You can be sure to find two things in online casinos: First, bonus offers that will give you a financial edge. Second, playthrough requirements for those bonuses – these ones are usually written in “small” fonts.

As a general rule, you should focus on these small prints, not the rates. This is because playthrough casino bonus requirements define how useful and fair those bonuses really are.

In this article, we will tell you how to evaluate online casino bonus offers and answer what is online casino playthrough question. Let’s start: We have a lot to talk about.

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What Is Wagering In Casino And How It Works

Playthrough, turnover, wagering… These are actually the same thing. Bonus offers in online casinos allow you to get “free funds”, which can be used to play games or directly withdrawn. For example, if you take advantage of a welcome offer with 100% match rate and deposit 100 EUR, the casino will credit your account with another 100 EUR. So far so good, right?

The thing is, these bonus funds are actually “virtual”. You can see them on your account page but you cannot use or withdraw them until you complete some terms. These terms are called playthrough / wagering requirement and in order to complete them, you must wager a certain amount of money. Once you do that, your “virtual” funds will become usable. The casino playthrough total you need to reach is determined with a rate, and this rate shows how much money you need to wager.

Still sounds too complex? Take a look at the examples below, they will explain how casino playthrough requirements work.

Playthrough Casino Bonus Examples

Below, we will use the “what is a 40x playthrough requirement at an online casino” question as an example to explain how playthrough casino system works. Note that this rate can be different at each online casino and it is possible to say that it changes between 15 – 45x. The “x” at the end means that you need to multiply this number with your deposit (or refund) amount.

  • The player takes advantage of a welcome bonus with a 100% match rate and deposits 150 USD. This means he/she will get another 150 USD as a bonus.
  • In order to “unlock” the bonus fund, the player must wager the deposit amount 40 times. In other words, he/she must wager 6.000 USD (40 x 150). We multiply the playthrough rate with the deposit amount, simple.
  • Note that depositing 6.000 USD in total is not enough, this amount must be “wagered”. In other words, it must be used to play games – you need to deposit and spend that money.
  • After wagering 6.000 USD, the bonus funds (150 USD) will be unlocked. After that, the player can use it to play games or withdraw the bonus. It is advisable to cashout large sums using the online casino withdraw to bank account payment method because it is very safe and secure.

This is a simple example, but it answers what is wagering question. There are a couple of other terms that come with casino bonus requirements, and we will talk about them below.

Three Things To Know About Wagering Requirements

  1. Always Read The Small Print.

Online casinos write the bonus rates in big numbers, but the wagering requirements are written in “small print”. Never get fooled by the rates – they mean nothing if the playthrough terms are not fair. In fact, that’s how casino bonus wagering scam works: The casino offers an amazing match rate (such as 600%) but sets up the terms in a way that you will never be able to complete them. Check the wagering rates are fair and realistic or not. Make sure to read all of the terms and conditions. Read the advanced tips and tricks section below for more information about this subject.

  1. Pick The Best Game To Complete The Requirement.

Different games contribute at different rates towards the online casino wagering. For example, usually slot machine wagers contribute 100%. But for other games (blackjack, roulette, video poker, etc.) this rate may be too low or even zero. This means playing a particular type of game will complete the requirement faster, find out what that game type is by reading the terms and conditions.

  1. Keep Your Own Records.

Being paranoid is actually useful when it comes to wagering bonus. Grab a piece of paper and record your deposit amounts with dates. Makes sure the records of the casino and yours match each other. If not, immediately inform the customer service.

Playthrough Casino Bonus Requirements According To Promotions

There are lots of online casino bonuses, and bonus requirements work a little different at each. Here is a list that explains the most important differences – you can find more information about these bonuses in the next section.

  • Welcome Bonus: You need to wager the first deposit amount with the pre-defined rate. Note that some casinos ask you to wager the deposit + bonus total. And also you may need to make a higher deposit, than the minimum deposit advertised, to trigger the bonus. A $5 minimum deposit casino Canada site will require most certainly a minimum of $10 or even $20 to activate the bonus.
  • No Deposit Bonus: You need to wager the winnings that came from the no deposit offer. For example, if you got 10 USD after signing up and use that bonus to win 100 USD, you need to wager the 100 USD.
  • Reload Bonus: Same as welcome bonus, you need to wager the deposit amount.
  • Loyalty Bonus: Loyalty Points (LP) are part of a program which you can win by simply placing wagers. For example, you get 1 LP for every 5 USD you bet. These points can be converted to real money after reaching a certain total. And you are asked to wager that total in order to use the bonus funds.

About Online Casino Bonuses: Each One Is Different

In order to understand how online casino wagering works, you need to know more about the bonuses system. Here is the short version that tells you everything you need to know:

  • Welcome Packages: These can be a match bonus or a no deposit bonus. Match bonuses ask you to deposit a certain amount of money and matches that amount. No deposit bonuses can be activated simply by completing the registration process. Since you get a little amount for free, they have low playthrough casino bonus requirements in general.
  • Bonus Codes: These are important because some of them may allow you to get no playthrough casino bonus. They are time-limited and requires using a particular code while depositing/registering (see our Campeonbet Casino bonus code list). Again, these are rare so keep following us to get the latest no playthrough casino bonus codes.
  • Reload Bonuses: Welcome offers are one time only, but reload bonuses can be used continuously. Usually, they have lower wagering rates than welcome bonuses.

Advanced Tips And Tricks About Online Casino Wagering

Here are some casino playthrough tips in order to find the fairest offers and learn how to make money from online casino bonuses. We recommend asking yourself these questions while evaluating casino bonuses:

  • Are there any other restrictions? Most casinos put wagering limits until the requirement is complete. For example, you can wager 5 USD maximum at all games – this makes it harder to complete the online casino wagering, you need to play lots of games.
  • Can you withdraw money? Some casinos restrict withdrawals until you complete the playthrough. You will win cash prizes while trying to complete the requirement, but you may not withdraw them. Or, withdrawal may be allowed but you also forfeit the bonus if you do it. In any case, check for special withdrawal terms and make sure they are fair. Anyway, you can always rely on the fastest withdrawal online casino NZ – based. You may also choose a same day payout online casino.
  • Is there a time limit? The bonus and wagering rates might be too good to be true, but is there a time limit to complete the requirement? Some casinos ask you to complete the wagering in 1 month, for example. (In fact, we have seen this period goes as short as 1 week too.) If this is the case, make sure you will be able to complete the playthrough in that time frame. Otherwise, you will just forfeit the bonus.
  • Is the offer available in your country? Even if your country is accepted to the casino, some of the bonus offers might be “extra” country-specific. This issue especially affects players from East European countries – they have less access to some bonus offers. Always check in the terms and conditions if your country can benefit from the bonuses or not: For example a $5 minimum deposit casino Australia site will allow players from Australia but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can also claim bonuses.

FAQ About Casino Playthrough Requirements

This is actually pretty simple. The first thing you need to do is finding the wagering rate – it will be displayed with an “x” at the end. You can find this rate in the bonus terms and conditions page (or it can be displayed at the bottom of the offer).
To prevent misuse. It is hard to find an online casino without wagering requirements, because otherwise, people just take the bonus and cancel their membership. In addition, casinos want you to stay as a member for as long as possible, and to prolong that period, they use wagering requirements.
While they are quite rare, yes, no playthrough casino sites exist. However, note that no wagering bonuses will be limited to a specific type of promotion and they will be time limited. Because otherwise, these offers will be misused by players.
To be honest, no – if there is a wagering requirement, there is no way to avoid it. The terms and conditions of these offers are quite restrict, and failure to meet them will forfeit the bonus. Moreover, misusing them may result in account cancelation.
You can track your progress through your personal account page. This page will show you how much more money you need to wager in order to complete the requirement. And once it is over, you will mostly get an email that congratulates you.

Wager Free Casinos Are Best, But…

They are rare. Online casinos are businesses too, after all, and they need to make money. The important thing is to find online casino lowest wagering requirements and use them to your advantage – that’s the best you can do. And from time to time, you will be able to find time-limited wager free offers, especially for no deposit bonuses. When this happens, you can be sure that they will be available on our site. So don’t forget to visit us often to catch the best casino wagering deals out there!