointers above, but this is a comprehensive topic. Let’s start with the game type video slot categories topic because choosing the correct game type video slot is the first step of winning.
In this regard, we can say that there are three main categories: classic, video, and jackpot. Names of slot machines are not important: If it is a slot game, it will belong to one of these categories. Your overall goal is the same in all these options – land the same symbols next to each other on a pay line. However, the odds, payout rates, and features are slightly different. In this regard:

• Classic slots: Also known as the “fruit machines”, this category is the simplest form of slot games. They are also the slots with best odds, due to their fewer number of pay lines. Classic slots, like Lucky 7 slots, are usually 3 reel slots with 1 – 3 pay lines, and these are low figures. But as explained above, this also means that you will be able to do more spins with a limited budget – overall, they will offer you the highest winning chances. Note that these are not slot machines with bonus: Classic games usually do not have slot machine bonus rounds and special symbols.

Video slots: The most common category – the majority of top online slots fall into this one. In this type, video slot paylines are much more: In general, it starts from 15 and goes as high as 1.024. So, they offer better winning chances. But for the reasons explained above, they also require bigger budgets. This category includes interactive slot machines and they are the best option for beginners. They are also probably the most fun slot machines to play.

• Jackpots: These are actually classic or video slots, but with a “twist”: The prize amount is quite big. In fact, if it is a progressive jackpot, the prize amount can reach millions, because every lost bet will feed the payout pool. A progressive jackpot is a great slot game and they are the favorite slot machines of many players, but there is a catch: Their RTP rates are quite low. We will explain what this means below.

Choosing the right category and theme is important because it will determine your true winning odds. In this regard, remember that you can even find x rated slot machines at online casinos. The theme won’t affect your winning chances but it will give you a better experience. If you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland slots you have a large variety to choose from. If you want to play an x rated slot machine, go ahead: Online casinos are filled with x rated slots.

Finding The Best Payout Slot Machine: The Importance Of RTP

In order to answer what are the best slots machines to play question, we must also explain what RTP is. This is short for “return to player” and shows how much you will lose in the long run. It must be at least 95% – your goal is to find the most popular slot machines casinos with the highest RTP rates. Here is an example: Let’s say you are playing a best slots game with an RTP rate of 96%. This means you will be able to recover 96 EUR of your 100 EUR investment in the long run, so your losses will be 4 EUR maximum.

Note that most popular slot machines in casinos do not always have the highest RTP rates. Just because a game is in the top 10 video slots list does not mean that it also has a satisfying return rate. You should check the paytable of the slot games you can play, this information is listed on that screen. Make sure to pick the best pc slot games with the highest RTP rates.

Slot Machine Bonus Games Are Important Too

As we mentioned above, the most popular slot machines to play always contain good bonus rounds (when triggering the bonus buy slots feature). And by good, we do not only mean free spins round. Yes, this bonus game slot machine is pretty common but not your only option. But since it is common, let’s explain it shortly. You trigger this round usually by placing a fixed number of scatter symbols. The number of free spins you get is different in each game: You can get 100 up to 200 or even 100 up to 700. The spins won’t cost you a penny and you get to keep the prize.

However, there are also other bonus games slot machines too. Slot games with bonus rounds can include mini-games, pick me games, and even “gamble” rounds, where you try to guess the color or suit of a closed play card (check out how it works and play Party Time Slots). Some of these bonus rounds are quite fın and profitable, even than the free spins round.
In short, the best slot machines to play at the casino are:

• The ones with an RTP rate higher than 95%,
• The ones that include fun and profitable bonus rounds,
• The ones that are easy to play and won’t cost a fortune.

Note that we did not pick a single best slots game: This is actually impossible to do. Every player has a different taste, and there is no single best slot machine that can appeal to everyone. The majority of the most popular slot machines contain all the features listed above. And in order to find new popular slot games online, just use this list and pick accordingly.

FAQ About Top Game Slots: The Most Important Things To Know

You cannot tell such a thing. This is an urban legend and has no basis. Back in the 60s, popular slot machines worked with cogs and wheels (literally), so it was possible to understand how close they are to make a payout by listening to them (again, literally).
Again, another urban legend. If you are asking what is the best time to play slot machines at the casino, you have watched a lot of Hollywood movies. Any time is the best time to play popular slot machines, the computer codes run 7/24 and they have no “favorite” time period.
The best slot machines to play are the ones that offer you the highest RTP rates, it is as simple as that. Yes, there are lots of slot games to play but only a couple of them will include a 95% and higher rate. In this regard, classic slots are your best option.
No. You are still playing the same game with the same rules and winning odds, you are just using a different device. However, playing on a mobile device gives you a lot of advantage, such as the ability to play anytime and anywhere you want.

Play Popular Internet Slot Games And Win!

After checking our slot machines games list, you are ready to play great slots games: We already picked the best ones for you. However, there are many other popular slot games too and we intend to update this guide on a frequent basis, so make sure to visit us often to learn about the most popular slots available even in countries without gambling traditions like the Online Casinos Slovakia industry.

And if you need any advice on which online casinos are better to play the most popular slot games, stick around: We have lots of casino sites to recommend. Just pick one of them and start playing lots of popular slots games: Good luck!


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