Push in blackjack is basically a situation where the Punter and the Dealer hold the same hand value.

In such a scenario, push-in-blackjack rules imply that the bet is returned resulting in a neutral situation where the punter neither wins nor loses anything. Free bet blackjack complete guide allows a punter to double down and split for free.

Push in blackjack online is also very popular among punters. Is online blackjack rigged can be answered by explaining that it is almost never rigged? Most trustworthy platforms are fair and legitimate and thus the games are fair too.

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Strategies That Imply Push In Blackjack

Many new punters for blackjack tournaments 2020 might consider focusing on certain strategies that are not exactly at the tables, thus being of no use. To avoid such mistakes, we will focus on how to play blackjack

Play considering how the dealer plays: Certain people think that since the house has an edge, playing according to the dealer’s rules, the same edge might apply. Blackjack tips state that the player acts first in cases when even both the player and the dealer bust resulting in a win of hand by the house. Such strategies have a house edge of 5.5% approximately.

Blackjack Martingale Strategy: Many players still follow a misguided betting system that affects blackjack payout. The martingale system requires punters to double their bets for each hand following a loss. By doubling the bet, the punter eventually wins a hand to recover previous losses. This Advanced blackjack strategy sounds powerful but might be ineffective and flawed because it does not take into account high-risk bets or table limits. 

Try avoiding a draw to a hand that might bust: Some punters prefer standing pat on hard totals of 12 or more instead of taking a card that could break the hand. This is harmful since it might result in a vigorish of around 4%.

Rules Of Push-In Blackjack

According to blackjack betting strategy, on counts of 17 or higher, the dealer has to stay. If the counts are 16 or lower, the dealer has to draw or push. If the punter’s total is 21 with the first two cards, he wins automatically. In certain casinos at Vegas, live blackjack has a twist to the side betting rules where a punter can bet on the exact score for a push like 17 to 21. One can select more than more numbers at one point in time or even all of them if desired. Some variants like Power Blackjack have the advantage that when a dealer makes a total of 22, any active player’s hands push rather than win.

Payouts for each number are like this: 

17 tie 50/1 or 21 ties 125/1. Differences in payouts occur on a certain logic. The most obvious is a total of 20 because there are many cards valued at 10 like kings, queens, jacks. Thus, 17,18,19 have a higher chance to stand when the total is reached resulting in similar odds. Tie odds for 21 however are higher at 125/1 due to the punters standing on high totals.

Thus, the dealer has to stand on 17 through 20 which makes it unlikely to make it to 21. People who play online blackjack real money worked out the house edge for a push in blackjack and all other side bets which showed that the house edge is stronger for a six-deck game rather than what a blackjack single deck casino has.

What is surrender in blackjack and how to use it efficiently can be explained by understanding that punters can fold a blackjack hand before drawing any new cards. When he chooses to surrender, half of the original bet goes back to the stack and the other part is forfeited to the dealer. 

Odds Of Push In Blackjack

The odds of hitting 12 can be calculated by the chances players break, 17 end elbow, or finish at 17 to 21. The dealer might bust or finish at equal or to for higher/lower levels from 17 to 21. Thus, the overall chance for a push in blackjack is 34.8% of a win, 4.9% for a push whereas for a loss, it is 60.3%.

The number of decks used in blackjack games differs and players have a better chance of winning when standing rather than hitting. The benefit gets outweighed by more losses and the difference traces back to 4.9% hands that push when the punter hits. 

In Atlantic City Blackjack, the table carries around 1-2% house edge. Atlantic city blackjack ultimate guide features 6-8 decks and pays 6:5 for natural blackjacks which are doubling down on any 2 cards plus 0.25% for the punter. For the player, the dealer stands on a soft 17: +0.20%.

Steps Of How To Push In Blackjack

Before beginning a blackjack game, shuffling of the cards is done and a player cuts the deck by inserting a cut card. The cards are then put in the shoe and the first card is discarded without having a look. This is applicable not only for blackjack for beginners but also for experienced punters.

All the players must put their bets in the betting circle. One card to each punter is dealt up followed by a down card for the dealer. A second-up card is dealt up to each punter along with the dealer’s up-card. The cards are diagonally laid out to make both numbers visible which is easier for the players to read them. If the dealer holds a 10 or Ace upcard, the blackjack cheat sheet states that a punter has to peek at the down card to figure out if the dealer holds a blackjack.

In such a case, every player who does not hold a blackjack loses immediately and the bet gets collected. Blackjack online also goes hand in hand with this system where players who were dealt blackjack can keep their money and the game is a tie. Starting to the dealer’s left, the player plays each hand until it gets completed before moving on.

If a punter holds blackjack and the dealer doesn’t, the player gets 3/2 their bet. If the dealer also holds a blackjack, it is a push where nobody wins and gets to keep their money. This stabilizes blackjack bankroll management as there is no loss. Blackjack Paypal is also available on online betting platforms which makes it convenient for punters.


The overall chances of a player for a win stand at 34.8%, 4.9% of a push in blackjack, 60.3% for a loss. Thus, players win slightly more often standing rather than hitting. However, the benefit is outweighed due to more losses making hitting superior.
If a punter and the dealer tie, it is a push situation where no one wins. The Ace and 10 on the first 2 cards result in a player automatic win at 1.5 to 1 till the house ties.
One can typically hit multiple times as he wants. Some casinos might offer a win for a 5 card Charlie in order to avoid a push. If the dealer has an upcard that is a 6 or of lower value, one must hit unless the hand is 12 or lower.
Certain methods exist that completely avoid counting in blackjack. Substitutes include hole carding, edge sorting, shuffle tracking.


Blackjack is widely played across the world and is very popular. When a tie/ push/ standoff occurs, the bet is returned to the punter without any adjustments. Side bets have a higher house edge. Blackjack tournaments are played too where the players start with equal number of chips and proceed accordingly.