Chinese Blackjack is a standard blackjack variant in southeast Asia.

It closely resembles the conventional online blackjack but with a slight variation.

This post describes the Chinese blackjack rules and gameplay. Besides, it highlights some of the most common bet types and a list of casinos with Chinese Blackjack.

So, scroll down for details.


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What is Chinese Blackjack? 📖

ChineseOnline Blackjack Tournament Blackjack is a blackjack variant also called 21-point, Ban-Nag, Ban-Luck,  or Xì Dách (Vietnamese). The game uses the original concepts of blackjack, with some changes in the rules. In Malaysia, it is called Kampung (Village) Blackjack, a name that differentiates it from the conventional casino blackjack.

The variant is commonly played during the Chinese New Year in areas where there are many Chinese. Typically, the game is believed to usher in new luck.

The number of decks in blackjack games varies, but here you find one is one 52-card deck, played by 1-7 players at a time.

Chinese Blackjack Explained: The rules 📑

The main blackjack book rule remains unchanged. However, a slight variation exists. Nonetheless, here are the rules:

♠️ Chinese Blackjack hit or stand rules

If you are wondering when does the dealer stop hitting in blackjack, here is the breakdown:

Hand Total


< 16
= 21
Between 16 – 21

♠️ House Rules: you win the game when you have five cards totaling 21 and the bets triple.

♠️ 5-Dragon: if you have five cards, you collect a win from the opposing team (dealer or party) and double the bet.

♠️ Dealer’s rules: The dealer is selectively allowed to reveal some players’ hands, settle bets with them and then hit again and reveal other players’ hands.

  • The value of A K, Q, J cards is 10
  • The value of cards 2 – 10 equals the respective face value.

However, if the total number of cards is:

  • 2, then Ace  is equal to 11 or 10
  • 3, then Ace is equal to 10 or 1
  • 4 or 5, then Ace is equal to 1

How to play Chinese Blackjack 👨‍🏫

The objective is for players to attain 21 points without exceeding. However, for a player to win, they need only to beat the Chinese blackjack dealer. 

Here are the steps to follow when playing Chinese Blackjack:

Step 1
Each round starts with the dealer shuffling the cards
Step 2
One player cuts the deck by removing a portion of the cards from the top. The removed part is set aside
Step 3
Players stake their wagers of any amount on the table to show their participation in that round
Step 4
The dealer dishes out two cards face down to players and then to himself
Step 5
The dealer asks the players if they want more cards and deals the cards until they are satisfied with their hands or when their total is at least 16
Step 6
The dealer draws cards for himself or begins to challenge. For a dealer to challenge, he will ask players to reveal their hand - a player with a value closer to 21 wins
Step 7
If the dealer wins, the bet is taken; if the dealer loses, the player is paid the amount of the bet. However, if it is a draw, both parties keep their money

Examples of lucky starting hands:

  • Ban-Luck: with an Ace + Picture Card or Ace + 10 the payout is double. 
  • Ban-Ban: with an Ace + Ace, the payout is tripled.

The Best Bets Available for Chinese Blackjack 🥇

The Chinese Blackjack varies from other variants for the types of hands you can create. Check them out:

Payouts and Probabilities in Chinese Blackjack 💯

The payout depends on the hand combination, as shown in the section above. You can use a Chinese blackjack calculator to determine your payout. Note that a dealer can receive 2:1 and 3:1 payouts for special hands. 

Here are some critical probabilities to keep in mind:

  • To get a Ban-Ban (Ace pair or 2 Aces in blackjack) the probability is 0.56%, and the likelihood of winning is 42.40% as opposed to the 49% chance of losing. 
  • The probability to get a Ban-Luck on the first hand is 4.83%.
  • For a player with 16 points, the likelihood of going bust is 62%. Thus, making it very risky to draw another card at 16.
  • The dealer has a probability of 66.81% of ending with a final hand of more than 16. 
  • The dealer’s final hand odds will be 27.8% (bust) and 72.2% (non-bust).
  • Ties occur approximately 8.5% of the time.

Top Strategies Available for Chinese Blackjack 💪

There are few Chinese blackjack strategies since it is a new game. However, checking out the Chinese blackjack odds and probabilities can be lifesaving.


You can use the probability of the dealer’s final hand to determine your next move. Most dealers will do the following:

  • Draw a card, should they have 16 points (16 is the lowest)
  • Stand on 17 points, with the hope that some players will hold at 16 points

Other tips and tricks for Chinese Blackjack include: 

👉 Learning how to play blackjack and mastering the best hands in blackjack.

👉 Managing your bankroll – bankroll management blackjack tips depend on the size and rounds to play. Usually play small amounts. 

👉 Practice blackjack card counting but with much care. 

👉 Understand the various Chinese blackjack terms. 

👉 Use the Chinese blackjack demo version to learn the game. 

👉 Utilize bonuses available for Chinese Blackjack

Chinese Blackjack - Mobile Experience 📱

Mobile BlackjackChinese Blackjack is popular in Southeast Asia and not in many other parts. As a result, it has not been fully optimized for the different mobile devices. 

Nevertheless, there is a dedicated Chinese online mobile blackjack app where you can play as a dealer. So, you can play Chinese Blackjack on mobile using the app (version 1.1) from Google Play Store.

Should I Play Chinese Blackjack? 👍 & 👎

  • A low-house edge
  • Players take turns to be the house/dealer
  • It suits all bankrolls
  • The dealer has bigger payouts than players

FAQ about Chinese Blackjack 🙋‍♀️

Chinese Blackjack is often played at home during the new year to bring fresh luck. However, the app on Google play store is developed by Blue Wind Studio. With the application, you can play free Chinese Blackjack.
This game doesn't have a fixed house advantage. However, the dealer has a significant advantage over the players. That's why players take turns to play as the dealer.
No. Sadly, the live dealer Chinese blackjack version of this casino game has not yet been developed. Therefore, players don't enjoy the mobile live casino experience. Additionally, there isn't a mobile casino where you can play it.
Although the game is popular in southeast Asia and areas where the Chinese population is substantial, you can play the game on an Android app. Just download the app from the Google Play store and start enjoying the game.
No. This game is also found in Malaysia and other places where the Chinese population is high. Obviously it can also be played in any part of the world.
The principal difference between the two is in the winning combinations in the Chinese version of Blackjack: ban-ban, ban-nag, free hand, and 5-Dragon. The value of an Ace varies with the number of cards the player has in Chinese Blackjack.

Chinese Blackjack For Real Money

 Chinese blackjack with real money mainly occurs during the new year and only in specific regions of China. So, it is safe to say that this is the favorite blackjack variant among the Chinese community, that’s why at times you find it under the name Blackjack in Chinese mandarin

However, the development of mobile apps is bound to spread to other regions of the world. You can use the demo version Chinese blackjack developers offer to learn the game and then start to play it with real money.

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