It’s possible to get to know more about the Paroli system, since this is a successful roulette system to increase your chances of winning and it really works if you just use it properly.

Of course, if you don’t then you can’t expect good results.

With this system it’s more than expect for you to win a round at the roulette and that can be done really easily, even when playing live roulette or Pinball roulette, for example, to beat the longest roulette streak.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to win or for some system, then the Paroli betting system is perfect to be used anytime you want.

Strategy Guide for The Paroli System

If you’re familiar with the Martingale strategy then you know that it’s a strategy based on doubling a bet after losing. What this means is that when a player is on a losing streak, players make higher bets than what the player can afford or even higher than the limit of the table and, basically, this means that the player will lose a lot of money really fast.

The Paroli betting system works in the opposite way since it’s believed that the progressions happen after there is a winning, so the play should actually double their bet when there’s a win and not a lost. This is all about the progression betting system and it definitely works because you are playing with money you have and not with money you don’t have.

What is Paroli System?

The Paroli is a system and it consists in doubling your bet after you have a win. Although this looks like you’re losing your own money, you really aren’t since you are playing with money of the bank itself. However, you will only double your bet after 3 consecutive wins because after those you’ll start to lose.

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Why is it Called “Paroli”

This system it’s named due to the term “par” since it means “one that is equal”. Victor Bethell, the person that invented this system, wrote in a book he wrote that the Paroli System is the opposite to the Martingale system and, in fact, it is. That’s why it’s sometimes called “Reverse Martingale System”.

What is The Modified Paroli Betting System?

The Paroli System is called many times as the modified Paroli betting system because, to be direct, it’s the reverse of the Martingale system. Although it has been tested and it does work, it still hasn’t its own credits for being a betting system.

It’s an incredible system that many players can use and it’s helpful if you’re playing any of the games you can play using this betting system.

What’s the Logic Behind This System

The Paroli system is based on the foundation that there are winning and losing streaks. That’s why there is the assumption that players are able to maximize their profits by betting higher while they’re on a winning streak and they can decrease their bet when they’re on a losing streak.

On What Games is the Paroli System Applied To

Although the Paroli system works best on roulette, it can be applied on other games such as craps, Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Sic Bo and to Blackjack, with some changes. The Paroli system roulette is how you can make it most out of this system, so it’s recommended to use it the best way you can.

Using the Paroli Betting System

  1. Deciding the base stake

To use this strategy in an efficient mode, you need to have a fixed base that’s known as 1 unit. When making your decision, then think about the money you have in your account, which is necessary. For example, if you have only 500$, it would be ridiculous to choose a base stake of 50$. Instead choose one of 1$ or 5$, which is more appropriate but it also depends on what the minimum betting amount of your game is.

  1. Doubling up after winning

Once you’ve won then you should double your bet already. If you’ve chosen a base stake of 10$ then you should wager 20$ next. If you win after that, then you should double again, making a bet of 40$. That’s how this is played when you’re using this progressive betting systems.

  1. Stop raising after winning 3 times in a row

When you’ve won after 3 consecutive wins, then you should stop doubling the bets you make and following the whole Paroli system. That’s when you have to go to your foundations and wager the amount you decided would be your base stake.

  1. Bet your base stake after losing

When losing a round whilst playing, then you should lower your bets back to the base stake before you started playing. That’s the best decision you can make. You shouldn’t bet more than you can afford, so don’t do that since you’ll have to double your bets and doing that will have bad results.

Example of The Paroli System in Roulette

If you’re playing roulette normally and you have about 600$ in your casino account then you should choose a game where you can choose a base stake of 1$ or 5$, which you can actually afford. After that you’ll make your bets normally and then, if you win, you will double your bet.

Imagine if you bet 5$, then you’ll double up to 10. If you win again, then you’ll double again, to 20$. After having 3 wins in a row then you should stop using the Paroli betting system. If you continue, then it’s probably going to be the house edge to win.

Is the Paroli System Worth Using While Playing?

Yes, this is a betting system worth using on your games. Because this is a system that uses progression to make bets, you will bet more money but you will also receive more money as well.

This is really good for you since you can take advantage of that, especially if you’re thinking about using a strategy to help you winning more times in roulette or even baccarat. This is an incredible flexible betting system, so it’s a great one for you to use in several games.

The Chart of the Paroli System

There’s a specific chart of the Paroli system that is basically the tablet of outcomes of Paroli Betting system. This chart will tell you what you should do in case of loss or win and it’s really useful when you’re playing. Memorize it or, while playing online, you can consult it in order to know what to do. It’s essential to do that.

The Difference Between Paroli vs Martingale Systems

There are major differences between Paroli and Martingale systems. While Paroli is a positive progressive system, Martingale is the opposite. Basically, you make a bet when you have a win in the Paroli system whereas in the Martingale you’d make a bet when you lose.

That’s the big difference of the Paroli betting system. Don’t confuse it with Labouchere system, which is another betting system that can be used.

Is Paroli and Reverse Martingale Betting System the Same?

You can use the Paroli system for roulette and baccarat and also for other games available at your normal casino. The Paroli and Reverse Martingale are the same system, because the Reverse Martingale means that you’d bet on wins you have. So, this means, that you have the Paroli Betting System.

  • There isn’t the need to have a big bankroll to play
  • It’s simple to learn
  • It basically benefits of hot streaks
  • It provides potential for consistent small wins
  • Reduces any risks of financial losses
  • Doesn’t always help generating wins
  • The profits are only short-term
  • Player’s bankroll can decrease quickly

Play Aggressively

Being aggressive while playing is essential to having a great game and outcome, especially when using this strategy. This will appear like you’re playing to win and you don’t know about this betting system at all.

If the casino suspects you’re using a system then you can be excluded from it, which isn’t what you want. So that’s why playing aggressively is an important advice and why you should do it.

Paroli System for the Roulette

The Paroli system is mostly used in roulette and that’s because it was developed for this game. This Paroli positive progressive betting system is a great way of winning several times and that’s how you can get some money. The roulette is an easy game to play, probably the easiest card game and, therefore, using the Paroli system is the best you can do to win.

Using the Paroli System in Blackjack

Using the review or Paroli betting system blackjack is possible and this is a game where you can use this system without any problems. Basically, you’ll do the same as you would do as you were playing roulette.

This means that if you win then you’d have to double your bet. However, if you lose then you’d have to return to your original bet. This is how you play the Paroli system in blackjack. Just don’t forget, that everything is adapted to this game.

Using the Paroli System in Baccarat

You’re able to use the Paroli system baccarat whenever you want, since this system can be adapted to this game. It works normally: if you win, you double your bet and you do this up to three times only. If you lose then you go back to your original bet. It’s very simple and there are plenty of advantages in using this system.

Craps Paroli Betting System

In craps it’s possible to use the Paroli system and it’s easy to use it whenever you want. If you’re wondering “does the Paroli system work in craps?” then the answer is “yes” and you can take advantage of that. It’s played normally just like it was explained before and you’re able to maximize your profits when winning.

Reasons Why Paroli Betting System Has Flaws

There’s a risk with this system and that’s because of the accumulation of 1-unit losses since it can exceed 7-units wins. It’s possible to see on the chart of the system that there are 5 patterns where there’s a loss of money on 3 bets, 1 that breaks even and 2 patterns where there’s profit.

All in all means that the Paroli system only succeeds when there is a winning streak, which happens but there are also losing streaks.

And there’s more. Because of the house edge when there are bets, the probability of losing on a wager is bigger than winning. This is even bigger when it comes for the European roulette, if the system applies to wagers on Black, a loss occurs not only when a Red number appears but also when 0 appears as well.

What is The 3-Step Paroli

There’s the possibility to have another approach, one with only 3 steps, of the Paroli system. This is an excellent approach if there are 3 wins in a row but will fail if there aren’t enough. Usually, this sequence appears every 7 winning sequences. This means that if you want to know when you’re going to win, then you have to count 7 units from the moment you start to lose.

FAQ about Paroli System

The Paroli is a system and it consists in doubling your bet after you have a win. Although this looks like you’re losing your own money, you really aren’t since you are playing with the money of the bank itself.
So, in a few words, if you lose the bet, you will keep your stake, if you will lose the bet again the stakes will stay the same again, but if you win, you will double your stake and you will keep going.
You can use Paroli System in games like roulette, craps, blackjack, or poker.
Yes, as long as your casino is mobile-friendly, or you are playing the Paroli System for some mobile apps available in Google Play or Apple Store.

Start Playing With The Paroli Betting System Today!

If you’re playing roulette, craps, blackjack, pai gow poker or sic bo then you can trust Paroli system to help you. This is an easy system for you to learn and you can use it while playing to maximize your lucky stream, especially when it comes to your winnings.

If you want to help yourself, then the best thing you do is to use this system to control your own winnings.