The popularity of online Blackjack live dealers is unquestionable. Both new and veteran players are joining online casinos to play this action-packed table game.

It has simple and straightforward gameplay and comes in different variations to suit all people.

Unlike regular blackjack online games at online blackjack Canada-based sites, which are equipped with Random Number Generator (RNG) software that determines the results, live dealer blackjack games are operated by real flesh and blood dealers.

Thanks to new modern cutting-edge technology like HTML5, you can enjoy a Las Vegas experience straight from the coziness of your house.

This article covers everything you may need to know about live blackjack casino games.

We have included different betting options, types of a live dealer blackjack, rules of playing, and more.

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Live Online Blackjack Defined

The live blackjack 21 casino games are designed to deliver all the action in high-quality graphics, and streams it live to your device of choice.

As stated early, these games are operated by highly qualified and professional dealers who perform all the duties of the Random Number Generator (RNG) software, including shuffling cards, dealing and calling bets, and more.

The tables are equipped with advanced technology like the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that captures every minute detail in the studio or casino and converts it into information. This sophisticated technology also enables you to enjoy fast, slick, and immersive gameplay.

Live blackjack online casino games come with additional features like Side Bets, Bet Behind, and Pre-Decisions to boost your chances of winning massive payouts.

Learn How Live Blackjack Operate

Even though the rules of playing Blackjack are the same, you will realize that things are quite different from the live dealer version. Also, most of these games are managed by providers and not operators like with the standard variations.

The moment your casino account is logged in, you will be taken to the game lobby, where you will find different tables of live dealer blackjack online games to choose from. Some online casinos will display photos of the dealers in charge.

Each live blackjack table can accommodate up to seven different players at a time. For low limit blackjack tables the stakes usually go as low as $5 per hand if you play with a live dealer. The stakes can increase up to $1000 for high roller players.

Live casinos or studios offering live Blackjack online are equipped with multiple high definition cameras to capture and live stream all the action to player’s devices. The tables are designed to work in the same as in land-based venues.

The screen features several buttons to enhance the gameplay, such as the Live Chat window, where you can initiate a conversation with the dealer.

Live Blackjack Card Counting Explained

One of the most common questions among blackjack lovers is whether you can count cards in online live Blackjack. Card counting is one of the widely known and used strategies in blackjack games.

The technique involves being able to monitor the high and low cards and increasing your stake when the game is in your favor. However, card counting is almost impossible to live online blackjack games.

First, the games are played using 6-8 decks, and are the cards are shuffled at a very high speed, which makes it hard to get the exact count. Also, live casinos don’t expose the total number of decks in the shoe, rendering card counting in Blackjack, a hectic and pointless exercise.

Another general reason why this skill may not apply in live dealer blackjack is that there is no way you can read facial expressions. Rather than struggling to use card counting strategy, you can find casinos with generous bonuses and special promotions to boost your bankroll. You may also wonder why is counting cards cheating in Blackjack – find out here.

Anyway, we highly recommend checking our blackjack bankroll management guide before kicking in.

Best Live Blackjack UK Casinos

If you are an ardent blackjack player, then you will agree with me that there is no better to enjoy popular variants than at online live casinos. But you don’t have to worry if you are new as we have highlighted top features that make a good live blackjack online casino site. They include:

  • Types of Live Blackjack Games Available

The number and variety of live dealer blackjack games offered by a casino site play a very significant role in attracting players. A good online casino is one that supports different types of live video blackjack games such as Perfect Pairs, Common Draw, and Party Blackjack, among others.

  • Offered Bonuses

UK online casinos use different types of bonuses to attract new players as well as on-going promotions to encourage existing customers to continue using their sites. However, you must read the attached terms and conditions to understand the wagering requirements before you claim the bonus.

  • Mobile Compatibility

The best live mobile casino blackjack sites are fully optimized to be accessed on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry smartphones and tablets. The games are available in instant mode via standard browsers like Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

  • Fair and Safe Gaming

There is no RNG software to ensure fair results in live online blackjack games because they are operated, human dealers. Besides the professional dealers, the tables are designed with different software to ensure that the games are safe. In addition, all games must be tested and certified by known agencies like eCOGRA, GLI, TST, and iTech Labs to ensure that they are fit for gamblers.

  • Secure Transaction Options

Live blackjack online casinos offer players different safe and secure deposit and withdrawal options. You can choose to cash out or top-up from your account using Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer, or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins. Yes, blackjack can be played with cryptocurrencies too: check here our Bitcoin blackjack and Dogecoin blackjack guides. These payment options use modern security systems like the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure that your data is secure.

  • Unparalleled Customer Support

Reputable online casinos employ highly skilled and friendly support agents to provide solutions to player’s questions and other concerns. The agents can be contacted through different options like email, live chat, or phone call 24 hours 7 days.

Live Dealer Blackjack Rules

Overall, the objective in the live blackjack casino is to end with a figure as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. It is essential to understand how other rules of the game work before you join your favorite table. Find below the basic rules of playing online live dealer table games:

  • Card Rules

Live online blackjack is played with between 1 to 8 decks of 52 cards, including 16 face cards, 32 cards, and 4 Aces. All numerical cards in Blackjack starting from 2 to 10 are equivalent to their face values while Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10, and Aces are equal to 1 or 11.

The cards are dealt from the shoe on the left to the player sitting next to the first and following. The game is considered invalid if the dealer strays in the process, which is why the order of dealing cards must be followed strictly.

Depending on the provider, the cards may be shuffled manually or with a Continuous Shuffling Machine (CSM).

  • Betting Rules

To understand the betting rules of live blackjack games, you need to know when to split a pair, hit, take insurance or how many times can you split in blackjack. A hand containing a pair of Aces may come with specific rules. You can find more in our two Aces in blackjack guide. The betting rules are also the strategies of winning in this brilliant game.

  • Dealer Rules

After dealing the cards to all players, the dealer turns over the hole card. An important dealer rule regards the answer to the question When does the dealer stop hitting in blackjack?”. The dealer doesn’t get a play option and must continue to draw cards until the total hand in 17.

The rules of playing any blackjack game will be displayed on the board for everyone to see.

Learn How to Play Live Blackjack Online

As stated, the goal in online live dealer blackjack is to beat the dealer’s hand without exceeding 21. Remember, you will be playing against the dealer, no other players. The games start with the dealing two cards to each player on the table and the dealer.

Players are allowed to view both cards and one of the dealer’s which is always face up. The cards marked 2 to 10 represent their respective values, and cards from J to K are equal to 10. After dealing, players are asked whether or not they would like to take an extra card, double, stand or split.

The game ends if the player gets a hand that exceeds 21. In case the dealer stands, the total points will be used to determine the winners and losers. Contrary to regular casino games with free trial versions, most blackjack live dealer games are online limited to real money.

Are Live Dealer Blackjack Games Rigged or Fair?

Many people believe that online live dealer blackjack games are in one way or another rigged. But this is actually not the case. In fact, all live dealer casino operators have designed the games to work in their favor regardless of the table you choose to play.

This reduces any chances of rigging because they will profit in the long run. Also, it doesn’t make sense for operators to rig their games to exploit players because the chances of losing are high.

Playing at live casinos that are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and guarantees safe and fair games that have been tested and authenticated by third party independent testing agencies like eCOGRA.

Another prove that the games are not rigged is the fact that shuffling of cards is done in front of live cameras.

Legal Online Blackjack Live Dealers

Playing real money or free online live blackjack game in the UK is legal for all people with 18 years and above. You need to find an online casino or game provider with a license from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

The Gambling Act of 2015 allowed all online casinos and sportsbooks to provide players with all types of games, including online live dealer blackjack.

Some of the benefits of playing at legalized online casinos include enjoying reduced house edge to around 1%, guaranteed fair play, variety of certified tables, multiple payment options, and more.

Comparison of Live Blackjack vs. Land-Based Blackjack

There are several notable differences between live Blackjack and its land-based counterpart. Some of them include:

Live blackjack games are managed by knowledgeable and welcoming dealers with good experience in operating casino games. They have mastered all matters Blackjack, including the main variants and betting options.

The live dealers are also skilled in hosting games via live streaming technology. All this is to ensure that they deliver a thrilling experience to players. On the other hand, many brick and mortar casinos offer blunt welcomes or fail completely.

Live online casinos offer state of the art gaming environment that matches the status of high roller players. In contrast, only a few land-based operators can afford to provide VIP services to all players.

Unlike in land-based casinos, the issue of credibility in live blackjack casino is a nonstarter.

Traditional classic blackjack games use Random Number Generator (RNG) software, which raises suspicion among many players. But in live casinos, the results are determined by Lady Luck.

Players at live video blackjack have access to different types of bonuses and ongoing promotions as compared to land-based casinos where the bonuses are limited and smaller in size.

Another essential reason why live Blackjack is preferred over the brick and mortar version is convenience. You don’t have to obey dressing code, worry about jam, or meeting your enemies on tables when you play live Blackjack.

These games can be accessed from anywhere – either on the go or from the comfort of your living room.

Last but not least, live blackjack casinos have hand-picked dealers from different language backgrounds to give a personalized experience.

FAQ about Live Dealer Blackjack

No, it isn’t, as long as you play at licensed and reputable casinos. These games are managed by pit bosses like in a real casino and you can complain to them at any time you like.
No, you cannot. While some game providers offer the “demo” option on their own websites, playing live games on online casinos always requires an active balance: There is no “free demo” mode for them.
No, it isn’t. RNG means the results are randomly determined. The same thing applies to live blackjack: Its results are also random. Likewise, the RTP and house edge values of these games are the same too.
Not really. It is possible to find live blackjack tables with very low limits, as low as 0.10 EUR/USD. For minimum limits, there is no difference. But for maximum limits, live blackjack has more high-roller tables.

Top Benefits of Playing Live Dealer Blackjack

Being one of the most popular online casino table games, Blackjack attracts players from the UK and around the world. The following are some of the reasons why you should play live online blackjack games:

  • High Bonus Rewards

Playing at live dealer online casinos allows you to enjoy different bonus offers when you deposit, refer a friend, or top up your account.

  • Social Aspect

In live casinos, you play against human dealers who offer advice and engage in other conversations as you play. The exciting part is that you can even tip, or you can also match the dealer in some casinos.

  • Fair Play

All live studios and blackjack tables are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that the results in each game round are unique and fair.

  • Convenience

Live Blackjack online casino games can be played anywhere – either on the go or from your house. These games are built with cutting edge technology to deliver a fun-filled experience on all smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

  • High Payouts

A good number of live blackjack casino games have a lower house edge and of course, high RTP to increase your blackjack odds of winning bigger payouts.

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