Blackjack has grown to be one of the most popular casino games across the world.

If you are a gambling fan, then you would want to play European blackjack online free versions before you master the art of the game.

Once you do, you can proceed to play the real money versions. There are two main variants of the table game i.e. the European and the American blackjack. Slight differences are evident between the two games.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the European blackjack review including the strategies and tips that players can employ to help them bag millions in the casinos that offer blackjack table games.

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What Are The Rules, Strategies, And Tips That Apply To European Blackjack?

European Blackjack basic strategy is simple. Players get to play blackjack against the house dealer. For standard games, the European blackjack rules indicate that the game should play with 2-6 decks of cards.

However, this isn’t fixed and some casinos allow their players to play with either 4 or 8 decks of cards. At the start of the games, a dealer deals cards to the player as he picks his hole card.

To win at blackjack, a player must be able to get a total sum of 21 from the cards or value as a close as to 21 as possible.

Each card in the games is assigned a specific value, ace cards the number cards have 1 to 11 values while 10s and any other cards in the deck have a total value of 10. Each card that has a number has the same numerical value.

European Blackjack Payouts Explained

Blackjack payouts are almost uniform all across the variants. Players can expect to receive almost the same payouts from the casino game. The payouts are influenced by 2 main factors, one of the factors is the house edge which is quite low for European blackjack tournament.

The rules of the game are favorable and gamblers can use this to their advantage. In a typical European game, a player can expect to get a 3 to 2 for any natural win from the tables. Any other wins payout in a ratio of 1:1.

If a player wins after taking insurance, he will receive a payout of 2:1 just like when taking the even money blackjack side bet. The rules of payouts are standard in all casinos.

If you are playing in a land-based casino on in online casino Latvia, there will be no notable differences in the games. It is almost the same as when you are playing blackjack online games at online blackjack Canada-based sites, for example.

Be sure to check the casino you are playing with, scam sites have ridiculously low payouts that ensure the player has the least chances of winning by increasing the house edge at the tables.

A Players’ Guide to European Blackjack Table Games

If you would wish to play a blackjack variant, our team of experts strongly advices you to try out the European blackjack version. Why? Overall, American blackjack is not as flexible or player-friendly as European blackjack and any other variants in this category.

In a European blackjack tournament, a player can expect a few things. One of the best features is the high Return To Player or the RTP that the player receives at the end of the game after they win.

European blackjack reviews indicate that the payouts above 99.6 percent. We also advise that players learn to play the game through the free European blackjack money versions first.

Many casinos will have this variant and players can use it o their advantage to learn European style blackjack.

What Is European Blackjack and What Are Its Unique Features?

Blackjack, as we have mentioned before, has grown to be one of the most diverse table games to date. A there is a unique variant of the game referred to as the European blackjack which slightly differs from its counterparts.

European blackjack strategy chart is quite popular in land-based casinos in European. However, with the advancement in technology, the game can also be accessed through online casino websites or mobile versions of the game.

Statistics show that it is one of the most popular variants in the online gambling world. Each game in a casino has its rules and standard procedures. The blackjack version employs specific strategies and blackjack tips that gamblers can use to help make winnings easy and possible.

The house edge in the European blackjack is very low meaning that the player has higher chances of winning. European blackjack odds are also player-favorable.

Players want to play in table games where the winning odds are in their favor and are not biased towards the casino providers both in online settings and in brick and mortar casinos.

Rules That Favor the Player in A Blackjack Game

Getting the right casino to play with is a daunting task for any player. But this should not be the case for blackjack lovers. The players should look for some of the following factors in a casino as these will ensure the games are favorable to him:

  • Look at the payouts for the blackjack games. Ideally, the payouts should be 2 to 1 as the winning chances are higher in this case.
  • The player can double down blackjack on any number of cards to boost their chances of winning.
  • You can surrender early in the game to help you cut losses and possibly, bag yourself a win after surrendering.
  • If you would wish to surrender late in the game, your winning odds are slightly higher.
  • You can double down after splitting the pairs to increase your wins substantially however small the margin.

The rules should help a player win when they are playing in a real money version. The rules boil down to the number of decks in the game, doubling down, payout percentage and the fact that the dealer can stand on 17. These fundamentals areas will help you gain an advantage over the casino.

Are There Rules That Favor The House Instead?

Casinos are in the money-making business, so there are rules that help them have an advantage over the players at European blackjack table games. Some of the rules that will help the casino have an added advantage against the player include a 6 to 5 payout.

The player is also not allowed to double down after splitting the cards and they can only double down on 10 and 11 value cards.  If the dealer hits soft at 17 then he will have an added advantage and the chances of the player are lower. Learn first what does soft mean in blackjack and then check the rules of the dealer hitting or not on soft 17.

No surrender rules and the use of multiple deck cards also hinder or lower the winning chances f the player. Another key factor is the shuffling method deployed at the table as well as prohibiting mid-shoe entry during the game.

As such, it is important to check the rules of each casino before you start playing. You can check the areas we have mentioned in the previous paragraph to gauge your chances of winning from the casino.

If not so, you will risk losing all your money to the casino if you are playing the real money variants of the game.

Fixed Rules in European Blackjack Table Games

These are the standard rules that apply to every European blackjack game. The rules are not altered and cannot be altered to favor the player or the dealer.  The rules are also constant for online and land-based casinos and they include:

  • European blackjack is a multi-deck blackjack variant that uses 6 decks of cards. Some variants use 2 to 8 decks i.e. this type of blackjack cannot be played with a single deck of cards regardless of the circumstances.
  • If a dealer has a blackjack card at hand, the dealer wins and the gambler loses all his money to the casino.
  • Players are not allowed to split the following cards; 4, 5 and 10 value cards throughout the entire game.
  • Splitting of two aces in blackjack is allowed but the player will only get dealt with one card for each ace. How many times can you split in blackjack can depend if you have a pair of Aces or not, as other pairs can be split up to three times.
  • After splitting, the players can double the cards.
  • When does the dealer stop hitting in blackjack? and in this case European blackjack. A dealer stands on soft 17 and draws on a 16.
  • European blackjack Insurance is allowed for the player any time they want to.
  • At no point is surrender allowed during a European blackjack table game.

What Is The Difference Between European Blackjack and Blackjack American Version?

To breakdown the European blackjack vs. the American blackjack variants, it is important to know that they are both blackjack table games but with very slight differences.

All the rules of blackjack are standard for the two types of games but a closer look will show that are slight exemptions in each variant. Depending on your personal preferences, you may opt to play either of the two but choose one that you feel the conditions are most favorable for you as a player.

Many players are more drawn to European blackjack as the rules and strategies are more user-friendly. What we mean is that it is simple and the player has higher winning chances than when they are playing American blackjack.

To master the art, learn the tips and strategies to better your chances of winning any game.

How About European Blackjack Vs. Atlantic City Blackjack? Any Differences?

Atlantic City blackjack is another popular version of the blackjack table game.  It is slightly similar to its two counterparts but has its distinctions.

Unlike the European blackjack game that uses only multiple decks of cards, Atlantic City blackjack can use either a single deck blackjack cards or multiple/ blackjack strategy 8 deck cards.

Besides this, it has become one of the most sought after by online and offline players. Players are on the hunt for games that have low house edges as this means that he/she has a batter chance f bagging wins from a casino.

Atlantic City blackjack has a very low house edge, around 0.35%. This means that a player as close to 99.65% winning chances as opposed to when they are playing other blackjack variants.

Pleases note that the house edge may be slightly different from one casino to another but is still very low, regardless of the slight variations that are from one casino to another and when compared to other blackjack versions.

The rules and the blackjack strategy 1-3-2-6 games are also user-friendly and are easy to learn and apply at the tables.

How Do European Blackjack Odds Compare To Other Blackjack Variants?

European blackjack’s pop is attributed to the fact that it has a low house edge or casino advantage for the player. Lower odds and favorable terms and rules of playa will ensure that the player as the higher chances possible to help them win consistently in every game.

When compared to other variants such as Atlantic City blackjack, this may not be the case as the odds for these variants are way lower.  In such a case, a player may opt to play Atlantic City blackjack.

Check the rules that a casino has put in place before you select the blackjack versions you want to play with. Low casino edge/house advantages with rules are easy to apply at the tables and thus, will be in favor of the player.

Splitting and Doubling In Blackjack Games

If you are playing a blackjack game, there are certain rules and tips that you may use to better your winning odds.  A casino’s edge will always be against the player and so it is important to deploy tips that will help you beat the casino/dealer at every game.

Some of the techniques used include card counting, doubling down or splitting. Before you deploy these techniques, it is important to check if the casino has prefixed rules against the use of these so that you use them without any restrictions whatsoever.

We shall discuss card splitting and doubling down in this section:

  • Card Splitting

A player can split to similar cards into two hands in this scenario. The rule is only applicable after you are dealt with the best hands in blackjack and not later in the game. At this point, the card can be split into two hands while you double up your initial bet.

Doubling up allows you to multiply your wins any two if you are lucky if you want to master how to win at blackjack. You need to be very cautious as this would also affect your bankroll in case you lose your bet. Therefore, a blackjack bankroll management system is highly recommended.

Some of the instances when you can opt to split cards when playing online or in live blackjack versions is when you have a pair of ace cards or eights. What happens when you are dealt with 10s?

Double down your initial bet to lower the risk of losses that you may incur at this point. You can also choose to split cards if you have a pair of 6s. Check to see what the dealer has at hand and make the decision from here.

Only split if he has cards between the values of 2 and 6. This is the same case when you have a pair 6s but you have two options here, you can split your cards or the dealer will issue you another card.

  • Doubling Down

After you have been dealt with the first set of cards, you have the option of doubling down your bet that you had placed at the start of the games. If you opt to double down, the house will issue you with an extra card.

If you have two hands with a total sum of 10 or 11, you can opt to double down. Why? At this point, the chances of winning are very low. If the total sum of cards at hand equal to more than 11, doubling down is not an option.

European Blackjack Vs. Classic Blackjack Variations And Similarities

Blackjack has quite similar rules for all its games. There are slight variations for each type of game that players should take note of before they play any games.

One of the unique variations between classic blackjack and European blackjack is the number of decks that are used in game-play. While European blackjack is a multiple deck variant classic, blackjack only uses one deck of cards.

Other rules are the same but this is the distinguishing factor. Players who use the card counting strategy love the classic blackjack as it is easy to count cards throughout the entire game in their favor.

They predict which cards will be dealt next based on what has already been dealt at the tables. Using this information, they calculate the true count to inform their decisions on whether they should increase or lower their stakes. You may also wonder why is counting cards cheating in Blackjack – find out here.

Pros and Cons of European Blackjack

  • Uses fewer decks of cards. Players who use blackjack card counting can employ this strategy. Blackjack cheat sheets will also enable players win easily.
  • The house edge is low when the dealer stands soft on 17.
  • Available in many online casinos.
  • The risk of losing all your wins is high as the dealer can make extra moves and cannot peek for any blackjacks.
  • The use of automatic card shufflers makes card counting impossible.

Popular Terms in European Blackjack

  • Hole Card

At the start of the games, the dealer deals himself with a card facing up first. The second is dealt only after the player is dealt with the first set of cards.

  • Dealer can peek at the card

Players do not get to see the second card before a player is dealt with his hand. In American blackjack, the dealer can check the second card before the player has his complete set.

  • Number of decks used at the table

European blackjack only uses 2 standard decks with slight variations between casinos. As such, it is popular as players can count cards to help them win the game.

  • Bet insurance

As we have mentioned above, there are no holder cards that are dealt until the player has his completed set of cards. The dealer has no chance to peek at the next cards to see if they may get the blackjack as the next card.

  • Doubling down

Choose to double down by lowering your bet after you have been dealt with the first cards only if you are not sure you have a winning chance against the dealer if you have card values between 9 and 11 only.

  • Splitting

The house will allow you to split the two initial cards of the small values into two hands. This will allow you to double your initial stake and increase your winnings at the end of the game.

  • Late surrender

Basic strategy European blackjack with surrender is not possible when playing European blackjack. In case you choose to surrender half of your initial stake is lost to the casino.

European Blackjack Gold Series Explained

Casino providers through Microgaming have created a gold series for the European blackjack Microgaming variant. It has a unique table setting and has better features in terms of sound and graphics that enhance the overall gaming experience.

Microgaming has recreated the game for better speeds during play as well as a friendly interface that is easy to use. It is available in two different versions; players can either bet one hand for every round or up to 5 hands.

Find this game at Microgaming casinos and of course at all Microgaming casino Canada sites.

FAQ about European Blackjack

It is the most common variant of blackjack. It has more strict rules when compared to other variants of the game (i.e., US blackjack). For example, the dealer blackjack beats the player 21 and you can split only one time.
There is no hole card in European blackjack. Also, the dealer is not allowed to peek at his closed card. Doubling down is limited in this variant and there are fewer splitting options. Basically, the player is more restricted.
For card counting, European blackjack is better because fewer decks are used. For all other purposes, American blackjack will be the better choice. The “surrender” option, for example, is not available in the European variant.
There is a difference, but it is not a serious one: The lack of the surrender option increases the odds of European blackjack by 0.08%. However, games with fewer decks offer a lower house edge, so the European variant still offers good odds.

Play European Blackjack Today At Your Choice Casino!

European Blackjack has quickly grown to be one of the best blackjack variants both for online and land-based gambling fanatics.  It has incredible features as well as a low house edge that works in favor of the players.

To better enhance the gaming experience Microgaming has created a new version of the casino games referred to as European blackjack gold with better visuals, game-play speeds, and sound.

If you are looking for a favorable and player -friendly games, then European blackjack is the ultimate choice. Choose a casino that has fair rules and terms and enjoy the table game today.

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