Trilux blackjack is a special bet guaranteed to make your stay at card game tables more exciting.

This guide looks at casinos accepting blackjack Trilux and helps you understand how this particular wager works during standard blackjack play.

Keep reading to learn more about the payout, how to play Trilux blackjack, and if the house edge makes it useful for beginners.

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What is Trilux blackjack? 🤔

Trilux blackjack online is one of the popular side bets that is based on the two cards drawn by the player and the dealer’s up card. It bears many similarities to the 21+ side bet but also has a bonus, while being available in different varieties, such as European blackjack, three card blackjack, and more.

You can find it at live blackjack tables when you gamble at Android blackjack casinos and even at high stakes limits blackjack. Since it is an additional bank, you need to use proper money management to turn this bonus back into profits.

Rules of Trilux blackjack

Blackjack Trilux uses the standard 52-card deck and the bonus wager is independent of the main gameplay rules. If the player chooses to activate the bet, the dealer will use the blackjack truncheon to place the signed wager after the fees are paid. The amounts depend on the table limits, so if you play at high roller tables you might have to make larger blackjack Trilux deposits.

After players get the first two cards and the dealer gets his, the blackjack online Trilux wager is immediately settled. If you learn how to play blackjack, you know that the winner is the player who makes a hand as close as possible to 21. For this wager, you are paid in a manner similar to what poker players know from their own cheat sheets. The goal is to make the straight, flush, three-of-a-kind or straight flush to be paid according to the payouts table.

The game basics of Trilux blackjack

The beauty of Trilux blackjack online is that the outcome is independent of the gameplay itself. You can try it first with a free bet blackjack or use payment methods are Trilux blackjack tables to win real money. You place the wager in the same manner as you would normally at an online blackjack real money table. If you make blackjack or a hand better than the dealers, you are paid in the main game, whether you activated the side bets or not.

Blackjack imageIf you place the blackjack Trilux casino wager, the side bets will be settled immediately after the first three cards are dealt. Online mobile blackjack Trilux bets are automatically lost if you don’t make one of the winning hands, otherwise, they are paid immediately. Only the highest-ranking hand is paid, assuming the player card at blackjack Trilux creates more than one winning combination.

Players can activate the Trilux blackjack online at any time or stick to the main gameplay. This means that there are no downsides to sitting down at a blackjack table that offers this side bet even if you don’t want to use it regularly. Instead, you can resort to classic strategies, such as the martingale system in blackjack, and only use the side bet if, and when you feel comfortable. The bottom line is that you get more options, without the pressure of activating them at any time.

Trilux bonus payout

The best casinos with blackjack Trilux will also display the payouts for this special wager. This makes it easy to learn how to make money playing Trilux Blanchette and how to incorporate it into your advanced blackjack strategy. Some of them will also have the Lucky George cards trick rule, where the dealer is also paid if he makes the best hand Trilux blackjack. The amount is subtracted from the special pot made of side bets, so you need to factor that into your online Trilux blackjack strategy. 

To help you understand how to cash out at a Trilux blackjack table, we have created this basic table. If you are concerned is online blackjack rigged and want reassurance before you play online blackjack with PayPal or deposit with other payment methods, check out the payout table below:


Player Wins

Lucky George

Straight Flush
Player Wins
25 to 1
Lucky George
Three of a Kind
Player Wins
15 to 1
Lucky George
Player Wins
8 to 1
Lucky George
Player Wins
5 to 1
Lucky George

Some blackjack online Trilux tables also have jackpots that make this side bet even more exciting. You could be winning such a jackpot while playing Infinite blackjack and other special versions of the game.

The downside is you need to pay the side bet every round, to be eligible for this potentially life-changing amount. While not available in all blackjack varieties, it is more common online, so you can pursue your iPhone blackjack hobby while enjoying the excitement of the bonus bet.

Pros and Cons of Trilux Blackjack

  • Spice up the traditional blackjack rules
  • Decent odds of winning a side bet
  • Can win a bet if the main hand loses
  • Engaging at live dealer tables
  • Additional pressure on the bankroll
  • Not available at all casinos

Frequently asked questions about Trilux Blackjack

You must make the game of a certain strength, such as three of a kind, straight, flush or straight flush.
The minimum bets differs from one casino or the other, but it is usually a fraction of the main wager.
The house edge is decent for the mobile app for Trilux blackjack and it spices up the main gameplay.
You place a side bet and the player’s two cards and the dealer’s up card make a winning combination.
Some professionals advise against side bets such as Trilux because of the slightly higher house edge.

Make each game exciting with Trilux blackjack

You could be a new player browsing an online blackjack tournament guide or a veteran using blackjack betting strategies 1-3-2-6 and advanced strategies. The blackjack Trilux bet could be just exciting for you, as it allows you to increase the fun factor with the assigned bet.

You can win this bonus bet even if you don’t prevail in the main game, so there is always an extra chance of winning. With the right betting system and bankroll management, you can make Trilux blackjack work for you.

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