We listed some “slang” words in our how to play blackjack and blackjack for beginners guides, but we did not talk about the monkey in blackjack in them.

This is mostly because monkey blackjack is a quite common phrase you can hear in all gaming tables (including high limit blackjack tables) and deserves a guide of its own.

Below, we will explain blackjack monkey meaning and let you learn everything about this interesting phrase.

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What is monkey in blackjack?

What is the best way to win at blackjack? Reaching 21 points or a score higher than the dealer, right? Well, most of the time, the first card you get will give you a clear idea about your chances of winning in this game: For example, if you get Ace, you are only one card away from winning the game. That one card, dear reader, is called “monkey”.

Basically, any card that improves or wins your hand is called “blackjack monkey”. So, if you hear someone yelling “monkey!” in a casino, that player is hoping to win the game with the next card.

He/she hasn’t won the game yet, but the next card can do it. So, if you are wondering what does monkey this up mean, it simply means “dear dealer, please give me a card that will allow me to win the game”.

Where does blackjack monkey term come from?

Nobody has any idea about the origin of the monkey meaning, but there are two theories:

  • Face cards are based on “monarchy” symbols – you know, queens and kings. Whether from China, Japan, or Indonesia, Asian players cannot pronounce the word “monarchy” correctly and when they try to say it, the word sounds like “monkey”. Ace + face card is a combination that lets you win the game instantly, so according to this theory, an Asian player is trying to say, “I have an Ace in my hand, so give me a monkey (monarchy – face card) next so I can win the game”. This theory also answers the why do Asians yell monkey
  • Another Asian monkey theory claims that this term is a mispronounced form of the word “money”. In other words, Asian players are actually saying “give me the money (the card that will let me win the game)” but they pronounce it differently, so it sounds like “monkey”.

Nobody knows which of these theories is correct. But do not worry too much about the origin of the term blackjack monkey: just know what it means.

Note that you can only hear this term in land-based casinos: It is not used in blackjack online games (live blackjack games may be the only exception) and it is not part of any blackjack betting strategy.

Blackjack monkey is the most common version of this term, but it is used in other casino games too, especially in poker and baccarat.
  • Baccarat monkey means exactly the same thing: A “prayer” for the second card so you can win the game.
  • Monkey poker has a different meaning: In some countries, it refers to a 500 USD bet.

Blackjack slang and phrases

Blackjack monkey is not the only interesting term in this game: There are lots of other slang words too. Here are some examples:

FAQ about blackjack monkey

If you are worried that this term might be perceived as racism, simply do not use it. Blackjack monkey is not essential for communicating with the dealer, it is something that excited players sometimes say.
Yes, it is used in poker and baccarat too. In baccarat, it means exactly the same thing, and in poker (or sports betting), it refers to a bet that is worth 500 USD.
If you read our free bet blackjack complete guide (or checked our blackjack cheat sheet), you already know face cards are worth 10 points. So, if your first card is an Ace, yes, you can use it for face cards too.
Asian players are generally more excited and use verbal communication more often, so this proposition might be correct. However, we recommend that you stop wasting time with things like this and focus on important issues, for example, what is surrender in blackjack and how to use it efficiently.

Play in a monkey casino with the best bonuses

And now you know the blackjack monkey meaning: If you want to use this term too, pick one of our recommended casinos and start shouting, “blackjack monkey!”.

Make sure to check our other guides too, for example, blackjack tournaments 2020, blackjack with PayPal, and is online blackjack rigged so you can get a better idea about how to play blackjack much more efficiently. As always, we wish you good luck out there!