As online casino technology advances, the number of ways you can play online increases. One of the hottest ways to play in 2023 is to participate in online blackjack tournaments.

If poker isn’t your game, then something simpler like blackjack can provide you with the thrills you seek, while at the same time being a safer, less risky alternative when betting online.

If you’re interested in getting started playing blackjack online, this is the guide for you.

As well as taking you through the basics of online blackjack tournament gameplay, we will also look at free online blackjack tournaments, which provide the ideal introduction to this exciting way to bet.

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What is an Online Blackjack Tournament?

As you can guess from its name, an online blackjack tournament is a competition which is played between you, the dealer and other blackjack players. Most are instant play games, meaning that they are online blackjack tournaments where no download software is used. However, free online blackjack tournament games can also be played instead of real money ones.

How Do Online Blackjack Tournaments Work?

Before you sit down to play in an online blackjack tournament, you need to understand what they are. This blackjack tourney guide will show you how to play online blackjack tournament games, and provide you with many reasons why free blackjack tournaments are also worth a punt.

Ordinarily, an online casino will host such tournaments. There are two such ways to compete in real money online blackjack tournaments. The first is a straight-up game between several blackjack players at the same table. When competing in multi-round online blackjack tournaments, the players who manage to win the most cash will advance to the next round, and so on, until there is one grand winner of the competition.

The second type is based on a series of one-off games against a dealer (run by computer software). Players will earn points based on their victories, and their progress will then be tracked via a tournament leaderboard. Aside from their in-game winnings, tournament prizes are paid out according to a player’s performance (positioning) on that leaderboard. These types of leaderboard tournaments seldom see you compete against other human players.

Where to Find Online Blackjack Tournaments

Now that you know a fair bit about how the tournaments work, the next question you are likely to ask is, where can you find online blackjack tournaments? Most major online casinos will offer some kind of blackjack tournament, although there are specialised poker and card game websites which also offer such competitions. It is the latter which is more likely to provide free online blackjack tournaments with no download required.

A quick check of the sites listed on this page will point you in the right direction in terms of where to find stellar, quality online blackjack tournaments. All of these sites have been checked, double-checked and tested to ensure that they offer the fairest, safest and most exciting blackjack competitions.

The Very Best Online Blackjack Tournaments

By using the sites listed on this page, you can rapidly find domains which offer the best online blackjack tournaments. However, if you wish to seek out a place alone, you need to know what the criteria are when judging the best online blackjack tournaments.

The very best online blackjack tournaments are real money competitions. They can either be multi-round events or leaderboard challenges – that is up to whatever preference you might have. Whichever way you choose to go, though, there should be an ample supply of prize money up for grabs to the victor or victors.

An excellent example of the best online blackjack tournament and competitions out there will be those that are open to all players at the site. They will not require you to have a considerably sizeable balance to play, and they will span a decent amount of time so that you aren’t rushed in joining straight away. The best blackjack casinos will also offer more than one tournament. In the case of multi-round tournaments, there are usually several you can choose from, each with its own seasoned set of players and rules.

Play Free Blackjack Tournaments Online

Earlier on, we touched upon the ability to play free blackjack tournaments. Some free online casino blackjack tournaments are open to all players without any funds being required. These are typically known as freeroll competitions, and they do allow players to compete to win real cash. In most cases, freeroll online blackjack tournaments are available by invitation only, or by way of a promotion such as a welcome bonus or loyalty/VIP offer. Should you run out of money in a freeroll blackjack tournament, it is sometimes possible to deposit and “buy-in”.

Other types of free play tournaments are run by enthusiast sites and also involve no real money at all, but the stipulation with these competitions is that you aren’t going to be able to pocket any real cash either. What’s the point of them, then? Well, these types of totally free tournaments which do not offer cash prizes make the ideal proving grounds for rookies. They allow players to experience the action of tournament gameplay, without the pressure of losing. In short, they are an ideal opportunity for players to practice and hone their skills before they take on the big boys for real money at proper online casinos.

The Many Types of Available Blackjack Tournaments

There are many different blackjack tournaments online which you can play. We’ve already highlighted a few of those above. However, let us look a little closer at some of the more notable ones you should find at major casino sites.

  • Sit & Go Tournaments: Sit & Go tournaments are typically ideal for new players. These online casino blackjack tournaments often last less than an hour, are affordable for most, and many competitions have several tables, so you can always find a seat within your budget. You’ll be playing alongside several players. The prize pot (if there is one) will be won by whichever player accumulates the most cash at the end of the tournament.
  • Scheduled Tournaments: These can be anything and everything. Generally speaking, a casino will have a tournament schedule posted somewhere in their lobby, or under the tournament tab button. From there, players can see what kinds of games are available, when they are set to be played, and what the rules of the competitions are. Any available prize pots will also be displayed.
  • Freeroll Tournaments: As we’ve already touched on, freeroll tournaments give players the chance to play free online blackjack tournaments and win real money. Most of these competitions are entered by way of a bonus or promotion, with a certain amount of cash handed to players to start the tournament with. Again, if there is a prize pot, the player who has performed the best will take it home at the conclusion of the competition. Daily, weekly and monthly freeroll tournaments are commonly found at the best internet casino sites.
  • Live vs. Online Blackjack Tournaments: There are two types of gameplay players can experience when playing in blackjack tournaments. Online blackjack games played against the computer will use RNG (random number generator) software. Games played over an internet video stream with real-to-life human dealers are known as live blackjack tournaments. We’ll look at the major differences between these competitions next.
  • Elimination vs. Non-Elimination Tournaments: Not all blackjack tournaments take place in an hour or less. Some mammoth tournaments span an entire day, sometimes longer. These are typically elimination games. Elimination tournaments will see the most successful blackjack players at a table advance into a second or third round and so on. Those blackjack players who did not perform well enough will be eliminated. Most blackjack competitions do not involve elimination, but they tend to have smaller prize pots compared to elimination games.

What is the Difference Between Live and Online Blackjack Tournaments?

For now, we have mainly covered RNG blackjack tournaments. However, there is another way to play; a far more exciting and realistic way to compete. Live online blackjack tournaments are played with a human dealer taking control of the action through a video stream. That stream comes from a real casino or a studio, and you can compete alongside other real players. You may even be permitted to chat to the dealer and other competitors while playing.

Aside from being a more realistic experience on account of the video feed, there are a few other notable differences between live and RNG-based blackjack tournaments, such as…

  • A Race with Pace: Live dealer blackjack games are played at a considerably faster pace than RNG ones. A human dealer is taking control of the action, and they like quick gaming. You may need to think on your feet when playing against a real dealer and alongside other human players.
  • An Exciting Atmosphere: The excitement level can go through the roof when playing against a dealer you can see and communicate with, as well as fellow human players. Unlike RNG games, there is an atmosphere in live blackjack tournament games, and that makes them very appealing.
  • Establishing Connections: Players who frequently play live dealer blackjack tournaments will often come across the same dealers and human players. Speaking to them may see bonds and friendships formed as well as rivalries. This can see players establish connections with real players which just aren’t there in regular online blackjack tournaments.
  • Mind Out for Distractions: Players should note, though, that it is mightily easy to be distracted by the speed of the game, how it is played, and the other players. Practising focusing on your game is vital when playing live blackjack.
  • Convenience: For players who frequently play live dealer blackjack anyway, playing in a tournament in this format isn’t going to take any extra effort. If you’re comfortable with live games, playing in blackjack tournaments using this software will be rather convenient for you. It is only those players who are new to live dealer games who need to go through a learning curve.

Winning When Playing Blackjack Tournaments Online

As mentioned earlier, there are several methods to win when playing an online blackjack tournament. How you can win depends on the type of tournament you are playing. In a leaderboard competition, the prize pool will be split between several players, based on their finishing position. The higher up the tournament leaderboard you go, the larger the share of the pot you will win. In multi-round tournaments, players will win the pot if they are the most successful player at the table. Of course, alongside the pots, players also get to keep any winnings they pocket during each hand.

Using Basic Blackjack Tournament Strategies

Now that you know a little about how to play online tournament blackjack games, you may wish to look at using basic blackjack strategy to hone your skills. However, you can also practice your gameplay by trying your hand at online blackjack tournaments for free. You might also desire to check out a few of our top 5 tips.

5 Online Blackjack Tournament Strategy Tips to Consider

  • Read the Rules: Always read the rules of any competition you plan on playing, even free online blackjack tournament games. The rules may vary from table to table and game to game.
  • Small Wins vs. Big Wins: Players may not consider a 1:1 win or a 3:2 blackjack payout to be life-changing. In the short term, wins may barely seem noticeable. It may seem tempting to throw down a huge bet, as it delivers more cash (though at the same pay rate) if it is successful. Blackjack is all about the long-term, though, so playing it safe and building wins over time is more ideal for tournament gameplay.
  • Ignoring Players: Communicating and conversing with other players adds to a tournament experience. However, when it gets down to the final few hands or the final round, it is advisable to fall silent and focus on your game. Other players may attempt to distract you.
  • Do Not Take Insurance: Insurance bets are a mug’s game. Sure, they have a decent pay rate, but their odds of success aren’t very high. Always try to keep your betting chips in the one spot if possible and avoid insurance bets.
  • Act Speedily: You’d better learn to make quick decisions if you want to play live blackjack tournaments. The games move fast. You’re afforded a bit more time when playing RNG games, but even then, a quick and sharp mind may make the difference.

FAQ about Online Blackjack Tournaments

No, they are not. As long as you are playing in a licensed casino, you don’t need to worry about games and events being rigged. Check our list of recommended casinos to find safe casinos.
Nothing. In the past, some events asked you to purchase a ticket, but this is not the case anymore. Playing a game that is part of the tournament is enough to join that tournament: That’s all.
All events, including blackjack tournaments, are worth joining because they offer you a chance of winning a big prize without additional costs. You simply keep playing games like you always do.
If you get points based on bet values, play with the maximum bet amount in each game. If the points are awarded according to payouts, use the right strategies and hope to be lucky enough.

Conclusion - Start Playing Online Blackjack Tournaments Today!

By now, you should have learned a lot about online blackjack tournaments. All that remains is to find a place to start playing. On this page is a plethora of top sites, from which you will surely find the best place to play online blackjack tournaments. We’d strongly recommend starting with one of these internet casino sites as they all excel at offering online blackjack tournament gameplay.

If you are a blackjack fanatic and are considering playing the game online, why not try tournament gameplay? There are plenty of competitions and online blackjack tournaments open to you, and they cater to players on many different budgets and with all sorts of experience. If you’re going to play blackjack anyway, why not compete against the best and potentially win top prize pots to boot?


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