High limit slots often attract a lot of attention. After all, some high limit slots pay out wins worth millions of euros, and so are arguably among the best online casino games to win money on. Do high limit slots pay better than standard slots, though? Do they pay better prizes? It is time to investigate.

In this gambling and slots article, we will take an unbiased look at the world of online slots. We will pay special attention to high limit slots (Bitcoin high limit casino games included) and try to answer those questions. We will also point you in the direction of top places to play high-roller slot machines. With that in mind, let us begin…

About high limit slots in 2023

If you are wondering “are high limit slots more lucrative than conventional games?” or “are high limit slots better?” then you have come to the right page. High limit slot machines can provide wins on epic proportions and are among the most popular casino slot machines around. What are they, though?

At their most elementary, high limit slots are games which allow players such as yourself the ability to wager large sums of cash, just as their name suggests. While standard slots can do this, it is only with high-rolling slots where this option is guaranteed.

You can search the web far and wide to find the best online casino websites offering high limit slots. However, why not let us do that for you?

Below, you will find top casinos with the best payment methods, most celebrated games and more besides. If playing high limit slots at the best casino sites is for you, check out the websites below…

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Things to note about high limit slots

Do high limit slots have better odds than standard slots? If we are honest, we would have to say not really. Both come with long and short odds, depending on the game you play. What they do is permit you to wager more. However, there are aspects of the games, which can determine how often high limit slot games hit. Here is what you need to know:

Payout percentages and hit rates

Payout percentages (known as RTP or Return to Player) are theoretical figures which tell you how much the slot pays out, in comparison to stakes. By contrast, hit rates tell you how often a slot machine will dish out a winning combination.

Playable paylines

How many lines should I play on a slot machine? It is a good question. The more paylines you have, the more likely you are to win money. However, cash prizes tend to drop in value the more paylines are active. There is no pre-determined number of lines.

A $25 slot machine, for instance, could have anything from 5 to 117,649 lines.

Coin denominations

Do higher coin denomination slots player better? Again, not really. The amount you bet (and the coin denomination you set) will play a part in how much you can win, but those winnings will be paid out at the same rate as with a small-value bet.

A £1 bet at 1,000x will pay out £1,000, and a £10 bet at the same rate pays out £10,000. In both cases, you can still win a thousand times your bet.

Slot volatility

Slot volatility also plays a part. Volatility (or variance) tells you how often a slot pays and the kinds of winning you are looking at. Standard slots are medium variance. Low variance slots pay out winnings regularly, but they are small sums. Highly volatile games pay out vast chunks of cash, but only rarely.

By looking at all four of these terms and how they interplay with one another in a slot, you can compare them with other slots to find the best online slots with the perfect “set” of features. Those are the games which are the most ideal to play and actually you can call them the best payout slots.

High limits vs. standard online slots – The Payouts

Are online casinos rigged? Yes and no. They are not rigged so that you lose. However, all games need to follow strict algorithms to run. These provide random results every time, ensuring that no two spins are alike. How often and how much a slot can pay may be predetermined via that algorithm. Either way, you have a fair shot of winning if you know the type of slot you are playing, so let us look at them.

Your average standard slot will likely be a medium variance game, with an RTP of 95%. By contrast, low variance games feature RTP rates of 97% in many cases. Of course, highly volatile games can deliver epic wins less frequently, and as a result, have RTPs which often peak at 95% and can dip below that figure.

Ultimately, this should not concern you, too much, though. All three types of slots can potentially be high stakes slots. It ultimately depends on the wagering range that features in the game.

Bigger and better bonuses for high slots players


There are no high limit slot machine strategies you can deploy to guarantee a win. However, if you are wondering how to recover lost money in casino games, the answer is simple – bonuses. You won’t actually get back the money you lost, but you can make up for it.

Top offers such as free high limit spins allow you to enjoy spinning the reels of the slot at no cost. You could even walk away with real money winnings.

At the same time, casino VIP programs can dish out bonuses aplenty, and other perks can include exclusive access to high-roller slot tournaments (see here how to win a slot tournament), higher withdrawal limits and faster cashouts. High roller casino offers can also include welcome bonuses such as free cash when you deposit.

These can all help you fund your slot gaming experience but do not guarantee wins.

Other top games for high-rolling players

High stakes games at online casinos are not limited to slots. In fact, you can wager significant sums of cash on games which are not high stakes slots. The types of web casino games you can play are listed below:

High limit slots – The pros and cons

High roller slot players will find that there are pros and cons to playing such games. Here are just a few of them:

  • Most new slots now feature higher betting limits
  • These represent some of the most popular slot games around
  • Many high limit slots feature a wealth of special features
  • There is no high limit slots strategy you can use to guarantee a win
  • High limit slot odds are not any better than those found in standard slots

Help is here – Our FAQ on high limit slots

We may not be able to show you how to beat slot machines, and we are going to write 5,000 words explaining which slot machines pay the best. However, for general questions and queries, our FAQ (frequently asked questions) guide should suffice nicely.

The most important prerequisite to playing at a high stakes casino or high limit slots is to have a sizable budget. Without that, you will not last awfully long.
The amount a player of a high roller slot wins will vary from game to game. In the past, the highest paying online casinos have churned out prizes which have been worth over €13m.
You may have heard this, but it is an urban myth. There is statistically less likely to be more players between midnight and dawn, but that only ensures that fewer players are likely to win your progressive jackpot. The increase in traffic means that someone is more likely to win it.
High limit video slots can be low variance or highly volatile. That is the fun part. The volatility policy or level of each game will determine whether you pocket small-scale wins rapidly, or big wins over time. For some, any win alongside fast cashouts at instant withdrawal casino sites is the road to success.
As mentioned, highly volatile slots tend to be the games which payout the best, save for progressive jackpot slots. These can be high limit slots (in the sense that you may need to play a while to land a win). Before wagering large sums, our advice would be to play one as a free demo.
The simple fact is that you cannot. However, many progressive jackpots will pay out “on average” during a given timeframe. Some sites will keep you updated on how long it has been since progressive slots paid out.

Do high limit slots pay better? Find out today…

So, now that we have come to the end of our article, we must answer the question: “do high limit slots pay more?”. Ultimately, no. They can pay better but may not necessarily do so. High limit slots will pay you more substantial winnings if they are highly volatile. They will also cough up more significant sums of money if you land the top-paying combination with a maximum bet. However, the pay rate will remain the same whatever bet you make. 

If you are interested in landing big wins, then try our list of safe online casinos to get started. All our reviews are of legit online casinos, which are licensed, regulated, and approved for high limit slots gameplay.