If you are wondering how to recover lost money in casino, you need to learn about casino cashback bonuses. These promotions are one of the best online casino bonus offers you can use: They give you a chance to recover your losses.

More importantly, you are not asked to complete a wagering requirement most of the time – you can withdraw your cashback casino bonus immediately.

If you want to learn more about online casino cashback bonuses, keep reading: Below, we will tell you everything you need to know about them.

What is an online casino cashback bonus?

So, what does cashback mean at casinos? The answer to this question will also let you learn how to make money from online casino bonuses. Let’s start with the basics: Online casinos, as you know, are filled with promotions and there are several types of casino bonuses. If you are a new member, for example, you can take advantage of match up bonus offers and double, triple, even quadruple your first deposit. (Speaking of which, make sure to check our best casino welcome bonus offers guide.) If you are already a member, you can use an online casino reload bonus and get a match rate for every deposit you make. All of these bonuses have one thing in common: They all ask you to make a deposit first.

Casino cashback bonuses are different: They ask you to lose money. With a casino cashback offer, you can recover a certain percentage of your losses (i.e. 15%) on a regular basis (i.e. every week on Monday). Most of the time, you don’t need to do anything: The online casino cashback bonus is automatically defined to your account. The main features of cashback casino promotions are:

👉 You join the cashback program automatically but you need to lose money in the previous week. There may be a minimum loss limit (i.e. 10 EUR) or not. In any case, you cannot use this bonus if you don’t lose money. 

👉 There is a maximum limit of money you can recover no matter what the refund percentage is. For example, the percentage may be 25% but the maximum limit may be 100 EUR. For this reason, focus on the max limit, not the percentage.

👉 Almost always, there is no wagering requirement to complete, so this is a no playthrough casino bonus. This is normal because you are actually getting your own money back. If there is a wagering requirement, you should find another cashback casino site: You are not getting the best deal out there.

Why casinos offer cashback bonuses?

For the same reason why online casino bonuses exist: marketing. There is a reason why all top new casino sites offer them, the right promotion can bring you lots of new customers. However, not every promotion should be aimed at new members: Players want to see if they can get an advantage after signing up too.

Casino cashback bonuses are one of the most advantageous promotions in this regard, as they cover the players’ losses up to a certain limit and this is always a very interesting offer. Online casinos offering cashback bonuses therefore attract more attention and get more customers in the long run.

Let’s continue with a list of the best cashback bonus casino sites out there. As always, we tested each and every one of these casinos personally and verified that their online casino cashback offers are fair & truly advantageous. These are also the most trusted casinos at the moment, so you can play in a safe, legal, and fair environment. Pick any cashback casino online from the list below and join today! 

🥇 Best cashback casino bonus offers in 2021

Rating 9.35 out of 10
cobracasino small logo


➤ Collect Comp points (CP): €20 = 1CP
➤ There are 4 levels (from 100 to 10,000 CP): Newbie, Talented, Experienced and Master
➤ Get rewarded between 50 and 100 Free Spins, from 30% up to 200% bonus on Thursday and from 7% up to 20% cashback on Monday
Rating 9.40 out of 10
winota small logo


➤ The minimum bonus for the cashback is €5
➤ The cashback bonus may reach up to 15% and €3000 depending on the player's status: Maestro €1000, Cabaret King €2000 and Superstar €3000
➤ This bonus is credited on Monday during the game day
Rating 9.40 out of 10
winota small logo


➤ The minimum bonus for the cashback is €5
➤ The cashback bonus may reach a maximum of €150 and represents 10% of a player's losses amount in the Live Casino games from Monday till Sunday
➤ This bonus is credited on Sunday during the game day.
Rating 9.30 out of 10
zetcasino logo small


➤ Get 10% cash back up to €150 on your losses in the Live Casino games from Monday till Saturday
➤ Get up to 15% and €3000 as cash back every Monday
Rating 9.25 out of 10


➤ The cashback bonus may reach up to 15% and €3000 depending on the player's status
➤ This bonus is credited on Monday during the game day
Rating 9.20 out of 10


➤ Join Melbet's loyalty program with 8 levels
➤ Players who reach the highest level get exclusive offers, VIP support, and their cashback is calculated based on all their bets, regardless of whether they win or lose
Rating 9.05 out of 10
livecasino small logo


➤ Recover your losses with a 10% cashback bonus
➤ This bonus is available to new and existing customers
➤ Cashbacks are handed out every Friday!
Rating 9.03 out of 10
casino-z small logo


➤ Join Casino Z loyalty program with 8 levels
➤ Players on the 8th level get exclusive offers, VIP support, and cashback on all their bets, regardless of whether they win or lose
Rating 9.02 out of 10
slotv small logo


➤ Get back between 4% and 11% and up to €1000 of your deposited money
➤ You can activate cashback once a month on the first day of each month
Rating 8.98 out of 10
betflip medium logo


➤ Recover 20% of your net losses up to €500
➤ Cashback is calculated on real money actual losses of money deposited every week from Monday to Sunday
Rating 8.97 out of 10
slototop small logo


➤ This promotion is available to SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND users at SlotoTop
➤ Enjoy up to 10% and €2000 cashback every Monday for previous week
Rating 8.92 out of 10
campeonbet small logo


➤ Get 5% of your daily losses on casino returned in your account the next calendar day.
➤ The bonus is subject to 8x wagering
➤ The maximum amount of the cashback bonus is €5000 or currency equivalent

Types of cashback casino bonuses

There is no single type of online casino cashback bonus: There are several types of casino cashback bonuses you can use. They all let you recover your losses but they all work differently. In the list of cashback casino bonuses below, we explain the most common types of this promotion and how they work.

How to claim cashback bonuses at online casinos?

The best way to claim online casino cashback bonuses is… well, doing nothing, most of the time. An online cashback casino will credit the refund to your account automatically at a certain time.

For example, if this is a regular cashback bonus, you will get it immediately at the end of every Monday at 00:00. When you log in to your profile, you will see the online casino cashback bonus waiting for you. If this is an online casino cashback PayPal bonus, the funds can be sent to your PayPal account too. 90% of the time, there is nothing for you to do other than losing a certain amount of money in the previous week. 

But there is still 10%. If this is the case:

  • You may be required to use a bonus code in order to activate the bonus. If this is the situation, open your profile page and look for a section that you can enter the code. 
  • You may also be required to contact customer support. Sometimes, casino cashback bonuses are applied manually: You launch the live chat, ask the customer representative to apply the bonus, and start using it immediately. 

As always, you should check the terms and conditions of the casino cashback bonuses: What you need to do in order to activate them are explained in these terms in detail.

What you need to know about casino cashback bonuses


1️⃣ Sometimes, there is a wagering requirement. This is not usually the case but again, sometimes it is. If this is the case, the wagering rate will be very low (between 2x and 5x) but you still need to wager money in order to use your bonus. If possible, avoid online casino cashback offers with a wagering requirement. Check our best casino bonus low wagering article for more info. 

2️⃣ There will always be a maximum limit on refunds. High roller casino offers will have higher limits but they will still be limits. Always look for this limit instead of the refund percentage. Also, check the minimum loss limit too. 

3️⃣ If there is a loyalty/VIP program, join immediately. The sooner you start gaining points, the faster you can benefit from high refund rates. Loyal members always get bigger refunds. 

Should you use an online casino cashback bonus?

  • You recover some of your losses
  • Most of the time, there is no wagering requirement
  • Most of the time, the bonus is completely automatic
  • You can get an extra bankroll completely for free
  • There is always a maximum refund limit
  • The bonus may be tied to a specific game

FAQ about casino cashback offers

In general, yes. It is called a “refund” for a reason: If you did not lose money, there will be no refund. However, there is an exception to this rule, which is total bet cashbacks, as explained above.
Once you get your refund, it is yours to keep: You can use it on any game or withdraw to your account. It is, literally, your money.
If you are not required to complete a wagering requirement, yes, you can use them with other bonuses at the same time. But if there is a wagering requirement, this won’t be possible as you cannot wager two requirements at the same time.
This can be a net loss (i.e. no matter how much you deposit; you must lose at least 10 EUR) or a percentage of your deposits (i.e. lose at least 10% of your deposits made in the previous week). Usually most casinos calculate it like this:
Deposits - Withdrawals - Bonuses = Net loss
In general, no. Casino cashback offers are almost always wager-free. However, there are still a couple of offers with a wagering requirement too: Avoid them if possible.

Play at the best cashback bonus online casino right now

Whether you are looking for a desktop or mobile casino bonus, casino cashback bonuses are one of the best gambling promotions you can use. We already listed the highest paying online casinos with this offer: Choose one and start playing! Even if you lose, you will be able to recover some of your losses with the online casino cashback offer. We hope you never lose of course: Good luck out there!